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  2. Gaz's Graphite Grey 330ci

    New wheels are on!
  3. Добрый день! Кто-то покупал копию брендов? Как пользовались смартфоном? Опеределяюсь с выбором, какая копия будет лучше всего. Наткунался на такой интернет-машазин, будет такой смартфон нормальным здесь Девушки будут вестись! не отличается вобще от андроид телефонов по своему функционалу. Благодарю!
  4. Anything to worry about?

    White smoke will likely be just a bit of condensation in the exhaust. Nothing unusual I would say.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Anything to worry about?

    Bump. Anyone? Please help!
  7. Black 330d Sport Touring

    I’m sure I’ve had really old cars where it was a single wing nut on top of the carb. The oil change and fuel filter change went smoothly. Want to get the brakes out of the way before the H&R kit arrives really. It’s complicated by wanting to paint and decal the calipers in a nod towards the blue msport calipers on newer bmw’s I’m also gonna see how “mperformance” decals look on the side skirts. It’s a bit marmite so they might not last.
  8. Vacuum exhaust canister hope this helps
  9. DSC pump change

    Can I use any unit from a RHD car or does it have to be part number specific? I know it has to be coded in to recognise the vin so figured I could use any. Most on ebay are a different part number to mine....
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  11. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Yeah the air filter is unnecessarily complicated on these.. Thankfully they moved it to the top for the E90 onwards
  12. Vacuum exhaust canister

    Hi Having replaced the starter motor on my 330i I cannot remember where the hose from the exhaust vacuum canister connects up on the manifold.Any advice much appreciated. Regards Andrew
  13. Last week
  14. Black 330d Sport Touring

    250 mile round trip today, sat at 70+ for most of it returned obc 43.5mpg. Flawless engine wise as always, handling a bit sloppy but I’ve got something coming to fix that! Anyway got home decided to make my parts pile get smaller and do the oil and filters. Spent a good hour refitting the air filter housing finally got it on took one look at the fuel filter and gave up for the night.
  15. Shame Tungmeister did this write up for the Android integration and then disappeared – I’m hoping he’s not the guy on who had a Club Sport that ended up with the dreaded subframe cracks… Anyway I recently fitted the RH steering column stalk from an X5 with the S button – which I bought when I thought it was possible to add ‘Intensive Wash’ to an E46, but have been thinking could the ‘S button’ actually be re-purposed as the ‘Screen’ button, to toggle between the OE screen and the other input without hacking the Bordmonitor switch. Problem is Tung kept the part about how you switch between the two in his set-up quiet! Following on from this I found another AT065TN14 screen parts which might actually be more applicable. In this model, the main PCB uses a 12 wire connector that connects to a smaller PCB which has the ribbon connector to the screen. Using this unit it would be possible to hide the much smaller PCB up front by the Bordmonitor (say in a 3D printed case) and run a 5m extension of the 12 wires to the boot where all the physical controls and connections could be made? I like my Bordmonitor but the screen is pixelated and the AT065TN14 screen can be made to fit. Anyone else got an interest in working some of this through?
  16. On another note however this 'retrofit' looks quite easy - apart from the coding - I was hoping to be able to use PASoft - does anyone know if there's an option to do this using this software?
  17. It's a no go unfortunately - the switch panel is not modular, sadly. You need to try and find a second-hand one with the config you need.
  18. Calipers

    Point taken , but there is alot of pressure in the brake system , more than in the engine, and fitting new seals in a bore that has been cosmetically cleaned only, seems as though the re-con guys are on to a big win situation. £125 plus for a new piston and seals and a good clean AND your old one back seems a bit wrong. Mart.
  19. 330ci - coolant loss & misfire

    They did an overnight pressure test on the system. Hooked the car up to diagnostics and read codes when it fired and cut out straight away. They are Forza GB and have a good reputation locally. Hopefully we will get the car back for next weekend 🤞 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. 330ci - coolant loss & misfire

    How did they confirm that? A pressure test of the cooling system?
  21. 330ci - coolant loss & misfire

    The garage have confirmed the head gasket has failed so it’s going to be another £1200 ish to repair. Hopefully it will be fixed by the end of next week. Looks as though we will be keeping her for a good few years to come ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. 330ci - coolant loss & misfire

    We had a warranty recall carried out by bmw yesterday and the courtesy inspection tevelead our screen wash is too weak and one of the rear shock absorbers is leaking. The shocks look to be about £100 for a Meyle kit, do not too bad. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Calipers

    Except that an engine piston moves up and down in the bore thousands of times a minute and tight tollerances are much more impotant as it has to stop combustion gases getting past. A brake piston only moves a small amount each time you press the brakes and so long as it moves freely in the caliper is unlikely to cause a problem.
  24. Calipers

    Had these fitted yesterday with no issues and the guy said he could see no problems with them so looking good. Mart.
  25. Centre sliding tray

    Got one of these in black , I had a new sliding door on it as the other one broke . Better then cup holders as drinks sit nicely in there and can then use it as a sliding try so nothing's on show. £15 + postage or collection or if local ish can arrange something .
  26. Number plate holder

    Got one in blue can't remember what blue it's the darker blue , I think the name of the colour begain with a " O " sorry not much help £10 + postage or collection or can arrange something if local ish.
  27. 330 air box

    As above really air box, tubes and filter £25 + postage or collection or if local is could sort something out
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