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  2. This thread has been far too quiet for far too long....... over the coming months I should have some exciting updates to post though.... I'll just leave this here as a teaser... 🙂
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  4. I am starting to get really frustrated with this now lol i have changed the following parts all 4 coils and plugs both cam sensors VVT motor both timing solenoids It still idles poor on start up then you rev it a bit and it corrects its self I was recommended to change to the new timing chain tensioner and change the oil again but i stumped now
  5. Get the 330 mate. I had same thoughts years ago but I’m so glad I went with the 330. Imo such a decent car, mpg is great to, specially on motorways n dual carriageways.
  6. Well SWMBO has decided that her 330 vert has to go after 10 years as the suspension is too hard for her and we are not getting any younger. She has her eye on a Mercedes G class and we have a part ex offer but it seems low. So would the collective be able to give me an idea of a reasonable price, autotrader seems to go from dirt cheap to stupid in the pricing. She's a 2003 330ci, 75000 miles in silver with a navy roof and grey leather interior. We have a part service history with a full fluid swap and regular services whilst we have had her. Last year the head gasket was replaced along with the radiator, water pump, water pump pulley, belts, header tank, top and bottom radiator hoses, new oil cap, oil filter assembly seal, Disa cleaned and flap changed, ICV was cleaned, CCV system replaced, rear shocks replaced with upgraded top mounts and strengthening bars and finally the 2 inlet hoses have been changed. The bad bits are that the drivers seat bolster has some wear and could do with a repair, the wheels are desperate for a refurb and the brakes will probably need an overall in the next couple of years.
  7. It uses preferably outsourcing. It has a lot to offer, but there are also weak spots that should be considered. Outsourcing development is really difficult to manage but here https://headworks.io/blog/How-to-manage-outsourcing-development-team you can read tips and build your perfect team. And what do you like more in this area? I mean Android or iOS? I'd be grateful for your reviews.
  8. Yup, warm it up and put a plastic pry tool under there to get it out. Clean up and fit the new one.
  9. I need to change the bonnet badge as it’s loosing the coloured areas . Is it held down with double sided rape and a couple of locating pins? I cant see any screw holes underneath Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I was so tempted to do something similar Jason, the bhp from these big engine1 series' looks amazing, I'll have to get a test drive at some point! In a completely impromptu move, I've bought a Merc, it's a low mileage W204 - aka C280, 3.0 litre. Drives well, 234hp, but the upgrade mod scene is not as fun - I thought I could install a retrofit android unit. Turns out I either splash out a lot of money for a big 11" android - so I'm not going to bother.
  11. Fixed mine. While checking for boost leaks it turned out the actuator arm had come off.
  12. Voltage is good and the battery is also good, I have removed the crap from the front of the len`s so I wil;l see what it is like coming home from the late shift on Monday. Mart.
  13. Awaiting a reply to this?I have the same problem,car drives fine but turbo won't kick in.mine is E46, 2.0,5 speed,2003,facelift Motorsport
  14. Get it plugged in to INPA - it will tell you exactly what's wrong and not just code numbers.
  15. I know this has been bumped by a newbie so the discussion might not be entirely relevant any more, but reading through it seems as though December 2016 marked 12 months with my Android headunit. It's now May 2019, so I make that 3 and a bit years now with the Android unit, still working as well as it was the first day I got it.
  16. Dodgy battery / alternator? Check voltage when the lights are on and the engine is running.
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  18. **Update 16.5.2019** Here's a few photos of these OEM upgrades I got back in 2018 which I personally think has made the car look a lot better. Genuine BMW M3 Mirrors which came painted in sapphire black WINNING!! (Was not cheap to buy) Front view of both the M3 mirrors- I think this upgrade makes any e46s look a lot better then those ugly square looking dated mirrors (especially on the pre facelift models) Genuine E46 shark fin antenna that I found on ebay from a bloke in Poland that was breaking his 2004 e46 which also happened to be in sapphire black too! I managed to retrofit this to my car, nice little touch I think
  19. Driving home absolutely fine then sudden power loss and can't rev past 2k. No engine light, idle is fine, no smoke.... help!
  20. I am still waiting on new center caps but excitement got the better of me and i just had to get the wheels on today. Still needs settle a bit more and I think the front will benefit from a small spacer. While i was in there i cleaned and painted the caliper and dust shields but want to go back again another day and tidy up inside the arches more.
  21. Any thoughts on this please?? Mart.
  22. **14.5.2019** Ive been meaning to start one of these build threads ever since I bought this e46 back in 2015. Its now 2019 and I thought it's about time I get back into the car scene and upload the progress of the 330 and share it with you guys. I have much planned for this car over the next few months so keep an eye on this post! Anyway here's its first picture of the car to be posted on here and how it currently looks with a few OEM upgrades on it (more pictures to follow of those OEM upgrades) Comments welcome
  23. I think it's enough for android.
  24. Folks What fluids to you recommend for a 2003 318Ci manual gearbox and the differential? Also, how much do I require for each? As always, any help and advice is much appreciated. Many thanks James
  25. Folks Looking for some help please. My 2003 318Ci is due it's first service under my ownership and has a FBMWSH. I've done a quick search on here and it seems that a 5W-30 oil is the one to go for. What are you guys using and how much do I require? Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  26. hi kirkynut no i don't think i did lol , but the motor parts place sold me the wrong oil for the auto box so drain it out and put 4 litres of the correct oil in it , think i might still need to top it up as took it back out today and it was a bit better but when i plugged the laptop in and checked the error codes for the auto box it came up with , pressure controller eds 1 , pressure controller eds 2 , pressure controller eds 3 , pressure controller eds 4 and gear check 4 , i don't suppose you would happen to know what these mean at all , thanks for the help
  27. Ahhh Suf, sad times! I know exactly where you are coming from. Not sold mine yet, but it could well be this year - not driven it for a while and I'm now burning around in a c. 400bhp M140!
  28. Hey guys anyone have a pic of there calipers done in blue behind black wheels. going to clean up the wheel arches and paint the calipers when im fitting my new LM reps but cant decide weather i want red, yellow or blue, fond pics of the others but cant find any in in blue many thanks in advance.
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