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Hi folks I just thought that I would share this with you all with it being my first Blog.

I currently drive a 330D M57 engined e46 on a 2002. I have had a few issues over the years to include a worn injector causing a wobble on tickover and recent lift pump failure. The lift pump was easy to diagnose as I couldnt hear it when I operated the ignition, I even tried all of the keys to rule out the immobiliser. A new BOSCH unit sorted that fault.

The random non start issue was difficlut to diagnose because it would always happen after a short drive and sometimes not rear its head at all. I could return to the car at it would eventually start.

It finally broke down last week (Crank and not start) I now had an opportunity to plug it in and be able to carry out some basic fault finding.

The engine speed registered on the OBD unit proving that the crank sensor was ok.

A camshaft sensor fault was logged and this would appear even when I disconnected the Crank sensor?

The engine needs signals from both to start!

I ordered an aftermaket O.E quality cam sensor from a local supplier and fitted it. The vehicle would still not start?

I had a chat with a guy at Quarry Motors Sheffield and he had a similar issue and told me to fit a genuine sensor. I obtained a replacement Cam Sensor from my local dealer and it sorted the issue the motor now runs and drives as it should.

I guess the moral of the story is to purchase genuine engine sensors and not waste your time with pattern stuff.

Andy :2guns:

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