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    Convertible 318Ci

    https://www.bmw-driver.net/threads/318i-conversion-to-330.44534/ Food for thought? If it's a project, might as well do it properly.. 😁
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    '02 330i Sport Lower Front Arms Issue

    Thanks, As it happens I called the garage this morning that fitted the arms, to ask about settings, He said to go to a setup specialist just down the road from him. I wish I'd have asked him before. It's just a shame I've now paid for the job to be done wrong - or at least it's highly likely it's wrong, and since they've siad they'll re-do for free I can't really do much about it. Live and learn. Cheers!
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    Wiper blades

    Just gone on ECP to order them and put in WIPER50 code and got bigger discount and now paying £37.37 for the two sets
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    Not sure. They say you mustn't have water in the hydraulics or this happens:
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    e46 How to install Hydraulic Handbrake?

    Imagine joining the forum to make that your first post! "Hydro" means water btw.. 🤣
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    Imagine not knowing what a hydro is and your in a e46 group
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    Changed the FRPS and everything seems to be back to normal. Really easy to do. I went for a tested second hand part off a good ebay seller. If you're gonna buy a new one it is immensely expensive!

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