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  2. How to improve DAB reception?

    Fair enough R11CH, I hope you find a good spot for the DAB box.
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  4. Grant's E46 Compact

    17/01/2018 Not too much of an update, today I got a couple bits done on the compact. I removed the last of the trim in the rear of the car, now just leaves the sound deadening on the metal which I will probably start next week. Drained some brake fluid from the ABS pump and refilled the system via a pressure pump and topped up the coolant system with some water. Can see from this rear show that the suspension is not level, it appear the O/S/R has collapsed but there is noise coming from the N/S/R. Luckily it will be replaced soon enough. So some of the stuff that was removed from the rear was rear seats & bench, parcel shelf, boot carpets, rear speakers, seatbelts & buckles, rear door cards, foam and sound deadening material, rear washer bottle and tubing & a shed load of dirt and stones. Horrible what can get underneath. I have also labelled up some of the rear wiring that is now no longer needed, this is for the o/s/r & n/s/r speakers, 12v plug, wiring for the 6 cd changer (although this never came with that option), rear wiper motor power & also the hose for the jet. Hopefully I will get to removing this lot as I don't want it sitting around in the rear of the car, and so I don't forget which cable is which later down the line. Where the tube to fill the rear washer bottle was for now has been filled with a grommet, this is now another hole on the list to be welded. Couple interior shots also upfront. I have now also sourced from a friend a 330d saloon, 87k, facelift, 204 bhp, only downside which I am actually not to bothered about is the car is auto, but can be run semi automatic. The car comes on BC coilovers, has been remapped and swirl flaps removed. My friend looks after his car very well too. We have agreed to let me pay over a few instalments which I shall do soon and he wants to let the car go towards the summer which I am happy to wait for.
  5. Extra power and grunt what to do?

    Sure does! Told myself i wouldn't do this again after my Civic chassis tear down and build up but here we go again haha.
  6. As title 16mm climate control relocation panel for e46 in used condition has a few marks on ashtray cannot really be seen once fitted looks a lot worse in pictures £40 posted
  7. I have for sale a switch panel from a m3 with the following options on it heated seats, dsc, harmon kardon, tpms and sport button. Ideal if your retrofitting any of the above options. panel is in good cosmetic condition and full working order was removed from my brothers e46 m3 when he retrofitted the rear blind. £65 posted
  8. How to improve DAB reception?

    My xtrons unit has a dab box that has a loom from the headunit to the dab box. Aerial cable plugs into that so shouldn't be a problem with stressing it out.
  9. Time for a new clutch

    Looks lush! Not surprised by the cost. Looking forward to more updates on your turbo project.

    Not in the Best of conditions kerbed and dented. with tyres 3 are good 1 needs repalcing £300 ono
  11. Extra power and grunt what to do?

    It adds up way to fast Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Time for a new clutch

    Haha not showing off, just showing what’s possible, but it all comes at a price got a decent discount as was returning customer and this was a prototype unit so took longer than usual to make. Was £1400 + extra for release bearing and needle bearing for the flywheel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  14. How to improve DAB reception?

    Hi George, Glad my advice helped, I found it really frustrating having a weak DAB signal. A few of extra things I've found with DAB reception, which might help some people: 1) My cheap EBay dash cam with a rear view camera was hurting the DAB signal, I was running the rear view camera cable next to the aerial cable. I've moved it and it's not causing any signal loss now. Presumably the dash cam wire wasn't very well shielded and this was affecting the signal travelling down the aerial lead. 2) My Eonon TV box, which is about 30cm from the DAB USB stick, was reducing DAB reception a lot. The TV box switches on with the ignition. I've fitted a rocker switch now so I can turn the TV box off when it is not needed. 3) My cheap dashcam 12V charger was also hurting the reception with (with the old Navall box I was using at the time). I got around this by wiring in a 12V cigarette lighter multi socker adaptor with a USB output, and used the dash cam's USB lead instead of the cigarette lighter adaptor it came with. So it seems some aftermarket goodies can cause interference issues with the DAB reception and both of the DAB USB units I've used. Also, be very careful with connecting the aerial to the USB stick you bough, shown in the link in my earlier post. I must have stressed mine too much and weakened the aerial connection on the circuit board. After a few days my signal dropped a lot - I had to solder the internal connecitons back on which was quite tricky. With the broken connections the signal went much worse but I could still get some channels, when I wiggled the aerial connection the signal strength changed so I knew it was an internal problem in the stick, as the aerial lead and adaptor looked fine. To R11CH - if it helps, I fitted my USB stick behind the glovebox to the right hand side, tucked in the cavity behind the soft touch dash surface, connected to my head unit's USB extension lead, and then brought the aerial cable in across the plastic panel underneath the glovebox to connect to it. Be very careful that the cable is not stressing the connection on the USB stick though. Tim
  15. Time for a new clutch

