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  3. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Thank you, Had a feel today and couldn't feel any movement. I'll have a better look on a ramp this week. A few bits ordered today: - android head unit running 8.1 - LED number plate bulbs - LED interior bulb kit - Rubber boot mat Also looking to order some Eibach springs but can't decide between the Prokit & sport line. I had the pro kit on my coupe with MV2's and 15mm spacers and it looked awesome. Not sure how It will look on a saloon with MV1's Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  4. m3 seats in 330 ci

    I assumed you had heated seats already ? If not it’s quite a job to retro fit it all...
  5. m3 seats in 330 ci

    ok thanks so i would need the switches and wiring as well ? are the connections the same under the seat or diff cheeers
  6. m3 seats in 330 ci

    The switch for the heating is on the centre console as you say, for both. The button on the M3 seats you’re referring to is for lumbar.
  7. m3 seats in 330 ci

    hi im looking at some m3 seats ( want the heating / lside bolster funtion ) would anyone know if the seats would fit and power up the heating function or would i have to get a sep supply . thanks in advance
  8. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    'grats on the purchase then! lol. Sounds like the front control arm bushes are shot.. Give the alloy a wobble while it's parked, see if there's any movement.
  9. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    So, went to view the car yesterday & fair play to the owner, it really was as tidy as he made out. When I arrived to view the car was immaculately clean and he even had it under a gazebo as it was raining. The car immaculate and a big history file to go with it. It was safe to say I have him the cash and took it home. Being the first 3.0 I've owned (I've had 3x 325s and 1x 525) I couldn't belive how much more power it feels the 3.0 has. The car drives amazingly for the age and didn't miss a beat on the journey home. I did however notice on the motorway the steering felt very vaughe and like there was a lot of free play before the wheels actually moved (any ideas?) I also noticed it seems to tramline really bad but I can't remember if that's normal for these. Iver all I'm extremely pleased and I can't wait to start making it even better.
  10. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    I agree, I'm also thinking that the 9" glass screen may not suffer as much with glare.
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  12. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    If you want it to look OEM then don't get the 9".. There's loads of pics on Google so have a look and decide for yourself. Personally - with newer cars all having what looks like a thwacking great big tablet glued to the dash - I don't see it as a problem. lol
  13. Good evening all, I drive a E46 330 ci Msport and I came across this strange fault recently, I would like a bit of technical advice on this, as per the title, this is an intermittent fault, the blowers are spinning fine and the dashboard controls all functioning fine and the blower spins to the speed levels, however there seem to be no air coming out of the vents, i am struggling to diagnose what could be the problem, has anyone come across this issue before and what could be the part that's gone wrong? appreciate all your help and advice many thanks B
  14. I got a cheap e46 330d Touring this summer with a 204hp engine. The car turned out to be in good shape, though, with a few areas that have teased me a little. The idea was really that I would put it up sale when I got it in perfect condition, but just could not really make me sell it ;-) Now I've got some great Stuff for the engine, I'd always liked to have a 330d that I could work on and experiment without it being used as a daily car. It became this car;-) Today, the last of my Christmas gift came to me and the car. New 535d nozzles, downpipe, new cast iron manifold and on top from a special built hybrid turbo :-) Turbo Specifications: - reinforced journal bearings - so called '360' - CNC modification of turbine housing - CNC modification of compressor housing - Bigger KTS Turbo Billet X 65mm 6 + 6 blades - Genuine Garrett larger turbine wheel GT23 from Mercedes AMG - Genuine Garrett Housings and Exhaust manifold - Dynamically Balanced - Precise VNT adjustment - CHRA is built using brand new parts It will be an exciting project! More to come ;-)
  15. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    I can't decide, I love the look of the 9" screen & the glass look to it looks better than the other. I'm just worried it won't fit into the dash very well.
  16. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    I do like the look of these - if you don't mind departing from OEM
  17. Black 330Ci - Super Deluxe 'sleeper'

