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  2. Can use a slipring from a X5 that comes with the heated wheel function as the one i need to connect my positive and negative wires for gear shifters?
  3. Good afternoon all, I’ve done a few searches but I can’t find a thread that answers my specific query, so here goes. I hope you can help. i recently bought a 1999 E46 330d touring which has the BMW monitor 4x3 screen head unit with analogue tv and cassette player (photo attached!). The car doesn’t have nav and I don’t really need to add it to be honest. What I would like to do is upgrade to the larger screen head unit from later e46 models so that I can play cds etc. I have seen these advertised fairly cheaply with boot mounted cd changers and dvd drives for the sat nav, my question is the degree of plug and play that making this upgrade involves, is the wiring likely to be there in the boot for the changer? Is the head unit going to work straight away without additional looms etc? I have no interest in aftermarket units, I just want the larger screen bmw unit and could do with some advice as to how to make the swap. thanks in advance!
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  5. I use the predator blood looking stuff from Halfords. Had the car 11 years now and cleaned out the filters twice in that time. Not bad! lol
  6. A quality product is the key to success. I love when a product is not only high-quality, but also interesting and vibrant. I recently ordered antique world map canvas from Texelprintstore.com. I was pleasantly surprised. It is very nice when the seller takes care of the buyer.
  7. I've been using Halfords Berry smelling screen wash but none of them seem to have anything to stop mould or bacteria growing in the coolant. I'm sure they used to. That's where my tiny drop of bleach came in. Kirkynut
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  9. I also have a e46 and am currently at a stand still in my project . There’s not much support for these swaps so do lots of research i have the m60 motor mounted on the car but do not know what to do in terms of wiring and ecu if anyone can help please do. Good luck on your build!
  10. i found using the blue stuff from asda etc blocked up the filter. Mart.
  11. Old topic, but maybe relavent with latest emission zones... Realoem states consider fitting dpf In place of cat for the e46 320. "Consider the customer and the environment, install a retrofit diesel particulate filter instead of a replacement precatalyst! For additional information see HG18 FG10" also there is an unregulated dpf for eu3 engines listed below it.
  12. for diy user,i recommend Vident iLink400 scanner http://www.obd360.com/wholesale/vident-ilink400full-system-single-make-scan-tool.html
  13. Yeah, I only pop a drop in as I was worried about how it might effect the paint. Kirkynut
  14. That's good it was a simple solution but not the easiest to find by the sounds of it! Kirkynut
  15. kirkynut


    Use an image hosting website like Imgur. Upload your picture to it and copy the BBCode from it. Then paste that into the post where you want the image to appear and it will when you save/submit the post. Kirkynut
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    hi can any one tell me how i put pics of my car on the e46 forum
  17. Got everything for the 330 now and we'll be on the ramp i guess for a good couple of hours doing the cooling system refresh, also going to do an engine oil change along with the diff oil I cant post anymore photos as i've reached the max allowance ?
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  19. Hello, I have a 2002 330ci model which has about 145,000 miles on the clock. Recently it has developed a knocking noise coming from the engine. It’s loud as soon as you start the car up for 2 seconds maybe, then it quietens down as you drive it. If you’ve been driving for a while then it gets louder, and then quieter, it’s like the noise has a mind of its own. The car drives absolutely fine, no warning lights on the dash or anything else at all. Has anyone come across this before. I took it to my local garage who said that it’s terminal, completely devastated so I am trying to get it into a BMW expert. But any advice or anything would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 😊 Jessica
  20. Can you advise on what you searched for in Ebay for this as my eml is on also and thought this may be due to clutch slipping however read this should not be the case. I would love to self diagnose as you did as works out way cheaper cheers!
  21. Hi the solution to these was an earth location under the carpet in front footwell. I simply tightened up the screw and normal service was resumed.
  22. I've found these on ebay UK. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAINLESS-DE-CAT-DECAT-EXHAUST-MANIFOLD-PAIR-FOR-BMW-3-SERIES-E46-323-325-328/182649888319?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 They are specifically for RHD models. I am wondering if anyone on here has tried them or similar for road use in the UK? What is the likelyhood of the car failing an MOT on emissions with them fitted and the chances of the Emissions light coming on with them fitted. Cheers, John.
  23. Just an update, during last week all electrics in the hard top started working as they should do ......dont know why but happy days Mart.
  24. No problem, i just wanted to change it as i'm reading they fail so just playing safe
  25. I'd say those wheels are plentiful and there's few replicas around these days. Kirkynut
  26. I replaced the tensioner with a mechanical one, which the original one was. I've never rebuilt a brake caliper and would rather leave that to a professional. I'm sure I could do it but it's just one of those jobs that you can't afford to mess up. If you replace one caliper, replace both on that axle though. Kirkynut
  27. Sorry, I realised that you were talking about the pulley and not the impeller after posting and edited it immediately but you beat my edit. What's wrong with the plastic pulley. Once you have had it off once and didn't break it, pop grease where it mounts and it will always come off ok again. I've done a few now without issue. Kirkynut
  28. I know hence i'm looking for options to replace the pulley other than the aluminium one i've found
  29. The pulley doesn't come with the pump though. Kirkynut
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