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    330i Sport Replacement Springs

    What if the car already had them replaced before you purchased it and the previous owner didn’t inform you where do you stand then ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Xenon headlights retrofitted last night Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Introducing The A6

    Hi all, so been quite a busy 2019 so far... Firstly I removed the bonnet stripes and red pin stripe on front and rear. I also fitted some Maxton Design side/rear skirts to help the over all look. And lastly I finally removed the DTUK box that was giving me major issues with it going into Limp mode and boost failure issues. But I've opted for a Stage one Software from MRC Scotland in Bonnybridge soon to be Falkirk. Now running 390ps (385bhp) and 810nm torque. Car is a completely different animal now! Pulls so well in all gears it's actually frighteningly quick now [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    330i Sport Replacement Springs

    Basically what he said ⬆️ This may not be how the world works but in my opinion, upgrading the standard suspension is kind of a grey area regarding informing the insurance. As long as you’re not putting coil overs on or drastically changing the ride height of the car outside of manufacturer tolerances it’s just another brand of springs and shocks? Gold standard is to inform them though but once a scallywag always a scallywag!
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    330i Sport Replacement Springs

    Correct on both counts. For me, it's not worth the risk of - technically - driving without insurance, or the hassle/cost of declaring a modification. It's easy to say "the difference is irrelevant", but if the worst came to the worst, I very much doubt that's how a court would view it. .
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    Daz 330 Cs

    where to get parts from oem

    The Dealers might be an idea
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    Gaz's Graphite Grey 330ci

    Hey bud, I already had longer wheel bolts when I purchased the car. So I’m only guessing you will need them to fit the wheels, never tried the original bolts so I can’t comment on them. I sourced my centre caps caps from eBay, there only cheap ones and yes they are 68mm so they should fit. But I did pick up some genuine bmw “m” stickers for the wheels, again on eBay.
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    Or stripped to be tracked/drifted etc..
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    Looks like you didn't tighten the clip around the exhaust gas inlet. Dunno about anyone else but i'd strip the protective shield and bypass the melted wires with fresh ones then protect it with insulation tape again. Should fix that little issue. Then see how it goes.
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    Steering wheel

    https://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=744075 Only some fit.. But IMO they look sh*t. A nicely retrimmed E46 wheel is so much nicer!
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    Velvet Blue - E46 330CI Clubsport

    Hi everyone! Fallen victim, like a lot of others on the forum, to life getting in the way of posting and modifying as much as we would like to! However here's a few updates since my last post: MOT & Service carried out Yellowstuff Pads fitted as my current ones were running a bit low Trip to the Nurburgring complete! A big one off the bucket list! Hamann Fogs fitted General maintenance To do list: Fix up driver's seat bolster Replace faded bonnet badge (I replaced it already but it faded after less than a year! Any suggestions?!) Replace faded / old looking kidney grilles Wish list: Front end respray to get rid of those stone chips New carbon splitters Any other suggestions? Anyways, some pics! The Fogs - a big improvement! The start of the Nurburgring Trip: Random Belgian forest: Pic after a random clean: Will upload more if I decide to reinstall Tapatalk to my phone, hope you guys enjoy this for now!
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    M3 Rear Bumper on Coupe?

    Plenty of options on here: https://www.mstyle.co.uk/bmw-3-series/e46/exterior-styling/rear-bumpers-skirts-splitters-accessories.html I remember seeing a E92 335i style diffuser too once but can't find it now. I think that looked better as a non-M quad setup always looked to "trying too hard to be an M3" to me.. lol Edit: This is it Carbon https://www.insideperformance.de/en/3er-bmw-e46-335i-look-heck-diffusor-carbon_1272/ Plastic https://www.insideperformance.de/en/3er-bmw-e46-335i-look-heck-diffusor-kunststoff_1273/
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    330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    I haven't bothered as I'll be replacing them with oem xenons shortly Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Carried out a few more repairs yesterday: - powerflex wishbone bushes. - black kidney grills. Taking the car to have 4 wheel alignment tomorrow so that should make things handle a lot better. Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Bought one of those bulbs, replaced the old one with it and problem solved! Thanks for the recommendation and guidance.
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    General consensus for troubleshooting this sort of thing is to swap the bulbs from side to side, and see if the problem moves or not. If it does, then the bulb is at fault, otherwise it's the ballast (or, on mine, there's another igniter inside the headlight, but I've seen much talk of them failing). Unless you change the entire headlight unit, it'll have to be another xenon bulb (D2S, I think, for the bi-xenons, but not sure about the earlier cars). These can be obtained cheaply on eBay - if they'll last or be very bright is another matter... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-D2S-Xenon-Hid-4300K-Lamps-Burner-Bulbs-Tuv-E-Authorized-E11-Mini-Seat/362518063915?hash=item5467c2ab2b:g:ndkAAOSwDNdV4IlJ:rk:6:pf:0 Or a much nicer Xenarc bulb for only £33: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ORIGINAL-headlight-66240-folding-Packaging/dp/B003VNP4WM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1546104345&sr=8-1&keywords=osram+xenarc+original+d2s (This is from a good make, and should be fine quality wise. I'd have no problems in buying these for myself. I've got a set of their Nightbraker D2S bulbs, and they've been faultless.)
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    Car accident woes and insurance queries...

