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  2. Hi. Great info thanks. I've gone for the Active Autowerke level 2 kit with an air to air inter cooler. Been distracted by other things but finally got some time and I'm part way through the install right now. Most bits in place, just fighting with all the charge pipes as space is super tight getting out of the wing down to inter cooler and then back up same location into intake and manifold. I hear that heat soak is the enemy, especially on a track car! I'm planning to fit some additional sensors / gauges to keep an eye on things, maybe even a AFR gauge too. What kit are you running? Hows the results and how many miles have you put on it?
  3. I recently installed a 4 channel amp myself on my bmw e 46 convertible, im not a pro and dont have vast knowledge about audio installation but managed well and researched what i could. The installation went well, used the 4 rca outputs from my aftermarket headunit, have a good ground on bare metal etc, connected my sub up and sounded really good, everything fine no issues. So then I thought I may aswell amp the rear speakers too and done so but may have got the + and - on the amp confused and when i turned the car on the speaker i attached made an odd noise so turned off car immediately. Once i turned the car on no speakers worked, disconnected amp and no speakers work, amp works fine turns on sub works fine for the bass but no sound. Thought the speakers may have blown but re amped the speaker i did previously and it worked fine, so i am co fused as to what could have happened and how to fix it. Any help is appreciated. Thankyou
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  5. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oil-Cooler-Line-Disconnect-Tool-BMW-7263-by-Laser-New/133108971967?epid=22009523056&hash=item1efde9b9bf:g:Uk8AAOSwgn1dJvAh One of these. Kirkynut
  6. Hi I’m hoping someone can help here? I’ve recently Supercharged my M54B30 E46 with an ASA Supercharger kit from G Power, I’m happy with that but my car now drinks oil at the rate of about 1 lyre per 300 miles!!! Before the conversion I had got did if the CCV and fitted a PCV valve and oil consumption was about 1 litre per 2500 miles. I can’t run the PCV valve as it causes oil leaks, believe me I know ! So I run a catch can from the valve cover and feed the outlet from the catch can back into the pre supercharged inlet, there is watery gunk in the catch can but no residue in the outlet pipe, so I’m happy with that. There are no oil leaks from anywhere but the tail pipes are black so I’m positive it’s burning the oil as there is probably not enough vacuum to seal the rings. It’s a centrifugal blower so there is vacuum at lower revs and when not in boost - approx -ve 12psi on the boost gauge. Is there anything I can do or do I just chuck oil in it ?? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Cars looking great! Still not a fan of the black door mirrors.. But it makes more sense now. lol. Those front wheels look a little lost, worth spacing them out a little? Overall liking it a lot now though! Love the idea of the bike group! Keep it up!
  8. The Bike Mental Health group looks like a great idea. I've a few colleagues who'd be interested to set up something similar locally. I'll mention it to them. I had a 2002 Fazer from new but sold it when my mate threw his down the road in front of me during a ride out one day. I got into scooters just to find them dangerous things to ride until mine got written off by a car rear ending me at a roundabout. Your car's looking good and I really do like that rear spoiler! Kirkynut
  9. Cheers! I replaced a power steering pipe today - the one off the reservoir to the cooler attached to the radiator on the right side (UK passenger side). It was splitting I'd noticed when I'd put the jubilee clips on the two pipes off of the reservoir. It didn't seem to leak as such but was always moist, even after the jubilee clip was put on to replace the original crimp. It must therefore have been porous. I tried to get the push fitting off when I last worked on it but after an hour and a half of swearing and watching YouTube videos of no useful information at all I resigned myself to the fact that a specific tool is required and ordered it. With the tool the bugger comes straight off without a sniff of a fight! So pipe changed with no fluid lost or spilt due to cunningness. I've just got to get the front tyres swapped over as mentioned before and I'm pretty sure that really is it for a while! Now I've gone and done it most likely but really all the jobs to keep an E46 reliable have been done. Kirkynut
  10. Always enjoy your updates Kirky. Mine’s in for paint next week. Will have to update my thread.
  11. Here is one of the sensors The other has the number 7 787 142 12F3
  12. Does anyone know how to find out how high pressure a MAP sensor is built for? I have two different ones for a 330d M57tu. But would like to know which one can withstand the highest pressure. I have google the number on the sensors with no result...
