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    Black 330d Sport Touring

    well it’s been a while since I posted!! I’ve still got the 330d but due to where I live and where I work and ULEZ I’ve just bought a 02 318i touring SE in topaz blue. 113k miles. here’s how the 330d looked before I started tearing parts off her so the 318i well, it’s slow, painfully slow, I’d got used to having an estimated 200+hp and whatever ridiculous number the torque is at with a tuned 184. It’s a downgrade and there’s no escaping that. Times are tough and I just couldn’t find a 6 cylinder touring in anywhere near as good nick as this. It’s got it’s faults but as I’m taking just about every good part from the 330d and putting it on the 318 I can sort them without buying many new parts. The 330d was approaching 220k so there just wasn’t much point trying to sell it. Known faults are the rear electric window regulators, rear brakes, front brakes, and it needs a suspension refresh, it’s still got the original cooling system so that’s gonna need doing and the AC compressor makes a horrendous grinding noise. The sunroof works perfectly and drains perfectly. I’m sticking the style 32’s on but avoiding arch work this time, I’m favouring the 215/40 and camber approach instead so I can change it up in the future, kind of got style 68’s on my mind but I dunno. Lots of work to be getting on with! Thanks for reading!
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