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  2. Zone Stickers

    Any Admins?
  3. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax?

    Want to get it to a good base then can maintain it from there.....I miss my Sunday car wash session as my old 328i wasn't a good enough base to start with, rust and generally poor bodywork 😢 Excited to have a rust free example that I can really give some tlc 😁
  4. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax?

    Thanks Rich 👍 I've bookmarked their site. Seems like good stuff! Just trying to work out if I need to compound the car before polishing and waxing as there is quite a few light scratches over the car. I've been watching a few videos from AMMONYC, Guy seems to know his stuff!
  5. Red Coolant

    Hey guys.... Just investigating my coolant system and found red coolant. I was under the impression our cars can only use green (comma G48 for example) Is this right? Thinking I'm going to completely overhaul the whole system....New Radiator, thermostat, waterpump and expansion (recently changed by previous owner but probably change for piece of mind), plus all relevant hoses. Is this taking it to extremes? Could I just flush the system and refill with correct coolant? Thanks in advance
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  7. Battery Issues?

    Doesn't sound like a battery drain issue, otherwise your battery would go flat with the boot closed sat overnight. Sounds like your battery is dead.
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  9. Battery Issues?

    Is anyone aware of anything that might cause a drain on the battery when the engine is off? I left my boot open for about 5 minutes (engine off) whilst I was checking my tool kit (it's missing a spanner) but when I came to start the car the battery was flat and needed jumping. The same thing happened when I let my girlfriend drive it after she left the drivers door open whilst adjusting the seat (again, engine off) The battery is almost 3yrs old, so likely to be approaching end of warranty. I've got a rechargeable kit in the boot at the moment in case it happens again before I get to Halfords But I thought it worth asking if anyone else has had similar issues? Is this a common thing?
  10. New E46 Owner

    I hit it very hard with an extension and hammer and away it came. Sounds deeper now and "seems" to respond a little better. Mart.
  11. Zone Stickers

    Just wondering if the shop is still open as looking to order some window stickers? Asked in Merchandise but no answer. Thanks
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  13. Last week
  14. My 04 330 vert is still on the original springs but its only done 73k I had an issue with the roof the other day not wanting to open and the red light flashing between the open & close buttons, its fixed itself and working fine today so not sure what that was, a sticky censor perhaps ?
  15. That sounds really unfortunate Mick. I changed mine for Eibach Pros recently, and the rear ones were original I believe. I'm fairly sure my service history is complete, it mentions a front spring, and rear shocks, but not rear springs. The original (I think) rear springs on mine were in a bit of a state at the bottom, very rusty, but hadn't quite broken yet, at 13 years / 155,000 miles. In your position, I'd be wondering whether there is something else causing them to break prematurely, or whether the quality of the springs supplied by bmw now has gone down, or even if they are supplying the wrong ones - there are multiple combinations of rear springs with a different number and colour of stripes on them. Talking of the Eibachs, I got the 'vert full set for about £115, link here: They have a MILLION MILE WARRANTY so even if you just have the worst luck for springs snapping, then you could get free replacements in future. I must say that after fitting the springs, and adjusting the front camber slightly and toe, the handling seems a lot better, softer ride over smaller bumps, and less body roll - it steers a lot better too! They are progressive springs so have a soft part of their travel and a stiff part. Next job for me to sharpen it up a bit is to replace the front lower steering joint for about £100 in parts. The only downside to the eibachs is that front sits a bit lower, about 15-20mm, so the front aero spoilers under the bumper catch on my driveway. That said the front did sit too high visually before so it looks better now. The rear has a negligible drop but I think that's partly becuase my old springs had sagged over time, so compared to relatively new spring I imagine you'd get a 10-15mm drop on the rear. You can see in my signature picture below how mine looked before on M Sport springs, the driver's side was even lower at the rear. Good luck with it Mick.
  16. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax?

    I was the same a few years ago as there are so many products on the market. Adam who owns ADS is a friend of mine so i see all the products being made and bottled up so i can vouch for it being a good product! If you get stuck he is always willing to give advise on the facebook page. For me its ADS using, Purple grape snow foam, purple grape wash & gloss, bannana rims and hydro skin to seal. This is just for the basic maintenance washes. Detailing, orange wash for engine bay and door shuts, iron avenger to decontaminat the entire car, tarliminater for tar spots, blue med clay with lime lube, fruit glaze polish and luminos wax, mango skin for trims, rubbers and tyres.
  17. Hello I need some advice please regarding coolant leak seen on video clips below. 2 weeks ago I had misfire gave to mechanic who clearly ripped me off because he told me he change ignition coil which he did not. Computer said misfire on cylinder 3. So he changed the leads and I told him to change spark plugs at a cost of 280 pounds. Now the car is leaking coolant. I did a pressure test and saw a bit leak from thermostat even though I changed it 2 years ago. I installed a bmw one now and I thought problem fixed. Looks like it leaking from back of engine aswell. Please look at clip. I am worried that it could be head gasket . While I was doing this I also did the oil change front pads and disc and anti roll bar. The old oil looked ok but had abit of water effect on the oil maybe. Car does not misfire or never has over heated. Why did all happened after I got it back from repair with spark plug and lead repair. I hope I don't have to get read of the car as I just spend 500 pounds and now this on the m43 engine with only 62k miles and serviced every year
  18. New E46 Owner

    Read up about it on this forum ( years ago was the post) and found mine is stuck shut solid. Loads of wd 40 going on right now. Tried hitting it but nothing just yet. Mart.
  19. Kirkynut's own E46

    MOT passed. No advisories! Kirkynut
  20. New E46 Owner

    T Mod, you just pull the vacuum pipe off the diaphragm valve on exhaust with valve in. As you say it allows only one pipe to exit at idle for quieter exhaust, butvwhen you disconnect and block the vacuum pipe with a golf tee (Or use a suitable size screw and cable tie) providing the butterfly valve hasn’t corroded in the closed or partially open position then you get a. It fruitier sound on idle low revs etc
  21. Introduce yourself

    HI everyone just found and joined the site. My name in Chris im 36 and currently live in north Wales Ive had a few bm's in the past but bought an e46 320 m sport around 18 months ago and want to get more involved in shows & events as well as get some ideas on some modifications
  22. 330Ci M-sport Vert...Fitted rear springs & shocks front pads & roll bar bushes. Genuine rear springs dont seem to last as im on my 3rd set in 30,000 miles & 4.5 years which makes me unlucky in my book lol . When you guys fit these Eibach springs or similar do they last or do those buggers break as well?? My 330d SE Touring is now on 245,000 & only on its second set. The last time one broke though it snapped in the middle not the bottom & cor blimey did it go BANG!!! LOL. Ive done 180,000miles in it. Is it just the m-sports that suffer?
  23. E46zone stickers

    Hey.....Is the store still open? Looking to order some window stickers... Thanks
  24. Bilt Hamber Double Speed Wax?

    First wash using the two bucket system....Scrubbed up well! Looking forward to getting her detailed as definitely needs it.....was alot of resistance when drying. Should come up really well after a bit of TLC 😁
  25. Yeah no idea how this has happened. I always dread electrical issues for this very reason. Turns out I need a new Camshaft Sensor, at the side of the engine underneath the CCV tube. Any idea who makes the OEM sensors? All I see on ECP is HAAS and Delphi, the Delphi being £20 more. Rather get the proper sensor than some cheapy
  26. Fitting OEM LED Rear Lights

    My mate is a tech at Sytner so it was a Saturday morning mates rates job Not sure module it was....
  27. Where do you buy your service parts?

    I think it was 5w30, maybe. Mine's a 330d though, so not comparable
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