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More new bits, front arms



Today was time to open more boxes, the Mayle HD arms and ARB link rods had arrived along with a new headlight washer ram for the passenger side.
First fail of the day was the front central jacking point, I think I need a bigger wooden block or something because it just crushed in.
So up it went on the side jacking points with the stands on the main chassis rails, Out with the headlight and another To-Do list item showed itself, the fog light is broken away from it's top bracket. Swapped the washer ram and after a quick test involving a cheap pair of jump leads and a pair of screwdrivers (powering the pump directly) That was passed fit for service.
Wheels off and arms out.
The left side went swimmingly, a light smear of rubber grease and the new bush slipped on easy, some recommend WD-40 but that can attack rubber so I used the proper grease, I keep some in stock for cleaning out the callipers on the bike. 
On to the right, and I couldn't get a socket on the inner balljoint nut from above because of the engine mount so off with the under tray and 1/12th of a turn at a time with a spanner it was a bit slower than buzzing the other side off with my impact gun. 
The outer nut was a swine, after a few turns it locked up, jack under it and even lifting the car off the stand didnt get enough friction on the pin to unlock it... Hacksaw time, great fun... Mental note, buy air powered buzz saw.
All done and the car drives like it should now, the front tyres are almost ready for changing now though, and the brake pads, and discs all round, and the drivers door speaker has a loose connection.
It's a good job that I am a tinkerer by nature, this car will keep me happy for a while.


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