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First 4 weeks...



Where to begin lol. Had a Mercedes W202 C250TD for almost 5 years but had to sell her due to the sodding London ULEZ (f*ck you Sadick khan lol). Thus was sold to the owner of the Mercedes-Benz independent I used for all the work on it, so she'd still in good hands... And with the money and effort I put into her, thank god lol. 


Then I had a heavily mapped Audi A3 which was reliable, deceptively fast,  but so boring to drive... Sold that in May this year. 


Next was a Golf Mk5 TDi which I'll gloss over, in short it almost got me killed and the dealer wouldn't accept full responsibility for it although the fault was proven to be present when I bought the car...this car literally broke me and has left me with anxiety... An issue I'd Never ever had in my life until this motor. Court case pending. 


Next was a manual E90 325i SE, N52B25... Which from the first time I drove it after the dealer dropped it off to me (I work shifts so I couldn't collect it that week), I knew something wasn't right, you know? I had a very brief test drive and concentrated on the mid to upper rev range. Seemed to drive ok... However when I took it for a spin the evening of the day he'd dropped it off, it hesitated badly at low revs. I'm talking almost conking out at 60mph in 6th gear when I applied a bit of throttle.

After weeks of issues and me using my Honda Civic due to no longer driving or trusting the E90, I had the codes read by a reputable BMW independent local to me. The codes that the car displayed were all VANOS and timing related. The fact that they were all timing and VANOS codes and my knowledge of BMW engines meant I knew this problem would be expensive, and was present at the time of purchase hence the hesitation at low rpms when I drove it on the evening of the day it was delivered to me.

This was the last straw. I called the dealer in despair and after a long conversation,  the dealer agreed to come and collect the car and repair it. He came and took it for a few days, had his garage place fit 2 new vanos things & inlet + exhaust cam position sensors. He returned it the following week, but I still wasn't happy with it though after driving it. I started it up as I wasn't home when he'd dropped it off to my home. I let it sit idling for a minute or so and took it for a mile long drive, I didn't take it out for any longer than that as I had food cooking in the kitchen so couldn't leave it unattended.

When I came back and parked up it was clearly apparent that the idle was not stable at all. I took a video of the engine and the car inside. The revs on the rev counter seemed stable however the idle was not stable. It was anything but. I said out loud to myself, 'that's it, you're gone!'.

I used the car that night after speaking to the dealer and agreeing to see him the next day day about this issue. I went to my friend's birthday that night in Clapham and we looked on Autotrader, and saw the dealer had an E46 coupe for sale. I text the dealer and and told him I'd be giving the E90 back that next day day and I wanted to purchase the E46 and pay the difference. He said he was happy with this and I saw him the next day.

The next day I saw him and told him I still wasn't happy with the car and also the clutch was starting to hurt my knee again. I took the E46 for a drive and I had a look around it properly. I spotted issues with the car and this helped me bring the price down to £2,300. As I had put mileage on the E90 (3k, I commute far and work shifts) and he had spent money fixing the E90,  we agreed I would pay a small price difference. That very evening of 11th August,  I was the proud owner of an E46 325ci in Black.

It wasn't until I posted up on the 5 Series forum that are frequent about me selling the E90 issues I had with it, that members told me about the very bad problems with the n52 engines. 

Anyway, now the owner of the E46, that's where the work begins lol. 


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