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  2. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    ......yes, shame really, but I guess some people just get the wrong end of the stick......hopefully😈....😂
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  4. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    Well this thread went bad quickly 🤣
  5. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    Is this guy for real? Take a seat granddad..
  6. Car interior help required

    Ebay would be the first place I looked. I got a complete set of birch trim on ebay to replace the silver stuff in my car.
  7. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    😂 He’d lose - really I promise - but seriously all I wanted was some positive advice and info and then an a******e with an attitude like that comes along and tries to sidetrack the issue entirely and just doesn’t offer anything useful, just abuse 🙄. Ultimately it’s something that I’d like to find out about but can easily live without - it ( and he) are really not that important 😈
  8. 16s on a 330i

    I don't want anything flash to put winter tyres on. £100 sounds spot on 😁
  9. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    harry hills just entered the room...FIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTTT!
  10. 16s on a 330i

    No sure, most of the style 44's I've seen range between £100-150 WITH tyres! On the other end you can get BBS 17" BMW wheels which are around £750 without tyres.
  11. 16s on a 330i

    Ok. Thanks. Mine currently has style 89 17s with 235/45 tyres. My last E46 had style 46s on. I wasn't wanting to get any right now. Spending spare cash sorting a couple of small body work issues out. However, just out of interest how much do a decent set of 17s without tyres go for these days?
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  13. 16s on a 330i

    Nope. Min size is 17" to fit over the calipers. 330d and 330i share the same brakes.. Style 44 wheels with 225/45/17 tyres are the cheapest combo I've seen. I have a set which I need rid of as it happens!
  14. 16s on a 330i

    Will 16s go on a 330i. I'm aware that they have bigger brakes than lower models so wondered if 16s would fit or not. I'm going to get a spare set of alloys and winter tyres later in the year and 16s would be cheaper than 17s.
  15. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    You asked for a solution - I gave you one! If you don't like it - move on! Have you never used a public forum before? I basically reiterated what Dr Evil said. I don't see you giving him grief. The first response I gave you is the very same response given on this forum HUNDREDS of times! You are NOT the first person to ask this question. If you really want to progress getting OEM retrofitted - go ahead and spunk £1k plus getting it done! More fool you! An Android HU can be bought for £200 and give you everything AND MORE. In light of your attitude - you are now on my blocked list. Good luck getting help from other members on this forum. Continue being a tool to someone else.
  16. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    I didn’t ask or want your opinion on what I wanted, just whether what I wanted could be achieved - plain and simple - now, and in view of your attitude, I think your comments are unwarranted and unwanted so please leave this thread to those willing to provide what I’m actually asking for okay?
  17. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    But yet you can't figure out what I was talking about? Good luck! I'll look forward to your "OEM is too expensive, what aftermarket options are there" post in a few weeks, like everyone else who has asked the same question..
  18. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    Thanks for trying to clarify that a little, but I’d still like to assess the technical details of that option so that I can decide whether it’s worthwhile to me personally. Cost and complexity are both aspects for me to consider but I can’t do that without knowing what’s involved. As for BT obsolescence through what momo and yourself allude to presumably being future Apple software updates (?) then that’s an unknown quantity of course, although still a risk factor I myself may well be prepared to accept. So in short, I’d like to know what’s involved in installing such an option in terms of what BT module type/s and connection method if anyone can provide that? Also id simply like to know if this BT option is the only OEM-type solution open, as seems to be the case now I think 🤔. i.e. is there no hard wire solution for physically plugging an iPhone in to connect up to the steering wheel controls?
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  20. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    I think the point momo is making that you may be able to get the bits to connect your iphone 6 now but at some point soon it will stop working. I rarely use bluetooth to be honest though.
  21. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    No idea what you’re talking about and in any case I’m not interested in aftermarket stuff, just want to know if and how I can connect an iPhone 6 - mostly for hands free and using existing HU and steering wheel controls.
  22. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    I have OEM bluetooth.. It might still work on the iPhone as they haven't updated to the latest bluetooth stack but I don't use my iPhone with my car. I prefer my Android device - and they updated the bluetooth stack years ago rendering my car BT useless! The iPhone 6 might work (for now) but at some point soon, an update will stop it working too. Aftermarket is the only way to go. They use the latest bluetooth bits so it'll work for much longer. If you want OEM look - buy an Eonon/Dynavin type HU and get SatNav too.
  23. Would like to connect iPhone 6 please

    I understand the desire to retain the oem look but in my experience trying to upgrade with BMW stuff can be pricey. I had a factory satnav in my last E46 and upgrading it to the big screen one using 2nd hand parts was a lot more expensive than I first imagined. In fact any high end oem ICE seems to be worth a few quid. I once sold a Ford in dash CD changer head unit for £70 on ebay. I was amazed that people would pay so much for a 6 year old 2nd hand head unit.
  24. Drivers window not working?

    I've just read somewhere about a GM5 body control module. Anyone familiar with this? Apparently they have relays for the windows. Could explain why the motor only turns in one direction?
  25. Hey guys new to this forum and read a lot of helpful threads in the past. Hoping you can help solve my window issue.. I've got a 2003 320ci, the drivers window has never worked in the 2 years of owning it. After fixing the sunroof, changing over a broken bumper and other odd jobs (I bought a pile of sh** but it's a low mileage good runner) thought it's time I fixed the window. So door card off, check the motor and regulator which seem fine, tried the window switch and you can clearly hear a click from the motor when you pull the switch. So I know there's power. I've swapped out both motor and regulator but I have the same problem. The window just won't move? I've disconnected the motor from the regulator to test the motor independently and the motor will turn only in the upward direction. This it the same with both motors. I've scoured the internet and all forums but still no joy! I even tried shorting the battery terminal cables?? As read on another forum which apparently resets some capacitor? I was sceptical and it hasn't worked. The only thing I haven't tried is the window switch itself but as the motor turns and is recieving signal I can't see that being at fault. Is there a sensor? A proximity switch or anything I've missed? Thanks guys x
  26. 2003 330d OBD

    Hello my 330d M57 predates diesels needing to have a universal OBD protocol. I can read and interact with INPA etc but I can’t get live parameters for use with Carly or general OBD readers. Is there a work around for this or a DME update? Or am I stuck with what I’ve got? Thanks.
  27. Rattle sound

    Hiya I have recently changed my rear brake pads and discs and started having a rattle noise the clip what goes on the piston is fine cause it’s a tight fit if welded little bits on top of the pads so it’s a tight fit I bought new rattle clips and put them on before tightening the Caliper up so it’s all aligned up and it’s still rattling and I have put copper grease all over the pads I need help ASAP it’s been going on to long
  28. just give cotswolds an e mail with your reg no..they have a topic you can just click and ask...
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