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AVOID**.. First of all I had my car booked in for some work with CPC,I'd done a bit of reaserch on forums etc and CPC came recommended. I used to use birds garage in iver but moved to St. Albans so was a little far for me to travel. Anyway I was getting my new turbo and cast iron manifold fitted to my  Bmw 3.0D .I was booked in first thing for when they opened to which I'd drop my car on the way to work where I would have a courtesy car waiting for me,Jump in the courtesy car and go straight to work for 8am.
This was all booked up in advance about 2 weeks prior to this date. Day of car drop off I get there, and after abit of confusion I have no car for me to use. So benefit of the doubt I rescheduled for another time. 2weeks later get booked in again, drop car off on way to work ,again no courtesy car. abit annoyed now ,we arranged for me to swing by after work where they assured me the car would be available. Drive by after work and swapped cars. Great.. I had all the relevant parts in the boot of the car and was purely after the labour for them to fit everything. I am competent and know the e46 pretty well so I know what was involved but due to 6day weeks at work I just didn't have the time to do it myself. CPC quoted my iirc around £280-£300 for the work. I thought this was reasonable and agreed to the work.  I believe the car was dropped to cpc on a Tuesday in the end and was told it would be ready by Thursday. Perfect. Well after I didn't hear back from them on Thursday I gave them a quick call Friday mid morning and was told the car wasn't ready and that phill would be working late to get it finished and would be ready possibly Saturday for collection. (By the confusion over the phone to what my car was /work being carried out) it sounded like they had forgotten all about it as was parked around the side of there building) hence Phil would work late/ into weekend to get it done. Anyway Saturday came and went after calling in the morning with no answer on the phone. Again being a nice guy and not wanting to kick up a fuss I gave them benefit of the doubt as I know it's quite a popular garage for bmws and can get busy at times. 

 Another call on Monday confirmed my thinking and was told my car wasn't ready yet. I was starting to lose patients and faith in these guys now as they came recommended to me. Tuesday came and went, Wednesday came and went and finally around 3pm Thursday I gave them a call after not hearing anything from them with the meaning to say "stop the work I'm collecting as is", even if I have to sort a tow home and pay for what I owe.  I'll finish it myself   When I called I was told Ah sir your car is ready for collection now the boys have literally just finished. Great I thought. About time. Anyway when asking for the total bill payable i was given a massive slap in the face of a total bill for. Wait for it.... £814.72!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??! I'm fuming at this point. I was told over the phone that one of my injectors was faulty and was replaced at an additional cost of £177.22+VAT. Which is on top of work carried out at around £500 odd NOT the quoted price of £280-£300. 

Also Asking for the old injector back I was told that its an exchange basis (so now I can't see proof it was actually changed) I also explained that I can't pay that bill. 
I don't have that kind of money to hand as I was originally told it would be £300 max. 

After arguing and complaining that they had not called me to see if I was ok to go ahead with the work before it was carried out Basically  came to the conclusion that I had to pay it or wasn't getting my car back as this is what was owed !!!
Begrudgingly I Payed over the phone using my credit card I believe in the end. My keys and car where left over the road at the kwick fit and I returned the courtesy car after work and posted keys through their letter box.  This was in April this year (2015) now in October after taking engine cover off cleaning I noticed diesel leak in engine by injectors. Taking my car to another garage down the road they diagnosed a leaking injector..guess which one? You got it the one CPC replaced !! Plus the injector replaced by them is out of tolerance and is not functioning correctly so will have to be replaced. 

I don't particularly like giving bad feedback and have refrained up until now. The faulty new injector was the last straw. I have advised people I know ,family and friends to avoid CPC if they can and think they were a total disappointment and unprofessional and possibly even fraudulent. and will never use them again. 
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