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My new 320d

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More BMWs than sense



No updates for ages.

Since the last update I have acquired BMW number 4 - in my defence this one is purely to act as engine donor to my E30. Its an E36 328i Touring which has seen better days. Engine runs well though so thats all that matters.

I still have the 320D... Its being used as my daily as so far I haven't gotten around to replacing it. I have my heart set on a Fabia VRS though so its only a matter of time before it gets replaced.

My noisy engine hasn't re-emerged any time recently so I'm beginning to think it was the engine cover rattling loose, which I had resolved in an attempt to rectify the noise.

The only other thing I have done recently is finally getting round to replacing the EGR with a known good unit. I have the main thermostat now so need to get on and replace that at some point before selling.


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