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  2. clubsport buying advice

    hi guys owned bmws all my life currently in a E60 525d m sport but fancy going back into a petrol and have my car up for sale ive been looking at 330 Ci clubsports would like to buy an Estoril blue facelift manual car next standard form with a decent service history and max 100,000 miles any advice on what to look for...iv read about vanos, rear axle bushes, I noticed the prices vary a lot starting from £2grand upwards what would you experts say is a fair price for what im looking for? and if you know of any that might be up for sale, or even a deal with my E60 then please send a PM thanks
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  4. Hi all. I’m Craig from Portsmouth. 46 year old, married dad of two. Had my blue 330ci for a little over a year now and done a lot to it, maintenance wise. I’m a Finance Manager but do pretty much everything on cars and have done forever. I love this car and plan to have it a long time and make it as mint as I can. Also run a Triumph TT600. Happy to be here and have used the forum a fair bit over the past year.
  5. PDC Fault

    Hi there I have a 3 series 320d touring with faulty parking sensors, just a long beep when initially engaged then stops! I’ve cleaned all the sensor faces and checked all connections but still no joy any advise or help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Brake bleed valve.

    That's what I feared. A last resort will be to take it off and try and drill it out at work and gently re-tap it out, but be prepared to buy a new item. Thanks again.

    Update, new crossclimate + tyres fitted to front (with conti sport 5p remaining at the back). Wheel alignment was miles off (10degrees on one of the wheels), front left and rear right. Got that sorted and car feels much better. The michelins are beasts, not as good as the best UHP tyres, but for any GT premium tyres, these things are fantastic. Still, this is a relatively slow car so i dont need the best performing tyres on it. I did start to push it quite a bit on sat. Nice car indeed. Steering is still not ideal on centre though. It is loose for a few degrees on either side before firming up. I need to get that sorted, it can be a pain on the motorway with always correcting on centre. Also, i have a bit of work to do with the yellow oil light that comes on during a cold start. will check the oil level etc. if it is dirty, i'll give it an oil change. So, steering, oil and i noticed a whine on cold start which wasnt there before. Looks like i may need to look into that.
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  9. Brake bleed valve.

    So long as it's not rusted on there you should be able to get it off with mole grips.. If it is, it's a new caliper i'm afraid.. Boooo!
  10. Smokey

    E46 petrol 1.8i,have replaced the ccv valve, drives perfect, but if driving a while, then in heavy traffic or sitting idling for a while, then smokey for a few miles when pulling away again. Once the smoke clears its grand. Any idea of what's up
  11. Brake bleed valve.

    Thanks momo. One of the rears is chewed up. If I can remove it, I will replace all four. It is an IF mind.
  12. Brake bleed valve.

    Not replaced them myself but last time I checked, I remember them all being the same size.
  13. Brake bleed valve.

    Rather than me call BMW on Monday, does anyone know if the bleed nipples on my E46 330 rear brake callipers are the same as the front. Various ebay sellers sell a four pack all of the same size, others sell a pair of each, but the images show them all looking the same.
  14. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    No James, arches weren’t rolled. It’s a pain in the ass these days to upload pics on here, Photobucket links don’t work. Pm me your email and I’ll fire some images over, I’ve dozens.
  15. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    Thanks Daz for your help again. Did you have your arches rolled or pulled? Any links to some pictures? James
  16. E46 Intermittent Boost issue

    Hi mate, does yours have the electronic swirl flap motor? Seen a few posts about it with the 330d similar symptoms.. people have been removing the plug on the flap motor and it seems to be curing it.
  17. Xenon ballast

    First pic is of new light. Second image is of old light. Notice the ballast socket on the second image. This is blanked off on the new one.
  18. Xenon ballast

    Hi, newbie here. Does anyone know if the ballast changed on the facelift between 2003-2005? I have an ‘03 330ci (facelift) with xenon headlamps, the inside of the headlamp came loose and so I purchased a xenon headlamp off a 2005 318ci. All looked well until I took the ballast off the old headlamp. The new unit doesn’t have the ballast socket in the usual place. Any ideas?! Cheers, Doug
  19. Acceleration problem e46 330cj

    If Manual sounds like a slipping clutch? Mine has done similar, Plan to replace clutch... I did have some hesitation last week, cleaned the MAF sensor and seems to have cured my woes at present, But id say check fault codes.... Could be camshaft sensor also??
  20. E46 Intermittent Boost issue

    Ive got exactly the same issue with a 330d. Two independant BMW specialists in Warrington have been unable to solve it. It had a split boost pipe and was de flapped on the same repair but since then this has been an issue. overtaking is an issue as the boost is not always there. has any one any ideas ?
  21. Air inlet valve

    Hi guys, I’ve recently removed and cleaned the EGR valve on my 2002 320d touring, which I know is a common problem. I followed a YouTube video and all was fine. I wanted to just spray another can of cleaner round the whole system though as it strikes me that I have now have one very clean bit in amongst the rest of the system which is presumably still filthy. My question is, where do I spray the contents in?? I’m no mechanic as you can probably tell and I can’t find any diagrams/tutorials online at all! Any help/pictures/idiot proof diagrams greatly appreciated!
  22. Maybe "hall sensor" on the door lock,take door panel off and check for breaks in wiring to door lock plug,and also Check contacts in the plug itself.may find earth contact has corroded?
  23. Good Morning, Has anyone had this issue before? My Drivers Window has stopped the auto drop & lift when opening and closing the door, It also does not register that the door is open on the information panel on the dash, which means the alarm doesn't arm but the door does lock from the remote. The window mech works fine and I've tried the reset up and down various times but it still does the same............. Thanks
  24. Ive Lost My Service Book

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  25. Electrical Gremlin

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  26. Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    I ran 8.5J fronts ET35 with a 235/35/19 and 9.5J rears ET45 with a 245/35/19 They were very close to arch, car was on Sportlines.
  27. Hi can anyone tell me if the codes I've got up mean a new dsc unit as well as the pressure sensors, or would the faulty unit throw up the sensor codes anyway?. I don't want to buy new sensors if it's just the unit knackered. 5E24 pressure sensors 5E21 pressure sensor 2 5E15 control module, internal 5E14 CAN connection to DME/DDE (dsc lamp on until ignition reset) 5E20 pressure sensor 1 Any help appreciated
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