    Damn! Sorry to hear it.. Shame it happened but thankfully everyone is ok! That's the main thing.. If they write it off then they offer you a value for the car. You're in a relatively decent position on that front as you only just bought it. So if they say it's worth £200 (that's an exaggeration obviously. lol) you can say well shove that £200 - I just bought it for £X,XXX! You may not get back all of what you paid though. In terms of buying it back i'm not sure what the percentage is but you're free to buy it back in most cases (so long as it's not structural damage such as chassis legs being bent, which you can tell from a mile off it's not). You can then either get rid for parts/scrap. Or fix it up. But that'll cost a pretty penny! Looks like you at least need bonnet/wing/bumper/headlight/indicator. Then paint for all of that. Also depends if anything else is damaged under the surface. Have a look at the damage report when it comes back and decide from there.
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    330i Saloon (E46 number 4!)

    Managed to get my Eibach springs fitted after work tonight. I also fitted a 10mm spring pad to the OSR to make the rear ride height level. It seems to have done the trick so I'll check again once springs have settled. 15mm spacers next Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Oxford Green 330Ci Sport

    Time can play a part as rubber and plastics go brittle. Rubber doesn't like being still in respect of bushes. Heat cycles can kill things like coolant pipes etc though. So a high mileage car that's spent all day on the motorway, adding up the miles will be better than a high mileage town based car that's got hot and cold a lot. As this car has such low miles it can't have had too many hear cycles and it has been used, just not that much. So to my mind, it ought to be a good buy. I'd still replace the usual suspects in the coolant system, but I'm anal. Kirkynut
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    Time for a service but which one?

    I just do it myself now. The cars are of an age where its not worth getting a dealer to do it. Plus, saving money on labour means more for parts!!
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    winter wheels

    For Sale - West Midlands I have for sale a set of standard E46 rims with 205/55 R16 Marix Glacial tyres - really good in snow. Plenty of tread and fairly quiet for winter tyres - just a bit of a hum. The rims are in reasonable nick - suitable for the winter! Keep your lovely summer alloys in the shed... £100 ono - buyer collect from near Ludlow
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    iPad Air Smart Covers

    I have two brand new Apple iPad Air smart covers, one white one blue. Brand new never opened. These are the magnetic type that cover the front of the device. They are £30 from Apple so £25 each to forum members, Can post for a little extra (couple of quid) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Will Style 32's fit a E36?

    Can confirm what Sam is saying as i had E38 style 32's on my e36 and they rubbed so i got rid.
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    F/S Velvet Blue Met E46 330Ci Coupe

    Gonna bump this to get it BTTT. Need this gone ASAP. Went and viewed my new car today. Just need a private sale to get the most pennies from selling it rather than a crappy p/x price
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    Will Lam

    Will Style 32's fit a E36?

    Hi Guys I have been offered some staggered style 32 for my MV2 reps. just wondering if anyone know will the rear fit under the E36 arches? and would it be a good swap. thanks Will
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    Funnily that was the words that I uttered when he said 8k...though I may have mumbled a couple of swear words as well Nope, he wasn't forthcoming with any help regarding showing me the damage etc...actually he was a bit of an a-hole about it and not at all chatty. Another thing I meant to add about the damage to the car is that when looking down the drivers side from the back to the front is that the front wing sticks out about 3/4". It's obviously part and parcel of the car being thumped into and shunted over the road from the left to the right. Yep, I'm coming around to the idea that buying it back would be crazy. Watch this space regarding any updates.
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    Spare MV1 wanted
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    Will Lam

    Will Style 32's fit a E36?

    currently on reps Uploaded with ImageShack.us and here are the 32's Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Will Lam

    Will Style 32's fit a E36?

    hi guys the wheels are off a 2002 e46 and are the e46 ones. My e36 is a Convertible and on standard sport springs thank you
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    F/S Velvet Blue Met E46 330Ci Coupe

    wow cheap! Good luck fella!
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    Daz 330 Cs

    F/S Velvet Blue Met E46 330Ci Coupe

    Velvet is the BEST colour ...im baised of course