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  2. How many miles has your E46 done?

    2002 330d auto, just passed through 186000 last night. I was hoping to get at least another 50k out of him, and looking at some of these high mile heroes, I've got every chance!
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  4. Bleeding Problems

    Hi Guys Hoping someone can suggest something I am missing. So on Saturday myself and a friend changed the thermostat in the car as it seemed to be sticking and car was very slow to come up to temp and internal heating wasn't getting very warm ( well not warm enough to be putting the roof down anyway). Should mention the car is a 2003 318i facelift vert with N42 engine. So We drained the coolant system, changed the stat refilled and bleed the system but couldn't get hot air through the vents. Car didnt seem to be over heating so as it was late I set off from home about 15 mins into the journey I stopped off at a petrol station to pump the tyres and check the coolant level, toped it up and waited a while to bleed again this time I got heat through the vents. The journey home took about 20 mins in which time I lost interior heater again. So After many many attempts to remove all the air from the system last night we decided to drain the system and try again from the start using the below method. Coolant Replacement/Bleeding With everything back in place youll need to refill your system with coolant. Its recommended that you use the BMW stuff but i just used the Halfords (G40 i think) mixed 50/50 with distilled water. Before you do anything, put your key in the ignition and turn to pos2. Now turn your heat setting all the way up, and your blowers all the way down. This will open up the thermostat to allow the coolant to flow in the system. With the drain plug now back in position and the expansion tank cap off, completely remove the bleed screw next to the expansion tank: Now with the engine off but key still in pos.2 gradually add your 50/50 mix into the expansion tank until you see coolant coming out of the bleed nipple. As you top up you will see air bubbles leaking from the bleed nipple. The aim is to allow the coolant to settle long enough to allow all this air to escape to prevent an air lock when sealed back up. After 2-3 minutes of topping up coolant and keeping an eye on air coming from the bleed nipple you should see no more bubbles, at which point you should be ok to replace the bleed screw. Top up any extra coolant that you think is necessary to get the level marker in the correct position and allow the engine to run up to temperature. Keep a close eye on your engine temperature dial, and make sure it reaches mid way and stays there. If you see it go over the midway position, switch the engine off immediately and check your levels/redo the bleeding process. Again we got heat from the vents fan cutting in everything seemed good so we left car cool down checked levels and set off from home but yet again lost interior heater. Currently the engine is coming up to temperature nicely, Fan is cutting in at 106 degrees according to the digital temp gauge setting and sits there between 100 - 105/6 even in a queue of traffic on the off ramp. Any help before I go at this again tonight would be much appreciated as it is really starting to fry my brain, I rely on the car to get me to work but just don't have the cash to send it in anywhere at the minute.
  5. Off road experience killed guibo/centre bearing?

    Cheers for that incredirog - I was thinking along the same lines of lots of protection under there. Thanks momo, that makes a lot of sense if it was already failing. I know the control arms need replacing as I’ve been getting a knock and vibration under gentle braking. I will get him looked at as I don’t have the facilities to be crawling around underneath where I live.
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  7. The 2nd one sounds like centre support bearing.. It was probably failing and the whack over the ditch probably knocked it partially loose. The first one, not sure. Could be a ball joint/bushing/arm etc..
  8. Off road experience killed guibo/centre bearing?

    the drivetrain is above the exhaust in the transmission tunnel. it’s extremely well protected. you’ll need to visually inspect the damage as anything could be broken any rattling around.
  9. Hi guys, first post so please be gentle! Tried searching, but maybe this is too random.. my wife went off road slightly yesterday and hit one of those country lane, dug out drainage ditches. Drove home and said all felt fine. However, I went out today and immediately noticed significant vibration at road speeds over 30mph - felt through the steering wheel and stuff was rattling in the car - and a dreadful vibration under the centre tunnel just behind my seat when accelerating heavily. Mine is a e46 330d auto if that matters. Could the guibo or centre support bearing cause these symptoms? Any advice would be most welcome before I book him in to see a specialist!
  10. 18” 8.5j ET15 on a Touring?

    nah they’re pretty tatty, rust bubbles on both sides bumper clips hanging off. usual high mile E46 vibe.
  11. Brads E46 M3

    Not updated this for a while, decided to take the car off the road for the winter as I had a few things I wanted to get done on the car. Plus change in job meant travel has increased to 60 miles a day so decided to take it off the road and get the train to work. Wheels are off being refurbed in hyper silver as ever since I purchased them they had kerb rash and some worse than others. So took the wheels off. Also purchased some new Michellin Pilot Sport 4S in CSL sizes. Expensive but will be worth it hopefully and the wheels did need new tyres. Will update with pictures once wheels are back. back with new tyres mounted. Look fantastic, just gone for a basic shiny silver exactly the same as before. Quality is great and was only £160 with new tyres mounted and balanced and the blokes shop is literally at the back of my house was a new place so thought I’d give it a try. Also I know there only tyres but I really feel the Michelin’s add to look the look and make them look better. Also look much better with the correct CSL size tyres. Just need new bolts, maybe spacers and new bmw badges. M badges are new. Only picture in the dark Still love the concave on these, I know everyone has these wheels on an m3 but I think they just work. pics in the daylight. Thanks.
  12. Last week
  13. 18” 8.5j ET15 on a Touring?

