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  2. Haha, I’m saving the (probably only be bothered to do it) once in a lifetime engine swap for something a bit more special than an N42!!
  3. Why not just replace the 330d engine and drivetrain with the 318 one? LOL Sounds like it'd be easier!
  4. slowly getting there, rear suspension and then that’s the mechanical stuff done, save for accumulating some spares, I understand the rads and condensers are the same across the platform, stuff like that I’ll squirrel away. and so moves on to the interior, via the rear suspension so boot first, including no less than full HK retrofit, heated electric memory seats and every thing that’s grey is changing to black, lot of work need to plan it carefully as determined to have it all wired in OEM but only want to take the dash out once and it’s my daily!
  5. Had it not been covid secure I would have definitely quietly said the line. All fixed that was the problem and the cure was swapping them back. Easy
  6. Mike Brewer is a knob for talking crap behind Ed's back but did you say the classic ''old aat yer 'and'' when you sealed the deal?
  7. thanks chaps, I’m going to tackle it today I’ve got a feeling it was just that, a bodge repair to make the warning lights go out. if it fixes it, my Mike Brewer style negotiation will have paid off. 🤣
  8. Had some problems with starting which are likely fuel pump or fuel filter. Banging under the tank normally fixes this - I'm replacing the filter and keeping my fingers crossed but prepared to replace the pump too. Not difficult. The screenshot above shows a list of codes being reported... Unrelated? Any idea if there's a single cause? 2001 E46 318i M43 automatic, just under 200000km, EGR deleted.
  9. Last week
  10. I bet either the pump failed at some point or they needed to replace the ABS pressure sensors and just threw it together without remembering how it was supposed to be. Worst case if it's masking an issue when you have a spare on the 330d! If you want to sell the 330d as a roller just remember how this pump was installed to mask the problem.. (Cough, cough - no I don't have COVID!) 🤣
  11. No need to plumb it as it is - simply poor workmanship. The markings on the unit are in German and are as follows: V = Front inlet H = Rear inlet VR = Front Right VL = Front Left HR = Rear Right HL = Rear Left So currently the rear inlet (H) is plumbed into the rear left (HL) and the rear left (HL) line is acting as the inlet. D'oh!
  12. I got my 318i for a steal as it has a problem with the ABS. Basically it locks the rear left wheel which only releases when the car is stationary. No fault codes. I’ve rebuilt the brakes to remove mechanical fault, I’ve recoded the previously replaced MK60 module to have the correct vin, bled the whole system, bled the ABS pump which fires up with reassuring force. When I noticed this the top flex hose should be in the left most connection, I’ve verified against my other E46 and obviously I’m going to correct this. My question is, before I go chucking another litre of dot4 into the car, would this have been done deliberately for any reason? to make the car driveable and mask a fault with the ABS pump, lock a rear wheel and not front? or is it just sloppy workmanship and the rear wheel is locking because it’s getting the power from the front? Either way I’ll fix it but if anyone of the 5 people who read this have an idea let me know!
  13. I thought that white spirit removes only the paint, when I used it i noticed that it doesn`t dry and leaves an oily residue, maybe it can cause the double spot to you?
  14. Diversity immersion experience basically refers to the extent to which cultural practices are brought together in different settings. The placement of a wide cultural backgrounds is quite important in learning as it enhances the learning practice through support of various learning objectives that could not have otherwise be adequately met in the normal study practices. In particular, cultural competence refers to a group of similar behaviors, policies as well as attitudes which enables agencies, systems or even professionals work effectively amidst different cultural backgrounds. However, with respect to the organizational management, cultural competence is cultivated with time through experience, guidance, self-evaluation as well as trainings. This paper, however, describes the important role of diversity immersion experience in enhancing academic goals, particularly within an institution of learning. In the light of the above, the paper focuses on a class room event involving exchanges between international students who share different views with respect to cultural values they have (Nieto & Bode, 2012). In essence, the conduction of studies within the environment that has been characterized with a high cultural diversity is considered one of the most important environments upon which education can suffice. According to the perspective of Jawaharlal Nehru, cultural immersion is essential in the widening of both the spirit and the mind. Indeed, the integrated immersion of oneself in another culture is, perhaps, among the most rewarding human efforts. While diversity plays significant role, there are some examples of factors that show the importance of diversity as far as academic excellence is concerned. For instance, the presence of different individuals who share different cultural views provides a framework upon which wider scope of learning is attained. While undertaking collective learning process with different ideas, the group acquires a diverse perspective with respect to other aspects of culture. In absolute terms, there are various features that are specific to certain regions or communities. For instance, language and communication, in general, are functions of pronunciations which essentially differ when cultural settings change. In addition to that, learning in a highly diversified environment also helps the students to understand and appreciate one another amidst the social weaknesses and strengths that they may possess. As a matter of fact, multicultural settings enable the students to learn from others and develop leadership skills that help incorporate every individual within and without the same cultural backgrounds. 