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  2. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    Thanks Daz for your help again. Did you have your arches rolled or pulled? Any links to some pictures? James
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  4. E46 Intermittent Boost issue

    Hi mate, does yours have the electronic swirl flap motor? Seen a few posts about it with the 330d similar symptoms.. people have been removing the plug on the flap motor and it seems to be curing it.
  5. Xenon ballast

    First pic is of new light. Second image is of old light. Notice the ballast socket on the second image. This is blanked off on the new one.
  6. Xenon ballast

    Hi, newbie here. Does anyone know if the ballast changed on the facelift between 2003-2005? I have an ‘03 330ci (facelift) with xenon headlamps, the inside of the headlamp came loose and so I purchased a xenon headlamp off a 2005 318ci. All looked well until I took the ballast off the old headlamp. The new unit doesn’t have the ballast socket in the usual place. Any ideas?! Cheers, Doug
  7. Thanks, will do that this weekend
  8. Acceleration problem e46 330cj

    If Manual sounds like a slipping clutch? Mine has done similar, Plan to replace clutch... I did have some hesitation last week, cleaned the MAF sensor and seems to have cured my woes at present, But id say check fault codes.... Could be camshaft sensor also??
  9. E46 Intermittent Boost issue

    Ive got exactly the same issue with a 330d. Two independant BMW specialists in Warrington have been unable to solve it. It had a split boost pipe and was de flapped on the same repair but since then this has been an issue. overtaking is an issue as the boost is not always there. has any one any ideas ?
  10. Air inlet valve

    Hi guys, I’ve recently removed and cleaned the EGR valve on my 2002 320d touring, which I know is a common problem. I followed a YouTube video and all was fine. I wanted to just spray another can of cleaner round the whole system though as it strikes me that I have now have one very clean bit in amongst the rest of the system which is presumably still filthy. My question is, where do I spray the contents in?? I’m no mechanic as you can probably tell and I can’t find any diagrams/tutorials online at all! Any help/pictures/idiot proof diagrams greatly appreciated!
  11. Maybe "hall sensor" on the door lock,take door panel off and check for breaks in wiring to door lock plug,and also Check contacts in the plug itself.may find earth contact has corroded?
  12. Good Morning, Has anyone had this issue before? My Drivers Window has stopped the auto drop & lift when opening and closing the door, It also does not register that the door is open on the information panel on the dash, which means the alarm doesn't arm but the door does lock from the remote. The window mech works fine and I've tried the reset up and down various times but it still does the same............. Thanks
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  14. Ive Lost My Service Book

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  15. Electrical Gremlin

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  16. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    I ran 8.5J fronts ET35 with a 235/35/19 and 9.5J rears ET45 with a 245/35/19 They were very close to arch, car was on Sportlines.
  17. Hi can anyone tell me if the codes I've got up mean a new dsc unit as well as the pressure sensors, or would the faulty unit throw up the sensor codes anyway?. I don't want to buy new sensors if it's just the unit knackered. 5E24 pressure sensors 5E21 pressure sensor 2 5E15 control module, internal 5E14 CAN connection to DME/DDE (dsc lamp on until ignition reset) 5E20 pressure sensor 1 Any help appreciated
  18. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    Gents Sorry for the late response but thanks very much for all your help with this. One final question, what is the maximum width of alloys plus offset that will fit on my E46 without any poke. Is it front 8.5" ET? and rear 9.5" ET45 and what tyre size would you go for with the Sportline springs being fitted? Thanks James
  19. Bmw e46 coupe convertible rear bumber diffuser must be in good condition close to Coventry as possible.
  20. Last week
  21. I bought my 320d a few weeks back now with the knowledge that it had a boost issue and a few other little niggles that’s needed sorting. The syptoms i am getting seem to vary every time I drive it. Mainly in first gear WOT I rarely get boost, and if I do it kicks in around 2200rpm. When I don’t get boost and shift into second, again WOT, I won’t get boost in second either until I lift an re apply. Sometimes happens when cruising along and I put my foot all the way down then again this can be cured by simply lifting off and re applying the accelerator. In the higher gears I can sometimes feel the boost dropping off during WOT and if I keep it planted I end up in limp mode, which is cured by flicking the key off and back on.. So far to try and solve this I have - - Blanked off the EGR - also tried the old EGR cleaned up before.. - Checked the vac lines for any leaks, have ordered some pipe to replace them all anyway it’s just bringing myself to remove the intake again. - replaced the electronic turbo actuator - replaced MAP sensor - unplugged maf sensor, I do have another maf but my understanding was that if it ran better without the maf then this was a clear indication that its faulty, which mine remains the same. - cleaned plug connectors The codes I am getting are 4191 - turbine control flap activation 3F00 - Charge air pressure signal 4521 - Charge air pressure control small turbo control deviation. After doing some runs I realised that the actual boost compared the the desired boost was way higher, at this point I swapped the turbo actuator and this seemed to come back into spec. But the air pressure seemed to be higher than desired all the time, except for idle. Im under the impression that the car has been remapped in the past as the desired boost Pressure is 2400mbar (35psi) rather than the standard 22psi (I think?) When the car is having a good day it’s great, holds boost well and shifts like it should. It’s still very drivable on its off days but like I said you have to come off and back on the throttle to see boost. My other half drives it round and tells me it’s fine and I don’t drive the car round flat out everywhere but I know this there is an issue so I’m constanly testing the car to try and narrow it down. Any advice would be appreciated as I’m pulling my hair out trying to find this problem and have got to the point where I’m chasing my tail a bit! A pic of the new work horse and older brother!
  22. one off leather?

