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  2. Nurburgring 2016

    We're all booked up again for August bank holiday 2017 [emoji106][emoji108] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Anyone else up for this ? Open pit lane too ? I'm also doing Snetterton on the 27th ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Brands Hatch Pbmw Day 25Th Feb

    I'm at Cadwell park this date. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Cadwell park 15th January 2016

    Im booked here for Feb 26th, what tyres you run ? Looks like you had good grip considering how cold and damp it looked. Can believe you lapped the MR2, some not very fast drivers there. You need to fix that creaky seat, it drove me mad in the video, I'd go crazy if I had been driving lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. gear box issue

  7. Today
  8. Error

    DPF full of ash?
  9. New tyres

    try oponeo for tyres, always cheapest for me.
  10. New tyres

    ive had loads from tyeleader,but ears tyres usually beats them on price,especially the rainsport 3 tyres
  11. Bluetooth and Bmw Navigation unit?

    ah right, no worries. Thanks for the help though! I've been doing some research on these forums, and it seems that a guy on the forum (Baris I think?) works at and will upgrade your car's amp in various ways - including a bluetooth input apparently - .  Does anyone know if this is compatible with the OEM Navigation unit? Or does it depend on the exact amp in the boot?  I'm about to buy a 2003 330ci, with the standard non-harmon/kardon speakers and standard BMW Navigation. See picture below. Does anyone know if that car comes with the right amp for this upgrade? 
  12. New tyres

    Check out  My mates owns a tyre shop and advised that website for tyres. Really good prices.  Hope it helps some of you guys save a bit of money
  13. simple question you gurus normally know all.... what codes on a gm 5 are important in sourcing a replacement. i cannot send it off because the car is my daily for work, my wife uses the other car too.. My BMW mechanic/specialist has advised he can reprogram one if i get a used one...   any ideas.
  14. Problem with E46 330d engine

    Lets hope its just the flex, but the car has only done 47.000km. Would be very early for that flex do break. And the exhaust is all original, the car has only had one owner before me and he was an old man. I dont think he would have modified the exhaust
  15. Exhaust Questions - 330cd / 320cd

    Cheers Dooge,  I'm now looking at getting that done, possibly looking at going turbo back which will consist of the primary decat.  Should sound nice, with it being an auto, wonder how the cooing will sound, however I bet once I've got the exhaust done along with the smg paddles, I can have some fun with downshifts haha.   
  16. What android unit to buy??

    This is something I'm soon going to be looking in to. I've just seen the eBay android units and thinking one of those will be the ones I'm going to buy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. For me...because I'm having a few problems with my car starting/at tickover and wanted to rule this out as the cause. Have also read online from other users that this can cause issues with forcing the car to run in limp mode, so thought it would be helpful to post how I cured it for others if this is causing them problems.
  18. What android unit to buy??

    Cheers for the reply mate.. Aye 300-350 is orite like! Just had a wee look at them there just now! Noticed that you cant plug your ipod or that into them though! Would feel better if there was somewhere thats in this country that sold them.. That way if anyhing was to go wrong its easier to get hold of someone! Doesnt look like there is though! Sent from my F8331 using Tapatalk
  19. New tyres

    Recenly got rid of Rainsport 3's on my touring as they were rubbish. I put Bridgestone RE002's on instead which were similar money, A million miles better, the wet traction was also better. Firestone do good tyres at reasonable cost, I've heard good ratings about Toyos too. Just my 2 pence worth.      
  20. engine temp on 330D when fully warmed up

    Don't forget though - BMW parts (when bought through BMW at least) come with a two year parts and labour warranty. You fit the part yourself, and it fails within two years? They'll replace it for you, FOC. Well worth the £3 (in this case) extra IMO. The cost of the lost coolant would be greater than £3 if you had to drain the system a second time due to cheap parts - BMW would cover the new antifreeze etc for you.
  21. Seeing as it doesn't throw up a dash warning light why not just leave it unplugged? Why go to all the trouble of having it mapped out when there are no other side effects?
  22. engine temp on 330D when fully warmed up

    I went for the Hella EGR stat from ECP at the time, on which the O-Ring failed after 14 months (now replaced by BMW OEM). I went for the Facet main stat from ECP at the same time, which is still working fine. Neither were ECP's cheaper options! However the EGR stat from BMW was £3 more expensive than the ECP one.
  23. Bluetooth and Bmw Navigation unit?

    Hi, No bluetooth streaming I'm afraid, it's just calls. A successful Android connection also depends on the age of the Bluetooth module (ULF) fitted. Mine's a 2004 car with a fairly early ULF and I couldn't get it to work with my Galaxy S4 or my LG G4. My iPhone connected fine. I think you can remove the original nav unit and fit a standard setup, however it will require a loom to be run from the back of the car where the nav computer is to the front where the screen is.
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  25. New to bmw.

    Welcome along , what part of North wales are you from ? To put pictures up what I use ( and a lot of others ) is Photobucket, host them there and copy the link 
  26. Error

    Make sure the car is reaching correct operating temperature, if it isn't could be a faulty thermostat which won't let the dpf regen. Worth checking out
  27. Error

    Well had long trip all the way from London Wolverhampton & back, I had my car in sports mode constantly had over 2500 rpm, Result achieved only 35mpg, but no luck with the dpf light..   I have contacted Sytner BMW they told me , DPF needs Regeneration £199...
  28. New to bmw.

    Good evening everyone. Recently bought my 320d coupe and extremely happy with it. I've mainly been a Honda lad, and had about 7 civics, but wanted something bigger, better fuel economy and nicer to drive. I'm from North Wales and hoping to turn up to a few meets and events in the year.  I seem to be struggling to reduce the size of the pic of my car to show you I'm afraid.
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