    Ouch! If the arches are clean atm i'd be tempted to leave them alone and fit camber arms instead..
  14. 18” 8.5j ET15 on a Touring?

    Thanks for the reply momo, I also ran the numbers on willtheyfit but it’s hard to visualise it on the vehicle with no tyre on the rim. I think I’m gonna grind and roll and pull the arches until they fit and then tidy up the body work after.
  15. 18” 8.5j ET15 on a Touring?

    Put the ET15's on the front. But they'll be more concave I think so might look weird! lol. If you put the ET15's on the rear you might have to put camber arms on I think. According to the ET15 wheels will sit 35mm further out than MV1's (18x8.5J ET50).
  16. I’ve acquired a set of wheels which I’m extremely keen to get on the car. It’s a square set but the offsets are a bit weird. Two ET38 and two ET15. I’ve got the equipment to roll the arches and am looking at running 225/40/18 front and rear. Should I try and fit the et15’s at the rear or the front? at the moment I have standard MV1’s with a 15mm spacer at front and 12mm spacer at rear. Any advice would be welcome!
  17. New expansion tank and boost pipe (for an E46 52 reg).
  18. Epic E46 Picture Thread

    Here are some more photos since I last posted in this thread. (Fun fact I was rear ended later on that evening after the last post ^) Hopefully that tickles some taste buds until show season
  19. Sailed through the MOT yesterday and only 1 comment from the tester that there was a tiny bit of surface corrosion on the rear brake pipes, straight onto the ramp next to it and sorted Looks pretty good under there for 15 years old and 75600 miles
  20. LSD Oil

    Sorry for my late reply, its an open diff in my car so ignore the question but thanks for the responses guys
  21. "4530 charge pressure control" is something I encountered when there was a small leak in the air charge pipework. I'd removed the inter cooler to clean it and one end of it wasn't clipped in correctly when reassembled, causing air to escape. Worth checking you haven't accidentally disconnected a charge pipe connection, also look for a split in a charge hose. Maybe the intake manifold wasn't perfectly sealed down onto the cylinder head following glow plug replacement, which again will cause pressurised air to escape.
  22. Hi, Have you managed to fix the problem?! Was it the camshaft sensor? Mine just stopped working just like yours, presenting all off the "symptoms" you mentioned.
  23. rearseats330.jpg

    Used to graff myself so this is a double bubble for sure, nice piece in the background and beautiful piece in the foreground of the what we’ll all surely agree is the best 3 series if not the best looking BMW ever, funny, I have a 325ci M Sport 2002 model (pre facelift which in my opinion is the better looking of the two, not really into those turned up headlights) & someone asked me if I didn’t want to buy a newer one, err no, not into new cars, mostly ugly, mostly look the same and riddled with electrical problems due to too many cpu’s trying to control everything, including the driving experience, turboed out, give me a naturally aspirated straight 6 any day! Nice post! Let’s keep these classics alive! Peace
  24. Rear light cluster warning lights

    Hi I hope someone can help me pls My brake lights have stopped working . The bulbs are ok and I have changed the brake pedal switch thinking it was that. The fuse is ok. And as this post suggests checking the wires on the connector to the bulb , I have done so and none are burnt out . Can some one please help I'm getting bald pulling my hair out Thanks in advance (Bmw 318, 1999, petrol)
  25. Hi All I have looked through various forums on this issue but just cant sort it out. I have 320D AUTO 2004 - 94k on the clock. The car has a very annoying vibration which goes through the whole car. BUT only when its standing still or in D and my foot on the brake. Once its on the move there is no vibration at all and drives perfect. Over the two years I have had the car various things need doing and have changed the following: - Engine and Gearbox mounts - Recon Turbo - Flywheel and Torque Converter - Gearbox has been cleaned and oiled with new seal and filter and new rubber donut mount Crank Pulley was changed - Belts were renewed - Mechanic has done full diagnostic on every part of the car. and everything is fine. The vibration is driving me nuts. What else could it be? Anyone had same thing?
  26. Breaking my 320d saloon

    Inbox me if you are interested in any parts Estoril blue Red leather sport seats Bi xenons Genuine BMW Amber's all round Re trimmed steering wheel 162 alloys in mint condition with tyres I cant up loads pics for some reason but inbox me and send me your number and I can send you some
  27. So it was the thermostat after all. The new one fitted was from eurocarparts and was faulty. bmw supplied one put in and worked perfectly, temp gauge at 12noon and steady
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