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  1. Good to know: in BMW which year in Cas 4 or FEM? and which BMW key programmer works?

    Part 1: Cas 4 or FEM car year


    Pls look at the chart


    after 2014 all are fem

    1-3 Fxx series FEM , x5-x6 Fxx BDC
    5-6-7 series Fxx, x3-x4 Fxx CAS 4 and so on.


    Part 2: Cas 4 or FEM key programming

    Here are auto key programmers confirmed to work for Cas 4 and FEM:


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    Hello again guys. I have a 2003 pre facelift  e46 convertible 325 ci. I have bought some genuine led rear light from a local breakers yard with  the intention of improving the look of the rear of my car. I also cut the wiring plugs from the donor car thinking that maybe it would be a simple  job to patch them on to my vehicle. I have now done some research and realised that the process is not as simple as i first thought. My understanding now is that i need to buy some adaptor cables to wire the lights up and even then i will have a brake light out warning on the dash until the car has been coded to accept the new led lights. Is there anyone out there who has any info on this and can anyone tell me who could do the coding ? Dont want to take it to the dealer for obvious reasons of cost. Finally, is there an after market led rear light set that would plug into the existing wiring as i cant seem to find anything for the convertble ? Seen led lights on ebay for the coupe but the ad says not suitable for the convertible, even though ive been told by many owners that the coupe and convertible units are the same. CONFUSED !!!!:( 

  2. While fitting the coilovers it was noted that my front discs and pads needed replacing. On Tuesday I booked the car in with my mate Grant for new discs and pads and New wear sensors. It was also discovered that the n/s/f caliper was seized so it needed to be replaced. 

    On Wednesday I took Team Car to see a chap called Matty Allen in York for a remap. We didn't have a rolling road but Matty reckons the car will be pushing out 185-200bhp and 380+nm. Whatever the figure is I'm really happy with it. Im so happy with the remap I.dont even care what the figure is :lol:. Car pulls like a train and 3rd and 4th gears are now so mighty that Vikings sing tales of them in Valhalla. I also ordered a swirl flap blanking kit yesterday. Mate at work has literally just agreed to fit them so that' good news. Also ordered a new bonnet badge as the current one is looking a little tired to say the least.

    Photo below taken just after remap and during software update



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    Want to know how Yanhua BMW FEM key pr perform? Here is the report from Yanhua’s engineer. After their more than 400 times testing, it’s sure that YH key pro is safe and fast.

    Yanhua BMW FEM auto key programmer is tested ok to read out 18 versions and more versions are testing... Yanhua engineer 100% confirm that they tried to read data for 400 times without any data loss. Therefore it's 100% safe and fast to use YH BMW FEM key programmer to read data.


    YH BMW FEM key programmer can read these 18 versions as below:




















    More to be tested...





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  3. Hand-held Creator C110 OBDⅡcode scanner is designed to troubleshot BMW vehicle from 2000 to 2012, including read DTCs, clear DTCs, display live data and clear adaptation. The new updated V3.8 software adds the active test function for BMW MINI models. Here is the example of resetting 3-serie E46 airbags/SRS light with C110.

    Step-by-step instructions:

    Well install Creator C110 OBD2 software
    Plug the code scanner with vehicle via OBD socket
    Select DIAGNOSE function form main menu
    reset BMW E46 airbags SRS with Creator C110
    Select BMW series: 3 Series
    reset BMW E46 airbags SRS with Creator C110
    Select the detail BMW model: 3-serie E46
    reset BMW E46 airbags SRS with Creator C110
    Select Body control module
    reset BMW E46 airbags SRS with Creator C110
    Pull down the drop-list and select SRS (Air bag), click OK
    reset BMW E46 airbags SRS with Creator C110
    Select Read trouble code
    The system will automatically read error code information stored in Body module, press OK
    reset BMW E46 airbags SRS with Creator C110
    Select Erase trouble code.
    reset BMW E46 airbags SRS with Creator C110
    The reason for the airbags light was on the dashboard. It needs to be disconnected.
    Once reconnected, go back to C110 BMW code reader program, select Erase trouble code again.
    The system will display Trouble code is erased message.
    Airbag light will start to flash. If the light does not stop flashing, turn ignition off and then turn it on.

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    Firstly hello!

