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  2. Guys, I don't suppose anyone used to own this car? I'm currently looking at it, but the seller says the service book was lost by her father (the owner). I'm usually very sceptical about stuff like that and walk away, but there's something about this car I really like. I don't know whether I am being spun a yarn here and they are just traders, but she tells me her dad bought it as a stop gap whilst having his 6 series repainted. BMW have confirmed there is "some history" with them, but they won't release the info to her because she's not the registered keeper. She's sent me some pics of some of the receipts, including sale bill from 2008 for 17k to Mr J Wough from Southampton. It's a long way to travel for me if the car turns out to be a pig.
  3. Any idea what could be causing this problem? I suspect I need a new radiator or a full cooling system.
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  6. bluey white smoke. yes i was thinking that the fuel in the tank has been there since 2016
  7. If you can stretch to a facelift i'd go for that.. Even if you have to wait and save a little. The boot floors are made of cheese in the earlier models and can crack. Later ones can still crack too but it's much less common. Everything else is repairable within reason. But those MOT advisories - seems like an anal tester (ooh err) there! I'd have knocked that tester over the head for noting some of those! Prat.. lol
  8. What colour smoke? Does diesel fuel go off? I'm sure there's extra crud in the tank that you might have forced through. Would've at least changed the fuel filter before that first startup just incase. Then maybe change it again in a few k.
  9. Meets on this forum dried up years ago! There's maybe 20 of us "regulars" left now.
  10. I have an E46 318Ci with me at the moment and its had a 325Ci engine dropped into it. Its got an ABS warning light up that is due to an identification mismatch error. I've not had this before despite swapping several ABS modules in the past? Is this due to the fact that the chassis, engine ECU and ABS module numbers are all from different vehicles and can it be coded out? If so, how does that happen?
  11. Hi I've not started my 330cd for years or driven it. I turned it on the other day and there was a lot of smoke. there are no fault codes, I want to get this car up and running again but I don't want to be chucking out loads of smoke can someone give me advice regards Ian
  12. The coolant tank is a potential problem on the E46 but saying that so is the water pump pop on autotrader etc and search cars similar to yours is a good starting point webuyanycar.com value you it at £500 so at rock bottom its worth that
  13. Just wondering if there are any upcoming meets in or just around Croydon? Thanks, Nero
  14. Good morning, On Saturday I purchased my first E46, a 2002 BMW 320i. I have found that the rear heated screen, rear wiper, rear tailgate open button all do not operate. I believe the wiper is completely seized as I have tried spraying WD40 all around the point itgoes through the glass and it will not budge. Is this a common issue on the Tourings? Thanks for any help! Very much appreciated. Nero
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  16. You are probably dealing with different problems. Clunking at the rear can be caused by the rear sway bar bushes being too weak from failed factory design. This particular clunk also happens when steering is turned quickly side to side while driving. The solution is to stuff some very strong rubber into the gap where the two sides of the bush meet. The strongest rubber that I know is the pad used below the rear suspension spring. I used small pieces cut from a used pad and it's effective. That pad is also good for making an in-destructive pad for the jack.
  17. Probably have a short circuit somewhere. You can attempt pinpointing the location by pulling fuses to disable modules. Keep pulling until the problem appears to stop. It might then give you a clue. Various modules do come with the ability to detect short circuits. Clear all codes and recheck what appears. You make it sounds like you have codes. If you fix all of those, then you can be completely sure those are not causing you the current problem. I have no clue about electricals. I have a vague idea about a voltage regulator on the alternator. Maybe unplugging the alternator for luck and to see? Also check behind the trunk side-carpeting for floods. Those will surely cause short circuits.
  18. Hi guys, This started yesterday morning, my alarm was going so went out to turn it off and the key wouldn’t work spare didn’t either also my wipers where going. Finally unlocked the car with the door lock and all turned off. Car started and drives fine but when I turn it off my headlights stay on and my brake lights turn on (off when ignition is on) also after turning off and removing the key I get first the tyre pressure light, cruise control, battery and traction control light come on. Then the SMG cog once I remove the key. I’ve replaced the battery this afternoon but hasn’t made a difference. Has anyone had this or shed any light on it? Scanned the car with INPA and carsoft and not seeing any obvious faults. Thanks!
