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  2. Never tried them. Feel free to report back your experience: https://shop.bmw.co.uk/INTERSHOP/web/WFS/BMWUK-21972-Site/en_GB/-/GBP/ViewStandardCatalog-Browse?CatalogID=Teile_Welt-UK&CategoryDomainName=BMW-Teile_Welt-UK&CategoryName=StructureGroup_2170702732753069 If you have the part number, things may or may not be cheaper here after adding in the shipping: https://www.lllparts.co.uk/en/ To save on shipping, you can just call up your local official BMW dealer, then order and collect. Easiest if you know the part number. Alternatively, they will be able to find the parts for you once they have your car details. There is only one type of control arm for your car. If BMW's own parts site is slow, you can browse for part numbers here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select Lastly, if there is something wrong with your car or because of bad installation, even with BMW parts, things will still break. So, it all depends on why your control arms are keep breaking.
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  4. Thanks guys - I'm not sure what make they are. I'll ask. Anyone happen to know what OEM wishbones cost? I'm guessing it's a hell of a lot. And how about spec differences for a Sport version? Cheers.
  5. What brand did you fit? My OEM BMW ones are on 150k - still rock solid. Meyle HD control arms have a 5yr warranty and interchangeable ball joints. They're the only ones i'd consider fitting.
  6. Driven normally on normal roads, they should last 100k+ miles. Mine have 130k miles on them. If you weren't using BMW parts, maybe it's worth trying them out. The official dealer will be able to guarantee to supply you with the right parts with perfect fitment. I would consider BMW parts more heavy duty than the after market parts even if the latter are from OEM's.
  7. All, I had new front springs and front lower wishbones fitted in January 2019. I recently noticed a rattle at the front, and when I took it for MOT today, I asked the inspector to check. He immediately found the front inner ball joints on the wishbones were knackered. I had a look underneath too, and initially thought the nuts were loose, but sure enough it's the inner joints themselves that are completedy shagged. After 9000 miles. Surely that can't be right? I sopke to the garage that fitted them (who I trust to do a good job), and they said bring it in on monday to have a look, but since it's over 12 months since they were fitted, they are no longer under warranty. I do remember there was an issue finding the correct wishhbones, becasue they are for an Sport version. Strangely, I had no problem finding a selection of makes from Euro Spares just now, and I also previously replaced the originals myself with no supply issues back in 2012 when I first got the car. Any comments/advice on spec of the Sport wishbones, or how long they should last? Thanks.
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  9. I wish I found this https://custom-writing.co.uk website earlier! This would have saved me so many nerves and tears. After having purchased several papers I used them as a reference for my other projects and you know what? Some of them were accepted from the first try!
  10. In hazardous waste site, heat stress is the most common risk that workers encounter. Workers are often required to wear protective clothes such as semi-impermeable clothing, safety boots, hard hat, nitrile gloves, as well as an air purifying respirator in order to protect themselves from exposure to chemicals at the site. Unfortunately, these protective clothes can possibly create hazardous condition to the workers as they limit heat and moisture dissipation from the body. In this paper, I describe the steps I would take as a site safety officer at a hazardous waste site in order to control heat stress https://order-essay.org/. I have always believed that prevention of heat stress is one of the most effective ways of reducing hazards at the site. Since workers at the hazardous waste sites are often expected to perform tasks that are quite strenuous and wear protective clothing, I will ensure that prospective employees can meet working requirements before they are employed at the company. I agree with OSHA (2013) that pre-employment screening is necessary before employees are recruited. This way, I will be able to identify those who may fit for the work and those whose health may not suit the strenuous job. I will also ensure that medical records of recruited individuals are filed in order to make comparison to their future health status that would be revealed by periodic screenings. This would enable me to monitor the health of workers and their adaptation to the working environment. Equally, I will recommend new workers to acclimatize to the hazardous waste site before the beginning of intense work. I will ensure that such new recruits are given time to ensure that they gradually build up to heat exposure. I will achieve this by allowing them to have frequent breaks in the early days of their stay at the site. To those who have acclimatized to the working conditions, I would still ensure that they are