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    E46 330d projectcar

    Got some work done the last few days. 6 new 535d injectors got in the engine. The manifold is in as well as the new turbo with downpipe. New i only need to do some small thing like mount sensors on the system and some service on the car. Then it can go and get testet before the remap. Cant wait... :-)
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    Well, now my rear pads and discs have bedded in and I can brake normally I'm so much happier with the car. The feeling through the brake pedal was ruining the driving experience more than I appreciated I think. I think I'd just got used to it being the norm as braking performance was not reduced, I just hated the feeling and knew it was not right. When I replaced the front discs with the Brembos I thought it improved but it must have been the placebo effect combined with wishful thinking as I really didn't think that the rear discs would cause that. So those Brembos were likely fine and I wasted money replacing them. You live and learn though and I'm sure that the ATE pads and discs on the front are better quality, albeit not so much I'd notice. I have read many times over Momo, that Pagid can be dusty but my experience is that it is marginal and I know that they perform well and don't do silly things like come un-bonded from their backing plates etc. I drove the Mrs Octavia vRS the day before yesterday and I'm getting used to the power now. It's still rapid as hell but as with all cars, you get used to the power and they're not as exciting. This makes me less inclined to spend money on getting something similar. I've had mine in manual mode and hooked up a few corners on a rural road nicely and I know how to keep momentum from years of driving underpowered cars. I'd love to have a car that I can squirt the throttle on the exit of a bend slide the rear out at will though! I can't afford an E46 M3 mind! So you may have guessed that I'm not flirting with the idea of changing my car any longer (for the moment). I did even find myself looking at coilovers on the internet last night but that's a silly idea and I haven't gone down that route because I know how impractical it would become and how I would regret it. Should the shocks go bad I'd just put some Billies on it. The front tyres need replacing but I thought about that when we sold the Mrs 325i and kept the only just legal rears when we replaced them with new Avons about 2 months before we sold it. I then got them put back on when we sold it and have the barely used ones in the shed, ready to go on mine. That was a cunning move as I'll have new front tyres for winter at only the cost of fitting and balancing, which is getting cheaper the more I become a regular customer at our local place with 3 cars and I've bought several sets of wheels from them now. I've had ideas run through my head like putting it into the body shop for a re-spray in a solid grey like on Audis or Focus ST's. It would need both rear arches replaced and a few dents removed to be like new. Then I remind myself of why 3 corners have small scuffs on them and how angry I'd be if I got it painted and then someone scuffed it when parked again, which they will. So I'll just enjoy it as it is, which is hard for a serial modder! I've a couple of ideas for small touches to individualise it though. Kirkynut
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    I've since learned that Milton's Steralising Fluid (you know, the one used on babies bottles) is good for cleaning out the windscreen washer bottle.
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    Well, it's been a while!

    Seems it's almost a year to the day of my last reply. I've, err, been busy! I do check in, but the site has slowed and I've been busy with other things so it's not needed much ongoing work and seems to tick over. I don't want to close the place, there is a wealth of knowledge on here that should stick around until the internet is not a thing anymore. But, with some recent changes in life, I have decided to put some effort into this once great place and see if we can get a bit more of a community. Yes, there are less E46's about, and a lot more ropey ones, but still, there will be a following. So, I've updated the forum software, ran a load of updates and re-jigged the ads to be less frequent, but more rewarding (this place isn't free to run!). I will be posting up on social media from time to time, see if we can get some more interaction, and I am looking at re-re-re-re-launching my old e90zone site too. I always enjoyed running these sites, and it made me get up and go to car shows and put some effort in, and I miss that. So my hobby is back! Please please please let me know if you have issues, or suggestions on here, I will take them on board and deal with them. Thanks!
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    New Member from Scottish Highlands

    Might be an easy fix bro here hoping
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    E46 320CD DSC and yellow handbrake light

    Midland turbo seem to get good reviews. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't sell refurbed turbos tbh. New are over ยฃ1500 IIRC. So long as it's refurbed by a good company it'll last for years again.
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    Not when E46's were made, it was ATE. Your calipers even have the ATE logo on, as does the brake fluid reservoir. The whole braking system is ATE. Kirkynut
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    E46 320CD DSC and yellow handbrake light

    Glad you got it sorted. Yes that sounds perfect, mine shows has roughly -1 bar of pressure without the predal pressed with both the factory sensor and replacement. 80 bar sounds like firm pedal pressure with the engine on, I think I got it up to about 170 bar-ish by ramming the pedal as hard as I could.
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    E46 320CD DSC and yellow handbrake light

    Thanks so much for the support and respond guys much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ I ended up biting the bullet just couldn't take the annoyance of the light and being messed about. I made bmw replace them both. And so far nothing has come up and it usually would of come up by now so it's been fixed ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ The readings fluctuate arround -0.7 for both when idle and then when pressed 80+ which I'm assume is right ?
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    Benji gets an M3

    And finally, woke up early last Sunday morning to head to Waterloo Bridge for sunrise, still editing these photos to a point where I'm happy with them. In the meantime, I followed by nipping around to a quiet spot afterwards to have a play with my first DSLR...
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    E46 320CD DSC and yellow handbrake light

    Yep - either the one of them has failed again. It could be either really. Best replace them both. Not sure i'd have paid for the dealer to do the work but would've got the parts from them at least.
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    Andrew Fanning

