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  2. dont think it has tbh, it sits around the same as my friends 325 m sport, il have another look at the springs but they defo look original
  3. Leather colour confusion

    Sorted it's Q9LT Bespoke Leathering are going to sort out some dye after I send them a sample. I feel like i'm talking to myself...
  4. So, as the title says... I give it some whilst going down a slip road for example and after exceeding 3.5/4k roughly the light will come on a few seconds later and then I let off a bit the light will go off after about 20-30 seconds if I'm under 3.5k revs. Even if I maintain 70mph in 5th gear (so will sit at about 3k revs) it'll go off after this time frame so it appears to be really specific to being upwards of about 3.5k I've checked the coolant multiple times and the level stays exactly where it wants to be so no sign of a leak. I've also bled it just to make sure there isn't an airlock but all seems fine on that front. Also, the engine temperature stays exactly where it should be the entire time even if i stay in higher revs for a longer period of time so thankfully it doesn't seem too critical! My rather uneducated guess from these symptoms would be something sensor related but what do you lot reckon? Thanks in advance!
  5. Looks like it.. The front should be a little higher on standards. But the rears will be the same
  6. That’s been lowered already, at least at the front.
  7. Traction Control Handbrake And Abs Light On

    Had this on my old E39 it was the ABS Module, Ive had the lights coming on and off on my 330 for about a year now, they used to come on and off randomly, plugged it in the other day had Both pressure sensor faults 1 & 2 & Control unit internal errors - Tested both pressure sensor and live data was fine, Cleared faults & only active was the DSC/ABS pump - Best way is to just plug it in check the data for all four wheel sensors & rule them out,
  8. If the pas system is working and no bubbles are coming to the top of the fluid in the reservoir its fine? You just top it up after youve changed, start it leave it running top it up again and turn a few times lock 2 lock, unless you left a pipe loose and its sucking air back in, In which case youd notice a leak
  9. Last week
  10. Will have a look tomorrow when i get them off, looking at the pic of when I bought it - there is hardly any arch gap as is, from 4 years ago, obviously being a daily, I cba with scraping and bouncing over bumps! lol
  11. As Momo says, Eibach springs are perfect. If you’ve no arch gap already something isn’t right.
  12. Windscreen "seal" trim.

    Hi gents, Anyone know if the front and rear screen "seal" trims are removable on the e46 without taking the screen out like on the e39. I've looked it up and found lots that say you can, and lots that say you can't. Cheers, Jordan. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  13. One of my rear windows doesn't open or close. Fitted a replacement motor from a breakers and still nothing. I can hear a slight click when I press the switch and the fuses are ok. Anyone had this problem?
  14. Crank case issue

    They said the lamba sensor is not responding which is why it runs a bit uneven but I changed the plugs today and it ran better , not suprised really as the old ones were way past their best. How it ran with these is a mystery. Back to the shop on tuesday for a new sonsor then. Mart.
  15. Nice one! I have 2 resonators as well and its OK cruising but loud af under power. What do you want to achieve? That'll dictate where to next
  16. Thanks Berts, yeah maybe try those next as still getting the codes!
  17. I’m sure I had codes similar to those and it was the oxygen sensors post catalytic . I can’t remember exactly as was a few years ago but worth you looking in to it
  18. I recently bought a 330ci with V5LT yellow Nappa leather. I wanted to refresh the bits which are slightly worn so I've purchased a dye from Gliptone in the correct code but - it doesn't match. The interior colour is a beige/ tan / yellow mix but the dye is pure yellow and looks nothing like it. I'm struggling to work out what to do next? Anyone have any ideas? ic
  19. BMW books

    i like this car
  20. hi there

    good one
  21. OEM, unless you get springs from ECP will be very expensive! I think just the rears are approx £150 (they snap all the time). Remember if one of your rear springs has already snapped it'll be sitting lower anyway. Many others have fitted Sportline springs with staggered 19's and never had issues.. Sounds like there may be an issue with your setup already, or your rear tyres might be the wrong size.
  22. problem is i cant lower it at all, i bought the car with staggered 19's so there is hardly any arch gap as is, and with a full car on the motorway it does touch going over dips, and i dont want to mess about with arches etc, Take it i will have to go oem? Had a browse coudnt find anything tbh
  23. Well changed my fuel pump today, so will see how we go! Just one of the reasons for these codes apparently!
  24. Eibach pro kit (black springs) on your 330i will drop the front a tad and not touch the rear. Eibach sportlines (red springs) will drop the front and close up the arch gap - you'll still be able to get your hand in over the top without bending it (to give you an idea). The rear will drop maybe 10mm.. Again, it'll just close up the arch gap. Sportlines are absolutely fine for a daily! On the diesel you can't get sportlines so pro kit is the equivalent. I've NEVER had a problem and have been able to smack into and over speed bumps at pace, with ease! Plus as a set you can't get 4 quality springs cheaper than Eibach. Plus they have 5yr warranties (which tbh is a pain to claim on as you need to remove the faulty part and send it back first).
  25. Crank case issue

    Could be tbh.. Fingers crossed it sorts it!
  26. Crank case issue

    Well the shop are replacing one of the coils today and they seem confident this is the issue so I will pick her up after work tomorrow and hope all is well. Thanks for the input guys. Mart.
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