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  2. Hello my e46 328ci has a really stiff accelerator pedal is there any way to free this up to make it more springy/responsive? my friends 330ci pedal is defo a lot more responsive than mine any ideas how to make mine the same ? cheers
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  5. I'm not even talking airbox fouling - you need cages and bracketry which will cost you at least £100 on top of the cost of whatever double din unit you have. The Sony XAV series is a full depth, half height unit which in theory should be perfect for the E46 and you either need to fabricate your own bracketry, or purchase a kit from the States which doubles the cost when you include shipping and turns parts of your dash into non-matching cheap plastic. I really wish it was simple and cheaper to fit a double din stereo into an E46, I really do. Incidentally my horrible, unreliable, cheap, crap Android unit is still working 3 years on. I just bought a USB dongle to enable CarPlay on it and it works seamlessly. I have OEM-ish looks and CarPlay for a total of £230. Alright the inbuilt amp isn't fantastic and the bluetooth A2DP quality is garbage, but its a solution that works. The Harman Kardon setup sorts out a bit of the SQ issues anyway.
  6. What thesis, what are you talking about? At school and College I never did any essays or coursework. About the thesis, I generally keep quiet. Not so long ago I got a job and turned to specialists who prepared a resume instead of me. Here is a link to their website - https://resumeget.com/resumes-writing can lazybones like me is also useful. But no kidding, it's useful. Now everyone writes a template resume and it is difficult to surprise the employer without being an expert on writing a resume.
  7. Ya rear spoiler has really grown on me now and I love it Had a few close calls over the years on bikes, no doubt they are dangerous feckers... A lot of people over the years have asked me about getting into bikes and I always tell them that unless you can make peace with the fact that every time you throw your leg over that bike could be your last then its not for you. Thankfully I have escaped serious injury so far but most bikers I know that have been hurt has not been down to there fault and is usually a car driver with caused the accident so doesn't matter how safe or wild of a rider you are. Fazer isn't really my type of bike more into sports or sports tourers but main reason for buying this one was that it would be a project to keep me busy in the shed over the long dark winter nights, something a bit more hard core will join her soon. If your colleagues are interested in setting something up I be more than happy to help with any questions they have, always happy to help anything that promotes a better awareness of mental health issues. Ya she is starting to flow better now alight, even the mirrors LOL. Front will definitely be getting spaced out just been too busy with The Bike Project group and some home maintenance and repairs that needed doing before winter. Also have a cleaning and refinishing kit for the roof sitting on the shelf which needs to be done before the weather changes.
  8. Guys, how often do you meet girls on Instagram? I get to know girls on Instagram or Facebook, but it seems to me that due to the fact that they pursue other goals on these platforms, they are not really interested in dating and chatting. Here on this site recently I read a lot of reviews on dating sites https://hookupmasters.com/adult-dating-sites/xpress-review/ Thus, I want to choose the best option for myself to be as comfortable as possible.
  9. Shant

    Bmw e46

    Please help me to know whats is the part in the photo and where is the pkace in car
  10. I read several books, many articles, and watched an interview with Elon Musk. I have collected all the necessary materials and will start writing the text.
  11. At what stage do you write an essay? What did you manage to process, what sources and literature? This stage is very important for me in writing a scientific work, because the more carefully and critically you work on literature and sources, the more likely it is that your work will be appreciated. For example, now I’m writing a speech that I should make before the university meeting of students, I turned to these guys for help https://edubirdie.com/blog/persuasive-speech-topics I have been cooperating with them for a long time, they help me always get ready in very high quality.
  12. Thanks a lot for the tips. I'm in the process of writing an essay about Elon Musk. Can you help with ideas?
  13. Hi. I recently got a 320ci 2005. Having changed the radiator, thermostat, water pump and the belts and I'm trying to fix my p0160 issue. Could anyone guide of which 02 sensor to get? Are there 4 sensors in total? 2 pre and 2 post cat? Cheers!
  14. There's no doubting the quality of the Sony/Alpine units - but at that price, they just don't cut it. They are generic (for them) double-dins with either shallow depth or E46-style half shallow rears - but they're still generic looking plain/blank fronts with (considering what's available from China) tiny screens. That fascia looks great DC. Love the idea of being able to control other mods with it while retaining the OEM look.
  15. Hi Dontpannic, Perhaps not as often on this forum but it's mentioned frequently on others! There's a good and growing number of shallow depth premium brand double DIN units that can be fitted without the hassle of fouling the airbox/pipes. The Avin Avant 4 is the latest unit from that chinese made/USA marketed brand which also has no issues with depth. We're a few years on from the start of this thread and other similar ones where premium brand units are discussed. The decline of the use of disks in the car is continuing so mechless units from the premium brands are becoming more popular and numerous. The replacement/clone type chinese units still have quality/reliability issues and I'm still not interested in becoming a UK importer/dealer for any of the 'brands'. For the E39 owner community, I have developed and released an OEM look fascia/fitting kit which allows the fitting of a double DIN head unit and provide 97% + of OEM looks in the dash - a Best of Both Worlds type solution! I've got preliminary work started on an E46 version https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/135647-innovadrive-nxg-39-oem-look-double-din-fascia/ Would be good to hear yours and other E46 members here opinions?! Cheers, Dennis!
