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  2. My 325ci Convertible

    It’s really easy, turn your phone 90 degrees, you’re done
  3. Cannockwolf's S/C 330ci LSB in Winter Mode

    That's shocking! But yeah a flat back an re-lacquer (properly) should fix it
  4. Hey just joined, I’ve had the loon for a while now but never joined up, too busy fixing the small bits (the ones that always go) I drive a pre f/l 325 SE and have recently rolled 160k
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  7. My 325ci Convertible

    Didn’t say I was a photographer 😂😂
  8. Cannockwolf's S/C 330ci LSB in Winter Mode

    It seems to go back to half decent when you wet it so we are going to try a light rub back and clear coat, but spending £500 on it makes me angry with Evolve
  9. Cannockwolf's S/C 330ci LSB in Winter Mode

    Hi, I still get notifications, I still have the car and loving it, BUT the one downer is the Evolve roof, even though its been valeted since its been completed, by a very good bloke widely recommended, the finish has deteriorated very bad in three years, not worth £1600 2018-10-10 11.03.34 by David Byrne, on Flickr
  10. Cannockwolf's S/C 330ci LSB in Winter Mode

    As i remember from the last time i was on the forum. Awesome car
  11. Been away for a while...

    Had an S4 avant, a focus ST3, and an A3 Quattro in the last 4 years since getting rid of the 330 vert, which I deeply regret. So this weekend I got shot of the A3 and picked up a 325ci in imola red. Not a bad motor, it’s a 2002 M sport with a few bits, but drives alright and looks decent considering it’s age. Glad to be back in an e46, I’ll be after a well spec’d 330 next year. Pics to follow
  12. E46 330d rumble on acceleration

    Hi Rasa, Thanks for responding, they guy who remapped it has done quite a few different cars for friends I know, including my brothers E39 and no problems. Also the rumble only came on after driving for a while and then really booting it, hence why I think its mechanical. The remap has gone from 302 to 422 of torque FYI. Any other ideas?
  13. My 325ci Convertible

    Portrait pics are shocking fella, windows need dropping too
  14. My 325ci Convertible

    Interior shot ..
  15. My 325ci Convertible

    Clean, very clean ...
  16. Serial E46 guy

    I should have known this 😕 have seen it countless times - thanks either way! As I’m new here I can appreciate how my latest E46 is just OK to some of the stuff that’s on here .. but to me it’s a real BIG deal 🙂 I love this car. My other weekend motor is an F355 Spider and yesterday went to buy a low mileage 996 C4S. The sales guy was really nice - he saw me pull up to his (specialised Lamborghini dealership) and loved the fact I love my E46 and just got focused looking at the Porsche - what impresses him more was the fact that I walked past all the Lambos, straight to the Porsche .. then he showed me his private collection which included one BAD ASS track prepped E36 ... WOW
  17. 2006 330d clutch upgrade?

    and forgot to say,,thats way to much torque for the manual box,,mines at 698nm and thats a little too much ,,my 335d on the other hand can eat it up,,730 nm and 350 bhp,,the auto box is just better with the torque converters etc etc
  18. 2006 330d clutch upgrade?

    very poor the e9x forum on here,,..e90 pos or facebook or bimmerforum
  19. Serial E46 guy

    Check the label on the passenger side front suspension turret under the bonnet. It should tell you the colour on there. Looks Stahlgrau (steel grey) to me. Welcome to the forum!
  20. Serial E46 guy

    I’m new on here - where do I start? E46 fanatic?? Not sure - all I know is I’ve had 4 of them in my life: 1 Convertible from new back in the day 2 Coupe run around after falling on hard times and needed something reliable to get me to a new job and back 3 one of my favourites - 330d M Sport Touring (pics will follow) which was unfortunately written off by someone reversing into it. My wife hated it so all of her Christmas’s came in early 4 Current: 325ci convertible - immaculate condition with only 66,000 on the clock So you decide ... a fanatic or just know a good thing when I see one?? PS - does anyone here know what colour this is?
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  22. 2006 330d clutch upgrade?

    You might be better off asking on an E9X forum.. I know the E6X 530d clutch is a good upgrade for the E46 330d. No idea about E9X ones..
  23. E46 330d rumble on acceleration

    it aint been mapped properly,,my e9 330d 305 bhp and 510ftlbs 698nm has a bit of rumble,,and the guy who has just remapped my other car(335d) is going to read the map and put it jason from bwchiptune,,the map on the 330d was done by durham remaps and i guess they just throw as much as they can at it and dont bother testing it on dyno like jason,,because he says its easy fixable,,he fixes loads of other tuners maps,,he may be a sponsor on here,,
  24. Hi people sorry if this has all been asked before. But even Google didn't really give me a decent answer that I was looking for. I'm new here so sorry if this in the wrong section. However I have just had my 330d remapped which has been okay. It's now running 310bhp with 580lbs or 786nm depending on what you prefer. It was fine for a couple of days. But I have noticed that in the higher gears the clutch is slipping a fair bit. Which I supose is to be expected. I do intend on doing a few more upgrades. However I was just on here to see if anyone could recommend a decent clutch upgrade. Also doing away with the DMF. And going solid. Thanks for anyones time.
  25. I’ve recently after remapping my 330d started to experience a rumble sound (like you would have on a rough road surface) on acceleration within the torque bands but only in 3,4,5,6. I’ve had a specialist bmw garage look over it and the only thing they could suggest was the rear diff, however that alone they said doesn’t have enough play to suggest. All bushes look good ie the rear mount mounts, the sub frame looks good, drive shafts are looking good, cv joint has a little play but not enough to suggest a problem. The rumble feels like it’s coming from the rear. any ideas?
  26. Help please , coolant is dripping from the hole at the end and also coming from the gasket , I can put a new o ring in if that's how it seals but why should it leak all the time from the hole , it's going through about a pint a week and I can't find it leaking anywhere else , thanks Paul
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