    I hadn't thought of the resale potential - but very good point. I do agree though - if it's a sleeper it's a sleeper - it shouldn't be anything other than bog standard on the outside. But I think they look great in that OE style, smoothed in. Oh well the boot arrived yesterday - the spoiler is on a slow boat from Latvia I think.
  18. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Thanks guys, First mod will be the Head unit, I can't live without Spotify, decision is which of the below do I go for? Oem looking Or more modern looking with a bigger screen?
  19. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Looks like a good buy. All the usual jobs done too! Perhaps figure in new shocks with the Eibachs, given the mileage. Otherwise it sounds like a plan! I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures with all this done! Kirkynut
  20. Black 330Ci - Super Deluxe 'sleeper'

    You've got nothing to lose but a little money, some time and effort. If you don't like it, you'll still have the old one as you say. It's your car and you'll be the one with the balls to give it a go. If it's done well and you decide it's not for you there'll be someone who will buy it. Kirkynut
  21. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    I agree, not close to top spec but looks like a clean looked after car. My plans are as follows: - new set of genuine floor mats - xenon headlight retrofit - Angel eye retrofit - eibach Pro lowering kit - 15mm spacers all round - android head unit
  22. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    That's not top spec, not even close! But sure does look clean!
  23. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Thank you, 122,000 miles, £3,000. Here is the description from the ad & the pictures: Reluctantly I am selling my beautiful top spec 2003 BMW 330i Sport Auto finished in black colour with black sports leather interior. This BMW looks and drives superb. It has covered only 122,000 miles, and after a few minutes behind the wheel you can really feel how well this 3 Series has been looked after. Comes with FULL SERVICE HISTORY, V5, full set of keys (2 remotes, 1 spare and 1 valet key) and is HPI CLEAR(report included). Last service has been carried out @ 118,250 miles including oil, oil filter, air filter, pollen filter and new tyres. Within the last few years it had new brake discs, pads, calipers, spark plugs, anti roll bar links, bushes, diff gasket, alternator and so on. Next MOT due February 2019 (no advisories). Recently changed expansion tank wiht new pipe, termostat, water pump and it has new genuine coolant. Under the bonnet we find that legendary 3.0 M54 straight 6 cylinder petrol engine. Famous for its bullet proof reliability, performance and efficiency. A proper BMW engine from the times engineers rule the factory, not accountants and marketeers.. The M54 topped Ward's 10 best Engines list in 2002 and 2003. As you would expect from a well looked after BMW, everything works perfect. Engine is quiet, no oil leaks, gearbox goes through all the gears nice and smooth, solid suspension. Clean interior. Climate control with ice cold air con. Really good bodywork. Free of any rust, scratches etc. Obviously there are few very minor age related marks (e.g. tiny stone chips on the front), but nothing that would spoil the look. Exceptional condition. Generously equipped with M sports leather seats, automatic transmission, air conditioning, climate control, electric windows front and rear, electric door mirrors, 6 disc CD-changer, multifunction M sport leather steering wheel, sport suspension, on-board computer, cruise control, parking sensors, automatic headlights, auto dimming rear view mirror, 18" alloy wheels, central locking, alarm, ABS, ESP, DSC and so on.. This E46 3 Series is already a modern classic, not many of them left around in such a condition, and it will only go up in value over the years.
  24. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Good luck. What’s the mileage and er, what’s she costing?
  25. LSD Oil

    Hi, Has your E46 got the factory fitted LSD option or have you fitted an aftermarket LSD? The 330Ci M Sport does not come as standard with an LSD. Regards Jack
  26. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Good afternoon all, I just thought i would check in as im hopefully collecting another E46 this weekend. After my Bargain Estoril blue E46 saloon, i regrettably sold that on & i have had a few cars in between! - Clio sport 197 - BMW E39 5 Series 525i - Clio sport 172 - Megane Sport DCI 175 (Current car) I have come across a lovely looking black 330i Auto saloon & it looks fantastic, 2003 model on a 52 plate, Black leather which is in immaculate condition. Full service history Long list of repairs carried out (Inc thermostat, Water pump, Expansion etc) various bushes recently replaced. I will report back if all goes smoothly with the collection on the weekend!
  27. LSD Oil

    Ok, so to confirm - you have a standard, open diff or an aftermarket LSD (Quaife/Gripper etc..)? No E46 comes with an LSD apart from the M3 from factory. If it's the standard diff then this should do - it's what I put in mine.
  28. The filter housing gasket/seal failed a couple of days ago, it split and oil everywhere on the inlet side of the block, cleaned up the mess as best as we could and changed the seal.
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