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Hello! Intro...Coming over from BF-UK...

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Hey all, name is Harry and was originally a member of BF-UK however found it really quiet. A work colleague told me about E46 Zone, so i've joined!

I've had a fair few BMWs myself, however have had my current steed, a trusty w202 C250TD Sport for over 2 years which is a miracle for me as I usually swap cars every 4-6 months!

Anyway, we bought my sister a 320td as her Pug 306 was dying (and now isn't, long story). We did initially look for a 316ti/318ti but found them either riddled with chain problems, abused, and just generally underpowered. She does a lot of miles too so that in combination with the M47's good rep, a 320td was decided upon.

We picked the car up on the 27th March after 4 weeks of searching. It's a 320td in Titanium Silver and in SE Spec. It's got a factory specified rear lip spoiler, Storage pack and is generally in good nick bodywork and interior wise.

Work that needed doing as of purchase:

- Oil Service + Air filter
- Turbo
- Breathers (Which i've read are a culprit of the turbo dying)
- Oil cooler (story below...lol)
- Angel Eyes(sister's preference, it's her motor)
- Brighter bulbs (Think along the lines of Phillips X-treme/Osram Nightbreakers, no HID Dazzling nonsense)
- Better speakers (More bass, so possibly a small sub or replacement speakers)
- Set of MV1's or if possible BBS CH's

That's from what I can remember, I'm very fussy when it comes to the running of the car, less so when it comes to bodywork but that's gotta be looked after too.

Pics of the motor itself in next blog entry. 

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