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    Sorry been away for bit Holidays and the like! Not to everyones taste, But few pics of the Car as she is now.... Thanks all for comments, just been busy enjoying it really....
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    Brad smith

    Brads E46 M3

    Not updated this for a while, decided to take the car off the road for the winter as I had a few things I wanted to get done on the car. Plus change in job meant travel has increased to 60 miles a day so decided to take it off the road and get the train to work. Wheels are off being refurbed in hyper silver as ever since I purchased them they had kerb rash and some worse than others. So took the wheels off. Also purchased some new Michellin Pilot Sport 4S in CSL sizes. Expensive but will be worth it hopefully and the wheels did need new tyres. Will update with pictures once wheels are back. back with new tyres mounted. Look fantastic, just gone for a basic shiny silver exactly the same as before. Quality is great and was only £160 with new tyres mounted and balanced and the blokes shop is literally at the back of my house was a new place so thought I’d give it a try. Also I know there only tyres but I really feel the Michelin’s add to look the look and make them look better. Also look much better with the correct CSL size tyres. Just need new bolts, maybe spacers and new bmw badges. M badges are new. Only picture in the dark Still love the concave on these, I know everyone has these wheels on an m3 but I think they just work. pics in the daylight. Thanks.
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    Dear all, I'm a brand new and super proud owner of 2004 330ci sport convertible to be my daily run around car to take the daily commute off my c63s which is eating too much mileage. I'm a huge fan of the e46 and think it really is the sweet spot of luxury, handling and practicality and I even had the roof off yesterday and this model has a Harmon kardon system which adds to the joy. I found and expected the steering to be heavy when i test drove the car. but noticed when I picked it up and was driving home, everything felt out of kilter . it has conti sport 6 tyres at the rear and two completely different brands at the front. one falken tyre and one random one so I bought myself a couple of Michelin crossclimate + 225/40/18s for the front (to be fitted on Saturday.) and I'll keep the contis till they (no doubt ) will wear out super fast. The reason for the cross climates is I regularly get ungritted roads where I live. I'll see how they jive with the contis but I plan to go cross climates all round. I dont plan to drive this car hard , that's what my other car is for. This one is more a cruiser for me to treat kindly and gently for a few years hopefully. I just read this thread and it has very useful information, so , thanks for this. I'll check in again once the tyres are put on and whether this resolves the issue.
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    Daz 330 Cs

    Tyres sizes for 19" MV4's - HELP!!

    I’ve no idea Momo how I didn’t see the link, must have been half asleep still 😬
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    Black 330d Sport Touring

    Nah I did consider it, I looked at a few but decided against it as being just another expense on top of the refurb and then the alignment it would add another £200 to wheels
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    Black 330d Sport Touring

    unfortunately the laws of physics puts the ET15 rear fitment in the too difficult basket. Static, they look incredible perfectly flush with the wheel arch. So tried the other one on the front pretty blinking wide!!! got the two fronts fitted now, and my old front tyres will go on the pair of ET38’s I have for the rear then I can play with spacers and arch rolling!
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    My 318i/328iSE - MV1`s fitted

    it’s only been 6 years! I’m sure he’ll remember!
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    325i wishbones

    https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0068MGN6O/ £199! Used to be £180.. Booooo!!
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    Black 330d Sport Touring

    ok it’s gotten out of hand again! just purchased in no particular order ACS mirrors, ACS boot spoiler, M3 rep front bumper and am in talks with a body shop about paint correction 🙈 the wife’s gonna kill me 😂
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    Andrew Fanning

    E46 Vert - My Build Thread

    Sorry @momo hadnt looked in on this thread in a few weeks as did have much to update, no time no money. But ya you are 100% right they are csl style, actually ordered the wrong ones off ebay but happy mistake as I much prefer these now. Time to stop with the small stuff for a while and focus on getting new wheels, really want a set of 18'' satin Black LM reps ( def cant afford genuine ) and a small drop on the front.
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    A few running rough issues 320d

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    Halogen to xenon conversion

    That's because they're generally all cheap (quality, not always cheap price) aftermarket, generic kits that are changed a little to "kind of" fit your car.. With the 3 options I gave you 1) Genuine retrofit - you buy Xenon headlights (pretty readily available tbh), fit them to yours and then get your LCM recoded for Xenon 2) Depo retrofit - http://www.modbargains.com/Depo-Headlights-BMW-E46-Coupe-Sedan.htm - probably the most expensive option if you buy new and I think it may need the LCM recoded anyway? 3) High output H7 - https://smile.amazon.co.uk/GE-Megalight-Ultra-Headlight-58520XNU/dp/B06XRP45DX (or Philips nightbreaker) - cheapest of the lot. But if you REALLY have to go Xenon and you have no intention of changing the headlight bowl to a projector (therefore blinding everyone else) then any generic kit should technically work. You just need somewhere to mount the new ballast and you may have to leave the rear lamp cover off to feed the wires into the new bulb.
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    Alpina B3S - without engine

    I don’t think you’ll find many people with the skill set to do this job correctly offering their services for free! What happened to the original engine? I don’t think the outlay of time and money would really justify the rewards of something that is neither a real alpina or and M3.
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    Cleaned it

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    18” 8.5j ET15 on a Touring?

    nah they’re pretty tatty, rust bubbles on both sides bumper clips hanging off. usual high mile E46 vibe.
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    Epic E46 Picture Thread

    Here are some more photos since I last posted in this thread. (Fun fact I was rear ended later on that evening after the last post ^) Hopefully that tickles some taste buds until show season
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    I'm back with another E46

    Your car is awesome .I also soon plan to buy a new car and have not yet decided which exactly I want .In addition, I had to figure out how to protect the salon from the wool of my dogs, I have 3 of them and they are quite fluffy, but PetsTiger has become a great discovery for me and now my salon will not be in wool.
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    winter wheels

    For Sale - West Midlands I have for sale a set of standard E46 rims with 205/55 R16 Marix Glacial tyres - really good in snow. Plenty of tread and fairly quiet for winter tyres - just a bit of a hum. The rims are in reasonable nick - suitable for the winter! Keep your lovely summer alloys in the shed... £100 ono - buyer collect from near Ludlow
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    Introduce yourself

    I like to say Hello to every one My name is Damian and i'm from Poland From 9 Years i live in London and from January i got my Own BMW
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    Stan 24v


    Im a very trustworthy guy
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    Max Davis

    Seatbelt slow???

    If your seatbelt is slow then you should get rid of it asap. Having it is really dangerous and can really harm you. You can break your back or even worse, die. You don't want that, don't you? Then you should get extra help. For example, get Posture Correctors from befit as a matter of caution. I think that it will be a nice safe measure that will save your life in time of great need.