    As the title suggests I'm new to BMW so please bare with me as I may be asking a lot of newb questions, all comments and help is much appreciated! 

    So I've just purchased myself a lovely Estoril blue Clubsport 330Ci. I'm keen to get a few things sorted so would love some input!

    If you've any ideas on how to sort these issues, please do come forward;

    - Drivers door makes more of a clunk than passenger

    - Left hand wing mirror doesn't fold up

    - 3 LED's out on the rear

    - Fabric on the front pillars has peeled up 

    - Satnav needs updating

    - Headlights are terrible, seems the aim might be off?!

    - None of the boot lights illuminate

    - Angel eyes barely work

    - Tool box is incomplete


    Here's a preview of the car anyways!







  4. ME55SUT

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    Bmw E46 Coupe 320CI 2006

  5. I have taken pictures following the aftermath of the accident. From the feedback provided by my local repairer and bmw specialist they've told me that I will require the following parts to be replaced: 

    1) Bonnet 

    2) Drivers headlight 

    3) Front Panel

    4) Windscreen washer bottle 

    5) Front bumper 

    6 Drivers side wing

    Thankfully there was no structural damage to the car which means that it is a bolt on repair. The car is drivable and the performance of the car has not been affected by the accident in any way shape or form. As mentioned in my previous blog, I sourced a complete Donar car in the same colour code to use the parts from which means no paint job is required. 😃

    - Taken away for assessment by insurance33555C41-855D-4418-9D15-916F0360EB53_zps

    - Being recovered back from insurance repairers premises252649BD-0E12-4A1C-B508-055A4ECE7BFE_zps

    - Close up(s) of the impact 4A59A65A-4695-4D50-B920-98AAEF7287A1_zps












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    So went to Paris end of last week and before I went I managed to get my wheels changed. 


    I went for Riva DTMS 8j fronts 8.5j rears paid £420 supplied and fitted & balanced with my tyres swapped over. 


    I replaced all the wheel bolts too with brad new ones,  and also put new centre caps on. Today I  just added brand new Msport badges on them too


    for some reason I can't get my links from photo bucket to upload images when I paste the links it won't show photos,and the photos from my iphone are saying too large 

  6. Hemmi

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    Hello guys. New here . looking forward to picking up some tips and tricks from the more experienced owners out there. Im now a month into owning e46 330cd convertible 2005.









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    Hi guys


    I was wondering if anyone came across this issue.

    I have recently changed the SMG fluid and for whatever reason there appears to be a leakage. The fluid level is stable so the leakage is very small but there is a leakage.

    I've been to BMW and they told me it is an internal leakage and they can't do anything to fix it so they recommended buying a new gearbox 🙂.


    Could it be a gasket that needs replacing or a seal or the clutch actuator?


    Any advice?



  7. Chris s

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    Chris s
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    Hi guys just joined this forum and thought I would introduce my self.names Chris live in the East Riding area.mig welder by trade I own two bmw e46's

    325 Msport coupe and a 320d touring both a 2002 year

    got some issues with my 320d if anyone knows a lot on these

    engines some info would be much appreciated?

    if anyone needs welding services give us a shout and I'll see if I can assist.:)

  8. So, it's been back what, a week or so? Alarm problem was solved by unplugging the bonnet sensor, and removed as it was falling apart. Happy days... For a week!

    Rewind back to 11th June, my sis took the motor up to Newcastle, the ASC light made an appearance so I got a call, ok'd her to carry on driving there and back. When she got back I checked the tyres and there was 1x mismatch on the rear and also the tread depths were different. 

    I drove it around on the 15th before I took it in for tyres and the light had disappeared so I'm assuming at high speeds the tread differences and possibly inflation pressures made enough of a difference to trigger the ASC light. I had it on my e36 too. So, I thought I'd try that option first. 

    Got to my tyre garage and they swapped the right rear to the pass side front so the fronts had same tread depth and then put a new Bridgestone on the rear to match the other one. Then tyre pressures were corrected, 32psi front, 37psi rear. £25 later drove out and the car instantly felt miles better. 

    Got home and parked the car up, went inside and carried on with my day. 

    Yesterday (16th) my sister tried to start the car to go to work, and nothing. No clicks, no starter motor struggle, nothing. Not a sausage. I feel to wash my hands of this motor now, I have spent almost £1950 in the two months we've had it, and I feel I could have bought a much newer car for this much money. I just want to set the bastard on fire now. 

