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  3. tpms will work on mk60.c12. replaced mine today, which was a c02 for a newer one c12 and is working on c12. at least I've coded it and all worked well, and the options on inpa are not greyed out.
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  5. Introduce yourself

    hi, im elio from portugal and i got an e46 320d from 2003. my car is an oem beauty and in mint condition. just love it
  6. Crank case issue

    Howd ya get on? Did this fix it?
  7. Ok This is doing my head in...... Been Getting 3 Fault Codes 227/228 and 65 (Fuel trim bank 1 Trim Bank 2 and Inlet Camshaft sensor. Previously had Exhaust Sensor too. So replaced Parts below:- Exhaust Cam Sensor (HAAS Brand) - Message Cleared Inlet Cam sensor twice now (Delphi and HAAS) - Code still intermittent present Replaced Fuel Pump and Filter Replaced All spark plugs (NGK-R) I'm still getting a laggy acceleration , but oddly if i turn ignition off then restart again whilst driving/Coasting the Lag goes and car behaves normally until next start! Also im noting it takes longer cranks to start the car before it fires up! Anyone else had this and fixed it!! My next things to replace are:- Inlet Vanos Solenoid (As i rounded nut removing for Intake cam sensor) Maf Sensor Genuine VDO Item New CCV Valve to fit
  8. Will M3 wheels fit onto 330Ci?

    Got some more pics from rear angle devil 666 please
  9. Will M3 wheels fit onto 330Ci?

    Got some more pics from another angle bud looks lush
  10. genuine MV1 alloys swap for 17”s

    Do you still have these?
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  15. Brads E46 M3

    very beautiful car uncle already have this car..amazing functionality ..great.
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  17. Good to know: in BMW which year in Cas 4 or FEM? and which BMW key programmer works? Part 1: Cas 4 or FEM car year Pls look at the chart after 2014 all are fem 1-3 Fxx series FEM , x5-x6 Fxx BDC 5-6-7 series Fxx, x3-x4 Fxx CAS 4 and so on. Part 2: Cas 4 or FEM key programming Here are auto key programmers confirmed to work for Cas 4 and FEM:
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  20. Last week
  21. bmw e46

    Wonderfull car
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  23. At the risk of repeating an age old topic, I can't decide whether to replace the m-sport shocks on my clubsport with Bilstein B4 or B6 units. Any first hand impressions of either would be really useful. I did read as much as I could on the topic but still can't decide. I understand the B4 is pretty much an OE replacement and that the B6 is a definite upgrade. Either will, or course, feel much better than the currently well worn out suspension. I will be replacing all the associated parts, not just the shocks. So, will the B4 be good enough? Will the B6 ruin the ride? I'm not after a trackday car, but like a good handling car. Cheers all!
  24. 2013 BMW X5

    Rear tailgates have been known to creak and might require a new latch to stop this. The rear-view camera (where fitted) can stop working and could also require a new unit to solve the problem
  25. E92 335d M-sport Autovogue

    I know all about windows being done
  26. Parking sensor/radio

    yes .. x3 work very fine. my aunt use this car working perfectly.
  27. BMW M57 technical training documents

    The enemy of all diesel engines is carbon deposits. The EGR valve which recirculates dirt through the engine to reduce emissions makes this worse. The first step for any poorly running diesel is to strip down the entire intake tract and clean it, especially the EGR valve. Many folk blank off the EGR valve but this may not be legal where you live. These engines have an internal breather filter, sort of like a second air filter according to the essay writing blog. If the main air filter is dirty then it's time to change both. If you buy a used car just assume the breather filter needs changing and the EGR needs cleaning. From 2004 some got a vortex filter instead. Diesels take longer to warm up than a petrol engine and if run cold will get dirty very quickly as they don't burn off soot deposits. For this reason you really want to avoid cars that have been used only for lots of short journeys. They will seldom have reached normal operating temperature and will be filthy inside.
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