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  2. I was so tempted to do something similar Jason, the bhp from these big engine1 series' looks amazing, I'll have to get a test drive at some point! In a completely impromptu move, I've bought a Merc, it's a low mileage W204 - aka C280, 3.0 litre. Drives well, 234hp, but the upgrade mod scene is not as fun - I thought I could install a retrofit android unit. Turns out I either splash out a lot of money for a big 11" android - so I'm not going to bother.
  3. Fixed mine. While checking for boost leaks it turned out the actuator arm had come off.
  4. Voltage is good and the battery is also good, I have removed the crap from the front of the len`s so I wil;l see what it is like coming home from the late shift on Monday. Mart.
  5. Awaiting a reply to this?I have the same problem,car drives fine but turbo won't kick in.mine is E46, 2.0,5 speed,2003,facelift Motorsport
  6. Last week
  7. Get it plugged in to INPA - it will tell you exactly what's wrong and not just code numbers.
  8. I know this has been bumped by a newbie so the discussion might not be entirely relevant any more, but reading through it seems as though December 2016 marked 12 months with my Android headunit. It's now May 2019, so I make that 3 and a bit years now with the Android unit, still working as well as it was the first day I got it.
  9. Dodgy battery / alternator? Check voltage when the lights are on and the engine is running.
  10. **Update 16.5.2019** Here's a few photos of these OEM upgrades I got back in 2018 which I personally think has made the car look a lot better. Genuine BMW M3 Mirrors which came painted in sapphire black WINNING!! (Was not cheap to buy) Front view of both the M3 mirrors- I think this upgrade makes any e46s look a lot better then those ugly square looking dated mirrors (especially on the pre facelift models) Genuine E46 shark fin antenna that I found on ebay from a bloke in Poland that was breaking his 2004 e46 which also happened to be in sapphire black too! I managed to retrofit this to my car, nice little touch I think
  11. Driving home absolutely fine then sudden power loss and can't rev past 2k. No engine light, idle is fine, no smoke.... help!
  12. I am still waiting on new center caps but excitement got the better of me and i just had to get the wheels on today. Still needs settle a bit more and I think the front will benefit from a small spacer. While i was in there i cleaned and painted the caliper and dust shields but want to go back again another day and tidy up inside the arches more.
  13. Any thoughts on this please?? Mart.
  14. **14.5.2019** Ive been meaning to start one of these build threads ever since I bought this e46 back in 2015. Its now 2019 and I thought it's about time I get back into the car scene and upload the progress of the 330 and share it with you guys. I have much planned for this car over the next few months so keep an eye on this post! Anyway here's its first picture of the car to be posted on here and how it currently looks with a few OEM upgrades on it (more pictures to follow of those OEM upgrades) Comments welcome
  15. I think it's enough for android.
  16. Folks What fluids to you recommend for a 2003 318Ci manual gearbox and the differential? Also, how much do I require for each? As always, any help and advice is much appreciated. Many thanks James
  17. Folks Looking for some help please. My 2003 318Ci is due it's first service under my ownership and has a FBMWSH. I've done a quick search on here and it seems that a 5W-30 oil is the one to go for. What are you guys using and how much do I require? Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  18. hi kirkynut no i don't think i did lol , but the motor parts place sold me the wrong oil for the auto box so drain it out and put 4 litres of the correct oil in it , think i might still need to top it up as took it back out today and it was a bit better but when i plugged the laptop in and checked the error codes for the auto box it came up with , pressure controller eds 1 , pressure controller eds 2 , pressure controller eds 3 , pressure controller eds 4 and gear check 4 , i don't suppose you would happen to know what these mean at all , thanks for the help
  19. Ahhh Suf, sad times! I know exactly where you are coming from. Not sold mine yet, but it could well be this year - not driven it for a while and I'm now burning around in a c. 400bhp M140!
  20. Hey guys anyone have a pic of there calipers done in blue behind black wheels. going to clean up the wheel arches and paint the calipers when im fitting my new LM reps but cant decide weather i want red, yellow or blue, fond pics of the others but cant find any in in blue many thanks in advance.
  21. Got my new ( to me ) wheels painted over the weekend just waiting for some fresh center caps now
  22. Thanks @momo, Ya I knew the black wouldnt be everyones cup of tea but I always felts silver e46s can look a bit plane and need some contrast, god knows how long they will stay black or even on the car before i change my mind again.
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  24. For sale is my 2004 e46 330ci auto facelift in sapphire black with black futura leather interior. The car in my opinion is a very clean example for the year has no rust whatsoever and benefits from a huge specification. Spec of the car is as follows- -M sport package -Futura leather interior -Xenon headlights -Auto headlights -Memory seats -Heated seats -Power folding memory mirrors -Harman kardon sound -Navigation system professional with -- bluetooth -TV tuner -Electric rear blind -Green windscreen shadeband Plus all your usual factory spec I have also added the following to the car- -M3 smg paddle shift steering wheel all wired up and working -E90 puddle lights in the exterior door handles -Oem Cup holders modded with leds -19" staggered csl style alloy wheels -Oem BMW performance black grills -Modified bm54 module to improve sound system -TV tuner upgraded to hybrid digital -Pure dab unit installed through the aux to stream music and listen to dab radio Plus a few other little bits The car has covered 107,500 miles and in my ownership has never missed a beat starts up first time and drives lovely. Service history is a mix of main dealer, private garage and self serviced there are various invoices in the cars service pack aswell for work carried out over the years. In my ownership I have tried to address all the common issues the following have been rebuilt/replaced -Full vanos rebuild -Rocker cover gasket -Oil filter housing gasket -Front control arms Inc droplinks -All four calipers replaced with rebuilt units inc new disc and pads these have also been powder coated in gunmetal grey -Master cylinder pressure sensors -Recent new tyres all round continental on the back and falkens on the front not even done 500 miles yet I have owned the car for the past 3 years and have enjoyed every bit of it it just does everything perfectly I'll be sad to see it go but I am now in a position to buy a e92 m3. Price is £3950 but will listen to sensible offers I will upload some better pictures once I have gave the car a good clean. Private plate not included original reg LT54 YVV will be reassigned to the car. Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.
  25. 325 2004 cab My headlights are the halogen bulls eye type and quite frankly , they are s**t !!! I put some Osram nightbreaker unlimited bulbs in and they are still s**t !!! It almost seems like they are on a dim dip cycle so can any one shed any light on this please ? (ooops) Mart.
  26. Driveshafts are 100% uprated as the 330i/330d ones are the same.
  27. Ok thanks 👍 Both engines are 6 cylinder and both M54 so don’t think there will be much in it re weight. As for driveshafts etc will have to find out if they were uprated for the 330 then. Hope there the same otherwise it will be a lot of work 😂
  28. I'd have thought you'd have to change over everything to do it properly.. Engine Loom ECU Gearbox Exhaust Driveshaft Diff Half shafts Brakes And likely suspension too as the 3.0ltr is much heavier than the 2.0ltr. I'm sure you could get away with the bare minimum like engine/gearbox/ecu but i'd be expecting something big to go wrong every time I drove it.. lol
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