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  2. ??? It's a '52 so pre-facelift. Coupe was facelifted towards the middle/end of '03
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  5. Did someone say front end repair? https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201910103169947
  6. BUMP for this topic. Are clubsports available in facelift? I throught they were all pre-facelift??
  7. Bumping this topic as I need a decent phone holder for my Sony Xperia XZ Premium. It's a big phone, but I use it for my music with an aux cable and for my navigation. I had a properly sleek magnetic holder on my TT, but that won't fit the beemer Ideally I want it on the right hand side centre vent, angled towards me
  8. Last set of tyres I swapped were some awful uniroyal rain things and a random maxxis. I put on a full set of Michilin Pilot Sport 4s. Jesus, what a difference. They were absolutely fantastic in the dry and the wet.
  9. I've just picked up a shed of a saloon for daily duties. It's got the full M-Sport pack, but I am guessing it's had the bootlid replaced at some point because there's no spoiler on it. is it a saloon only part, or will the one off a coupe fit?
  10. Ohh thank for letting me know about that, I didn’t realise that there wasn’t a front face lift 😅 I guess I just need to look online, there’s so many grills with poor quality on eBay it’s hard to find the right one lol
  11. That's because the front end of the M3 was never facelifted! A facelift for the M3 was actually an ass-lift where it got the LED rear lights and a different boot/handle. This is what the coupe/convertible facelift looked like - it was only done on the non-M3 models.
  12. Hello, I bought a bmw m3 cabriolet recently and I’ve been wanting to change all the chromes to black. But my issue is that I’ve looked for black kidney grills nearly everywhere and I can’t seem to find them, the only ones I do see is the pre-facelift ones but I need the face lift grills. Any chance does anyone know where I can get a pair of facelift black kidney grills at a reasonable price ?
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  14. Hi, may I know if you have any solution on the reverse light? I'm experiencing it right now and don't have any clue on that.
  15. Install a Photobucket hotlink bypass add-in for your browser.. But tbh it's not worth it for this guide.. There's 3 pics in the OP. 1 is of the difference between old and new holder, 2nd and 3rd just shows the extra wire in the plug. The guide is the explanation given. Fit the new holder and run a wire from one fog light to another. Simple really All other pics are just showing what it looks like from outside the car with the foglights on (looks like 2 fog lights, funnily enough..)
  16. How can I get a clear picture of these images? I’ve got photobucket but it’s not clearing these pics? Thanks
  17. Have you changed the oil level sensor? That would be my first port of call so to speak.
  18. I have had my 320i for almost 5 years and this weird issue as well. When I start the engine, after 10 seconds the oil warning light comes on and after 20 seconds it goes off. It ALWAYS does this regardless of whether the engine is hot or cold, whether the oil needs topping up or not, after an oil and filter change, winter, summer, short journey, long journey. I can switch the engine off, immediately restart it and it does it. Anyone got any ideas? I will probably be selling the car soon and would really like to sort it before offering it for sale. The car is a Steel Blue 2001 320i Touring, 91,000 miles, one previous owner, grey leather, black M3 wheels, carbon fibre trim, if anyone is interested!😉
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  20. I thought you'd swapped a tyre you had already Kirky. This is my problem I've got two sets of wheels and tyres and want to swap the Michelins on to my Style 32s.
  21. I want to fit heated seats to my e46 coupe which already has electronic seats just not heated. I know I need to get the instrument cluster with the heated seat buttons but I need to know if I need to change anything else?
  22. Bumping an old post! Just to say thanks as this worked a treat and bought 10cm of the hose for 99p inc postage - still got 7cm left to fix my other Beemers when they fail too!
  23. Hello, we're Extremespoiler. Do you have an E46 m sport? We'd like to make a front lip for you. Require special ideas for it, and make a working project. Like bigger, shorter or what. We've made E46 M3 CSL edition front lip on normal E46 M3. Why only M3 have CSL style front lip? As long as you have E46 m sport package, you should give it a try! cabon fiber/glossy black/ matte black/ painted all available! PM us for more information or you can leave your ideas below for further discussion.
  24. What he ^ said. I carried full load of luggage and passengers and never had problems with the already big 18's.
  25. I understand you, thanks for the information. I heard about these kinds of services where you can always buy papers online for college. It seems to me that this is very useful and practical, especially for students who do not have enough time to do their homework. for example that service can also help you. Very good examples of work on their site, you can see for yourself.
  26. You haven't said if they're both SE or if the 2005 is a Sport, coupe/saloon/touring etc.. Personally i'd go for the 2005 model. So long as the body is clean then most of the issues (like subframe) have been ironed out.
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