  13. Got some work done the last few days. 6 new 535d injectors got in the engine. The manifold is in as well as the new turbo with downpipe. New i only need to do some small thing like mount sensors on the system and some service on the car. Then it can go and get testet before the remap. Cant wait... :-)
  14. Anyone in SE Kent, I need my abs ecu matched to my car as it is a replacement.
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  16. Well, now my rear pads and discs have bedded in and I can brake normally I'm so much happier with the car. The feeling through the brake pedal was ruining the driving experience more than I appreciated I think. I think I'd just got used to it being the norm as braking performance was not reduced, I just hated the feeling and knew it was not right. When I replaced the front discs with the Brembos I thought it improved but it must have been the placebo effect combined with wishful thinking as I really didn't think that the rear discs would cause that. So those Brembos were likely fine and I wasted money replacing them. You live and learn though and I'm sure that the ATE pads and discs on the front are better quality, albeit not so much I'd notice. I have read many times over Momo, that Pagid can be dusty but my experience is that it is marginal and I know that they perform well and don't do silly things like come un-bonded from their backing plates etc. I drove the Mrs Octavia vRS the day before yesterday and I'm getting used to the power now. It's still rapid as hell but as with all cars, you get used to the power and they're not as exciting. This makes me less inclined to spend money on getting something similar. I've had mine in manual mode and hooked up a few corners on a rural road nicely and I know how to keep momentum from years of driving underpowered cars. I'd love to have a car that I can squirt the throttle on the exit of a bend slide the rear out at will though! I can't afford an E46 M3 mind! So you may have guessed that I'm not flirting with the idea of changing my car any longer (for the moment). I did even find myself looking at coilovers on the internet last night but that's a silly idea and I haven't gone down that route because I know how impractical it would become and how I would regret it. Should the shocks go bad I'd just put some Billies on it. The front tyres need replacing but I thought about that when we sold the Mrs 325i and kept the only just legal rears when we replaced them with new Avons about 2 months before we sold it. I then got them put back on when we sold it and have the barely used ones in the shed, ready to go on mine. That was a cunning move as I'll have new front tyres for winter at only the cost of fitting and balancing, which is getting cheaper the more I become a regular customer at our local place with 3 cars and I've bought several sets of wheels from them now. I've had ideas run through my head like putting it into the body shop for a re-spray in a solid grey like on Audis or Focus ST's. It would need both rear arches replaced and a few dents removed to be like new. Then I remind myself of why 3 corners have small scuffs on them and how angry I'd be if I got it painted and then someone scuffed it when parked again, which they will. So I'll just enjoy it as it is, which is hard for a serial modder! I've a couple of ideas for small touches to individualise it though. Kirkynut
  17. Please sent me an E46 twin pipe 325i quote
  18. 4r6x

    New Wheels

    Nice rims. My wife has been looking at Pinterest and sent me this pic. Is there anyone here with this kind of Lexani rims?
  19. I wonder if it breaks the crap down can you leave one in there?
  20. I've since learned that Milton's Steralising Fluid (you know, the one used on babies bottles) is good for cleaning out the windscreen washer bottle.
  21. Hi ,I'm new to this so my apologies if its not done right.I have some lovely seats out of an M3[not sure of model] and I'm installing them into a 1970 mustang.I,m just not sure which wires power up the seat motors.I can't see anything resembling my colours on this forum. I,ll show some photos of what I have.If anyone could help,I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  22. OK that's cool, there are a million and one different rims I could go with..... but I want to just keep it original. The alloy wheel refurb shop told me these are quite rare as genuine items (which these are, with their BMW stamps and markings) apparently there are many fakes around. I'm happy with the car just how it is though.
  23. Lovely looking motor. I'd be looking for some different OEM rims, but that's just me
  24. Been a long while since I've been here so thought I'd say hello too. Good to hear the forum still being here. Been here now for over 11 years, where has the time gone!
  25. This is a log of work that's been done since purchasing her... Thermostat (waterpump, tensioners and viscous coupling checked, all seem recent, no play and very little wear). Cleaned and gummi pfledge'd all door and window seals, as well as boot, and bonnet seals. Removed, cleaned and resealed rear light clusters. New gaskets fitted too. Retrofitted boot opening switch near bonnet release handle (not the first time thankfully, did this on my sister's previous e46 too). Repaired rusty battery tray due to leaking battery, no corrosion on the outside, just surface rust inside which smelt horrible lol (left the car for a day or few to allow things to cure). Removed and cleaned the windscreen washer tank as it had residue from years of use. Cleaned drain channels on both sides of the windscreen, near the bonnet hinges (resembled mini epping forest). Fixed drivers side kidney grill. Cleaned exhaust tips (chrome, thinking it's a 330Ci exhaust as I can see the familiar vacuum pipe going to a valve, it's 2 pipes from front to back of the car, and it sounds like a 330Ci, deep exhaust note when cruising around). I'm sure there's more but I'll add to it when I remember. Upcoming stuff : Fit Aux In via Business CD player from a 2004 e46 arriving today, and bmw aux in cable ordered from Germany directly arriving next week as there's none left in the UK at all. Interior sterilisation clean soon. On the lookout for a set of oem xenon headlight units. Fix passenger side door lock (won't open remotely, has to be done from the inside, suspect something worn inside the mechanism. Reseal boot lid rear light clusters (new gaskets already purchased) Detailed deep clean on the outside of the car. Possibly looking at BBS LM's staggered fitment but we'll see when funds allow lol.
