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  2. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    The weather started to change at the Großglockner and left around 4.30pm. And started our journey to Munich, ready for an early start at BMW Welt.   9.30 - M3 hire 10.30 - quick snack and collect factory tour tickets 11.15 - tour starts 14.30 - tour ends 15.00 - food         The Großglockner is over there somewhere!!
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  4. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Its actually +38.7 bhp & if you add one to the grill you get a bonus taking to to a total of 400+ bhp on the badges alone. plates look good.  here is link to the velcro I ordered Click me needed to order two for the front & rear plates 
  5. I would check to see if your window goes all the way up. I had slight water ingress a few months ago.  Turned out to me the sensor that fully closes the window when shutting the door.  Yes its a total pain in the ass to fix as you need to replace the locking mechanism that contains everything.   I found out that there is a Hall effect sensor thats built into the door catch. in time it wears out and causes the window not to fully close.     
  6. Water in driver's door storage compartment

    Whip the door card off & check the membrane underneath. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    The view from the top......  
  8. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    Walking to the top........  
  9. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    View from the restaurant......     And the restaurant.......  
  10. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    Großglockner beer und currywurst mit pomme frites    
  11. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    The Großglockner, f**king mental as ever! And last year it was around 27 degrees, today 9 degrees!!
  12. This month's e46 issue is the sudden appearance of water in the storage area of the drivers door!: As there's no evidence of water on the trim, I'm guessing this is getting in via the window or something?   
  13. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    Yes, usually aim for about 200 miles / day.    Yesterday was mega busy as they closed the Sella passto fossil fuel vehicles, so every cyclist in Italy was riding it!   However, they start at the base of the Gardena pass, so we had fight our way through the cyclists the first part of the way.   Not all bad though, as we had Furka pass all to ourselves a few days prior!
  14. E92 335d M-sport Autovogue

    Yes, change those alloys!!!
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  16. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    You're hitting some good places, with not to many miles between stops. I found, at least in that area, 200 miles was a days driving. Stopping for views, bad roads, windy roads etc. Not to mention the detore to find petrol stations! You probably have a bigger tank than I, and better consumption, but it's a pain on these passes and back roads. Keep posting, loving it and it's reminding me of mine!
  17. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    Well, i've just stuffed myself with goose, sausages, cheese and bacon, pasta, venison and chips, washed down with a litre of beer, but here is the route for tomorrow.....with a nice stop over at the Großglocker for beer and sausage.  
  18. Alarm and key fob

    Hi all  have a 2002 325ci first of all the key fobs stopped working so couldn't unlock car via remote but could still open door manually via the key. I thought I'd do some checking of various items started with the fuses, took out fuse 49 now the alarm just keeps going off, i've checked the bonnet sensor disconnected it but still the alarm goes off I've not disconnected the battery but as soon as you reattach the alarm goes off, I'm going to send my key to bm keys for a refurb so hopefully this will solve the all these issues once the key is reprogrammed. is there anything else I'm missing or should check    thanks for any information or help 
  19. E46 320 D gearbox swap 5spd to 6spd

    I'd have thought that the cost would outweigh any fuel savings, unless you needed to do the clutch/flywheel anyway? Lower revs and less noise however - they're always good things! You might find it cheaper to change just the diff, depending on if you're just looking to reduce cruising rpm, rather than any attachment to the number 6 itself
  20. E46 320 D gearbox swap 5spd to 6spd

    Higher number, lower ratio [emoji106] 2.93:1 and I'm now at 3.23:1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Super Charging build thread.

    Will do mate, still got the stick silencers so should be bad with just cats removed [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. E92 335d M-sport Autovogue

    I would like different wheels but for now they will have to do. I will be getting air ride, wheels, decat, I tercooler, remap. Some carbon fibre, like a cal style cabin boot lid, red leather, some form of an entertainment system like the andrive I had before as I loved that. Not sure what's available for the e9x series yet so will look into that. Then detailed, like painted calipers, paint correction, black grills, It's just a blank canvas at moment and have ideas flowing out my mind lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  23. E92 335d M-sport Autovogue

    yeh great cars,,but the wheels are horrible..get them on e bay and get yourself some new horrible to clean them also.i like the 5 spoke design with plenty of gap
  24. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    What's that Daz, put an M3 Badge on the back? * runs over to eBay * that'd gotta be another +35 bhp for the badge alone? Seriously though, here's a better shot of the gel plate Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  25. 2017 Euro Alpine Trip Blog

    A respectable 6.45pm arrival at the hotel. Upon arrival, it seems there is a wedding going on! We're bumped from our "quadruple room" to the cottage!     En route to the Passo Fedaia.....       And what is it with Italian passes, different speed limits on each side? 90kph on one side and 50kph on the other!?!?!? I can only assume from the signage, it is different Italian Districts?    And speed cameras!!!!!! How many!!!! I thought the UK was bad, but coming down from some of the passes there were 3 speed cameras inside or 200 metres!   Anyway, total mileage to date.     Tomorrow, we head for BMW Welt via the Großglockner.
  26. Great news mate, and sounds a nice purchase - pre LCI and manual I look forward to seeing the pics 
  27. as title..i still have the e46 330d also..i sold my mk2 st focus stage 2 302 bhp which i had for nearly 2 years,,just fancied another bmw..costly cars them st,s will put pics when i get it on friday moring..garage is doing a few jobs on the car..respray both bumpers/2 new front shocks/sort red boost hose out as its leaking/paint calipers black/full serrvice with fuel filter 
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