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    Haha. Well, incidentally, I have a bit of an update... So it looks like that previous post of mine in this thread was the catalyst, and as I was driving around some time before Christmas the Android unit went up in smoke - literally. I ran with a standard radio with aux and bluetooth for calls for a while until I started to miss CarPlay. I was absolutely convinced that I wasn't going to spend £700-£1000 for the Alpine specific fit headunit, as IMO that pricing is ridiculous. I ended up with a Sony XAV-AX3005DB and my total costs for fitting are: Sony XAV-AX3005DB -> £295 Enfig RMK-E46-XAV -> $49.99 (£39) Connects2 CTSONYLEAD -> £2.99 (I was able to re-use the 17-Pin -> ISO wiring harness and SWC from a previous Alpine single DIN radio, I just needed the fitting kit and Sony compatible patch lead.) I spent a little extra to get complete functionality of the unit: Enfig MIC-BM1 -> $29.99 (£23.50) Eightwood EWAN146UK -> £28.99 So my total project cost is £389 for a fully operational double DIN headunit with reverse camera, carplay, android auto, DAB etc. I still wonder how Alpine can justify their cost.
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    Random Picture of the Day

    Seen this on Fanatics and I think it's a good idea, what's people think? Having a random picture of the day thread to show off your photogrpahy skills, not only E46 related. For example - my dog...Pumba.. Maybe if people like the idea, it can be pinned and people just add as and when?? I don't know, just an idea beacuse I know a few of you have some serious camera setups with the DSLR's and the like.
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    First shot of BMW/ AUDI convertable

    Saw this today. Had to take a pic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    F07GT Steve


    I cant see any picture, on works PC But Yes,,, what ever it is i want one,,,,

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