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  2. 318Ci N46 ENGINE CRANKS WONT START can anybody help i’ve posted a video of car cranking but won’t start can anybody help thanks R0BB0 IMG_0105.MP4
  3. 318Ci N46 ENGINE CRANKS WONT START can anybody help i’ve posted a video of car cranking but not starting can any body help thank you R0BB0 IMG_0105.MP4
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  5. 318Ci N46 ENGINE CRANKS WONT START can anybody help? i’ve a video to show how the car is cranking but not starting thanks for looking R0BB0 IMG_0105.MP4
  6. Wow! Took over a year to replace a CSB & Guibo!! Good work! 🤣 Appreciate the update.. lol. It's useful for others if they search the t'interwebs and get directed here.
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  9. Wow, a very late update on this one! The driveline vibration turned out to be the centre support bearing, which I had replaced along with the guibo. All sorted! The wheel vibration was a properly dented rim. In fact, it dented front and rear on the nearside - amazing how much punishment they took without a single mark on either of the tyres. Both had almost completely flat sections about 2 inches long.
  10. Do you believe in the sign that if you wash the car, it will certainly rain?
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  12. Thanks for reply, yes no problem with radio reset. I decided not to put it on charge, as on closer inspection it seems to have leaked a large volume of acid. Have ordered a replacement battery, didn't particularly want to shell out the cash as I've owned the car for a very long time and will be getting rid fairly soon. Oh well....
  13. Will the radio reset? Might be better getting one of those solar chargers if you can.. They work really well! I had one connected to the cig lighter as they're still live on these cars when switched off. Ultimately got the battery replaced and even now without driving for a week at a time it'll fire up straight away
  14. Hello all, new to the forum but I bet this has been covered many times so you'll have to excuse me, here goes ... My 330ci has an issue with the kbus system I believe, the turn signals work on the exterior but not flashing on the instrument cluster; nor do I get the warning lamp to say the headlights are on. I've been lead to believe the issue lies with the kbus but have no clue how to diagnose and rectify the fault. Everything else on the cluster works fine except the two items I mentioned. I did realise after disconnecting the rear connectors to the Harmon/Kardon system the indicators all worked fine. Is anyone around Birmingham that can help? Just want it working. Thanks
  15. Hi, I've measured the original bmw battery on my car and it appears to be a size 115 [315 long x 175 wide x 190 high]. However size 115 batteries do not seem to be very available. So can I fit a size 110 instead [315 long x 175 wide x 175 high], there's loads of them to choose from. Thanks.
  16. Mine does this too on cold mornings, I believe it is because some or all of my glow plugs are not working [due to faulty glow plug control unit]. Does it also puff out some unburnt diesel smoke when you start it up the first time on cold mornings? If so, then you've probably got a duff glow plug control unit like me. I did replace the control unit once [quite a few years ago] and it rectified these problems. However the replacement unit only lasted about 18 months before it packed up, so I've never bothered again since. The control unit costs about £40-50 and is positioned in the most inaccessible place they could possibly have put it. Must admit I've never tried switching the heater off, I just leave the climate control in auto mode.
  17. The car has been parked up for several days, so I checked the battery voltage and was only 11.8V. There is also some light yellow furry stuff growing out of the top of the battery. I tried to upload a photo of this but I don't think it has worked. Weirdly the car still starts, didn't think this was possible when the voltage is below 12.1V. After a short journey I re-checked the voltage and it had increased to 12.3V. It is the original BMW battery from the factory, so dating back to Feb 2004 😮. Do you think it is safe to take this battery off the car and put it on charge in my garage? I'm just a bit worried it might explode or something, with it being so old and crusty. The car has never failed to start, but I'm concerned that it might run completely flat now that the car is stuck on the drive not being used, and the alarm might start going off in the middle of the night.... Thanks in advance.
  18. it so cool car. how much does it cost?
  19. Hi John here. E46 fanboy, DJ, Mechanic. Living in Ireland. Nice to meet you all
  20. Lyrlaki

    HV05 LWH

  21. djjcue

    My E46

    My most loyal and dependable friend ever! I have owned her for about 3 years now. She started her journey with me as a standard 323ci. I have done a lot of work/upgrades on her. M-Tech drilled/grooved discs, 4 new stock callipers, Coilover suspension, heavy duty adjustable drop links, whole car recently poly bushed except for engine and trans mounts, Torsen 1.5 way LSD, Vanos rebuild, M54B30 intake manifold replacement, Rear subframe removed, de-rusted, cleaned and re-sprayed, replaced factory aero-kit front bumper with M-sport bumper, genuine 19inch M-437 wheels, replaced stock interior with M-sport interior. Proper tight car now. Such a joy to drive! I'll never sell her. Planning an engine swap next. I have an M52TUB28 engine waiting to go into her but i'm considering Boosting it first. If i can find the cash! To me she is one of a kind. I haven't seen another one like it anywhere.
  22. Good man. I think I can use the slightly weaker stainless steel bolts in place of the lightly loaded bolts. 25p each shipped, lol.
  23. I am looking at some replacement bolts and shocked by the online prices. Back when I was buying bolts from the dealer a long time ago, I don't remember ever paying £3.5 for a small ordinary bolt. So I am thinking of buying them from china. For that kind of money I could probably get gold or silver ones from china The problem is I know nothing about bolt specs. Perhaps someone can help? As an example, part 06 at https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=BD53-USA-02-2004-E46-BMW-330Ci&diagId=11_2180 Is that same as the size here for M6x25-8pcs? www.aliexpress.com/item/32867000323.html I am not concerned about the material/metal differences. I just want the same size/thread fit.
  24. I use an audio converter of DRmare to get Spotify music. And I play the songs on my iPhone. You can use it to make steering/headunit controls with your iPhone. You will see that it's convenient to control the Spotify music with the tool.
  25. Yes, I agree with you that a loss of interest in reading can sometimes be worse than a material loss, such as a service book. Thank you for sharing this site with us. Here is another good example https://gradesfixer.com/free-essay-examples/revenge/ This is a source with free examples of works on a very diverse subject. I read it often, especially when I need new thoughts or ideas, or when I just want to escape from the routine, it always helps me and inspires
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