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  4. 320d downpipe

    Thanks for the update Will get my mate to fit my one he did the turbo last year so knows what hes in for lol
  5. gearbox oil change

    ...apologies for reviving an old thread, but interested to know if you successfully completed your gearbox oil change? I have the same 6 speed box and attempted to undo the the fill plug this earlier week, without luck, as it is seized. The plug face is a smooth sided disc, about 22mm diameter, with an 8mm allen/hex socket in the centre. I could feel the socket rounding so stopped applying pressure. Is there a knack to loosening these plugs? (I did soak the plug with penetrating spray a couple of times beforehand.)
  6. Last week
  7. 320d downpipe

    ...covered 40+ miles today and all is well with the new downpipe. Can hear the turbo spooling up more clearly with this pipe, also noticed a very slight improvement in performance - I guess the engine can 'exhale' easier without the sooted up dpf in the way! Still bugged by the loss of downpipe support/stabilising brackets, so will look at fabricating a hanger/bushing type component to give extra support to the exhaust (just for my own peace of mind).
  8. Benji's 325Ci progress thread

    Time for a decent update. Back in August I carried out the annual service, this year it consisted of an oil filter, gearbox and diff oil as well as a full coolant flush. The coolant flush was well overdue anyway but I decided to change the water pump as the same time to one with an upgraded metal impeller from Meyle. Taking out the old one revealed there was a lot of play in it and was probably living on borrowed time. It also revealed itself as the horrible noise I had been chasing for ages from the engine at idle. I also had to replace the driver door lock as it was not unlocking on the key, but fortunately you can get good ones on eBay for £30. I tried soaking it in WD40 and silicone spray for a while to see if I could free it up that way but had no success. Then I tried my hand at leather restoration on my gear lever using the furniture clinic kit the results were fantastic, but says to leave 24 hours before using (which I did) and soon after using it all the dye rubbed away. Maybe I needed to leave it a little longer. Next I got round to fitting my new centre console, the old one was letting down the interior since I had the gear lever gaiter and surround improved and a brand new sliding compartment. Then, a few weeks back, I decided to tackle a shark fin delete, which was surprisingly easy, but does require patience. If I was to do it again i would double layer some masking tape around the outline to be safe, but I wouldn't say it was necessary. To start off with I began cutting away as much of the rubber as I could, to give me some levering room, I've read that you want to lever it front to back rather than side to side to avoid denting the roof. Then I proceeded with my heat gun, just trying to rock the fin back enough to get my squeegee underneath it. Once I did, I needed a microfibre/terry cloth to put under the squeegee so you can start really lifting up the fin. At the point where I could get my fingers underneath it, it was time to keep alternating between heating the glue and cutting it. Once it starts to go it becomes really easy, at which point it comes straight off and just needs a bit of glue remover and polish. The wire pulls out between the bead and the body and goes through a grommet under the bootlid on the left going into the wheelarch. I just cut it off and told myself I'd finish it properly one day but I've honestly forgot. Finally I purchased some new Magnetti Marelli headlights as I decided to go back to full OEM (which let's be honest is always best) and popped in some Phillips Whitevision headlight bulbs and silver indicators. I also got some SSDD M3 style wing mirrors with an electric fold switch. I plan to code them to operate on lock/unlock one day. To capture all the magnificence I went out with my amateur photographer / fellow car person / good friend on Sunday to get some pictures. On the journey there I was ovetaken by a Clubsport on the A23 (Might've still been on the M25). Reg was something like "A4 ALX" that's no-one on here is it? We were looking for somewhere with a nice rolling countryside as a backdrop but there was nowhere to pull over really so we had to improvise. I think we did OK... Thanks for reading, comments of course welcome
  9. Treated the Vert to a new battery as the old one was showing signs "old age" .....aren't we all lol. 330d now on 234,000 is in for a xmas treat soon as its in for coolant & brake fluid change. New front wheel bearings/new disc shields & new rear bushes. Also getting 2 punctures fixed on the spare "winters". If that fails then ive gotta buy some bloomin more!
  10. E46 by Mazi

    Nicely done [emoji106] I have some lovely brakes that will be great on this. Open to offers out of eBay too mate [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Introducing The A6

    Hi everyone, not updated in a while due to work and family commitments but I've made a few changes recently! A couple of day's ago I set about de-cluttering up the car a bit! Removed several decals and one of the red pinstripes on the rear valance, I also removed the red tyre writing. I then fitted a very subtle roof spoiler! Colour match and fitment were spot on! I also fitted some Genuine Puddle lights and a new set of Audi Mats as old ones were a little tired. Anyways I'll let the pics do the talking! Thanks for looking [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  12. 330D Auto Tuning?

    just search hidden menu on this site in search on right upper of is a way of getting into your water temp test and loads of other tests..
  13. It's chav-tastic... (But so fun at the same time)
  14. 330D Auto Tuning?

    I'm pretty sure its a 184, Where and what is the hidden menu test?
  15. 330D Auto Tuning?

    184 or 204 bhp..and the auto is capable of being mapped to around 240-250 bhp pretty safely..the 184 bhp car maybe 220 bhp..have a look at ypur rev counter,,wheer does the red line start,,ie 184=4.5k and the 204=5k revs red line..also see if its got an egr will also have and egr cooler if it has the stat,,and it will be a euro4 car,i have a 53 plate facelift 204 bhp model but is a euro 3 without the stat and cooler.also do a hidden menu temp test,see if it reaches over 90 degrees,if not the stats will need changed ie main and egr if its got one..
  16. What Have You Done To Your Car Today? Volume 2

    Called car disposal because got make way for new car. R.I.P 320d going away Tuesday.
  17. 330D Auto Tuning?