  19. ET40 and 245/35/18 on the 9.5 rear fits under standard arches ET35 on the front with 225/40/18 fit also Thats a coupe on standard suspension it has been lowered since
  20. Hi guys, I am relatively new to this site, so sorry if I seem inexperienced. I love E46's. My dad owned one for 8 years, but had to scrap the car last year due to problems; I have always been sad since then and I told myself that I will save up and buy one. After a year of ubereats, I can happily say I have enough for the car. I want to, however, make sure I get car with few problems. This where I need the og petrolheads to help me. Sorry for the long introduction guys. The car I am looking to buy is a 2002 325ci with 143,800. Owner has stated he has done the following: New BMW Rocker cover gasket, Oil service, New air filter, Oil filter, fuel filter, 4x new shock absorbers, 4x new coil springs, New ccv system, New radiator, New trailing arm bushes, New front wishbones and bushes He seems to have replaced/fixed all the stuff that usually goes wrong on E46's, but does it sound too good to be true? Mechanically, I am not too sound, so except for receipts for the actual work being done, is physically checking it the only other way?\ As for the Mot, the advisories that came up were: Nearside Front Direction indicator slightly discoloured (4.4.3 (a)) Offside Front Direction indicator slightly discoloured (4.4.3 (a)) Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e)) Offside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e)) Rear Service brake fluctuating, but not excessively (1.2.1 (e)) heat shield between exhaust and fuel tank missing. Vehicle registration: WP02YOC, If you want to check the previous tests Guys, should I go for it? Its priced at 1500, which is very good for a 325ci manual, but I just want an experienced petrolhead's opinion. Once again, sorry for the long post, and I thank you in advance
  21. And today I hear a clunk only sometimes if I’m down shifting and dump the clutch to fast it will clunk so maybe rear differential bushes or rear subframe bushes gone? Some sort of slack in drivetrain but curtain it’s form the rear.
  22. Yeah that's a sport rear bumper.. Wonder if the propshaft is out of alignment? Obv any imbalance will be more pronounced at higher speeds as it rotates at higher rpm? Won't be clutch/flywheel then if it only happens at certain speeds..
  23. A lot of manuals and pdfs but nothing for the 320d’s e46 ?? 2003
  24. I sold recently a 6 speed manual gearbox from 330 for 100£ new clutch kit single mass flywheel included around 200-250 luk , pedals, hydraulic system for the fluid, las erikas top guy on facebook for Bmw guruness and yes nick has all the parts you need just inform you haha his does package his stuff very well I mean very well 😂 haha
  25. Yeh the front bumper is from se model as my one had damage (2 cracks) and I want to try fix it so bought an se bumper for 20£ but side skirts and rear bumper original. well the vibration comes as I’m getting closer to round about after 60-70mph duel carriageway if I start downshifting from like 60-50 from 6th gear then I get this shake vibrate from clutch and gear stick but if I down s**t when I’m cruising slowly then no issues only on high rpm it’s had 2 new engine mounts fitted aswell, I know front arm bushes and strut bar bushes the link stabilisers all worn and need changing but I don’t think they would cause that.
  26. If it vibrates at the same frequency as engine speed then yeah it'll be clutch/flywheel related from the sounds of it.. Also, can't tell 100% from the close-up pic but that is an SE bumper. Side skirts look SE too so will be SE car, not sport..
  27. There's a guy on Facebook that does conversions. Las Erikas. Supplies and fits them. Nick Jupp (got plenty of bits from him myself) can supply if needed. Conversion can be done for £600 or £900. Can't remember which. Dealer will charge £2k for clutch and flywheel of a manual car, that's why they're saying that. Had my diesel, manual clutch and flywheel replaced last year for £600 all in. You can buy clutch/flywheel parts online (just don't use Euro car parts as they refurbish them so don't handle any power).
  28. I'm based in the southwest, Dorset/ Dorchester how much would it be to cover to 6 speed manual?
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