    I have that interior in black,electric memory in my tourer.never seen in another touring with the same?anybody else got it?or is this really a rarity?
  23. Rain/Light sensor issues

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  24. It is amongst those who have owned both or driven both. But in the end it always comes down to sound. The 6cyl diesel sounds good (for a diesel) but the 6cyl Petrol sounds pretty darn good tbh! 230bhp for the petrol (max maybe 240bhp and ~240lb/ft after a few mods and remap) 204bhp for the diesel (easily mapped to 250bhp and ~380-400lb/ft without further mods. Add a decat/bigger intercooler/injectors/turbo and it'll see north of 330bhp and up towards 500lb/ft). Both without LSD's though.. 204bhp 330ds can be had for peanuts these days too (which is a shame for me.. lol). £1500-2k is all it can take. A nice/clean, low mileage one though (rare as rocking horse poo these days) will be closer to £4-5k. Similar to a 330i to be fair.
  25. Interesting. If this is a commonly held opinion, perhaps I should be searching for one of those as well! Cheers for the input
  26. E46 Vert - My Build Thread

    And the Mk4 GTi 180bhp I traded against the e46
  27. E46 Vert - My Build Thread

    So not much in the way of updates on the E46, currently working on the coolant system ( PITA ) but time and funds seriously limited at the minute. Recently found some pics of old projects, not all of them by any means, really wish I had been better at keeping pics over the years. Mk2 Golf Gti 16v, got her as a restored to original car in great condition added coils, poly bushes, uprated brakes on front MK4 on Rear, swapped out engine ( for a TSR Unit ) and detailed, and so so much more.... Had this car for about 8-9 years and would have her back tomorrow if I could find it. These pictures were taken just after the current owners brother bought her off me about 7 years ago.. have heard that he has pulled it out of the shed and started an engine rebuild, be nice to see her out and about again. Father and son Mk1 sportline project Bug eye WRX, awesome car just not really me nice to have ticked one off 944 2.7 Lux, another father son project Bought as a cheap daily, was at a price I couldn't leave behind but surprised my self how much I fell for this car Easily the most comfortable car I ever owned Bandit 650, my first proper bike Another I wish I had never let go, ZX6R couple of the dailys I had during the 5 years I lived in Cluj, Romania
  28. I can't supply a car, but I can answer your question - no! The 330d is (once mapped)..
  29. Hi all, My name's Jack and I make Youtube videos about fun/interesting affordable driver's cars. I'll attach a link to my latest video below. I'm currently in search of a clean example of a petrol, ideally manual E46 330 to feature in a video. The video would essentially ask the question "Is the E46 330 the best/cheapest way into a RWD driver's car?". I'd require 3 or so hours with the car on a weekend to capture lots of nice beauty shots, drive it a little, and perhaps also film a short Q&A with the owner on what it's like to live with (provided the owner is happy to be on camera). If you're an E46 owner based in the south of England and you'd potentially be interested in you and your car featuring in one of my videos, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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