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My new 320d

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Its been a while since my last update.

I'd like to say the car has been running flawlessly without a hitch, unfortunately if I did I would be lying.

Since the suspension refresh the ride has certainly improved, I still have a slight dead spot in the steering which bugs me but for now I am living with it.

The main issue I've had has been of the annoying intermittent variety, which only occurs when the car is warm (not cold or hot). It feels like a misfire and occurs around 2k, after a while the car seems to sort itself out and gets through it.

Recently the car had progressed from a misfire to starting to run like a dog and then actually cut out. Car would always start again straight away but would continue to run rough and then eventually cut out again...the only code I could get to come up during this was related to low fuel pressure. A couple of the injector readings in INPA were suspect during the rough running but I'm not sure if that was fully the cause, or more the result of the issue.

I've replaced the fuel filter as its cheap enough, I've confirmed that the pre supply fuel pump is humming at start up, I've carried out various test procedures through DIS and all seems to be OK. The issue still came back after doing the filter so that was ruled out.

The other thing I have done is pulled the vacuum hose from the EGR and plugged it, so far since doing this the issue has not returned. I'm not holding my breathe as it didnt occur for a while after the fuel filter replacement. The car isnt driven loads so it takes a while to trigger the fault.

The other thing I've noticed during all the troubleshooting is my engine temp never gets up to 88/90....more like high 60s low 70s. In an effort to resolve I have replaced the EGR thermostat as I could blow straight through it. The issue is still present so I will get the main stat ordered and replaced next month.

In other news since getting INPA and DIS working I was obviously able to read error codes, the 4 that kept returning were for the glow plugs. I have replaced all four but the errors remained, so that meant the glow plug relay was probably ka-put. I've read on the forums how awkward a job it is to replace so wasn't looking forward to doing it. Needless to say, I did the job yesterday in about an hour, on my driveway with one side of the car jacked up and the wheel off. Apart from getting muck in my eye it was fairly straight forward, as always access was tight and sensor plugs were fiddly to remove but with a bit of patience and a small screw driver it was easy enough.

So in summary I may or may not have sorted my intermittent running issue. Next job on the list is to replace the main thermostat and get the gearbox and diff oils replaced.

Oh, and now I think I want a 330d Touring instead! Ho hum...


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