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After Coilovers

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Nothing is straightforward with cars. Im not going to go into details but the coilovers installation took over a week because of a seized bolt that had it head stripped of it. Once that was sorted we discovered that the drop links were too long and the rims were fouling the front springs. I ordered some adjustable drop links but the bars were too long so had to order another shorter set. A set of 5mm sorted the rims and springs out. 

The car now sits pretty low and there is a tiny bit of scraping over massive speed bumps and a little bit of rubbing on full lock. Handling wise it now goes round corners like its on rails. It' not too bad over choppy ground either. I' describe the ride quality as firm but fair. The coilovers have been on the car less than a month so it' early days but so far they seem ok. Let' see if I can say that in 6 months.


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