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  2. The behavioral blend is a specific pattern of personality that influences an individual and his social tendencies. It appears from the personality style and the pace of human life. In other words, it is the way how a person feels, thinks, and acts. The people have different personalities that define their characters. The concept of human behavior refers to four basic temperament types known as DISC Personality Types (D, I, S, and C) or the Four Temperament Model of Human Behavior. The characteristics of these types are blended to define a person. Thus, behavioral blend plays a significant role in defining the human behavior since it refers to the different personality types. A behavioral blend is a term that is associated with the DISC personality assessment. The individual characteristic may vary and have a low or high orientation, which means that there can be both secondary and dominating factors in the overall personality type and in the blend of different parts of the personality. There is a direct connection between the quality of a personal life and the quality of his or her communication. This concept may be applied both for interpreting the clients’ responses and behavior and for dealing with personal and professional conflicts. Moreover, if a person is aware of his or her behavioral blend, he or she will become a better friend, colleague, parent, and partner. They will reach a true self-actualization, and, hence, the better quality of life. Thus, behavioral blend determines the human behavior. My behavioral blend is a mix of I, D, S. Therefore, I am a loyal friend and a communicative person who feels comfortable in front of a crowd. I tend to be submissive, dominant, and inspiring. According to my type, I am a peacemaker, leader who is able to inspire steadily and always remain interested in people. My leadership style can be described as emotional and relational, but I can be expressive and dramatic. I am often motivated to help the others. My ability to socialize make it easier for me to communicate effectively with people. However, I can offend others with my dominance and rigid attitude. On the other hand, I often exploit my communicative skills to convince people. To improve, I need to be more confident and assertive to do my own research rather than to rely on the opinion of the other people. I consider this assessment to be informative since it is a real depiction of my areas of growth and communication style. It has a positive impact on the way I make decisions, think, and feel. Thus, defining my behavioral blend has provided an accurate description of my type and the areas for further improvement. Understanding of my behavioral blend and further research contribute to my relationships with other people since it made the process of defining much easier. This knowledge makes it easier for me to define behavioral blends of all the participants of a conversation. It allows understanding what kind of resources to examine and what questions to ask in order to reach a mutual agreement, comprehension, and vision. In addition, a behavioral blend is important to improve the conversation since there is always a chance for the personality conflicts when it is necessary to understand people who are engaged in the discussion. Thus, comprehension of my behavioral blend and further readings make a defining much easier. A behavioral blend is a specific pattern of personality that determines the human behavior. It refers to four basic temperament types known as DISC Personality Types. My behavioral blend is a mix of I, D, S. I am a communicative person who feels comfortable in front of a crowd. Besides, I am submissive and inspiring. By knowing my behavioral blend, the process of defining behavioral blends of all participants in a conversation becomes much easier. More articles on behavioral blend can be found on specialessays.com.
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  4. Hi all. New member here. Just bought my first e46 and spent the weekend getting her ready! 2001, 80k miles and a lovely interior that even feels and smells new. Not sure what’s up next as enjoying the car as it is. Any ideas? Anyway, best regards from Cyprus
  5. Injector leakage is a common failure that causes hot-start issues on the diesels.. If that's the case then you can replace the one without need for coding relatively easy. Get an injector leak off test done to confirm.
  6. I guess that, you can be also interested in this but there are other interesting things! If you are looking to upgrade your profile not only comments and subs are important but also one thing that attract more people are likes. Actually, http://igautolike.com is a solution for those who seek more new members on their page. When I was interested I just asked for some help, tips, advices to do so. I’m a young photographer working with musicians and dancers. I keep on going because art should be in move and never stop.
  7. How do you know an injector is causing the non-start? It could be something simple such as a blown fuse. Have you had a diagnostic scan for error codes? Why would you go to the trouble of searching and buying a car and at the first hurdle. you give up and break it for parts?
  8. Hi guys, got a bmw 320cd E46 I think one of the injectors has gone cos the car don’t start so just wondering what I’d be best off doing, keep the car and fix it eventually or sell it or sell it and break for parts? Paid 1700 for the car a month ago so I know I’ve been mugged off don’t need to be told. Just want some advice on what to do with the car if anyone can help. Cheers
  9. Issue solved - it was the clutch switch. INPA showed it as working, but it seems it wasn't as it should. Took it out, cleaned it as it was dirty, plugged it back in and toggled it on / off with a small magnet. Now CC works without issues.
  10. What do you think I mean? A sticky button is a button that's sticky - gets stuck down, or doesn't engage properly. Isn't as smooth as a normal button, just a bit sticky.
  11. Cruise control must be able to control the wheels. It won't play ball if you have a wheel fault.
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  13. No faults for either of those at the moment. I assume that there would be a fault stored in the system if either of those was faulty. A bit busy with something else, so I'll play with it later
  14. Have you tried swapping the MAF yet? Could be your CC clutch switch which is relatively cheap to replace.
  15. What do you mean a "sticky button"? I toggled them with while monitoring INPA and they seemed to work fine. Either way, I will certainly need to investigate some more
  16. Not sure about that claim. My car was running with 8 or 9 faults on the ECU and the cruise control always worked. The only time it exhibited issues like you're describing was when I had a sticky button on the MF wheel.
  17. You really believe so? Where can I find some more feedback about this?
  18. An update to this - connected the car to INPA, it has a fault for lamda controller (not sure what it is) and the oil level signal seems to be missing. There was also a fault for MF wheel interface, but since it registers all buttons as working, I believe it's related to the condition that CC can't work if there are faults on the ECU present (this claim is taken from WDS)
  19. So, for my install you need: 6m aerial extension cable 6m harness Xtrons unit and cables 1) Back of the unit you can't go wrong, each plug will only fit into one socket. 2) You will get two bundles of connectors for which there is only one slot on the back of the unit. Use the one that doesn't have round plugs 3) Take the singular side of the 6m extension cable and connect it to the above 4) Take your BM Radio in the boot and disconnect the large connector Should end up looking like this, ignore the yellow/green wires (This is an aux I had put into the stock unit). 5) Plug will look like this, remove plugs 1 and 2 from the back of the connector 6) Take the other side of the 6m harness (with multiple plugs). Take the connector I've marked 3 and plug it into the back of the radio unit you just removed the stock connector from 7) Take the connectors I marked 1 and 2 and plug them into the back of connector 3 you just plugged into the stock radio 😎 Take connector 4 from above and connect it to the stock connector in step 5, the blue bits do not block the connection. I thought they did which is where my confusion came from. 9) Unplug the aerial from the radio unit, it's marked in step 4. Plug the 6m aerial extension into the wire you just removed (nothing plugs back into the radio). Done
  20. Figured it out, I'll post details later.
  21. Doesn't look too low to me But there again, the lower the better, right?
  22. These are the audio connectors coming off the xtron unit: 1: 2:
  23. This is the connections I have behind the front dash:
  24. This harness side 1: This is the other side of the 6m harness:
  25. Hello, so I purchased an xtrons unit for my e46 harmon kardon system with sat nav etc. As an audio noob I'm completely lost with the audio connects, could anyone give me a hand? I bought the 6m cable extension loom as I understand I need this to utilise the HK system. This is whats in my boot: This is the connector going into the radio: This is the radio connector on the unit itself:
  26. Ha, that's an extreme example but I agree - they're hideous. Nightmare to clean too. Fixed the GTS...
  27. Not the snowflake looking things on the M4 GTS! Horrible looking wheels.. They've tried to take the CSL style wheel and give it a refresh but instead of making it look better it looks like a bloody snowflake! The orange accents don't help.. Yuck!
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