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  2. Just some quick mobile pics from Wales. I highly recommend anyone to go, if possible with friends. The roads and scenery will keep you entertained for hours...
  3. Just a quick update, I read loads about using Dis so I loaded VMware and took a deep breath and after a few attempts I found my way through to the recalibration part and touch wood it’s cleared the fault so no more warning lights. I don’t know why the car thought the steering was out unless it just drifted out over time and eventually caused a fault. Hopefully it won’t come back but I can keep clearing it now I’ve done it once. Actually changing the steering angle sensor looks like an awkward pain if not too difficult I just don’t want have to do it or pay for a new one!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi My Car is showing the Steering angle sensor as being faulty but when I check it with INPA it shows that it’s reading 11 degrees off when straight ahead. Now I’m pretty sure it’s not faulty but it needs resetting. There should be an option to reset it but my version of INPA doesn’t have the option. I’ve read that I need an older version of INPA to have this option so does anyone have a version of INPA on discs that I could borrow to install on my PC or alternatively could anyone just reset my car if I come to you? I live near Diss in Norfolk Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. key fob stopped working months ago, central locking on door lock barrel has been working up until recently - have ordered a new replacement barrel. dealership provide new key for £160. Hope there is someone that can help on a budget, is there a recommended key fob repair service? I've seen blank diamond keys available, is this something a locksmith can cut? Otherwise where would you recommend to to get a 2nd working second keyfob? Thanks
  7. Pretty sure they're incompatible.. Completely different drivetrains as far as I know..
  8. Brake pads wouldn't be standard on any service. It's usually an extra
  9. Hmm, I don't think it would affect the car when stationary though (see video)?
  10. Thanks for the reply! It just had a full service immediately after it happened the first time, and they mentioned topping up all fluids so I'm guessing the PAS fluid is fine. I'll check though. What you're saying about the belt drive sounds sensible though. Plenty of things to investigate there! I'll mention those things to the indie BMW place when it goes there in a couple of weeks. Ps it had a new water pump recently so hopefully it won't be that. Ps ps, I noticed the rear brake pads weren't changed in the service - is it normal to only change the front pads in a full service? Btw, this was at my local garage, not at any kind of dealership or indie bmw place.
  11. Does the power steering still work when it happens? I know it could be difficult to tell when at speed.. Have you checked PAS fluid levels? If it matches engine speed i'd say it's something on the belt drive (hence asking about power steering). So either Power steering pump, water pump, crank pulley, tensioners or AC pump.
  12. Hi All after a longish spell off the road the old girl is back on the road but with a troublesome clutch gear transmission the garage thinks the clutch is on the way out as I'm running a supercharger would any of the experienced indys know if a 330d clutch would slot into a 330petrol? I'm hoping the mounting/fixings positions might be the same. I don't want to spend silly money on a race clutch just wanna squeeze another 50k out of this car before converting to a track car.
  13. On two separate occasions now, I've had to pull over due to a sudden onset of really heavy vibration through the steering wheel - which is in time with the engine vibrations. Video of the second time it happened here: https://youtu.be/jwGuTTyxxbo The vibration gets worse when I rev it, and also when turning the steering wheel. I had it checked over by a local garage after the first time, and they couldn't find a thing wrong with it. No worn bushes, nothing wrong with the steering rack or engine mounts. The weird thing is, both times it happened, it kind of wears off by just driving the car again. Also worth noting, both times it happened were after I booted it a bit out of a side road onto a main road.
  14. Sounds like your electric modules are buggered - if it's anything like the X5 they're in such a place where they flood if the sunroof drains are blocked. Check the physical condition of them first.
