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  2. Refitted the cooling fan and engine covers after removing them in the winter to fix something, and never bothering to refit them. Never showed any signs of going above 95c (recalibrated temp. gauge) on the move with both fans disconnected.
  3. Checked the tyre pressures for the first time since getting my wheels refurbished. Went over a pretty big pothole on Wednesday that jumped out of nowhere and the unfortunate wheel (O/S/F) was 10psi down. Fingers crossed I haven't cracked the rim . Hopefully it was somebody forgetting to pump it up all the way, or there's an unrelated puncture. Or the tyre just popped off the bead for a split second and let a bit of air out, but that's just me clutching at straws really.
  4. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Managed to swap out the shocks this afternoon, just need to get it all dialled in now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Finally managed to get my bits back from Mark at Demon Dipping today after work. Gave the car a quick wash and fitted everything. Unfortunately the light was just on its way out as I got to photo time so I'll try to get a good full picture over the weekend. Still not sure whether I like the door handles. However, overall I have to say I am very pleased with the quality of the product, the finish is especially impressive, the depth of shine is fantastic. The only complaint I would have would be that the weave stretches out slightly on the curved part of the diffuser that you see, but is perfect on the flat bit that you don't, however I appreciate that this is a limitation of a very curved surface.       Again the pics don't do it justice (you've all heard it before). Other jobs for this weekend will be installing the angel eyes and restoring the headlights, as well as wrapping the interior trim in brushed grey steel.
  6. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Oops! I did notice that crack... Unlucky. I guess with 50 fewer horses i'm not quite going fast enough to worry about cracks yet 
  7. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Haha it was obviously your fault, you should of avoided that stone coming the other way at a million miles an hour [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Nooo way ??? s**t man sorry about that, wasn't even like i was close to the car in front either, that sucks! I have been wanting and waiting years for my screen to crack so i can replace it due to so many chips and nothing, 3 miles 5mins in yours, done!
  9. E46 318 1.9 manifold

    Can't upload picture but it's next to the dipstick if this helps 
  10. E46 318 1.9 manifold

    Hi, new to the e46 engine. Have had e30 and e36 in the past. Noticed the inlet manifold is making a noise like its sucking air. When I put my hand over it or press gently it stops. Is this normal or has it got a crack in it . I will try to upload a picture pointing to where I mean . I do diy machanics but not sure on this . Any help would be very greatful 
  11. Clubsport won't start.

    A couple of years ago I thought my started motor was dying (intermittent non-start). Spent a few weeks diagnosing various components and found the ignition switch was the culprit. £10-15 from breakers. 10 minute job. Might be worth a punt? I ended up rigging a push button switch directly to the starter motor confirm starter motor was fine. Might wanna try that to make sure the new starter isn't duff? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Had a blast, cheers guys, and Rich your a legend, 15 years, 63,000 miles, countless trackdays, multiple trips across Europe...... 3 miles and 5 minutes and you cracked the original windscreen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Great to me you both and put names to faces. Good results all round! Big thanks to Paul for letting me take his bundle of joy for a spin, great car! Pitta about that Goran just what you don't need.  
  15. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Great to meet you guys this morning and a fun time!  From memory, Rich 189hp, Goran 308hp, Paul 355hp, Skyline 415hp Great to see another (better sorted!) SC 330 & compare builds and performance on the dyno I noticed the boost hose coming off the IAC valve and eventually went into limp-home on the way back, PITA with no tools Cheers all
  16. Clubsport won't start.

    I did think possibly the alternator but haven't had it checked yet. Battery I'm sure is fine, the AA checked that last week and said it was fine. I've also spoken to my garage over the phone and he suggested a bad earth from my stereo but I'm sure I didn't have to earth it when I fitted it and 100% had no issues since I fitted that 2 years ago. Sent from my EVA-L09 using Tapatalk
  17. How much does it cost to repaint?

    if it's in the same colour you don't need a full spray, certainly don't need a glass out job, if you know how to prep maybe do some of it yourself but it's not as straight forward as just rubbing it down  
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  19. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    yeah typical!  Hope you all have a safe trip and a good time  
  20. Rich's 325Ci MSport.

    Fine example of 325 ci M,I own one with 74000 on the clock as I work offshore so do little miles in it,however I have let it go a bit but this thread has inspired me to revitalise it ,plus the wifey is getting a new Q3 and I have to keep my bm,getting wheel and a few others bit done.did you sort out your fog,changed mine but it's done it again,think I will get thoses surrounds though...thxs
  21. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Ah man that sucks, bloody cars. Its no worries mate.
  22. E46Zone Dyno Day. Sussex.

    Guys I'm going to have to give this one a miss! MOT failure today and no where had a rear ABS sensor until tomorrow and this means I've not been able to tax the car. Will be sorted tomorrow but all by the time you are loading the first car on the rollers.  Sorry if this causes any problems Rich  
  23. brake light switch

    Thanks for that - sorry I had to bump the question...
  24. brake light switch

    Yes it can be adjusted  its mounted on top of the brake pedal just remove the under dash. push clip and 4 Phillip screws and you will see it ,  
  25. Oil light

    I topped the oil level up it was low I put in half a litre of Castrol 5-30 I'll be driving to work all next week so I'll see how it is :)))
  26. Oil light

  27. had a tow bar fitted problem didn't use the bmw wiring so when I reverse with a trailer the sensors go off all the there a way to connect a switch to turn them off when I have got my trailer on?
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