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1st week of 2018

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While fitting the coilovers it was noted that my front discs and pads needed replacing. On Tuesday I booked the car in with my mate Grant for new discs and pads and New wear sensors. It was also discovered that the n/s/f caliper was seized so it needed to be replaced. 

On Wednesday I took Team Car to see a chap called Matty Allen in York for a remap. We didn't have a rolling road but Matty reckons the car will be pushing out 185-200bhp and 380+nm. Whatever the figure is I'm really happy with it. Im so happy with the remap I.dont even care what the figure is :lol:. Car pulls like a train and 3rd and 4th gears are now so mighty that Vikings sing tales of them in Valhalla. I also ordered a swirl flap blanking kit yesterday. Mate at work has literally just agreed to fit them so that' good news. Also ordered a new bonnet badge as the current one is looking a little tired to say the least.

Photo below taken just after remap and during software update



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