  15. So this weekend fun was repairing and freshening up the bumpers from the carelessness of one of the previous owners. The front bumper had a scrap on the lower right corner from a wall or curb and both rear corners had scrapes and a load of small nicks and chips across the back. I have wanted to get this sorted for a while now but was waiting on better weather and some free funds. Bodyshops had been quoting between €300 and €400 to have the work done which i just dont have to spare right now. I have never painted anything bigger than a mirror or splitter so a few blogs have been read and plenty of youtube research done, feeling brave I ordered materials ( total bill €80 ) and roped in some help from my other have a go hero buddy Ian and got stuck in figuring if I messed it up would just have to pay a professional to re do and suffer the loss of materials. The Damage (looked worse in person ) The repair All Painted All Back together and out in the sun. Im not going to sit here and say it is perfect but it is a night and day difference and a great learning experience. Next up Leather repair kit should arrive today or tomorrow so will be cracking on with that and once some more pennies are gathered up the front will be getting a bit closer to the ground. Also need to get onto my pdr guy to sort or the car park dents on the lefthand side arches
  16. Get yourself some silver indicators my friend! Will really bring up the M3 headlights 😁
  17. Steering wheel and gaiters are HERE! Had to pop them on to see how they go with the new airbag. Next up for the interior will be carbon fibre trims and a new centre console as this one has seen much better days. Also got a load of maintenance out of the way ready for the Wales trip next weekend. Painted the wipers and the poppers... And fitted the new headlight lenses... Then got cracking with all the big jobs, a massive pain on my uneven driveway and cheap lifting kit but managed to get it done in the end. I replaced the leaking power steering hose, both of the engine mounts and the absolutely knackered aux belts and went for all new tensioners to really finish it off. And finally today I gave it a good thorough hoovering and a wash and wax. Don't mind the daily... All ready to chew through a few tanks of fuel next weekend, hopefully the weather is nice.
  18. Thanks mate, shame I couldn't have bought one 5 years ago really but I couldn't drive then so would have been a bit tricky
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  20. I have a similar problem, but ive not got around to sorting it yet. Was it a genuine bmw stat that you fitted? There is a post a little further down that is similar. A genuine stat was the solution after a pattern part didn't work. I had it with my wife's TT. Non genuine stat didn't work, genuine sorted the problem.
  21. Gave the inside a proper clean which was long overdue, treated the leather and cleaned all the glass inside and out, used some back to black on the faded mirror surround plastic which worked a treat and now looks like new
  22. Apologies for the basic question.. But does it have the purple tag on it? The 067 racks have a different part number - 7852974679 As per: The part number you gave comes back with normal rack results, with no purple tag..
  23. Afternoon all, question, I know a fair bit about racks but not in depth... Basically i have a 330ci sport with the 067 purple tag which has a bit of play on n/s - i bought a refurbed apparently "purple tag" rack off ebay last year just never got around to fitting it yet - only opened the box easter weekend as i had some time to change, but looks like theyve sent me a rack off a standard bm pn is - 7852501487 i called them to swap over but they said dw they are all the same? and check the turning.. it is 3 turns lock 2 lock, but none of the numbers on the rack match up.. Wondering if anyone could help clarify after I end up replacing it! Apparently the 067s have a better "feel"? thanks
  24. I'm planning to refresh my cooling system to make sure it's in top condition prior to some engine upgrades. I've already sourced a replacement water pump and thermostat. I think it's probably also prudent to replace the radiator and expansion tank which are of unknown age and condition. They may well be the originals as fitted in 2000 and nearing 100k miles plus plenty of track time too! Trying to figure out whether it's worth going for the all aluminium type rads or just sticking with OEM Hella or something like Nissens with a good reputation? I'd love the best cooling possible for the planned engine mods but would value any experience you may have of improving your cooling using such rads. Rad choices are 1. - OEM style replacement as per existing with plastic sides, either Hella or Nissens for approx £65 2. Ebay sourced all aluminium with various sizes available from 40-56mm core but not exactly clear what will fit easily without some modifications approx £150 3. Mishimoto all aluminium rad backed by lifetime guarantee which does add some extra cooling capacity and should fit standard car without mods but comes at price - £300 Clearly an all Al rad might be removing a weak point in the system and giving a larger cooling surface area to remove heat they may not be made equal? Also true that you'll only remove heat as far as allowed by the airflow over the rad and suitable low pressure areas to remove heat from under bonnet so just chucking a bigger rad in might be pointless!? (might add bonnet venting to help with this). Any experiences / recommendations ?
  25. My b class just been for MOT and it needs lower suspension arms , does anyone know any cheap decent makes for Mercedes. I got advised before On here about getting Meyle ones for my e46
  26. So with a couple of shows on over the bank holiday weekend and s**t looking weather report a plan was made to use a buddies amazing garage to do a few updates and some deep cleaning. At Least the sun came out for the show, I am trilled with how this car is coming together. Nest on the to do list. * lower front * order new side repeaters * order side skirt extension * spend some more time bringing interior upto a nice clean fresh standard * sort out some marks and dings on body work which are bugging me
  27. Thanks, turbo-diesel.co.uk look favorite, Garrett factory rebuilt unit for 453 ex vat.
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