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My new 320d

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Decisions decisions



A lot has happened since my last update. I don't think I've done much to the car as such but work and home situations have changed so we have bought a 2002 330d Sport Touring (another baby on the way)

I also left the company I worked with so said bye bye to my nice company car Audi. Currently the plan is for the wife to use the Touring as her daily (this car needs a whole new blog of its own!) and I will either use the 320d for commuting or sell it and get something else.

In other news, the 320d has started making a loud racket / vibration noise at first start up when cold. It seems to go after a few minutes but no idea what is causing it. It just seems to feel a bit rough in general, no misfire as such just doesnt sound right, maybe a slightly deeper engine note.

If I do keep it I will finally get round to replacing the main thermostat, as I know the engine nevers gets up to temp...perhaps that isnt helping things and could explain the not perfect running.

I now have 3 BMWs... the E30 325 and the two E46s. I'm tempted to sell the E30 and the 320d and buy an M3 and be done with it. That can then work as a fun usable daily.

Decisions decisions...


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