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    Soft Touch Plastics Restoration

    My Interior plastics were looking too grubby for my liking, I decided to give refurbishing them a go as I didn't fancy springing for new ones. I used Rustoleum Peel Coat which is a rubberised finish, looks VERY much like the OEM finish, although I have some concerns over longevity. I suppose the possitive this is that if it starts looking tired again, all I need to do it peel it off and paint again! I used about 3 cans at around £7 each so a pretty good bang for buck refresh of the interior if you ask me. Here are the before and afters. BEFORE: AFTER: Hope you guys like it! I think it looks amazing, and it's freshened up the interior so much!
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    Turbo Charged build thread...

    At 10psi I had 4 leaks that didn’t show on any smoke tests I had performed. These have now all been fixed, just silly things like a clamp not being tight enough, a couple of bolts were letting air past through threads etc. So now I’m currently back to wastegate spring selections and continued road testing and mapping. The end is hopefully in sight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    dontpannic - 330D Sport Touring

    Cleaned her and got some photos the other day. Not a lot has really changed in the grand scheme of things, yellowed the main beams, amber indicators all round, properly wired in the bi-xenons so the shutters work properly, wired in a tracker and rewired my dash cam so it is wired directly into an empty slot on the fusebox.
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    Noise under acceleration. Video inside

    i got my flex disc and centre bearing and centering bush from buycarparts.co.uk(german company) and delivered from germany,,i also got new bolts for the disc...aint a hard job but i would take it to a garage as as has been said,,it would be difficult on stands..exhaust off etc..my indy fitted new front shocks at the same time and rear pads,,he charged me £120 total for all,,which was good.parts were around £150 for disc/bearing/centering bush and disc bolts...all febi bilstein,,which someone traced are what bmw used as oem parts,,and always fit the flex disc with the little arrows facing the gearbox
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    16s on a 330i

    Nope. Min size is 17" to fit over the calipers. 330d and 330i share the same brakes.. Style 44 wheels with 225/45/17 tyres are the cheapest combo I've seen. I have a set which I need rid of as it happens!
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    Dr Evil

    E46 330i Touring

    Hi, new to the forum so I thought I'd post a picture of my car and say hello. This is my Japan red 330i Touring
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    diagnostic problem inpa error IFH-0009

    No, the port under dash is just engine, the rest is done by port under bonnet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Misfire and traction light flashing.

    Are you sure you have misfire? Or is the traction control? I had problem last year on my 330ci where the TC would come on for no reason. First mostly around fast right hand bends. Got worse where it would do it in straight line at random. Renoved both rear wheel speed sensors, clean them and relucter rings, and it's been fine ever since.
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    Noise under acceleration. Video inside

    thats wat i was thinking,,i would of said centre bearing,,that can make the shaft flop about,,but maybe its flopped about too much and damaged it..either way id replace the centre bearing and centering bush,,also flex disc and bolts,,,even when flex disc and centre bearing get replaced,,it can still produce vibrations if the £7 centering bush has not been replaced ....very worth while doing the centering bush..
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    Misfire and traction light flashing.

    Strange combination. What model is it you have ? Did you have a full tank of fuel and it still miss fired? Weak fuel pump? Sticking brake caliper? Dirty or faulty abs sensor ? Might be worth having the car plugged in to read any faults before throwing money at parts.
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    Noise under acceleration. Video inside

    Jeez! What happened to the prop to make it sound like that? Either way, glad you got to the bottom of it.
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    Noise under acceleration. Video inside

    what about the bits,,ie disc.bearing,,worth while doing them at same time..
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    I'm back with another E46

    I've been off of here for a while, but just bought a new toy. Don't plan on selling this as it's a toy and not my daily car. It's a 320i M-Sport, black leather sports interior electric seats. Very nice to drive not the most powerful of motors but really nice to cruise around in. My kids love it aswell.
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    Dr T

