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My new 320d

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Refresh continues



So after a weekend of fun with the steering rack I spent yesterday afternoon dropping the rack for a second time to correctly centre the steering rack and steering wheel. After a couple of attempts I managed to get the steering wheel roughly in the right location. Once finished I rushed off to my mates garage to get my new Uniroyal Rain Sport 3's fitted.

Today I took the car to another garage to get the wheel alignment sorted. The TC light is still on so I'm hoping that is going to reset itself shortly now the alignment has been completed. At least I finally have a correctly centred steering wheel now!

Next job is to replace the shocks all round, I managed to get under the car on the ramps yesterday and I can see that she is still running on the factory shocks, after 10 years and 140k I'm not surprised it rides like a boat now! Sachs shocks ordered, so will do them this weekend or next. I'm still undecided as to whether I leave the springs or go for an Eibach Pro spring kit....

Getting there, slowly but surely.


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