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  2. A tidy looking Silver 2004 330ci vert with 139,000 miles on it only made £2420 on CCA in June, it was back up for sale on the E46 facebook page a few days after https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/events/2020-auctions/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cars/2004-bmw-330ci-e46-m-sport-convertible A 2008 M3 vert with 75,600 miles made £9680k on the same auction https://www.classiccarauctions.co.uk/events/2020-auctions/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cca-june-live-online-auction-2020/cars/2001-bmw-m3-e46-convertible-manual
  3. You can keep using your existing oil. If you think it's worth changing, then easiest to splash out on dealer oil. No guessing then. Identical oil without the BMW logo is just as good if you can work out which oil it is.
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  5. Hate to admit it but with in that condition and with those miles that 330Ci Clubsport will become a collectors car. Still doesn't change the fact they're CHAV AF!!! 😆🤣 E36's have been going up in value for a few years now.. E46's will start going back up soon. Once all the crap has been weeded out the few remaining ones in top condition will start going for crazy money. Remember only 10-15yrs ago you could get an E30 325i convertible for £1500! You'll be hard pressed to find a crappy one for less than £7k now. Just depends if you can hold on to it long enough..
  6. I'd ignore them all. Every Tom, D!ck and Harry seems to think E46s are worthless but if you look at the market they're still selling for strong money. An '02 Clubsport with 17k miles sold for £15k. A 330i Sport I was interested in buying (54k miles) sold for £5k. There's an '06 Imola 330Ci Sport on Autotrader up for £10.5k and it sold in 3 days. Look at the price of M3s, they've skyrocketed in the last couple of years despite the RACP (subframe) horror stories. I agree 100%. I have no desire to 'upgrade' to something newer (IMO inferior). The Clubsport I mentioned: http://www.appreciating-classics.com/car/bmw-330-clubsport/
  7. Email them mate. That's what I did and got more personalised recommendations. With mine being diesel and mapped they recommended slightly different.
  8. Thanks. It's a tiny tube, and on the atmosphere side of the throttle, so very low vacuum.
  9. Thanks. If I put my reg. into Opie Oils, it comes out with mostly automatic fluids ?
  10. I take no notice of facebook or traders, the 46 page too much of the time is dire, seems to be more bothered with M badges on non M cars than anything else. I had my car on PH for a while but only the same club offering half of what its advertised for, webuy offered more lol I shall keep it, i can't fault how it drives and is plenty quick enough if required. Still looks pretty good too and not dated so i'll save my cash, i was looking at SL Mercs but as much as i love the look they sound like they will empty your wallet in running costs
  11. There's your mistake - Facebook! lol. They expect to buy a car for 50% it's real value simply because it's free to list a car on the site. Put it on the trader or eBay and I bet you'll get what you want. Also remember traders want to make a profit so will offer you the lowest they can get away with.
  12. Being told by local traders and facebook 46 page how worthless a very tidy looked after low mileage car is makes you think they must be, i'll be keeping it for the foreseeable future, can't see the point in spending a ton of money on something that will do the same job just to be different.
  13. Strange. I've found people messing me around a lot more recently and they all seem to blame it on Covid. It's given them an excuse to become lazy. I'm like, do you not want my money then?!
  14. Morning matey! If you're giving it away I'll take it, haha.
  15. Schumacher


    So you can't get the seats to slide backwards and forward on the actual rails? Weird, usually they're plug and play. Make sure all cables in the loom are ok. Edited to add: seat diagrams here: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Coupe/Europe/323Ci-M52/may2000/browse/seats/ M3: http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E46-Coupe/Europe/M3-S54/browse/seats I'm pretty sure the wiring loom/harnesses are the same but check part numbers on above links.
  16. Cotton angel eyes might be your best bet then. Have a look at the difference between CCFL, SMD LED (the ugly ones) and cotton. Plenty of comparisons online.
  17. I still pop on from time to time, still have my vert even though i was looking to sell it (give it away)
  18. The filter is said to have a pressure regulator :https://www.car-parts24.com/Mahle-fuel-filter-with-pressure-regulator-for-BMW-E46-Z3 Extra air going in means incorrect fuel/air mixture and dust in engine.
  19. For the diff I used https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-737-castrol-syntrax-longlife-75w-90-fully-synthetic-car-gearbox-oil-formerly-saf-xo.aspx For the gearbox I used: https://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-981-fuchs-titan-sintofluid-sae-75w-80-synthetic-manual-transmission-fluid.aspx Not sure if mine being a diesel would make much difference? Worth asking Opie for a recommendation though..
  20. '02 330i Sport. Guys, Yesterday I replaced the rubber intake ducts and F-elbow. The smaller vacuum pipe from the F-elbow felt a bit loose, and sure enough when I gently pulled on it, it wasn't connected at the other end, just had the remains of a perished connector sleeve. I found where it connected under the car by moving the end around until I found the fuel filter behind a cover, again with the remains of a connector on it. What is the purpose of this pipe? Would a vacuum leak at that point in the induction system have had any effect on performance or economy? Thanks.
  21. Guys, I've currenty got the car on stands for a wheel re-furb. Seems a good opportunity to change the gearbox oil. What do people recommend? It's the 5-speed manual box. Always felt a bit rubbish, but I think that's just how they are. Also, is it worth changing the rear axle oil, and again if so, what's recommended? Thanks!
  22. Mkr64


    I will check the cable tomorrow and see if that is the culprit. Another question if anybody can help. I have just installed m3 electric sears in my 323 ci and the drivers side has 4 motors for adjustment, my original seat only had 3 motors and the wiring differs. Does anyone do an adaptor to sort as I've got most of the functions sorted but can't get the forward and backward movement to work Again thank you all
  23. Gave them a call and spoke to chiptunes son, seemed a bit iffy about the quote his dad gave me and told me to call back on the 10th. I managed to find some locks off ebay with a key and a local guy to rebuild them instead. Hopefully there will be no issues.
  24. Wicked, thank you! I'll have a look into them. I do like ice white and have those on my dipped but not high beams (something I'm going to change). I know what you mean about the individual LED's being visible, looks so unprofessional
  25. Depends on what colour temperature you want to match existing bulbs. LEDs will be brighter but I'm not a fan of the ones where individual LEDs are visible. I prefer CCFLs but there are plenty of kits available on eBay and they all do the same thing. If you're flush with cash there's the Umnitza Orion kits for around £200 or MStyle kits for half the price. https://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-3-series/e46-m3/lighting-bulb-upgrades/headlights-front-end-lighting-angel-eye-upgrades/superbright-led-angel-eye-kit-for-all-e46-with-projector-except-2dr-facelift-and-all-e36.html
  26. Schumacher


    Check the wiring. Sometimes loose pins can cause this. It cannot detect the K-Bus hence it displays 'disabled'.
  27. Schumacher


    Has the throttle cable ever been replaced? Over time they become stiffer and affect drivability. Also check for air leaks by running the engine and spraying carb cleaner near hoses etc and listen for rev drop/increase.
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