  16. Hi. I just did the IAT move to improve the pickup, mine has no kit on it. 155,000 miles and pulling well. It's got an Upsolute map, so perhaps worth about 10bhp. One thing I have been impressed by is that changing the O2 sensors with new Bosch ones has given me about 10% more fuel economy, the exhaust was smelling rich, the original sensors started going downhill about 140,000 miles. The IAT move has certainly helped with removing the stodginess on hot days. I would like to go SC but funds don't permit at the moment, I would probably perhaps go for just an ESS stage 1 if I was going to fit one. I worry about my clutch though as it's original, and it's my only car so if I had any problems I would be off the road, so will probably leave the thought of a SC as a dream for now. Yes I can imagine the heat soak might be an issue for you, there's already a fair bit of heat due to the cats sitting under the bonnet. It would be great if you can post a video once you've got the kit on, I'm always impressed with the gains with a supercharged 330.
  17. Spammy bump aside, I've just worked out why this linked unit is so expensive. Nobody ever mentions how much of a pain in the arse it is to fit a double din unit into an E46 - especially a full depth or full depth half height unit like the Sony XAV's. The Chinese units (and this Alpine, which is essentially a regular Alpine double DIN but with an E46 specific fitting kit / cage / wiring harness) literally are a straight fit.
  18. Hi. Great info thanks. I've gone for the Active Autowerke level 2 kit with an air to air inter cooler. Been distracted by other things but finally got some time and I'm part way through the install right now. Most bits in place, just fighting with all the charge pipes as space is super tight getting out of the wing down to inter cooler and then back up same location into intake and manifold. I hear that heat soak is the enemy, especially on a track car! I'm planning to fit some additional sensors / gauges to keep an eye on things, maybe even a AFR gauge too. What kit are you running? Hows the results and how many miles have you put on it?
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  20. I recently installed a 4 channel amp myself on my bmw e 46 convertible, im not a pro and dont have vast knowledge about audio installation but managed well and researched what i could. The installation went well, used the 4 rca outputs from my aftermarket headunit, have a good ground on bare metal etc, connected my sub up and sounded really good, everything fine no issues. So then I thought I may aswell amp the rear speakers too and done so but may have got the + and - on the amp confused and when i turned the car on the speaker i attached made an odd noise so turned off car immediately. Once i turned the car on no speakers worked, disconnected amp and no speakers work, amp works fine turns on sub works fine for the bass but no sound. Thought the speakers may have blown but re amped the speaker i did previously and it worked fine, so i am co fused as to what could have happened and how to fix it. Any help is appreciated. Thankyou
  21. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Oil-Cooler-Line-Disconnect-Tool-BMW-7263-by-Laser-New/133108971967?epid=22009523056&hash=item1efde9b9bf:g:Uk8AAOSwgn1dJvAh One of these. Kirkynut
  22. Hi I’m hoping someone can help here? I’ve recently Supercharged my M54B30 E46 with an ASA Supercharger kit from G Power, I’m happy with that but my car now drinks oil at the rate of about 1 lyre per 300 miles!!! Before the conversion I had got did if the CCV and fitted a PCV valve and oil consumption was about 1 litre per 2500 miles. I can’t run the PCV valve as it causes oil leaks, believe me I know ! So I run a catch can from the valve cover and feed the outlet from the catch can back into the pre supercharged inlet, there is watery gunk in the catch can but no residue in the outlet pipe, so I’m happy with that. There are no oil leaks from anywhere but the tail pipes are black so I’m positive it’s burning the oil as there is probably not enough vacuum to seal the rings. It’s a centrifugal blower so there is vacuum at lower revs and when not in boost - approx -ve 12psi on the boost gauge. Is there anything I can do or do I just chuck oil in it ?? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Cars looking great! Still not a fan of the black door mirrors.. But it makes more sense now. lol. Those front wheels look a little lost, worth spacing them out a little? Overall liking it a lot now though! Love the idea of the bike group! Keep it up!
  24. The Bike Mental Health group looks like a great idea. I've a few colleagues who'd be interested to set up something similar locally. I'll mention it to them. I had a 2002 Fazer from new but sold it when my mate threw his down the road in front of me during a ride out one day. I got into scooters just to find them dangerous things to ride until mine got written off by a car rear ending me at a roundabout. Your car's looking good and I really do like that rear spoiler! Kirkynut
  25. Cheers! I replaced a power steering pipe today - the one off the reservoir to the cooler attached to the radiator on the right side (UK passenger side). It was splitting I'd noticed when I'd put the jubilee clips on the two pipes off of the reservoir. It didn't seem to leak as such but was always moist, even after the jubilee clip was put on to replace the original crimp. It must therefore have been porous. I tried to get the push fitting off when I last worked on it but after an hour and a half of swearing and watching YouTube videos of no useful information at all I resigned myself to the fact that a specific tool is required and ordered it. With the tool the bugger comes straight off without a sniff of a fight! So pipe changed with no fluid lost or spilt due to cunningness. I've just got to get the front tyres swapped over as mentioned before and I'm pretty sure that really is it for a while! Now I've gone and done it most likely but really all the jobs to keep an E46 reliable have been done. Kirkynut
  26. Always enjoy your updates Kirky. Mine’s in for paint next week. Will have to update my thread.
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