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Hi folks, I have reposted this content again hopefully the pictures wont move around this time, not sure why that happened but the picture sequence is important to make the write up content meaningful. Hopefully it will work.

Bmw rebuild 2015-updated 19/12/15

Hi folks welcome to my BMW e46 330i touring refurb, I've owned this 330i 2001 supercharged touring for over 10years with a 200k miles on the odometer. I really enjoy the e46 chassis setup and was needing it to last at least another 10 years to have some fun for weekends and track days. 
It is a fast road car setup and was not intended to be a full on track day monster but something slightly more interesting that the stock setup.


Image 1.1/ Picture taken before the restoration began. No MOT and SORN, 10months sat idle on the driveway.

The hope is this journal documents the restoration and mechanical works undertaken since May 2015, I've been lucky in that I have had the use of another vehicle which has enabled this project work to be done without any time pressure. 

Over the years I've added a few mechanical upgrades but have endeavoured to keep it close to OEM aesthetically, I quite like the idea of a sleeper car and hope the final outcome will be on the mark.
I intend to also cover the existing mechanical mods and future plans in subsequent posts. I'm afraid that I am no computer wiz kid and will update via several edits over the next couple of weeks.

Journal Entry 1- Rusting away on the drive. Under Chassis rust treatment.

A trip to Rust Master to get the under chassis rust treated and sealed. They were doing a special deal at the time was about £250 irc, there were pockets of rust starting to form in all the usual places fortunately the engineer seemed to think we had caught it just in the nick of time.


Image 1.2/ pre-clean down and treatment application. Generally tidy but small pockets of rust evident.

Image 1.3/ surface corrosion.

Image 1.4/ Build in 2001 March, 14years old and the rust is on the go!

Image 1.5/ The Rust exorcist at work, this is a rather messy unpleasant task and I don't have access to a ramp, best to get someone to do it for you as it rains waxoly literally.

Image 1.6/ Glad I'm not covered in waxoly like this man!

Image 1.7/ Looking nice & shiny with rust treated the work also comes with a warranty.

Image 1.8/ Lovin the shininess, won't have to worry about the chassis underside for a while. 





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