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Andy G

My Oxford green 330d M sport touring

This was my winter hack however it has so far proved to be a superb car regardless of what I used it for, achieves over 50,pg on my regular runs to work and you feel kinda cosseted as well as it has a full heated nappa interior with extended leather door cards and door pulls. Folding mirrors, ski bag and although slightly rough isn't too bad. Manual as well and it so nice to use.

I gave it a going over with my new toy, polisher from slims and it came up a treat, the green is really nice, deep colour with a slight change to it when the light hits it. Rusty front wing though which i a shame 2 previous owners and the one before me had it for 10 years, paint had suffered though but rectified much of that. Just need to reseat the bumpers as they have either sagged or moved (probably following a small bump at some time). The first 6 images are as of this weekend, the previous 4 were just after I bought it. It was a rash on the spot decision to buy it, Saw it, decided to buy it, deposit over the phone and went and collected the following day sport of thing, a gamble admittadley but sometimes you just have to.

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