    Manual Gearbox Oil

    Right, i'm looking into replacing the gearbox oil when i put my shortshifter in (i doubt its been done before and at 140,000 miles i should think it would need it) i've done a bit of searching on here and looking at opie oils site and i just want to run through what oil i should/can use in my 5 speed manual From what i've read i only need 1.1L as mines a 5 speed (6 speed uses 1.7L) According to opie oils i should be using http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-981-fuchs-titan-sintofluid-sae-75w-80-synthetic-manual-transmission-fluid.aspx but from another thread i see someone saying this stuff is better, and its a few quid cheaper. http://www.opieoils.co.uk/p-739-castrol-syntrans-multivehicle-75w-90-fully-synthetic-mtf-replaces-smx-s-75w-85.aspx# annoyingly i need two bottles so the few quid difference adds up a bit, given the poundland nature of my superlight project i don't want to be buying M&S gearbox oil when just good gearbox oil will do, and lets face it sometimes things that are recommended are priced up and something else that technically is just as good but doesn't have a seal of approval is cheaper and may even perform better. So what are peoples thoughts,. Stop being a pikey and order the Fuchs stuff or is the other stuff better/just as good. Alternatively Halfords stock these two http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_209375_langId_-1_categoryId_255220 http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_222101_langId_-1_categoryId_255220#tab1
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    Today at 242,000 miles the 330d passed its MOT with NO advisories!!!!!!! Shocked ...yes but YIPPPPEEEEEEEEE ....LO
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    Bigger throttle body for 330i

    It’s coming along slowly[emoji849] I’m waiting to get the manifolds welded up but I’ve got nearly everything together, I need to buy an afr gauge and I’m hopefully doing a trial fit this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sport ?

    front and rear bumpers..steering wheel..sill guards..little m badges on gear knob and wheels.there the ones i can think of..
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    Reverse parking sensors - not working

    More than likely those sensors you fit are also duff. The 5sec beep happens when a fault is detected on the system. If that's gone now but it's still not working then i'd bet the new sensors are the problem. Aftermarket sensors are extremely hit-and-miss on these E46's. The only ones that work reliably are new from BMW or Land Rover. You can try 2nd hand, but you could be throwing more money down the pan if they're DOA.
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    Soft Touch Plastics Restoration

    It's very similar yes. The reason I went for this stuff was because a friend had a can knocking around. I used it for something unrelated to the car and then had a lightbulb moment thinking this could work really well. It also self levels extremely well giving a flawless looking finish (if you've prepped the surface you are spraying properly of course). I'm pretty handy around paint, I've done loads of spraying, but this stuff would look good sprayed on by a novice, I can't tell you how beautifully it levels itself. But DO NOT get any runs, be patient and built the thickness gradually as you can't sand this stuff. You'll need to start again which will mean either peeling it all, or if you haven't put enough down for it to peel properly, sanding it all back. I can't stress how important the prep is with this stuff, it's not water based, and will react if not sprayed onto a well prepped surface. Make sure you clean the part well after prepping with something like panel wipe or some rubbing alcohol. And definitely wait for it to properly dry between layers. Trying to get it on fast will cause it to start lifting as the layers below will still be out gassing of not fully cured (I found out the hard way). I hope I'm not making it sound scary, it's very very good stuff and easy to spray, it's just important you take your time and do the job right. I paid £7 a can and got through about 3 and a half cans. You need to build up the layer or it won't peel. That's important if you ever want to redo it if after a few years it start looking a bit crappy again so you can just peel, wipe and paint again. If anyone has any questions just ask.
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    Bigger throttle body for 330i

    Well on its own probably not cos there’s no noticeable change anywhere, on a rolling road it’s slightly down on power but with the m52 decat manifolds plus a couple of other mods a remap should show some benefits but I’m going down the supercharger route and it should help with that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Black 330d Sport Touring

    finished the wife’s first wheel decided to polish the lip in the end, extremely labour intensive and not that satisfying due to the badge in the middle. only 3 more to go!
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    easy job for a garage assuming it’s the bits mentioned above, so should be reasonable labour costs. the real challenge is doing it on your drive with less than an inch between your nose and the floor of the car!
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    Error faults

    Hi spot on, vacuum pipe running along the top, 4" tear. Got a new pipe from BMW but it had a connector at one end that didn't fit, so had to cut it off. add a bit of the old using a jubilee clip job done. Thanks for your help. Jim
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    I think the E90 6 cylinders are quite good though are they not? I'v driven my E46 a fair bit over the last few days and gave it a wash on Friday, so it looks pretty again! I don't like using car washes, albeit swirl marks are not a worry for my old beast now, I've given up being a bufty! I have a 2 year old and work shifts. This leaves no time for car washing. I am now starting to forgive it for the grief it's caused me. It's a lovely car to drive. If the pas pump goes again I'm going to get one from another company, so I know it's ok and get rid for a smaller car. I really could do with a city car for parking at work but if my E46 behaves I'll keep it as I do like how it looks and drives, albeit I wish it was a 330i for the power! Kirkynut
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    How to improve DAB reception?

