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Hydro-What-You-Call-It engine mounts...

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Thursday the 28th the motor was booked in with my, who can only be described as perfectionist, car mechanic Mariusz at K1 Tyres in Ilford. I use him for all the work on my E39, some on my W202 (I use Wayne Gates for the w202) and for my sisters old car, the Pug 306. Also, for all my old bmws. He knows his stuff, and most importantly, if a job is going to be too big, he will tell me and not just crack on and bodge the job.

I rang and went to Highams Park Motor Co the Tuesday before the 28th, as they had been recommended to me. I did say I needed the engine mounts done as I was positive they were the cause of the excess vibrations because the same happened on my W202 Mercedes when the Oil leaked out of the engine mount so the engine sat lower than it should. They first wanted me to book a diagnostic which I almost agreed to before their mechanic said I needed just a look instead of a diagnostic still insisted on booking it in and putting it on the ramp. I did book it in...and then on a hunch, rang K1 and booked it in for the Thursday because I knew it was the engine mounts. After so many Independents giving me sky high quotes and giving me different causes, I decided to follow my gut.

Once the engine mounts had been replaced by Mariusz, the excess vibrations, just as I had predicted, were gone. Job done. He did however raise a minor concern saying the engine timing chain wasa bit noisy when revs came down, or it was noisy injectors and to use Millers Diesel Additive. Ive used it before and it was absolutely brilliant.


I just have to call Highams Park now to cancel the booking. I'm sure their workmanship is of top class quality and that they are professionals however I did feel that they were taking me for a young naive beginner in the world of cars when I have in fact owned many many motors and a quarter of them BMWs. I still may use them again, however I'd rather use Pat & Co at Cooks Ferry. They have a more old school approach rather than a Dealership approach.


Next up now, is thermostart and to get the timing chain checked as per Mariusz's concerns.

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