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Insurance At 19 On A 320D?

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Hi Guys, I'm 19 and have previously been insured as a secondary driver on my mums VW Polo 1litre. I'm wanting to get my own BMW (Preferbly 320D) but am not wanting to pay the £7000 insurance quote! I know i can go as a second driver, and put my mum as the main, however this cost will never then reduce, and it also means I'll get no claims however this option is only £1500. I wondered if anyone knew of a good insurance company (Reasonable priced) which I could go comprehensive on for this car?

Cheers guys,

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Best will be admiral I've found. I'm 21 and have just bought a 320 Ci Se with the 2.2 engine and my insurance is a smidge over 1000. So just use price comparison sites then maybe try the top three results independent websites or phone and try to haggle. but honestly I would maybe shelve the 320D idea for a couple of years. Probably not what you wanted to hear sorry but insurance companies will see you coming a mile off and put there prices up - blame your boy racer friends in their Saxos and Corsas haha!

And as for the second driver idea - not worth considering IMO as you risk not getting a payout if your caught after an accident or whatever. And like you say your better to get a few years no claims under your belt in any car then get something a little more "fun" maybe

Hope this helps,


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Hi mate im 22 and have just got insurance on a 2004 320cd M Sport with adrian flux fully comp 4 years no claims with breakdown cover and fuel cover for £760.... thats a fantastic price compared to all the other quotes i was getting. the next nearest was like £1,500 so i called them asap and done a deal, got extra money off the breakdown and they threw in key care for free.....

trust me call them or even gocompare.com it and you'll see what i mean!

PS> i don't work for them....

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Hi mate, I pretty much agree with what the others said, use comparison sites, find the cheapest and check the websites of the top 3, however i will add that there was a change in the law at the end of December which means insurance companies can't take the fact that you're male into consideration as an insurance factor, however they can take your age into account (for now). You might be best looking at a slightly smaller engine and taking any advanced driving lessons etc as this will bring the price down. Another option to consider is that an fairly new tool is out that basically measure the way you drive and then asses what your insurance should be, this is sometimes an app on your phone or a black box fitted to the car. good luck and let us know how you get on.

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I was 19 when I insured myself fully comp on a 2004 320d saloon SE with the RAC and it came to £1500. Think I found the quote on gocompare.com

I personally wouldn't reccommend Admiral or Elephant, was with Elephant (admiral owned) in my first year on a 2001 MK4 golf for £1900, somehow they managed to get it on their system that my Dad had 3 different speeding offences on the same day and my Mum had claimed twice in one day also, when neither of them or myself had any points or offences at all. After telling them 4 times this information was wrong, they still had not changed anything when the time came for me to renew my insurance even though all 4 of the times complaints were made...

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Insurance is all to do with many factors, and not as much to do about NCB as it seems (2 or none my quote barely changes). I'm 19, Driveway, A postcode, both parents on, 320Ds are about £700. That's just using confused.com, Admiral Group are cheapest, but the insurance is VERY stripped down.

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