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  3. Hand-held Creator C110 OBDⅡcode scanner is designed to troubleshot BMW vehicle from 2000 to 2012, including read DTCs, clear DTCs, display live data and clear adaptation. The new updated V3.8 software adds the active test function for BMW MINI models. Here is the example of resetting 3-serie E46 airbags/SRS light with C110. Step-by-step instructions: Well install Creator C110 OBD2 software Plug the code scanner with vehicle via OBD socket Select DIAGNOSE function form main menu Select BMW series: 3 Series Select the detail BMW model: 3-serie E46 Select Body control module Pull down the drop-list and select SRS (Air bag), click OK Select Read trouble code The system will automatically read error code information stored in Body module, press OK Select Erase trouble code. The reason for the airbags light was on the dashboard. It needs to be disconnected. Once reconnected, go back to C110 BMW code reader program, select Erase trouble code again. The system will display Trouble code is erased message. Airbag light will start to flash. If the light does not stop flashing, turn ignition off and then turn it on.
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    would be the m5 e60

    Hi, yes thats the m3, miss it loads as i had all the mods and eismann fitted ect ect, But cant choose between another or thr RS4 which is a beast and 415bhp standard. i know what you mean regards maintain, but i also learnt bmw are pretty hefty regards costs as well lol. Just out of interest do you know of any m3's that may come up for sale here ? good ones not thrashed and knackered lol.
  7. Super Charging build thread.

    Has an epic weekend, covered just over 1000miles, including Cadwell park and Snetterton trackdays And a quick pad change was needed at Snetterton before heading home, front EBC BLUESTUFF pads were almost down to the metal Poor car is desperate for a wash now lol, no official pics from Snetterton yet, won't be uploaded for another 48 hours. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Was your old one a Phoenix Yellow M3? Which M5 are you thinking - E60 or E39? Don't know too much about the Audi's but from what i HAVE read - the V8's can be expensive to maintain. The timing chain runners replacement issue is the thing that I can't get my head around - seems like a very poor design to me.

    i guess, i did forget to add one  other option and will probably get hate mail for it lol, but an audi s4 ? Dont you agree the e46 m3 looks a little dated now ? although i miss my old car so much Nice to hear from an old member

    Hiya fella still here i recon another m3 as they do have a bit of a following .I do like the m5's but my heart will always be with a 3 😋
  11. Some for sale in classifieds but seller hasn't got back to me.   Car has failed its MOT on this.    Anyone got a set they are wiling to sell me please?   Thanks

    Ok i am not sure if anyone remembers me ? i had an M3 back in 2009 / 2010 and for one reason or another i sold my M3 and was gutted. THANKFULLY with a turn of events which i am long overdue, i will be in the market to buy either a m3 or m5 or Audi RS4 ( i know its not a bmw ) but honest opinions please   So thats the advice i am after basically, having owned the e46 m3 and as alot of you do, i know its awesome BUT having owned one should i go for the m5 ? and any of you who have the m3, would you have preferred or want an m5 ? just after advice really   BE NICE TO HEAR FROM ANYONE WHO REMEMBERS ME AND MY PHOENIX YELLOW M3   P.S, nice to still see my baby in the 2010 calendar comp section
  13. Have I got OEM Xenons?

    Washers are standard, no MOT garage I've ever been to tests the self levelling and mine passed it's last MOT with no advisories re:headlights. It's really not an issue.   As for hassle, it's probably the easiest retrofit you'll ever do if you don't factor in bi-xenon functionality. Take out old headlights Install Xenon headlights Get a friend with NCSExpert to tell your light switch you have Xenons, then disable automatic and dynamic levelling. Literally as simple as that. No extra wiring, no fabrication, everything just bolts in and uses the same cables.
  14. Super Charging build thread.