not exposed to heat continually throughout the day. I would ensure that the available work is well distributed evenly over the day so as to incorporate work/rest cycles into the workers’ schedules. I would further ensure reduction to heat exposure by making sure that more physically demanding workloads are done at other times of the day when the temperature is fairly cool. In order to reduce accumulation of heat in the workers’ body due to the protective clothing, I will ensure that the design helps to lose heat or absorbs less heat. For instance, the workers would be required to use insulated gloves rather than nitrile gloves. Insulated suits and reflective clothing will also be of paramount significance to their health. Despite of being expensive, commercial ice vests would be good for the workers. In order to cut on cost and protect the health of workers, I would adopt an inexpensive personal cooling technique of wetting clothing. This technique is more effective when combined with reflective clothing. It involves the use of wetted two-piece cotton suits for the whole body or wetted terry clothes coveralls. I will also consider the observation by Safety Info that during work, high temperatures cause much dehydration and more so due to protective clothing that workers wear. Therefore, I would ensure that adequate potable water is available for the workers and even encourage them to get accustomed to frequent drinking of small amount of water while they are at work. In order to understand the need of these changes from the old program, I would ensure that the employees are educated on the need of adopting these new practices. Heat stress is a major problem in hazardous waste sites just as chemical exposure is considered dangerous. In order to overcome the problems that arise, putting on the protective clothing, educating the workers ar and giving assistance by the administration of such sites are vital steps. Monitoring the health of workers even if their health seems to be stable would help in detecting health complications just before they become severe. These are steps that can be taken to reduce fatalities at the site.
  11. Bohemians 1905 VS Teplice, excellent home performance Bohemians: Excellent home performance (Recent Form: WDLWWL) Bohemians finished tips free soccer on eleventh place in the table last season, ending just two points behind the top ten and the Europa League playoffs, but after that they played really bad in the relegation play out and were close to getting in the play out spots at the end. However, things went well and this year the club is again aiming for a finish around the middle of the table and a top ten finish. So far in the season Bohemians is again on eleventh place in the table, having been able to collect twenty seven points in their opening twenty four league matches (7-6-11), currently sitting five points behind the top ten. The main reason why they are still even in the battle for the top ten however is the fact that the team is playing excellent football when it comes to their matches in front of their fans, as so far Bohemians had lost just one single time when it comes to the games at their arena, having won six of their opening eleven games here, collecting the impressive twenty two points (6-4-1). Also, during these eleven games the club had conceded just seven goals so far. Teplice: Bad performance as visitors (Recent Form: WDLLDW) Teplice finished on tenth place last year, just two points ahead of their opponent tomorrow Bohemians, but despite making the Europa League playoffs they were eliminated in the opening stage. This year they are again running with the same tempo as their opponent, having been able to collect the same amount of twenty seven points so far (6-9-9) and currently sitting on twelve place in the ranks, again, five points behind the top ten. Away from home however Teplice is with just two victories in their opening twelve visits (2-4-6), with the awful goal difference of 8:20 and also with just a point from their last five visits (0-1-4). The Betting Verdict: Two clubs with more or website free soccer tips less the same ambitions and with the same performance, but despite being without fans, the home advantage tomorrow should play a big role. Bohemians - Teplice Pick:Bohemians -0.5
  12. Thank you. I did search these codes and hopefully it’s motor issues on both the mirror and the windows. Will try a clean up first
  13. I suppose you could search for those kind of errors from the internet. But generally you will stand a better chance of finding other people reporting the same problems if you had INPA codes. Also INPA may be able to more specifically pinpointing the problem - this is only my speculation. At a guess from these errors, you have an electrical problem. I know nothing about diagnosing the electrics. If I were in your shoes, I would physically disconnect the mirrors one at a time and see if the problem partially goes away. This eliminates/confirms some of the wiring/circuit as the source of the problem. If both mirrors are disconnected and there is still a short circuit, then the problem is between the control unit and the mirror connectors.