    Enough is enough, never ever going to buy a bmw diesel again. 


  9. UOBD2

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    Many people always ask a question.what car diagnostic tool is the best

    so we will tell him--- AUTEL Maxisys

    Which version of MaxiSYS to buy?  or MaxiSYS or , after finish reading the following parts about their similarities and difference, you will have idea.

    CPU: Samsung Exynos Quad-core Processor 1.4GHz
    OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
    SSD Hard Drive: 2GB
    Touch Screen Display: 7.9″ 1024×768 LED capacitive Touch Screen
    Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet, Wi-fi and Bluetooth
    Dual Band 802.11n Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz & 5GHz
    Camera(rear): 5.0 Mexgapixel, AF with Flashlight
    Wireless VCI: all available
    Optional Lab Scope: all available
    Optional Video-Scope: all available
    Boot Up Time: all 20 seconds
    Complete OEM-Specific Scanner Coverage: all support
    AutoVIN Technology: all available
    MaxiFix Cloud-Based Information System:  all available
    Shop Manager: all available
    ECU coding: all advanced
    ON-line update: all available at autel official website, free for One Year
    Basic diagnostic function: all available
    Multilingual support: all support

    1) Internal Battery
    MaxiSYS Mini is built in with 5000 mAh 3.7v Lithium Polymer Battery
    MaxiSYS and MaxiSYS PRO is built in with 11000 mAh 3.7v Lithium Polymer Battery

    2) ECU Flash Programming
    Only MaxiSYS PRO support, besides Autel Maxisys Pro can do online programming, at the same time it’s compatiable for diagnosis and online programming for part of the original software.

    3) J2534 Hardware included
    Only MaxiSYS PRO include


    Want More information Please Search:

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    So I've had it a while, bought it cheap off a mate needing a head gasket or possibly oil cooler... 

    And it needs wings, headlights,a bonnet front bumper.... The list goes on..

    its also got a dented passenger door, rough bodywork all over and the interior is filthy! 

    I figured that maybe if I'm doing a blog I might actually fix it!

  10. Hi folks, I have reposted this content again hopefully the pictures wont move around this time, not sure why that happened but the picture sequence is important to make the write up content meaningful. Hopefully it will work.

    Bmw rebuild 2015-updated 19/12/15

    Hi folks welcome to my BMW e46 330i touring refurb, I've owned this 330i 2001 supercharged touring for over 10years with a 200k miles on the odometer. I really enjoy the e46 chassis setup and was needing it to last at least another 10 years to have some fun for weekends and track days. 
    It is a fast road car setup and was not intended to be a full on track day monster but something slightly more interesting that the stock setup.


    Image 1.1/ Picture taken before the restoration began. No MOT and SORN, 10months sat idle on the driveway.

    The hope is this journal documents the restoration and mechanical works undertaken since May 2015, I've been lucky in that I have had the use of another vehicle which has enabled this project work to be done without any time pressure. 

    Over the years I've added a few mechanical upgrades but have endeavoured to keep it close to OEM aesthetically, I quite like the idea of a sleeper car and hope the final outcome will be on the mark.
    I intend to also cover the existing mechanical mods and future plans in subsequent posts. I'm afraid that I am no computer wiz kid and will update via several edits over the next couple of weeks.

    Journal Entry 1- Rusting away on the drive. Under Chassis rust treatment.

    A trip to Rust Master to get the under chassis rust treated and sealed. They were doing a special deal at the time was about £250 irc, there were pockets of rust starting to form in all the usual places fortunately the engineer seemed to think we had caught it just in the nick of time.


    Image 1.2/ pre-clean down and treatment application. Generally tidy but small pockets of rust evident.

    Image 1.3/ surface corrosion.

    Image 1.4/ Build in 2001 March, 14years old and the rust is on the go!

    Image 1.5/ The Rust exorcist at work, this is a rather messy unpleasant task and I don't have access to a ramp, best to get someone to do it for you as it rains waxoly literally.

    Image 1.6/ Glad I'm not covered in waxoly like this man!

    Image 1.7/ Looking nice & shiny with rust treated the work also comes with a warranty.