    I've just bought my 1st 330d, Its a 2003 M-Sport Auto and I love it, theres a few specs of rust to be sorted out but I'll sort that in the new year, I've had petrol turbo cars in the past and I'm keen to here the snail spooling up so I'll be ditching the cat pipe and back box. My question is has anyone here had any dramas with remapping an Auto? I hate EGR valves and I'll be getting it mapped out so I might as well squeeze a few more smelly oily ponies out of the lump while I'm there.
  18. 320d downpipe

    Finally got around to fitting this pipe. Took me a long, long time (car on axle stands). A few tips: 1. I had to cut the three bolts holding the front to rear connection. Angle grinder with a metal cutting disc - reason being 13+ years exposure to the elements meant I couldn't get the rusty nuts/bolts free. Fortunately the bolt size is standard off the shelf in my local motor factors. 2. The left hand nut holding the downpipe at the turbo end is difficult to get on. Thread extension bars up over the dpf, with a universal joint and three inch extension before the 15mm socket. Took me several goes (and lots of head scratching). Also difficult to apply enough torque to get the nut turning. 3. To get on to the right hand bolt at the turbo is difficult too, as access is restricted. I unbolted the steering rack (2 bolts/nuts) then nudged in forward and sideways - this gives enough space to get at the second nut, as the steering column is budged a bit to the right. 4. Make sure you are in the possession of a specialist 22mm oxygen sensor socket. I didn't know they existed until halfway thru this job and I don't own one! So I had to take off all of the upper engine covers in order to locate the oxygen/lambda sensor wiring harness, which is at the the rear of the intake manifold and about 150mm down behind. Disconnecting the harness was a pig, due to the tight (one handed) access. Oxygen sensor sockets are around a fiver on ebay. 5. After the downpipe had been secured, I replaced all covers above and below then lowered the car. On starting the engine noticed a horrible loud vibrating sound at idle. Raised the car again, and inspected underneath. Could feel the top side of the downpipe was tight against one of the exhaust heat shields. Took some tin snips to the shield in situ, trimmed back enough aluminium shield to give the downpipe 20mm clearance. This cured the vibrating sound. Driven a short distance this evening, not enough to form a real test. Will update here once a good few miles have been covered with the decat downpipe. One item that concerns me is that the original downpipe has two support/stabilising brackets, meanwhile the decat pipe doesn't have any support bracket fixing points .
  19. E46 by Mazi

    Lovely job!
  20. Oh come on Joe, yours sounds the tits mate, by far the best diesel note I've heard to date!
  21. Sent my spare key off to get a new battery fitted as it doesn't open or shut the locks, they also test fix any other faults
  22. is a guide on here to remove all the pipe work,and i mean all of it.
  23. E46 by Mazi

    I like to show you my small story with it on the pic's:) Vehicle information ======================================== VIN: WBAAV12050AZ91857 Type code: AV12 Model: 320I (EUR) E-F-R series: E46 4 Series: 3 Type: LIM Steering: RL Doors: 4 Engine: M54 Displacement: 2.20 Power: 125 (170 hp) Drive: HECK Transmission: MECH Paint code: 317 - ORIENTBLAU METALLIC Upholstery code: E3AT - STOFF FLOCK RAUT 2001-04-27 S249 Multifunction f steering wheel S255 Sports leather steering wheel S279 BMW light-alloy wheel star spokes 45 S302 Alarm system S358 Climate comfort windscreen S411 Window lifts,electric,front/rear S428 Warning triangle and first aid kit S431 Interior rear-view mirror with auto dip S434 Interior surface aluminium S441 Smoker package S459 El. front seat adjustment w. memory S470 Isofix-System S473 Armrest front S508 Park Distance Control (PDC) S520 Fog lights S534 Automatic air conditioning S550 On-board computer S662 Radio BMW Business CD S692 Preparation, BMW 6-CD changer I-bus S785 White direction indicator lights L812 NATIONAL VERSION GREAT BRITAIN S832 Battery in luggage compartment S850 Additional Export tank filling S853 Language version, English S863 Dealer List Europe S877 Omission of non-combined operation S880 Operating instructions, English That was a first day Time for some Mods Before cleaning... And After Something going on ... A lot better Time for some wheels +++ + But All black was not to good for me then .... was a lot better speakers for it Mor and more Another one More mods How was before And after Just to try how its looks with orange But i dont like it more more more New radio and amp Looks soo good She was waiting for that to long Black Hella BONUS And new wheels Cleaning time ... But some dents and rust .... was so bad But .... A lot better And how its now
  24. Introduce yourself

    I like to say Hello to every one My name is Damian and i'm from Poland From 9 Years i live in London and from January i got my Own BMW
  25. yeah it's a genuine one, but it was years ago when i replaced it. i replaced the main stat at the same time. seems as though it's taking a little longer to warm up than it did last year, so i'm guessing the egr stat is getting a bit tired again. can't see the point of cooling the egr pipe, as there isn't any exhaust gas flowing through it anymore. hence i'm thinking about blocking up the coolant hose rather than forking out for a new egr stat again.
  26. what brand of egr stat dod you have,coz if it aint a bmw genuine one,then it will fail ..been discussed loads,and im pretty sure you have to get all the pipe work off and blank it both ends.
  27. hi, suspect that my egr stat might be on the way out again. rather than buying a new stat, could i just permanently block the coolant hose which connects to the stat instead? i.e. it would be as though the egr stat remains full closed all the time. my egr valve is disconnected, blanked off and mapped out anyway, so presumably the egr stat is no longer serving any useful function? tia.
  28. it's done, dude, but why you waste your time with researches. I understand, that it's very important to you to do it by yourself, but the otherside there are a lot of professional services for it, like you just order here everything, that you want and can use your time in really needed things and that's all. i really advice you to use it. good luck!
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