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  2. Does on the 330d. The pulley has a rubber centre hence why they always fall apart on the 330d.. lol. Could be something knocking the rack as it moves maybe?
  3. Light seems to have stayed off so MAF cleaner seems to have worked ? Probably jinxed it by posting this...!
  4. Have a look in the car's handbook for the specs and then buy from Euro Car Parts or a local motor factors. Or check Opie Oils website for the specs. Or even Euro Car Parts website. Order by click and collect. Kirkynut
  5. Euro Car Parts Triple QX or whatever it's called will be fine for your car and is good value with the discount codes they have. Kirkynut
  6. Idle control valve sticking of MAF sensor problem. Does it show any codes on a code reader? Kirkynut
  7. You could go down the hybrid route and get more power with a re-map but I'd imagine it's too late for you now and you've got a new one fitted. Kirkynut
  8. Have you got to the bottom of this? It's puzzling me. My gut feeling is a pulley with a damper on it is on it's way out but I don't know if the crank pulley has a damper on it or not. Kirkynut
  9. You hit the nail on the head.... supercharger kit waiting to be installed, just need some time. In the end I decided to stick with OEM and replace the existing rad and expansion tanks to be on the safe side. The plan is to monitor the oil / coolant temps very closely following conversion to see what needs to happen for reliable track work without debilitating heat soak or killing the engine... Pre conversion dyno very encouraging, car has retained nearly all it's power, AFR and power delivery very smooth.... will post more when there's progress. 👍
  10. Cheers mate👍 Couldn't log in to reply for the last 3 months due to some error but I did see this a while back haha
  11. The OE rads as in the car from new were Hella. The Expansion Tanks were made by them too. All available from Eurocarparts. If you've been happy with that on track until now, why upgrade. Unless you're adding forced induction, why will you need better cooling? There's other options, such as Evans waterless coolant, which promise to reduce temperatures. Kirkynut
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  13. Finally I had some time to do a little on my project again. I have had the manifold made so it can measure EGT and closed the EGR. Have also made the turbo and downpipe ready for installation. Hopefully I will soon have time to get started installing it 😉
  14. Thank you will have to check it out
  15. you can search the BMW light control module on this blog,it have many topics on BMW Light control module http://www.car-auto-repair.com
  16. Following on from this is there any preventative maintenance that can be done on the roof Sorry to jump on the post
  17. Just fine the merc equiv of throttle adaptation reset, and learned the engine sounds, car responds much better now 👍🏽
  18. It looks nice but I think I still prefer BMW's. If you lower it, be sure to pop a nice side on photo in here for us! Kirkynut
  19. Thanks I sorted it, got quoted around £100 to get new key but found spare key fob, replaced battery and it opened. Fitted new barrel the next day. Have been using the fob since.
  20. I have a set of 6 injectors that I bought off another forum member. They were used once by Tiggerfish and so they do work, but could do with a refurb. PM me if anyone is interested in them.
  21. Lol. Yip - this forum is pretty much dead now.. There's probably 4-5 of us left and that's it. lol. Oh well... Mate of mine has a 2011 E350Cdi - nice car! Wonder if you can get the gearbox mapped to change gears better?
  22. Thats worth me remembering for the future, cheers. Mart.
  23. Hi my roof stopped working at the weekend and I had the red flashing light by the switch. Reading the forums everybody said the culprit was likely to be the loom where the first bend is above the passengers head. As per the photo that’s exactly what mine was. Carefully open up the loom and I soldered the brown wire together. Wrapped it in insulating tape (needs a better long term fix). And it works ! Apologies if this hasn’t been posted before but I read so many forums where the solution isn’t posted. Cheers Craig
  24. It's different. The car I've got is 3.0 petrol with the AMG Sports setup (obviously it's not an actual AMG - so kinda like my M Sport was not an M3), it allegedly had 228hp when new, and I managed to get one with auto gearbox again (for the missus) but flappy paddles for me (7 speed auto) and it's only got 76k on the clock even though it's from 2007. The car is obviously newer and feels classier inside and out, really comfortable leather seats, really nice to have working radio with no interference. The drive is way smooth and comfortable and I really like so much about it, the electric seats are awesome. The panoramic sunroof is amazing, the speakers are awesome for stock. But there things I need to get used to or change/improve with time. Basically I modded my beemer so much that I didn't realise it and miss it in hindsight - it's like when you move out of a property and only then realise how much crap you bought. I now want to do all the changes I made to the beemer to this car. In the 330d, the flappy paddles gave me much more control and a more fun ride, if I used the power I felt powerful on the road and I felt in control. In this car, I'm struggling to match the fun - it's just a nice comfortable ride, I put my foot down and I don't hear or get much feedback but suddenly notice I'm breaking the speed limit it kinda just happens but I wasn't connected to it happening if that makes sense. If I stick it in sports yeah, it's aggressive but still comfortable. In manual mode, I notice when I start the car moves off in 1st gear which gives me the sh*ts as I panic and jump into second for fear of f*cking up the engine. Second has a lot of power, but then that's it, upper gears don't have much oomph, unless I push down- so the power range is concentrated in low rpms. Yeah yeah, I know what everyone is thinking, you bought an Auto Suf, what did you expect, but tbh the 330d never felt like a compromise. Maybe I just need to change my driving style or adjust my ears, I'm changing gears too soon. Also, I haven't really driven it much aggressively, but I don't feel the same confidence and control round corners. This could be fixed by a couple of things, I think the poly bushes in the beemer helped keep it stable meaning I could be a bit more 'loose' round bends. Also, I'm sure some uniroyals would give me some grip - at the moment it has conti's on the front but unknowns on the rear so unusual setup - I had staggered on the 330d. Also I get the occasional clunking, and I think it' sway bar links which seems like a common issue. Also - I got used to my android unit on my beemer. I could launch waze, play music or stream from my phone. There are some really nice androids for the merc, but they look naff anfdthen the decent ones cost £5-600 so I'm not going to bother. So I'm living with a crappy merc radio system, the bluetooth only connects to the phone but doesn't sync contacts. To stream music I had to buy a separate usb adapter, which works but not great. However, the merc forum scene still seems alive, and not like e46zone, so still room for getting advice without having to resortto facebook. Anyway, it's early days, I have hope I will get used to the car and make it fun!
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