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Consequently, diversity experience provides a foundation upon which future leadership is founded. Furthermore, diversity experience in academia also strengthens community and future workplace cohesiveness. In particular, the education bestowed under diverse setting prepares students for becoming good citizens in a progressively more complex society. This also leads to the formation of a stable community whose members are judged by quality and individual contribution to the growth of the society. Finally, the use of a culturally diverse society in the educational institution promotes equitable share of the resources due to already developed mutual understanding of fellows. During the learning process, eventual interaction and understanding of the cultural background of one another helps the colleagues appreciate one another, while, at the same time, adopting favorable features of other cultures which might not exist in the backyard of the each one. This, therefore, enables the wholesome growth of the humankind besides promoting self-esteem. Cultural values also break the monotony or singularity of culture which also tend to provide an important framework upon which learning takes place. As a matter of fact, these marked some of the lessons that I learnt from successful interaction with strangers during my undertaking of the English class in the alien. Furthermore, the experience also made me believe that being different from others is not a vice but a competitive advantage. See a 123helpme rating, the company that produced the article.
  15. thank you all, appreciate the feed back on that.
  16. stripped the 330 brakes down, full front setup with dust plates. hopefully just the rear calipers if they fit with the 318 discs. edit: they don’t fit, not even close, definitely not stripping four rear hubs just for the upgrade so it’s new 318 discs and pads for the rear and a nice bleed with fresh fluid.
  17. ^^ That's why I did mine! The clutch was slipping and the release bearing was grinding like crazy! Literally sounded like someone had left a bag of spanners in the gearbox when I was pulling away from lights! lol Wasn't so bothered with the flywheel rattle..
  18. I had the flywheel and clutch done on 200k 330d and discovered that while it was nice it had the effect of acutely highlighting the worn bushes in the rear subframe when putting monster torque down in 4th and 5th gear motorway pulls, in short you’ll probably find something else is loose and worn out when you make it brand new, if you can live with it I would, I only did mine as the clutch was slipping badly
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  20. hello i think yes im glad to say it to you!
  21. Press your foot lightly on the clutch pedal. If you can feel it pulsing or vibrating then the flywheel is on its way out. I had mine done a couple of years ago now. It was around £350 at the time but it's down to £290 atm. Amazon was cheapest then: (This is for 6-speed) https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0068NO1KS While you're in there you may as well replace the clutch. They're around the £200 range for the 6-speed too..
  22. Can someone give me some explanation of what happens when a 330d with 190k+ starts having rattles around that area at certain times? Plus is it costly to repair? Thank you
  23. Earlier
  24. it’s pretty tight, cutting is the way I think just need on the nut or the thread, the meyle HD arms are good, I put 40k on them on the 330d and they’re still perfect, theoretically it’s one of the simplest jobs on the car! Edit, done! dremel with flex attachment snaked it in there and had a perfect angle, eye pro absolutely essential as my mince pies were directly in the firing line about 4 inches away from the disc. All bolted up and test driven, feels like a brand new car even before alignment!
  25. Never tried one, but maybe try a nut splitter? Get the old one off, hope the thread for the ball joint is still ok and just replace the nut. Tbh i've never replaced mine so no idea if you could even get one in there.. I'd possibly consider getting the full Meyle kit for it. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/CONTROL-ARMS-WBONE-MEYLE-HD/dp/B0068MGN6O
  26. went into battle again today, got the drivers side all sorted, control arm, poly bush and strut, started on the passenger side and the inner ball joint nut has been cross threaded on install and it just won’t undo. had to button it up with mis matched control arms and the matching H&R strut, don’t know what I’m gonna do about the inner ball joint, any suggestions? I was expecting to be unable to break the taper not be unable to undo it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  27. You’re correct momo it’s a replacement, circumstances are as they are and I can’t run two cars. I bought the 330d a week before they announced ULEZ and was only swayed from getting a 330i by the fuel economy, probably my second biggest motoring regret after the time I bought a Citroen BX19 gti 🤣
  28. So the 318 is a replacement for the 330d? Is it not worth keeping the 330d as the main car and just running the 318 as/when needed?
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