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e46 convertible rear lights

neil holden


Hello again guys. I have a 2003 pre facelift  e46 convertible 325 ci. I have bought some genuine led rear light from a local breakers yard with  the intention of improving the look of the rear of my car. I also cut the wiring plugs from the donor car thinking that maybe it would be a simple  job to patch them on to my vehicle. I have now done some research and realised that the process is not as simple as i first thought. My understanding now is that i need to buy some adaptor cables to wire the lights up and even then i will have a brake light out warning on the dash until the car has been coded to accept the new led lights. Is there anyone out there who has any info on this and can anyone tell me who could do the coding ? Dont want to take it to the dealer for obvious reasons of cost. Finally, is there an after market led rear light set that would plug into the existing wiring as i cant seem to find anything for the convertble ? Seen led lights on ebay for the coupe but the ad says not suitable for the convertible, even though ive been told by many owners that the coupe and convertible units are the same. CONFUSED !!!!:( 


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