    Not checked in the forum in a while and this was the first place I came to look. Good to see this is running well. With the LSD and 340bhp it must be a completely different car. Good work fella.
  15. 03 320d Starting to smoke under load

    Ok so I didn't get onto eBay, I just persuaded a friend to lend me his Snap On bits.   The car was on idle however even whilst revving the boost target and actual stayed around the same figures- however would it be fair to say my MAF is giving up the ghost?  
  16. Cup holder in black wanted

    Want to replace phone holder for cup holder and coin holder   let me know what you have
  17. Last week
  18. e46 Touring tailgate hinges

    Had a look at my ones gap looks the same a 1p can just fit in the gaps on mine if that helps 
  19. Vanos unit

    I have no problems actually replacing the seals and fitting the anti rattle kit, i'm just after the advice on if i'll be ok refurbing another vanos unit to replace my own. Need the car off the road for the minimum amount of time
  20. Csl rep square set up advice

    No buddy, I havent. From what I understand on a coupe you can have a 15mm wide spacer on the original MV2 on the rear with no issues, though not sure if tyres or camber needs adjusting for that to happen. With that info, 13mm better offset should clear on a 255 on the rear. For saloons and tourers it will be less. Triggerfish on here has some 216's for sale in the Parts - Generic section and it shows them fitted to a lowered saloon with 255's. Plus, MV3's are a common wheel to go for e46s and they have the same offsets as the 216's so shouldnt be a problem.
  21. Hi all   Help needed.   I was looking at the 216 BBS e90 wheels but seems rolling arch is needed.    I have seen some wheels that are    Front wheels - 18 x 8 / offset 30 /   Rear wheels - 18 x 9 / offset 40 /   Would this be a problem. I have looked and looked and done the will it fit online but I don't understand the results.    I understand they'll sit further out from the hub.   Any help on either wheels would be great.   Aaron
  22. I am pretty sure E63 6 series electric seats fit (plug and play too) and are similar to E46 in shape and size but with bolster adjustment like E46 M3 seats.
  23. Csl rep square set up advice

    Sorry to hijack. I was looking at those wheels too (the 216) and seems to get the 255 tyre arch rolling is needed. Have you fitted them at all?    Aaron
  24. Imola Coupe with fresh 32's

    Did you do that yourself??? Looks good and much more room!!!!!!
  25. Vanos unit

    Just buy the anti rattle kit, watch a YouTube video and fit it yourself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Reverse camera wiring

    If it is your unit then you could wire the camera to the switched live in the stereo loom (yellow or red wire, I always forget which, the one that has no power with the key out of the ignition), so it's always turned on and sending a signal when the stereo is on, then connect the video feed to the AV-In input on the back. Then you'd need to press the AV-In icon when you wanted the camera feed on the screen. You could put an icon to it on the home screen if there isn't one there already, or maybe even map it to the navigation button if your unit has one - it might be an option in settings or an app on the unit on yours, I can programme my 'navi' button using both methods. It might mean you lose your music when you switch to AV-In to see the camera though, and have to open the radio or music player again afterwards. I can't only assume something has gone bad inside the unit. The workaround above is nowhere near as handy as having it working properly. Perhaps you could remove the case top and see if there's anything obviously amiss at the back of the connector the reverse-in cable plugs into, as you suggested earlier, like a loose metal pin on the back of the connector. These units can be such a nuisance when they're not working properly, I've spent tens of hours faffing about with mine to get it stable and get all the features working properly. I hope the more modern ones are a bit more robust as I love having all the possibilities Android opens up and would like to get a faster, newer one in future.
  27. Reverse camera wiring

    Thank you for the tips Tim and dontpanic.  I found an easier way to diagnose this.      I have a friend of mine with the same unit. So I installed his into my car and voila the camera worked straight away as soon as I put it in reverse. This is all using my existing wiring.  So I'm guessing my head unit is at fault then? Other than having to get it replaced what are my options?
  28. Vanos unit

    My 330ci is ready for a vanos rebuild and im hoping to buy a 2nd hand unit to rebuild and fit the anti rattle kit too, then get my mechanic to just swap them over whilst replacing the valve cover gasket. Will i run into any issues with fitting another vanos unit from a car of the same engine and year ?? All advice welcome guys
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