  26. So the title of this blog has a story behind it. Since 2003 my mum has owned an E39 525i SE. In addition to only 2 garages trusted to working on it, I have also worked on it since I was young and hence my E46 is a familiar face due to having the same beautiful M54B25 engine, gearbox and many mechanicals. Her car has done many miles and with only common faults to repair for example ABS pump, cooling system refresh at around 100k, it has been a truly brilliant car to my mum. Pic of that motor after a detail and ceramic coat by HyperGloss Precision Detailing (or Darren as I know him lol, absolutely star bloke and reasonably priced).
  27. Where to begin lol. Had a Mercedes W202 C250TD for almost 5 years but had to sell her due to the sodding London ULEZ (f*ck you Sadick khan lol). Thus was sold to the owner of the Mercedes-Benz independent I used for all the work on it, so she'd still in good hands... And with the money and effort I put into her, thank god lol. Then I had a heavily mapped Audi A3 which was reliable, deceptively fast, but so boring to drive... Sold that in May this year. Next was a Golf Mk5 TDi which I'll gloss over, in short it almost got me killed and the dealer wouldn't accept full responsibility for it although the fault was proven to be present when I bought the car...this car literally broke me and has left me with anxiety... An issue I'd Never ever had in my life until this motor. Court case pending. Next was a manual E90 325i SE, N52B25... Which from the first time I drove it after the dealer dropped it off to me (I work shifts so I couldn't collect it that week), I knew something wasn't right, you know? I had a very brief test drive and concentrated on the mid to upper rev range. Seemed to drive ok... However when I took it for a spin the evening of the day he'd dropped it off, it hesitated badly at low revs. I'm talking almost conking out at 60mph in 6th gear when I applied a bit of throttle. After weeks of issues and me using my Honda Civic due to no longer driving or trusting the E90, I had the codes read by a reputable BMW independent local to me. The codes that the car displayed were all VANOS and timing related. The fact that they were all timing and VANOS codes and my knowledge of BMW engines meant I knew this problem would be expensive, and was present at the time of purchase hence the hesitation at low rpms when I drove it on the evening of the day it was delivered to me. This was the last straw. I called the dealer in despair and after a long conversation, the dealer agreed to come and collect the car and repair it. He came and took it for a few days, had his garage place fit 2 new vanos things & inlet + exhaust cam position sensors. He returned it the following week, but I still wasn't happy with it though after driving it. I started it up as I wasn't home when he'd dropped it off to my home. I let it sit idling for a minute or so and took it for a mile long drive, I didn't take it out for any longer than that as I had food cooking in the kitchen so couldn't leave it unattended. When I came back and parked up it was clearly apparent that the idle was not stable at all. I took a video of the engine and the car inside. The revs on the rev counter seemed stable however the idle was not stable. It was anything but. I said out loud to myself, 'that's it, you're gone!'. I used the car that night after speaking to the dealer and agreeing to see him the next day day about this issue. I went to my friend's birthday that night in Clapham and we looked on Autotrader, and saw the dealer had an E46 coupe for sale. I text the dealer and and told him I'd be giving the E90 back that next day day and I wanted to purchase the E46 and pay the difference. He said he was happy with this and I saw him the next day. The next day I saw him and told him I still wasn't happy with the car and also the clutch was starting to hurt my knee again. I took the E46 for a drive and I had a look around it properly. I spotted issues with the car and this helped me bring the price down to £2,300. As I had put mileage on the E90 (3k, I commute far and work shifts) and he had spent money fixing the E90, we agreed I would pay a small price difference. That very evening of 11th August, I was the proud owner of an E46 325ci in Black. It wasn't until I posted up on the 5 Series forum that are frequent about me selling the E90 issues I had with it, that members told me about the very bad problems with the n52 engines. Anyway, now the owner of the E46, that's where the work begins lol.
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