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    My e46's

    Hi everyone I'm from Malta and have 2 E46's - the compact is my daily - '03 316ti with factory sports interior, the cabrio is an '02 fully loaded 318ci msport. Hope you like [emoji3] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Been away for a while...

    Had an S4 avant, a focus ST3, and an A3 Quattro in the last 4 years since getting rid of the 330 vert, which I deeply regret. So this weekend I got shot of the A3 and picked up a 325ci in imola red. Not a bad motor, it’s a 2002 M sport with a few bits, but drives alright and looks decent considering it’s age. Glad to be back in an e46, I’ll be after a well spec’d 330 next year. Pics to follow
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    Been away for a while...

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    Serial E46 guy

    I’m new on here - where do I start? E46 fanatic?? Not sure - all I know is I’ve had 4 of them in my life: 1 Convertible from new back in the day 2 Coupe run around after falling on hard times and needed something reliable to get me to a new job and back 3 one of my favourites - 330d M Sport Touring (pics will follow) which was unfortunately written off by someone reversing into it. My wife hated it so all of her Christmas’s came in early 4 Current: 325ci convertible - immaculate condition with only 66,000 on the clock So you decide ... a fanatic or just know a good thing when I see one?? PS - does anyone here know what colour this is?
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    Yellow oil warning after start up

    Common problem, the oil level sensor is kaput, if you want to replace it wait until your next service as sensor is in the sump & needs oil dropped to replace or you could live with it & check oil old school like you’re doing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New E46 Owner

    Logging back on today really makes me want to just keep it... decisionsssssss
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    Gaz's Graphite Grey 330ci

    This thread was the first one I found and this car was the deciding factor to my buying of an e46
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    Oh my.. that looks awesome. Great work dude
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    First E46 Overhaul

    Took me about 3 hours thats including jacking the car up and axle stands. Hardest part is the front exhaust bolts as they simply rust out to nothing, once that's off its fairly straight forward. If dropping the lot like i did i would have a friend help you lower it all as its a fair weight and not easy to balance on the jack. This was using air tools as well. All oem Bmw bushes going back in
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    First E46 Overhaul

    If your removing the subframe then why not reinforce it while its apart? Hard to notice cracks with the subframe in place. Im currently doing the same and the subframe and all arms are at the powdercoaters and vapour blasters. Its not a cheap or 2 minute process but worthwhile.
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    Help before I give up with this car

    Doh! ccv finished off by torch and when pluggin the wires in, I traced all wires coming from box and the inlet cam wire that goes to box had fell behind alternator, here’s me checking exhaust cam sensor as also unplugged that with thermostat connector etc to give me more room but as couldn’t see the inlet cable, and getting my cam sensors mixed up, what can I say, tiredness makes you stupid lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Andy G

    Been away for a while...

    they are a car thats hard to avoid buying again
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    Just joined, saying Hi

    Hey just joined, I’ve had the loon for a while now but never joined up, too busy fixing the small bits (the ones that always go) I drive a pre f/l 325 SE and have recently rolled 160k
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    Daz 330 Cs

    My 325ci Convertible

    It’s really easy, turn your phone 90 degrees, you’re done
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    As i remember from the last time i was on the forum. Awesome car
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    Daz 330 Cs

    My 325ci Convertible

    Portrait pics are shocking fella, windows need dropping too
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    E46 330d rumble on acceleration

    it aint been mapped properly,,my e9 330d 305 bhp and 510ftlbs 698nm has a bit of rumble,,and the guy who has just remapped my other car(335d) is going to read the map and put it right..ie jason from bwchiptune,,the map on the 330d was done by durham remaps and i guess they just throw as much as they can at it and dont bother testing it on dyno like jason,,because he says its easy fixable,,he fixes loads of other tuners maps,,he may be a sponsor on here,,
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    New member

    Hi folks! I'm new to the site. I own a 2002 Bmw E46. Hoping we can be a happy group members and sharing the same interest here as i do . Thanks for letting me join. Kind regards Daniel
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    Finally found what I was looking for, see below if anyone else is interested
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    From the album bmw ski pass sub boxes

    this box is made from 18mm mdf, is fully silicone sealed and screwed together with speaker terminal. let me know what you think about this box as the bmw speakers are poor, this box makes a huge difference. ian
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    Epic E46 Picture Thread

    few pics from Just finished my DIY Daily Diesel....yesterday, i have carried out every mod myself, including fitting and painting the kit! not to everyones taste but im happy with it!.......just need wider wheels now....
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    WANTED 330ci Vert

    My brother wants a 330ci - Vert Black on Black M sport 2.5k mark Good conditon. If you know of any for sale can you PM me please. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    mRd - does anyone know him?

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    Dr T

    Epic E46 Picture Thread

    loving the way even when arguing the toss everyone still posts an epic picture in their response to stick to the rules. so now i've said that, here's my contribution... HRE Wheels BMW E46 M3 by 1013MM, on Flickr
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    marc l

    Epic E46 Picture Thread

    1 picture from me. I've even had it printed on canvas lol
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    Daz 330 Cs

    Thread Full Of Lulz

    I've got some howlers i'll add to this later on
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    Hi, I still get notifications, I still have the car and loving it, BUT the one downer is the Evolve roof, even though its been valeted since its been completed, by a very good bloke widely recommended, the finish has deteriorated very bad in three years, not worth £1600 2018-10-10 11.03.34 by David Byrne, on Flickr
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    2002 BMW Clupsport for sale - SOLD

    hopefully gone to a good home Cheers