    Image 1.8/ Lovin the shininess, won't have to worry about the chassis underside for a while. 





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    AVOID**.. First of all I had my car booked in for some work with CPC,I'd done a bit of reaserch on forums etc and CPC came recommended. I used to use birds garage in iver but moved to St. Albans so was a little far for me to travel. Anyway I was getting my new turbo and cast iron manifold fitted to my  Bmw 3.0D .I was booked in first thing for when they opened to which I'd drop my car on the way to work where I would have a courtesy car waiting for me,Jump in the courtesy car and go straight to work for 8am.
    This was all booked up in advance about 2 weeks prior to this date. Day of car drop off I get there, and after abit of confusion I have no car for me to use. So benefit of the doubt I rescheduled for another time. 2weeks later get booked in again, drop car off on way to work ,again no courtesy car. abit annoyed now ,we arranged for me to swing by after work where they assured me the car would be available. Drive by after work and swapped cars. Great.. I had all the relevant parts in the boot of the car and was purely after the labour for them to fit everything. I am competent and know the e46 pretty well so I know what was involved but due to 6day weeks at work I just didn't have the time to do it myself. CPC quoted my iirc around £280-£300 for the work. I thought this was reasonable and agreed to the work.  I believe the car was dropped to cpc on a Tuesday in the end and was told it would be ready by Thursday. Perfect. Well after I didn't hear back from them on Thursday I gave them a quick call Friday mid morning and was told the car wasn't ready and that phill would be working late to get it finished and would be ready possibly Saturday for collection. (By the confusion over the phone to what my car was /work being carried out) it sounded like they had forgotten all about it as was parked around the side of there building) hence Phil would work late/ into weekend to get it done. Anyway Saturday came and went after calling in the morning with no answer on the phone. Again being a nice guy and not wanting to kick up a fuss I gave them benefit of the doubt as I know it's quite a popular garage for bmws and can get busy at times. 

     Another call on Monday confirmed my thinking and was told my car wasn't ready yet. I was starting to lose patients and faith in these guys now as they came recommended to me. Tuesday came and went, Wednesday came and went and finally around 3pm Thursday I gave them a call after not hearing anything from them with the meaning to say "stop the work I'm collecting as is", even if I have to sort a tow home and pay for what I owe.  I'll finish it myself   When I called I was told Ah sir your car is ready for collection now the boys have literally just finished. Great I thought. About time. Anyway when asking for the total bill payable i was given a massive slap in the face of a total bill for. Wait for it.... £814.72!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??! I'm fuming at this point. I was told over the phone that one of my injectors was faulty and was replaced at an additional cost of £177.22+VAT. Which is on top of work carried out at around £500 odd NOT the quoted price of £280-£300. 

    Also Asking for the old injector back I was told that its an exchange basis (so now I can't see proof it was actually changed) I also explained that I can't pay that bill. 
    I don't have that kind of money to hand as I was originally told it would be £300 max. 

    After arguing and complaining that they had not called me to see if I was ok to go ahead with the work before it was carried out Basically  came to the conclusion that I had to pay it or wasn't getting my car back as this is what was owed !!!
    Begrudgingly I Payed over the phone using my credit card I believe in the end. My keys and car where left over the road at the kwick fit and I returned the courtesy car after work and posted keys through their letter box.  This was in April this year (2015) now in October after taking engine cover off cleaning I noticed diesel leak in engine by injectors. Taking my car to another garage down the road they diagnosed a leaking injector..guess which one? You got it the one CPC replaced !! Plus the injector replaced by them is out of tolerance and is not functioning correctly so will have to be replaced. 

    I don't particularly like giving bad feedback and have refrained up until now. The faulty new injector was the last straw. I have advised people I know ,family and friends to avoid CPC if they can and think they were a total disappointment and unprofessional and possibly even fraudulent. and will never use them again. 
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    Hi there long time lurker that is now finally getting my car sorted.

    So I have owned this car since 2011.  I used it to drive to my wedding and love the thing.  A year ago I got a job where I do 40,000 miles a year so the bmw was laid up and has sat unloved for a year and isn't looking her best.  

