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My new 320d

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Oil Refresh



Today I finally got around to ordering some gearbox and diff oil.

For anyone interested, I went with the following:

2 litres of Fuchs TITAN SINTOFLUID SAE 75W-80 Manual Transmission Fluid MTF 75W80

1 litre of Fuchs TITAN SINTOPOID SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear Oil 75W90

All for just over £30 delivered via OpieOils on eBay (worked out cheaper via eBay even with club discounts etc)

I just need to source a 14mm hex key now.

In other news...

I plugged the car into INPA and cleared the codes, good news as the glow plug errors have all now gone so the relay swap out was successful.

In other other news...

Still no sign of my intermittent misfire fault since pulling the hose from the EGR. I'll look at replacing the EGR when I can be bothered, for now I'll put up with the EML light and two codes stored.


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