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  2. Introducing The A6

    No more red pinstripes!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! LOL
  3. Discs & Pads front and back , Two new front tyres.
  4. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Xenon headlights retrofitted last night Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
  5. Introducing The A6

    Hi all, so been quite a busy 2019 so far... Firstly I removed the bonnet stripes and red pin stripe on front and rear. I also fitted some Maxton Design side/rear skirts to help the over all look. And lastly I finally removed the DTUK box that was giving me major issues with it going into Limp mode and boost failure issues. But I've opted for a Stage one Software from MRC Scotland in Bonnybridge soon to be Falkirk. Now running 390ps (385bhp) and 810nm torque. Car is a completely different animal now! Pulls so well in all gears it's actually frighteningly quick now [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  6. 330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    This looks very clean mate, all the usual jobs/mods being done too, I like!!
  7. Will Style 32's fit a E36?

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  8. Last week
  9. I once fitted a stainless manifold to my old Honda Prelude - like-for-like swap, zero performance increase, just a different material. The main reason I bought it was that the old one had cracked, and the stainless version was several times cheaper than an original Honda mild steel version. I mentioned it on renewal and they nearly had a fit. At first they said they couldn't insure me at all, but after a load of hassle they eventually accepted it, but with a premium increase due to it now being a modified car. Never again. It's easy to assume 'nobody will notice', but the potential penalties are really quite severe if you're unlucky, and someone cares to look into it. For me it's not worth it, but each to their own!
  10. Stereo problems

    I just don't know where to start looking mate
  11. Stereo problems

    Yeah it's factory sat nav, I know the CD changer is in boot what else is in there to do with the stereo mate?
  12. I'm back with another E46

    Your car is awesome .I also soon plan to buy a new car and have not yet decided which exactly I want .In addition, I had to figure out how to protect the salon from the wool of my dogs, I have 3 of them and they are quite fluffy, but PetsTiger has become a great discovery for me and now my salon will not be in wool.
  13. Hello to all newbies.

    Hello everyone, I am a newbie and I am a fan of BMW
  14. E46 no heat

    Hello, can somebody please give me some kind of an idea, tried almost everything. Bought a BMW e46 330ci, there was no heat, the guy said it is because of the heater core. Read the forums, some suggested that it is the heater control valve. Started inspecting it, turns out there is no power to it, also all the insides of the heater valve are removed ( so it is always open?). But there is still no heat through those hoses, they arent even slightly warm. I've changed the heater core radiator (took some time ), bled the system but still nothing. I even tried changing the hoses coming from the heater core to the engine bay with each other. Engine temperature is always in the middle, not overheating or anything. Coolant level is OK. Hope I have given enough information for you zoners, looking forward to an answer. Really need heat, as it is pretty cold right now.
  15. 330i Sport Replacement Springs

    Basically what he said ⬆️ This may not be how the world works but in my opinion, upgrading the standard suspension is kind of a grey area regarding informing the insurance. As long as you’re not putting coil overs on or drastically changing the ride height of the car outside of manufacturer tolerances it’s just another brand of springs and shocks? Gold standard is to inform them though but once a scallywag always a scallywag!
  16. Understandable.. But tbh it's such a small change that i'd be amazed if anyone noticed! I have Pro Kit on mine (can't get the red coloured Sportlines on the 330d due to weight so Pro kit lowers as much as Sportlines on equivalent 330i). BMW themselves didn't even notice. The noticed the braided brake hoses! lol. Is it not worth a call to your insurer to ask if they even consider replacement springs a modification? Most don't as far as I know. If you fitted coilovers, then they class that as a modification (at least that's what Sainsbury's insurance told me when I asked).
  17. Correct on both counts. For me, it's not worth the risk of - technically - driving without insurance, or the hassle/cost of declaring a modification. It's easy to say "the difference is irrelevant", but if the worst came to the worst, I very much doubt that's how a court would view it. .
  18. Start from the side of the car and work backwards round the corner - the black trim does just prise off. The sensors in the bumper if you have an M Sport are just about accessible from underneath without having to remove the bumper but you'll probably need some superglue to re-attach the sensor frame to the back of the bumper if you, like me, ended up snapping them off.
  19. E46 Eonon d5150 screen not showing

    Try disconnecting the unit completely to let it reset - from a technical point of view it looks like the MCU is working as the reverse camera switching, display and sound is working, but the Android part of the thing isn't showing - it might need resetting, or you might have to / want to reseat the Android system board inside the unit.
  20. Adding a phone / bluetooth to an E46

    Parrot MKi9000 with Unika for steering wheel controls. Completely hidden and operated through steering wheel controls. There's probably something newer out there by now, but that seemed to work for me quite nicely back when I first got the car.
  21. Stereo problems

    The stereo is actually in the boot if you have factory navigation - the unit up front is just the display. Something is obviously wrong there if it's coming on without the screen connected - not sure if that's normal behaviour or not!
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  24. I'm assuming either he's scared of not declaring a modification, or the cost of having to declare it is prohibitive?
  25. 330i Sport Replacement Springs

    How is that even an issue ? Not getting you ?
  26. After a couple of thousand miles the grime will cover those part numbers..
  27. Thanks for the information MOMO, the issue with the Eibach springs/insurance isn't the colour, its the "Eibach" and part number printed on them! Cheers.
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