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  2. A bit new design of data displaying. Added adaptations reset, roughness of engine work, patrol lambda adaptations. For cars with automatic gearbox available gearbox page with ATF temp, engine temp, engine rpm and turbine rpm
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  4. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    If both headlights are out then my guess it's not the lights but rather something that's common to both such live feed, fuse, connectors. It's very suspicious that the headlights no longer work after getting the alternator replaced. I'd to back to whoever did that.
  5. I keep getting this code when I stick my boot down. Everything is stock and runs very well. MAF has been cleaned yesterday when replacing alternator. Do I just need to replace the O2 sensor? is this common? Cheers
  6. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    Cheers @TriggerFish I thought that too and this morning ordered new DS2 bulbs or whatever they are called and go from there.
  7. Hi I just bought an e46 320cd convertible and the carpet is grey, thinking of changing it to black. The only carpet I found is the M3 carpet. I’m not sure if the carpet on m3 and m sport is the same ? Like the layout of floor same on both cars ? If anyone knows please let me know Thank you
  8. Airbag light

    Bypass is the best way.. I believe it's the seat occupancy sensor that fails.
  9. 8j (225) in rear of 330i

    Style 44's are 225/45/17 all around.. Yes you can run them, but I wouldn't if you have MV1/2 wheels. 255 is the standard on OEM, staggered MV wheels so stick to that. Nothing wrong with having more grip!
  10. Airbag light

    Morning fellas,my 03 reg 325Ci has the airbag light coming on randomly,not been on for 2 days now but started up this morning and its come back on, Had the car serviced at Christmas and my indie advised on the bill that a new passenger seat pad was needed presumably to cure the airbag light issue, The car is fitted with electric sport alcantara seats and after trawling the net can,t find any for sale anywhere, I cured this same issue on our e39 530i Sport with a bypass emulator,is this the way to go to cure the issue with the 325i ? I don,t really want to buy a new seat even if i could find one as the car has only done 73,000mls and the seats are immaculate, Thanks for any help on this issue.
  11. Does anyone know if it’s possible to run 8j (225 tyres ) on the rear of a 330i rather than the bigger 8.5j ( 255 tyres ) ? Does it affect handling and performance that much? I got told a while ago my car would of come with style 44 wheels on originaly, all I can find is 17 inch 8j in those wheels
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  13. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    If there's power to the headlights (do they share a socket type with the full beams? Might be easier than finding a multi meter) then it's likely to be the bulbs and/or the ballasts. (And there's an third bit inside the headlight, but they seem pretty reliable). You can buy new D2S bulbs far, far cheaper than new ballasts (bulbs are easier to change too), so if it's a case of guesswork as power is reaching them, I'd pick up some new bulbs first of all.
  14. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    I've only just noticed that the rear diffuser has been colour coded purple too! Has it always been like that?
  15. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Here is one having its clutch replaced.
  16. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    I don't I'm afraid. I don't tend to take many pictures, it barely gets a wash now and then! Lol! Too busy with motorbikes usually.
  17. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Ooo nice! Pics? Or do you have a thread up here?
  18. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Hey, I got one of them, too!
  19. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Okay so I need to get proper pics, but here's two pics from a clean last week Thursday. Was out and about lots last weekend and needed the dirt/salt off. Usual two bucket method, quick blast of detailing spray while drying but then finished with a layer of AG Extra Gloss Protection. Obviously normally uses to protect Polish but I thought I'd try it and it came out great! Gave an extra little shine and protection against the following rain. Hopefully these kinda show the lowering? Much more even than before. I willlll get proper side shots soon! And two random pics from the snow. Because why not? Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  20. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    For lowering springs Sportlines are the best bet. Wheel came out nice, Jack is damn good.
  21. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    I agree, I much prefer the facelift, but at the same time I'm glad the M3 kept the pre-facelift headlights.
  22. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Thanks, it drives exactly the same as it did before it was knackered - I'd been dealing with the judder or getting lifts to and from work for 2 weeks so it's good to be able to enjoy it again. I'm thinking of turning the old flywheel into a clock for above my toolbox.
  23. So I want to make the back of the car more aesthetically pleasing. I visited a Powerflow dealer and they quoted £100 to replace the backbox with a pipe + custom tailpipe. The tailpipes I can choose from My questions are as follows: 1. The car doesn't have a DPF, does this mean the exhaust tip/back of car will get covered in soot? 2. Does the diameter of tailpipe effect the sound at all? 3. Will removing the box have any performance effect on the car? 4. Does anyone else have experience with removing just their backbox? All answers appreciated
  24. Needs help with headlights fast please!

    OK thanks I'll get a multi-meter on it tomorrow. Yes it hasn't been great. Stuck after buying the car till 2am in the dark getting recovered when the alternator went. Luckily the big Bosch battery held up OK and alternator has been replaced but the headlights don't work still. I hope it's something simple because they worked fine until the alternator gave up?
  25. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Great update. How you finding the clutch ?
  26. Sounds like you have had some right electrical gremlins from your other posts. Start with a multimeter and check you have juice at the connectors at the lights and go from there. To stop the passenger mirror dipping when put in reverse slide the mirror adjuster switch to the drivers door mirror.
  27. Morning all, Lovely weather for it! So my headlights don't work. Think they are Xenons. Car is a 2003 325Ci Sport 2dr. auto The alternator died on it Tuesday when I bought the car and I've just had a replacement fitted which is great but the headlights still don't work. The coresponding lights on the dash are on in red to show there is an issue with them. I checked the fuse box but nothing blown. What's happened?! On another note, how do I stop my passenger wing mirror automatically pointing down when I put it in reverse?! Thanks!
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