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  2. 318i or 330d?

    Odd question admittadley however scenario is this. Retired parents thinking of replacing the 330i they currently have (well its mine but thats something else) Looking at saloon models and auto's only. Mainly local and/or town use, with the odd 50mile run out every now and again (infrequent) so looking at running costs mainly. If you had a 330d, would the day to day fuel costs be roughly the same as a 318i? I'd err on the 330d as the majority seem to have a better selection of options fitted. Anyhow be interested to hear on the thoughts on this.
  3. Stupid build idea: 4.8i V8 manual E46 touring

    Maybe not on this forum, but it's definitely been done. Just not with the manual gear box.
  4. Tbh I don't remember anyone on this forum doing it before. Only V8 conversion I remember is Blair's Chevy LS engine E46 coupe.
  5. Black 330d Sport Touring

    I got them from, H7 Nighteye 6500k at least that was what I thought I was getting, what turned up was unbranded in an unbranded box but they work fine and seem well built.
  6. Basic plan: E53 X5 4.8i V8 engine and E39 4.4i manual gearbox, in E46 touring. Yes, I know it's probably a stupid idea not worth the hassle, buy an M3/M5 etc etc. Labor (including fabrication) will be my own, along with a little help from friends. I know it has been done in the past with the 4.4i and fitted quite well, but the 4.8i is that much more powerful and can be picked up relatively cheaply. Short of spending significantly more on an M5 engine, this seems like the less expensive way to get almost as much power for much less money. This is very much a project I would undertake when opportunity/time/space/cash-flow allows. Note: 4.8i was not available for 5 series, only x5, and only in auto (as far as my research has shown). M3/5 touring never existed. M3 engine in a touring has been done to death. I'm not a fan of auto boxes, flappy paddles would be acceptable though. Please don't suggest modding or turboing a smaller engine, as I plan to do that to the 4.8 at a later date anyway. Avoiding new/older series engines as these are more likely to give compatibility hassle electrically. Does anyone have input on the technicalities and the how? Nevermind the why... unless you know of a better combo that isn't an M engine or much more expensive. Concerns are: Which ECU Which rear end / front end Reinforcing rear chassis Please keep an open mind and try to be constructive with criticism.
  7. Bluetooth Aux

    Does anyone know what's inside the black box? I've tried linking in an aux cable into the audio cable from my auto changer but the sound comes through really quiet so I have to have the stereo up all the way to hear it at a normal level? Is there a pre amp inside the cd changer or something?
  8. inpa code help

    Well I swapped MAF sensors with my wifes 325i Ci, then I read the error codes.....this time just the lambda sensors come up. I did replace the fuel filter/regulator and the vacuum pipe was perished and possibly broken. I guess that would give an air leak and possibly come up as a MAF fault ? Anyway. Looking at the service history it had a new "pre Cat lambda sensor" fitted less than 3000 miles ago in Jan. So might just try replacing the other one first. any thoughts ? advice welcome. I know these lambda sensors can be a pig to get out sometimes. I have some special tools for it so fingers crossed.
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  10. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Which bulbs did you use? Sorry, maybe you posted this already.
  11. 320cd m sport.

    Getting a slight grumble from the flywheel/clutch now @83k miles. Going to get that sorted asap.
  12. Decent bulbs

    Hi , what do you suggest for decent headlamp bulbs for my 330ci sport pre face non projector without breaking the bank ? Cheers Mart.
  13. Front Suspension Arm Bushes

    What he said
  14. Black 330d Sport Touring

    main beams are now LED! awaiting arrival of cheap projectors, going to black plastidip the chrome bits on the dipped reflector and leave main beam alone.
  15. Front Suspension Arm Bushes

    Powerflex polyurethane bushes are the ones to get. Fit and forget and sharpens up the front end.
  16. 325i Auto Touring juddering

    Well I have a few miles on the car now and the gearbox is changing gear much quicker and at the right revs. Juddering seems to have gone, but I think this might be more due to gearbox changing at the wrong revs more than anything wrong with the propshaft components. I guess I'll never know for sure what caused it. Hope that helps someone.
  17. Hi all, First post for a while. 03 plate 330 msport convertable. Can someone advise the best replacements and source for the issues on MOT below. Front suspension arm bushes. I've heard polyurethane is the way to go..... Please advise Thanks in advance Duncan
  18. inpa code help

    Well I cleared the codes but light came back on about 140 miles later. Was on a long drive not short journey. I wonder if the MAF fault might result in Lambda problems. I'll have to re read the codes tonight and see if it's the same. I'm lucky as my wife has a 2002 325i convertible so might clear the codes and swap MAF. I think it's only a 5 minute job ? New MAF prices vary a lot. From £20 to over £200, any recomendations if I do have to buy one ?
  19. Basic audio advice

    Cheers dontpanic, Have done exactly that. Not sure which plug to stick it into as the leads I bought didn't come with any instructions. Any ideas ?
  20. Gaz's Graphite Grey 330ci

    Wish i digested this properly when read... just made same mistake as you, left the longer Drain plug in which is for Auto transmissions! So had leak! Now put the short plug in and et voila Fixed! Lesson learnt. But as you say cant fault the Hella Rad and Exp Tank
  21. Last week
  22. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    Thanks Gaz 👍 Yeah pleased with spoiler too. I had the resonator delete and then Bought a Cobra Sport Rear box on my old 328ci The sound was noisy but very addictive! I’ve just put the Audi a4 B8 tailpipe trims on mine now, just makes it look a bit more purposeful. 😂. Did you notice noise increase with the resonator delete and std back box? As I’m thinking this 1st. Doesn’t seem as much exhaust choice for the 330ci without spending over £500!! 😳
  23. 330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    This is looking very nice buddy, love the rear spoiler. You mentioned about the exhaust upgrade on your old 328, what rear box did you upgrade to? I have the resonator delete on mine but my rear box/tail pipes could be improved!
  24. Basic audio advice

    CD headunit will go straight in. Get a new enough unit and you can grab an aux lead from fruity cables on ebay which plugs into the spare slot on the quad lock connector on the back of the unit (two small square slots, one for CD changer, one for aux lead). Really simple install.
  25. Black 330d Sport Touring

    Have a look at the retrofitsource for projectors in halogen reflector bowls. What I did is buy a set of e46 xenons from a pre-facelift and swapped the internals across to my facelift lamps. Easyish to do, then just need to code it in.
  26. Introducing The A6

    Just a little update.. Changed the Oil cap for an OEM R8 one, also changed the coolant cap for a black item as well as the washer fluid cap as well. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  27. would have the spacers/manifold and bolts if you dont mind,,but maybe cannot pickup till sunday ish

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