    I found that using a bit of bare metal works best. You can sand a bit of paint off in a hidden area, unlikely to rust if it never gets wet. Of course you could try disconnecting the dashcam charger to see if that helps , and the GPS too. By running my aerial lead under the centre console to the rear I have eliminated the interference from the dashcam now, but the original 12V cigarette charger did make things a lot worse all the time no matter where the cables were located, I am using a 12V-USB power adaptor now which doesn't cause any interference. If all else fails then these seem to have decent reception: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/USB2-0-Car-Digital-Radio-Receiver-DAB-DAB-Radio-Tuner-Stick-Antenna-for-Android/112622761524?hash=item1a38d6f634:g:V4sAAOSw8a1ZrP7x&clk_rvr_id=1486708027731&afsrc=1&rmvSB=true The most recent Zoulou DAB app from the XDA developers forum seems to have improved the reception further. A decent aerial is still important though, the stick on windscreen ones can be fairly good in my experience but not great. I don't get any dropouts on the way to work now, the signal strength does go down to 2 bars (out of 5) in places, but the sound still comes through fine. I am very happy with my DAB setup now.
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    Turbo Charged build thread...

    It’s been a challenging few weeks, wet roads, snow roads, salted road etc have all hampered progress. But finally upto 22psi, but it’s not been easy. Have had wastegate issues, and a very hard to diagnose lean condition. Wastegate now starts to open on a bench test at... After a number of smoke tests which none of flagged any issues, a high pressure smoke test finally found an issue The block off bungs I had installed had not sealed, so each time I was closing the throttle at high RPM un-metered air was being sucked in and causing the car to lean out and occasionally stall [emoji849] Hope this is fixed now, but need some dry roads to fully test, at 22psi this thing will spin the tyres in 3rd gear pretty easily on a dry road [emoji12] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Tyre Topic

    I've got the Zlines on one axle on mine (can't remember which), and really like them. Their winter tyres were very impressive too, until they went bald.
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    You're dead right bud! They fitted a new one by cutting it and then welding it! It's all sorted now. Still got that bleeding knock from the front though. Only on deceleration into corners. Steering rack?
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    Sticky caliper

    Most garages won't rebuild the caliper as its to much trouble for them, that and they are just fitters not mechanics anymore. Its not like the caliper is that expensive anyway and you get a shiny caliper.
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    Black 330d Sport Touring

    weekly wash, paint is in horrendous condition, got to stick to the plan of sorting the mechanicals before the cosmetics! upload your images
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    Daz 330 Cs

    Sticky caliper

    Sure I get what you’re saying about the rebuild, but it’s just a piston and a seal. That’s it. Plus they’re going to charge you at least an hours labour even if it takes less to do the job, some places will charge half hour at a time but most don’t. I was fortunate with mine, I watched Onkar do the job. Took less than an hour, I spent more time cleaning & waxing the inside of the alloy whilst it was off . Either way it will be done for you and it’s one less thing to worry about
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    Turbo Charged build thread...

    Well into the 400s already? Turbo looks nice in there! & nice work with the gauges
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    Back once again!

    Hi all, Im Ben and I live near Fareham in Hampshire. I'm 35, married and have three daughters. I've had two E46's in the past which were both 320d's: I'm now the proud owner of a 330d sport touring in Titan silver. No pics at the minute but I'll start another thread in the photo section. Looking forward to getting involved in a few meets again. Ben
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    Remapping a e46 330ci convertible

    Amen Brother!
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    pot hole took me out

    as title,,huge potholes..hit one and its snapped something in the suspension,got recoveerd by my indy as his son does recovery..i was 14 miles from home...put com-laint in and doing the route of trying to get northumberland council to foot the bill..2mpot holes about 3ftx1.5ft and 4 inches deep.covered in water so they were hard to see on a 60 mph road,,i was doing about 50,,what a crashing sound it made,thought my alloy and tyre had exploded but they looked fine,,cars at garage for inspection next couple of days,,took pucs etc,,1 man was watching,,,he came over and explained that he was there to take pics as he detroyed 2 tyres the day before,,this was my e46 330d
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    Help :( E46 No Battery, New Alternator

    Turns out my "new" (recon'd) alternator was dead on arrival. I'm now an expert at swapping alternators...