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  2. Brads E46 M3

    Hated the knob once fitted so.... So as usual eBay strikes again for a bargain. Found a titanium stormworks gear knob, gaiter ring and handbrake with button for a great price. Must have been fate as they never usually comes up. Got it at about a 3rd of the price which I'm over the moon at. Now need to decide whether I get the paddles to match.... Also can get hold of a Csl replica bumper. Mine needs replacing as it's cracked on the bottom and really spoils the front, and front bumpers are becoming hard to get hold of for a good price. What do people think ?
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  4. CJColl1986

    So The Trim Before, Try And Notice... The Scratched Gear Surround The Missing Paint On The Bottom Of The Steering Wheel Passanger Trim Is Very Nope And Nice And New After..
  5. Estoril blue Saloon.

    So,   Just ordered a set of coilovers for this along with 15mm spacers all round, Should look a little better!
  6. No no - I thought the wheel shake was due to a weight. The deformation is what caused the shake (which was poor maintenance on my part). I wish I could blame it on a weight though!
  7. Introduce yourself

    Hi folks, I'm Matthew in Southport and have recently bought a 2003 325i auto saloon.  No plans to modify it or anything like that. 
  8. CJColl1986

    Look What Just Turned Up Finnaly Can Sought Out The Dodgey Trim Will Upload Before And Afters Later On
  9. CJColl1986

    Finnaly My Factory Air Box And New Filter Turned Up So No More Gay Pink Air Filter
  10. CJColl1986

    I Got Mine From BMW (new old stock) But Cost £60.00 You Can Get Them From Euro Car Parts, I've Put The Links For You Just Remember To Use Discount Code " CRAZY70"
  11. M47N block swap

    Hello guys, This is a hit and run type of question, as I don't usually repair BMW but only seek an answer to a question: Im working on an M47TUD20 that ate the swirl flaps, with a broken piston and scratched engine block. Its a M47N 2004 EURO4, I found a block M47N 2001 EURO3 that could possibly substitude it. Anyone here have an idea if the the commonrail system and cylinder head will fit this block? Pistons have the same art. number and to me the rest seems to be the same. Also the head gasket is devided into how many holes it have, and im in doubt. To me the EURO classification only goes as far as one being VP44 vs. commonrail, the swirl flaps, turbo VGT, and DPF. Am I right in my assumption? Thank you in advance for any advice that might be helpfull. Kind regards
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  13. CJColl1986

    Hi where did you get these inner lights from? If you dont mind me asking
  14. Brads E46 M3

    So the knob looks like the below. I've not wired it up yet but I'm really not sure if I'm keep. Thinking of selling and just going stormworks.
  15. Wow!!! What a difference a weight makes! 
  16. It was bad. All because I had to replace my rear tyres, which had got bad. Really bad. I'm not proud of myself (but the bits I can see with a lowered car did look OK in my weak defense...) The massive deformation would explain my extreme wheel shake (I assumed a weight weight had fallen off).
  17. Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Quick update from the weekend! Got my double din head unit fitted (big win!) by the guys at Polimax. Really liking their service. Nice to have my Bluetooth connected now too - so useful as a handsfree and also to play music via Spotify. Also (last weekend) managed to get rid of the horrible red on most of my plastic trims - pics to follow. Some strong thinner worked on the main panels. Had a go at wrapping the steering wheel and heater panel but the heat last week turned an okay job into a pretty bad one! So getting that redone when I have more time. Finally, callipers painted! Gone for the yellow which I'm loving! Thanks to Daz for opening my eyes to the idea! Side note: was at Brands Hatch for Tunerfest today, amazing day out! Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  18. 330i Touring Fuel Consumption

    Thanks guys. I do mostly urban driving and at most will get 260 miles out of a tank. I don't drive it too hard, mainly due to how much petrol it's using, but if I do push it that can go down to 220 miles.    Might be worth getting another garage to look at it. 
  19. Rare car no info

    So where is this turbo?
  20. Glove Box Not Opening

    I have just solved this problem with a little help from a post on YouTube. The BMW mechanics who look after the car said it couldn’t be fixed and would have to be broken into and a new lock installed. The glove box was locked and would not open - I suspect because a crash repairer had tried to open it while it was in the valet position. But this worked: 1. Make sure the key is in the vertical position. 2. Lie on the floor of the passenger side with your head towards the engine looking up at the underside of the glove box. You’ll need a torch and a flat head screwdriver. 3. Pull the latch down so you can see behind it  4. You will see to the left, in behind the latch, a white lug, or catch or something similar. 5. Slide the screwdriver in beside the white lug and either press on it or wiggle it or move it side to side. You don’t need much pressure. 6. The glove box should spring open. The latch should then work either manually or with the key but make sure it does before you shut it again. When you open the car with the remote control always press the button twice. The first time unlocks the driver’s door and the second time unlocks the passenger door, boot and glove box. I’m not going to risk locking the glove box again. It was a complicated, frustrating exercise.     
  21. Last week
  22. So, I know this is a lifelong debate & although I have searched for the answer to my question all the posts I could find are years old & as we all know things move on quickly. So i can't decide on sportline springs or coilovers. It's for my saloon, which has standard MV2 with standard size tyres which I will be keeping but adding 15mm spacers to widen it out a little. If I choose the coilovers route I will set them To desired height and leave them but i don't want too loose the comfort of the car and end up feeling like I'm 17 again driving my first Clio scraping along the floor. So that's why I was considering the sportline springs, but my issue with that is that the car has done 150,000 miles so will need the shocks & top mounts replacing also so will work out lots more expensive than coilovers! Does anyone have recommendations for sub £200 coilovers that are decent & don't ruin how the E46 drives & handles ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. My car today decided to open all its windows and not respond to my key!😡😡   Tried this an it worked a treat! Thanks for the Erie up!😁👍🏻
  24. M sport mesh grille removal?

    Yeah thats what I did. saves taking the front bumper off.  Or use the heat gun method both work.
  25. Reverse light fix

    Noticed not so long ago that my reversing lights where inop, so today I set about sorting problem. Out came the tools, stripped the inside of boot lid down, checked all wiring/ connectors all seems ok but still not working. So after a lot of blonde head scratching an idea came to me............. ............... check the fuse why don't you. 30 seconds later lights fixed!!!! There's a morale to this story somewhere[emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Split air hose

    Get yourself a length of fuel hose and use that to connect one end to other. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Split air hose

    We've had an occasional recurring misfire on cylinder 2&5 on a 330 vert. I put 2 new coil packs as we had one go 3 years ago thinking it was the same issue but it's not solved it. So after a browse on here I started looking for split hoses on the air intake. A nice big split on the post mag hose and a smaller hose underneath that has sheared off Any ideas what the small one does ? Also apart from BMW can anyone suggest a supplier for them ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. CJColl1986

    And Now On To The Rear Inner Boot Lid Lights Oh So Foggy... Well Shiney Time Mahoosive Improvement I Think
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