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  2. You need an INPA scan of the DSC/ASC system - EGR/boost pressure errors won't illuminate the DSC/ASC lights on the dash. You're probably going to find its a pressure sensor, wheel speed sensor, yaw sensor etc which is causing your issue.
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    Hi guys. My 04 330ci was working no issues, drove to a mates workshop parked up for an hour or so, came to leave and the key fob wont unlock or lock the car, put key in ignition and it turns on all the dash lights but the engine wont turn over, tried disconnecting the cars battery for 10 mins still the same, went and got the spare key and still the same Possible EWS problem ?
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  5. Had a, 4507 and 4530. Egr air mass too low and boost pressure too low.. Replaced both and now she's flying!! Only thing is, I've had the faults deleted yet the bloody dash lights are still indicating its a problem! Mot due, and now sobbing.
  6. I don't know Petrol engines at all, but it'd be nice to hear their explanation of why the sound is there for a minute when cold and then disappears when warm if they honestly believe it's the chain. If the chain or guides are worn, they're worn at all times! Not just when it's cold.. lol
  7. Thanks for the help mate. I wasn't sure about the chain either to be honest. Nope I've not done the seals and going by what service/repair records I have neither has the previous owner/s. Would the VANOS stop making a racket after about a minute and be more prominent when starting the car from cold? Looking at the symptoms of a faulty/failing VANOS it seems like a good shout. Apart from the obvious rattling noise it does tend to idle fairly roughly from time to time but thankfully never gets so bad that it conks out. It has gone into limp mode before but I'm sure that was down to a failing coil pack which was replaced. I've certainly noticed a reduction in fuel economy and an ever so slight horsepower/torque loss. There's also a fairly strong smell which has a 'running rich' feel to me...though it hasn't got a petrol or a sulphur smell to it! Ah yes I forgot the YouTube idea...I'll try and get something up so I'm able to post it here. Thanks again...
  8. Could be quite a few things... Obstruction, motor, fluid etc. Sometimes the wiring can get damaged, so have a look under your rear seats. Do you have diagnostics software (INPA, PA Soft etc)? The fault codes will be stored and make your life easier. Try this (downloadable PDF guide).
  9. It's difficult to advise anything without hearing/seeing it in person. I doubt the chain needs replacing; it's more likely to be VANOS rattle. Have you replaced the seals? Any other issues apart from cold start rattle? Does it drive ok? p.s. why don't you upload to YouTube?
  10. Yes, avoid headaches and save time by having someone read the fault codes. @Brandnewcombineharvester, where are you based?
  11. What the hell...apparently I can only upload 215.04kB and the file I'm trying to upload is 9.27mb. I've reduced by loads already so does anybody know a good way of reducing it further. Btw I normally use Clideo. In hindsight I should have used a lower setting on my phone to take the video...doh!!
  12. Hi all, Not been on here for ages...won't bore you with the reasons. Firstly I hope everyone is keeping well and taking care of themselves. Anyway straight to the reason I'm here... I'm having a problem with my 54' reg Ruby Red 330ci which I hope someone can help me with. On starting the car from cold there is a rather alarming and annoying noise mainly coming from the right side of the engine. It only lasts about a minute or so then dies down. The car has had loads of work done since I've owned her mostly to do with the cooling system ie water pump, thermostat, radiator, expansion tank, viscous fan and various belts here and there. I've been to a garage to have it looked at and they've informed me that it sounds like it may well need the timing chain done. The place is owned by a work colleague's friend so I doubt very much that they're in it to fob me off. The timing chain has never been done before and to say that it's currently on just over 142,000 miles it may be time to change said chain. What are folks opinions on the noise and the thought that it may be the chain at fault. I may have missed something important from the above guff but I'm happy enough to answer anyone's questions. Ta muchly for any help that you can give... BG PS I've tried to upload a video of said noise but I have to compress it further than I've done already...I'll attempt to do that now and add it.