    I fitted a new battery pumped up the tyres and she sprang into life a little rough running but that was to be expected and soon cleared.  I took it for an mot and surprisingly it went straight through despite running rough.  Emissions were ok.  I have found the cause of the rough running which was an air leak and have got a new hose to fit.  The traction control is also broken and before it was taken off the road this was put down to dsc pressure sensors which have also been ordered.  I have also ordered new brake pressure wear sensors as although there is plenty of meat on the pads the light is on and I assume it is a sensor so changing all four will fix that.  Finally a new thermostat is on order due to the ecu constantly firing p1620 error code when being read.  Once all these bits are fitted the car should be running sweet and hopefully the garage will be able to fix why the glovebox keeps falling down.  Then there is a list of work to do and this is where I need some help to find reputable companies if possible.  

    I have a new roof to go on and this will be being done by autotecnic in lutterworth I have used them before for some work and their quote was reasonable and as I expect it to be a tricky job I would rather it goes to a bmw specialist as a hydraulic pipe also needs swapping from my original tatty roof.

    Once this is done I need to find a bodyshop I want a full respray in the original titan silver and the mirrors fitting.  I have a rust spot on the rear arch that despite a new quarter being fitted keeps coming back and I want a proper job that will tackle this and stop it from coming back again.  As well as this there is a small spot under the tailgate that has been treated as well but comes back so I want that sorting to.  I would like to have the arches rolled so if I decide to go for different wheels in the future there is plenty of clearance, and finally I want the mv1s refurbishing in gun metal grey.  

    Final finishing touches for the outside would be new headlight lenses and tailpipes for the exhaust.

    Then it will be onto the interior the drivers side window seems very lose and rattly when partially down.  I have tried to tighten it with no joy so will be getting a new regulator fitted and the same with the drivers rear as that also seems lose.  The door cards seem lose and not all screws go in so I think I am missing some of the fixings which I will replace.  Once this is done I want to find someone who can spruce up the interior it isn't terrible but needs some professional care to get it back to its best can anyone recommend somewhere?

    Finally at the moment I am planning to add a hardtop for next winter as the roof is already tatty that I have on I am not concerned for this winter.

    The list of things will probably change the more I look at other cars and see things.  I can imagine it may get lowered on different wheels but that will be if and when everything else has been done.

    I have already done the audio with a dynavin unit and two amps a sub and two pairs of component speakers front and back.  I have also fitted a piper cross induction kit and angel eyes as well as led rear lights.

    I will keep this updated as progress goes on and would really appreciate any companies you can recommend.  I am based in Coventry so anywhere around the midlands would be good but for the right job I would travel further.

    A couple of pictures of how she looked before being parked up.  I have got any since I have got it road legal again but it isn't a pretty sight.






    The wheels it was on when I got it

    The replacement quarter that was used 



    The roof that needs replacing even renovo didn't sort it 



  11. Today was time to open more boxes, the Mayle HD arms and ARB link rods had arrived along with a new headlight washer ram for the passenger side.
    First fail of the day was the front central jacking point, I think I need a bigger wooden block or something because it just crushed in.
    So up it went on the side jacking points with the stands on the main chassis rails, Out with the headlight and another To-Do list item showed itself, the fog light is broken away from it's top bracket. Swapped the washer ram and after a quick test involving a cheap pair of jump leads and a pair of screwdrivers (powering the pump directly) That was passed fit for service.
    Wheels off and arms out.
    The left side went swimmingly, a light smear of rubber grease and the new bush slipped on easy, some recommend WD-40 but that can attack rubber so I used the proper grease, I keep some in stock for cleaning out the callipers on the bike. 
    On to the right, and I couldn't get a socket on the inner balljoint nut from above because of the engine mount so off with the under tray and 1/12th of a turn at a time with a spanner it was a bit slower than buzzing the other side off with my impact gun. 
    The outer nut was a swine, after a few turns it locked up, jack under it and even lifting the car off the stand didnt get enough friction on the pin to unlock it... Hacksaw time, great fun... Mental note, buy air powered buzz saw.
    All done and the car drives like it should now, the front tyres are almost ready for changing now though, and the brake pads, and discs all round, and the drivers door speaker has a loose connection.
    It's a good job that I am a tinkerer by nature, this car will keep me happy for a while.
  12. In amongst the work on the 330d Touring, I have recently acquired a cheeky little Skoda Fabia VRS with the idea of using it as my daily. As a result, the 320d will shortly be put up for sale. With that in mind, I will probably carry out an oil service and stick another 12 months MOT on it as its due in the next couple of months. Then its just a case of giving it a very good clean!