    Nobody likes a show-off! What did that little lot set you back?
  16. 320d with hardly no power

    Mines not got egr stat and I also wanted to change glowplug relay as the light stays on for literally 1 second I’ve got the glowplugs out just need to test them now .
  17. 320d with hardly no power

    Stuff happens with used cars can’t expect to win them all lol . I rally think the turbo failed jue to blocked cats (back pressure and heat) . I was de cating it on the Saturday the day the turbo went but had to do 150 mile drive for work and the work van was being used at least it went on the way home . I’ve now got decat pipe and turbo cartridge is at the shop waiting for me so rebuild it all back up tomorrow hopefully if it’s not raining as I have the day of My plan is straight pipe egr delete larger fmic of my tds I’m not using for now then remap
  18. Dynavin Uk Are Illegal?

    Good evening Guys, Just to let you know that there is a new UK Distributor for Dynavin called DriveAudio UK Ltd based in Droitwich, Worcestershire, No PO Box rubbish, we have a physical showroom and fitting bays. We the launch of the new Dynavin Dynos N7 with added new features, like none Glare Touch screen and Android link, the new totally overhauled N7 offers much more than the early D99 and the N6. The units are being sold via several retailers, but the main one is and offer free workshop install along with FREE DAB digital Radio upgrade (while stocks last) In recent years Dynavin Germany have focused on selling numbers, and its been sold historically via box shifters, meaning lack of support and experience, as DriveAudio have 12 years in the manufacturer, development, support, software and installation of such units, so adding Dynavin to our portfolio was the logical next step. please click on the link: to see all the new N7 E46 has to offer. Your welcome to talk to us, and chat, we will always offer you support, guidance, and the very best of our own experience.
  19. Time for a new clutch

    Just thought I’d pop a picture of some clutch bling This is what I have to go in my Clubsport [emoji7] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Turbo Charged build thread...

    Yeah I know, I want to hang it in my lounge, not hide it inside a bell housing 🤣 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Silver is nasty especially with your current combo. I'd stick to the wood if you really want to change then go black
  22. Time for a new clutch

    Meant to follow up on my original post. In the end, I opted for the low risk approach: new clutch kit with dmf. Had the work done as I hate lying under the car at the best of time but especially not this time of the year. All in: 750 quid including the rubber donut which was perished, and fix an exhaust leak at the header flange.
  23. Time for a new clutch

    It is smooth and I'm pleased. However, I must admit, I don't drive a lot; maybe 3,000 - 4,000 miles per year.
  24. Time for a new clutch

    Ouch! Must confess, being a diy'er I wouldn't attempt the clutch and flywheel replacement. Have you noticed any reduction in engine vibration since the DMF was replaced? Although I replaced the engine mounts on mine and everything appears good under the bonnet, I can feel a significant vibration thru the gear stick at tick over. Figured this might be related to a worn DMF...then again could just be me being paranoid!
  25. Time for a new clutch

    £1382 inc vat and labour.
  26. How to improve DAB reception?

    Where did you fit yours ?
  27. Time for a new clutch

    What was the total cost for the work done? There is several hundred pounds in parts alone there!
  28. How to improve DAB reception?

    Hi Tim, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the message above! I've been really busy recently so hadn't had any time to look at the car, but I decided to buy the DAB+ stick you mentioned above as it was only £20 - and that's solved the issue completely! Reception now seems to be perfect So for anyone else with dodgy DAB reception with their Android HU - I fully recommend Tim's advice below to buy one of those DAB+ sticks. Cheers! George
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