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Insurance at 19?

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Hi guys,

I've recently had issues regarding my parking sensors, all were ticking correctly apart from one. *Each time I put it in reverse it beeps for 5 seconds) removing the back bumper from my car I discover that that one of the 4 cables from the loom isn't outputting anything, which is why the forth sensor isn't working. As a result I have ordered a replacement cable loom for the sensors. Can anyone advise when this loom plugs into the car? I attempted to follow the cables back but had no luck.

(BMW E46 Convertible 320D)


Hi Guys, I'm 19 and have previously been insured as a secondary driver on my mums VW Polo 1litre. I'm wanting to get my own BMW (Preferbly 320D) but am not wanting to pay the £7000 insurance quote! I know i can go as a second driver, and put my mum as the main, however this cost will never then reduce, and it also means I'll get no claims however this option is only £1500. I wondered if anyone knew of a good insurance company (Reasonable priced) which I could go comprehensive on for this car?

Cheers guys,

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