  14. Hi all, I’m looking at upgrading my exhaust and was after some input. M54B30 with G power supercharger. I have some headers which I’m going to modify to clear the lower steering shaft. I’ve already fitted 328i manifolds to remove the cats. So I have to keep some sort of cat in the exhaust system, I was looking at fitting M3 sports 220 cell sports cats and M3 centre pipe. They should easily fit as my car (a coupe) is the same underneath. The centre section would mount to a custom back box in the normal place - for a 330ci (not an M3 box!!) The system is twin 2.5” stainless. Does anyone have any input regarding how this would help or hinder the performance Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Thank you for the vivid solution Alex. My E46 2002 facelift is giving me the same annoying rattling noise coming from the middle air vent when i accelerate above 1500 rpm in the 1st and 2nd gear. I will take it to the repairs. I will give fit back when it's done.
  16. So I've now taken to flashing other E46s when I'm out and about in Bessie. Whenever I see another E46 on the road, or a BMW convertible of any model, OR an older or slammed BMW, I flash the headlights and put my hand up. (Unless it is a lady driver, when I refrain; lest they get the wrong impression). The response is usually positive, with most of them responding in one way or another. The best results are from other silver E46s (with or without roof). It's a harmless gesture. In these times of social distancing and isolation, may I suggest you do likewise - and bring a smile to someone's face! Thumbs up for the BMW brotherhood. And sisterhood!
  17. I meant I had just done the 5 second up and down reset but today actually did it with a diagnostic tool. I had to take the fuse out the mirrors the other day
  18. I've got a 2003 330ci which my mechanic is always moaning about how low it is! It is too low for my liking as well. I have eibach pro-line springs on the front (part no. EW2067001VA) with Sachs shocks (part no. 4903 556 979). With pro-lines I thought you could get a gap between tyre and wheel arch but on mine it sits in the wheel arch. At first I thought I had inherited shorter shocks but with the set up I have it doesn't look like it. Any other reason as to why it sits so low? I've checked both springs and they haven't snapped a coil. Just don't want to go out and buy something that will give me the same problem. The VIN says I have m-tech suspension as an option as well.
  19. If you have to reset, then you have codes. What do the codes say is wrong? The mirror motors are exposed to the elements. Something wrong with them is to be expected. Again codes might say something about it.
  20. Hi I bought a 2005 330 convertible the other week which has a few issues. I have looked on the internet for help and came up blank. Firstly the mirrors have the usual problem in that they have a mind of their own. Is this a new motor that’s required? Secondly the front windows don’t go back up when the roof opens. I reset these and they worked fine a couple of times but they last night they didn’t return to the top on opening the roof. (The car has quite a bit of rust too, beginning to think I have bought a pig in a poke as I keep finding things wrong with it 😆). Any help would be greatly appreciated
  21. Alright guys double post but the general e46 help looks like a bit abandoned wondering what this is below..
  22. Just fitting an an amp in the boot taking out the changer and stuff. There seems to be a block at the bottom taped up, bit weird I Googled the number on the front and it comes up as mercedes regulated rechargeable battery? Number is 3060901201234 Pic attached
  23. I have a bmw e46 330ci 2door msport 2001 coupe. I had the expansion tank replaced and the coolant sensor light keeps coming on even though the coolant level is up to the mark as the indicator sticks out the expansion tank I have replaced the coolant sensor three times Does anyone know what could be the issue please
  24. I ended up swapping out the cluster for one on very similar milage to the original, I have a tamper dot now but at least the milage displays again. Not exactly a win but not exactly a loss either.
  25. Of course, I will...if it ends up being the culprit. That's the part of the reason I've started this topic, to ask for a simple help and come to some kind of conclusion. Randomly changing parts that are not genuine and that you only just suspect are not in perfect condition is not the way to go, IMHO...and it would get expensive pretty quick.
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  27. Ok, you know this is an E46 owners club? Highly unlikely we'd know what to do to an F30 to get performance.. At the very least i'd be getting those timing chain tensioners checked, then if all good remap with a reputable company should see you over 300bhp. Aside from that, no idea.
  28. Yes that’s the one 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Gun metal grey tho 😁
  29. I already follow you on Instagram and I really like your content over there. By the way, I wanted to ask if you knew some services that could do my term paper for me. I would appreciate any help and suggestions as I really need to find this service quickly.
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