  13. hi i have an 02 325 cab and the roof isnt working now. battery went flat over christmas and im sure it worked before then,well it did do. when i turn ignition on the roof pane switchl flashed red lights for a few second but roof doesnt go down is there a fault thats relates to the few flashes or is it just one of many things thanks buzz
  14. No point guessing, get the codes read. It'll be something to do with the traction/stability control systems but there's hundreds of parts to them so you'll only be throwing money down the drain replacing random bits until you get the codes read.
  15. Okay! Here we go! Lol I've managed to get her driving now, much thanks to you sir. This is how, and what I'm left with, the only way I've done it is held the ASC in for about 8secs, the little central orange triangle light with circle in middle is on, and so is the abs light in orange and the handbrake light is on. But now able to drive it. I wonder why this is?
  16. Hi mate. Thanks, I'll try that in a min. Sorry, what a wally! Yes it's a 52reg 230d Cheers.
  17. What engine? 320d? I could list a few things but you need to have the codes read to pinpoint the problem. Try this... Press and hold the ASC/DSC button to disable the traction control and see if it makes a difference. Sometimes wheel speed sensors can cause your symptoms.
  18. Hi all. Hope everyone is still fit and well in this madness. Here's what's going on now. She's been laid up for a few months, but now when I start to drive off it won't go above 1000 rpm and barely moves! It will rev up fine in neutral with either clutch up or down, does seem to be smoking a lot. I've fully cleaned the egr,oh and the orange triangle only comes on when I start to pull away. As usual guys, many thanks in advance. All my best to you all.
  19. Thanks so much for putting this matter to bed. As you say I don’t know where I got the idea from but obviously it was wrong and the location is definitely and definitively where you and others have said all along. Now that the weather is improving ( for now at least) I’ll be getting it done and thanks also for the tips about access and the universal joint socket. 👍
  20. Not sure where you read that info but on mine (54) and my dad's car (2000) they sit on the support bar. They're in similar locations on the E38 and E39. You can access them by removing the sidelights and fog lights and reach down/up. You'll need a universal joint to loosen/tighten the nut. Can't remember which side is high/low pitch but just disconnect the plugs to find out which of yours isn't working. 61338379711 is low pitch, 61338379712 is high. This is from the repair manual:
  21. Exactly! It's your car and YOU have the choice of which tyres you want fitted. Even if the E46 came with RFs (it didn't), you can still ditch [] them for regular tyres. Should've told him you changed your mind and wanted racing slicks instead. Haha.
  22. You can get me on littlejohnj@hotmail.co.uk
  23. Hey @Scottfreee3 Are you still selling this set up? I bought new struts and springs bur for some reason it isnt working. I have a 330ci 2002. Many thanks
  24. I've always kind of been in two minds - I mean the reason I bought this car in the first place is I wanted a nice lazy auto diesel to cruise about in, but since mapping it I've been in two minds about what to do if and when the auto box dies. That said, I'm on 141k right now, just had a fluid and filter change, and my mate has just bought an E39 530d on 252k miles on the original auto box with no issues - so it's hopefully got a bit of life left yet!
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  26. Thanks for the update! Lovely surprise. Stunning car and you’re doing beautiful work. Nice one mate.
  27. Thanks. Plenty more over on my Instagram page R11CH46. Not my Evo unfortunately but the guy who does the geometry. Has some very nice track focused E46 M3's next door as well but didn't get a picture 🤦‍♂️
  28. Don't think so? MV1s were up to 2003/2004 when the E46 was facelifted. The Z4 came out in 2003 I think? I think they came on run flats but pretty sure the Z3 didn't. I would think that they're just getting confused between models and years. At the end of the day even if the car came with run flats, it's up to me what I fit. It's a very popular "upgrade" to remove the run flats on the mid-00s BMW's and fit regular tyres because the suspension wasn't designed to accommodate them so the ride wasn't very nice. Lots of people fit regular tyres and bought a spare wheel. Done. If that mobile tyre fitter argued otherwise i'd tell him where to go!
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