    Its been a good car and has certainly served its purpose, I just don't need a saloon car as my daily any more and it is a continuous annoyance that I cant get my road bike in the boot.

    Someone will be getting a fully up together car that wants for nothing in its current state. Story of my car life really, get a car in tip top mechanical shape and then sell the thing on for someone else to benefit from...typical!


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    Feels like de ja vu doing all of this again albeit on a different E46!

    A couple of weeks back I sourced new Sachs M Sport shocks all round, Lemforder top mounts, Lemforder tie rod ends and a replacement upper steering union joint from a low mileage compact. And as with the 320d I also bought some Eibach Pro Kit springs.

    Finally got round to working on the Touring this weekend and started with the rear setup as its easier. Annoyingly the Touring requires half the interior boot trim to be removed before you can get to the sound proofing that protects the suspension turrets. As with the saloon, I decided to cut an access flap in the sound proofing to save the hassle of trying to remove it all completely. Once I was past the interior panels, the shocks, top mounts and springs were swapped out with ease.

    After some lunch I decided to start on the fronts, it didnt take long for me to remember why I don't like doing this particular job! In my haste I snapped the headlight level sensor arm and also managed to lose the ARB stabiliser nut in the shingle next to my!

    The biggest issue I had was getting the new EIbach springs compressed enough to be able to screw the new top mounts onto the struts....what an absolute pig that was! I remember it being difficult on the 320d but this time it was twice as bad given the fact that the M Sport struts are shorter than standard meaning the springs need to be compressed even more than normal.

    I managed to finish one side that afternoon and stripped the passenger side out ready to go again with the spring compressors on Sunday morning. As is always the way, when I did the other side it was done and dusted in about 30 minutes...I think I got the knack with the spring compressors and more importantly worked out the best places to locate them on the spring without hampering the spring fitment.

    In all of this there was a ray of hope in that the old front top mounts were clearly knackered with loads of play present. Sure enough, when I took the car for a drive there was an instant handling improvement and a lot of the play and vibration disappeared.

    I'd say it now drives and handles on par with my 320d which has an identical suspension setup minus the shorter M Tech shocks. And given that the Touring has big old heavy 18 inch MV1's I'd say thats probably as good as it is going to get.

    Regardless, I probably will fit the spare upper steering union joint I have, and I'll also get the Lemforder tie rod ends fitted, followed up finally with another visit to the Wheel Alignment Specialists in Southampton.

    Beyond that, I might get some yellow stuff pads in readiness for a trip to the Ring in 4 weeks time.

    Now I just need to find some time to prep the 320d in order to put it up for sale....

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    Hi folks I just thought that I would share this with you all with it being my first Blog.

    I currently drive a 330D M57 engined e46 on a 2002. I have had a few issues over the years to include a worn injector causing a wobble on tickover and recent lift pump failure. The lift pump was easy to diagnose as I couldnt hear it when I operated the ignition, I even tried all of the keys to rule out the immobiliser. A new BOSCH unit sorted that fault.

    The random non start issue was difficlut to diagnose because it would always happen after a short drive and sometimes not rear its head at all. I could return to the car at it would eventually start.

    It finally broke down last week (Crank and not start) I now had an opportunity to plug it in and be able to carry out some basic fault finding.

    The engine speed registered on the OBD unit proving that the crank sensor was ok.

    A camshaft sensor fault was logged and this would appear even when I disconnected the Crank sensor?

    The engine needs signals from both to start!

    I ordered an aftermaket O.E quality cam sensor from a local supplier and fitted it. The vehicle would still not start?

    I had a chat with a guy at Quarry Motors Sheffield and he had a similar issue and told me to fit a genuine sensor. I obtained a replacement Cam Sensor from my local dealer and it sorted the issue the motor now runs and drives as it should.

    I guess the moral of the story is to purchase genuine engine sensors and not waste your time with pattern stuff.

    Andy :2guns:

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    took my friend to a car park where I prity much taught most of my friends who actually graduated to driving only to find a travellers cam and little humps all over the car park.. :2guns:

    I gave them some doughnuts in exchange :punk: