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The journey so far...



This is a log of work that's been done since purchasing her...

Thermostat (waterpump, tensioners and viscous coupling checked, all seem recent, no play and very little wear).

Cleaned and gummi pfledge'd all door and window seals, as well as boot, and bonnet seals.

Removed, cleaned and resealed rear light clusters. New gaskets fitted too.

Retrofitted boot opening switch near bonnet release handle (not the first time thankfully, did this on my sister's previous e46 too).

Repaired rusty battery tray due to leaking battery, no corrosion on the outside, just surface rust inside which smelt horrible lol (left the car for a day or few to allow things to cure).

Removed and cleaned the windscreen washer tank as it had residue from years of use.

Cleaned drain channels on both sides of the windscreen, near the bonnet hinges (resembled mini epping forest).

Fixed drivers side kidney grill.

Cleaned exhaust tips (chrome, thinking it's a 330Ci exhaust as I can see the familiar vacuum pipe going to a valve, it's 2 pipes from front to back of the car, and it sounds like a 330Ci, deep exhaust note when cruising around).

I'm sure there's more but I'll add to it when I remember.

Upcoming stuff :

Fit Aux In via Business CD player from a 2004 e46 arriving today, and bmw aux in cable ordered from Germany directly arriving next week as there's none left in the UK at all.

Interior sterilisation clean soon.

On the lookout for a set of oem xenon headlight units.

Fix passenger side door lock (won't open remotely, has to be done from the inside, suspect something worn inside the mechanism.

Reseal boot lid rear light clusters (new gaskets already purchased)

Detailed deep clean on the outside of the car.

Possibly looking at BBS LM's staggered fitment but we'll see when funds allow lol.



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