    E46 Vert - My Build Thread

    So for those who were interested in my earlier post about or Mental Health Group Project below is a few update pictures. The project now has an official name and a Logo Ya know ifs official when ya have Facebook and Instagram ( please do pop in and have a look, the more likes and shares we get the quicker we can build awareness ) https://www.facebook.com/MidletonBikeProject/ https://www.instagram.com/midletonbikeproject/?hl=en The RD250 is now complete and ready for her shake down. Progress has already started on the next project a Yamaha Intruder 1500lc. This is going to be more of a custom build than a restoration and will also include a trailer which will tow the above bike to events to help raise awareness.
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    Running issues

    It measures the amount of air entering the engine which, along with the emissions that the lambda sensors give the ECU, the throttle position, oil temperature, coolant temperature and other bits of information tell the engine what ignition timing to run and how much fuel the injectors should squirt in at that moment for the engine to run it's best. The ECU works this out thousands of times per second. We've even got variable valve timing on both the inlet and exhaust on these with the Vanos system. The ECU effectively takes all of these values given by all of these sensors and refers to a table (MAP) that tells it what to do to make the engine run as it was programmed (Mapped) to do so. So you can see how with all those parameters an engine tuner is a talented person. When you un-plug the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor as I suggest, the engine uses a set of parameters it knows are safe to provide a stoiciometric air/fuel ration of 14.7:1. This air/fuel ratio gives the cleanest and most efficient burn for petrol. You'll likely see no difference in how the car drives but it will not be as fuel efficient. Here's this copied off the interwebs: "The ideal (theoretical) air-fuel ratio, for a complete combustion, is called stoichiometric air-fuel ratio. For a gasoline (petrol) engine, thestoichiometric air-fuel ratio is around14.7:1. This means that, in order to burn completely 1 kg of fuel, we need14.7 kg of air." If your symptoms occur with the MAF sensor unplugged, the problem isn't that. So leave it un-plugged for a week or so when you'd expect the problem to arise during and if it doesn't arise, replace the MAF sensor. I hope that wasn't too long winded! I struggle with concise! Kirkynut
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    Cheers. I'm not sure I'd call my 320i auto a driver's car though. When I want to drive enthusiastically it's not really the tool for the job but the other 85% of the time it's just the ticket. My next car will be a manual and faster! Kirkynut
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    Just ordered through a family member in the the trade with BMW discount: Both rear boot plastics - the side pieces, mine are faded and scratched. Also the lateral trim panel across the area the boot closes on as that's scratched too. On order are the black 'ashtray console' and the beige 'handbrake console' plus new OEM velour mats. Scuttle panel below the wipers Car's booked in next month for paint: Front bumper Bonnet Front N/S wing Rear bumper New Calearo FM/AM & DAB sharkfin aerial. Replaced the mesh grill at the front and cleaned it all up - really brings it back up to date. Found an Alpine TUA100 DAB tuner for sensible money which works through the Intravee which is easy to fit, but I'll do that when I do the boot plastics. Got an M3 full button console - that I think you can see in the pics. I've wired in the TPMS retrofit and need to code that next. For the Sport button I've come up with a plan; replace it with a PDC button so I can switch the annoying PDC gong off if I want to - say when I'm on the phone to someone... Got all the parts and hope to get to this at the weekend. Planning for my supercharger fit currently, this means: CCV rebuild DISA valve New tensioners - aux and AC - car's 85k miles and 17 years. New AC belt - mine whines New water pump New expansion tank New thermostat Love my E46 - the herd is really thinning but I enjoy driving it every time.
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    E46 Boot Auto Open

    I got it to work on 1, however that boot was damaged so didnt want to go live until tested on another car. I am based on Ireland, it rans here alot, so verts are limited.
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    Andrew Fanning

    E46 Vert - My Build Thread

    Thanks @kirkynut, Ya im a very impatient person and don't hang about. If I had my way ( and the Budget ) plan would be formed when car is purchased and all parts would be ordered and fitted before it sees road.. Last night I tried out a new detailing product, had seen a lot of online reviews and youtube videos and looked interesting so when it came up on sale in my local halfords I said id give it a go. Now I was skeptical but all I can say is wow wow wow.. I always keep my car clean and has had a good decontaminate wash, full clay bar, machine compound and polish and generous layer of wax which obviously helped. I followed the guides id watched online and gave the car a good wash sprayed the product on all the body worked and dried in with a micro fiber cloth ( was looking good at this point but nothing crazy ) the next step is to spray the car again and use power washer to spread and rinse off this is when things started to get interesting. The water ran off the car in a way I have only seen on professionally applied ceramic coatings before. Once all had been well rinsed I dried the car again with a good quality drying tool and the finish I was left with was so silky smooth and wet looking I was blown away, way beyond anything id ever seen with a regular wax and i've tried many. I don't see this as being a replacement for a full process like outlined above but definitely be keeping a bottle on the shelf for quick in between top ups. It was darkish when finished so didn't get any pics but now cant wait for it to rain so I can see how it beads.
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    MOT passed today at 96941 miles with no advisories. I adjusted the handbrake, changed the oil/filter and cleaned up the underside of oil stains/leaks yesterday. This included removing the plastic under-tray and the aluminium support brace the auto's seem to have that the manuals don't. I de-greased both of those with Gunk, a paintbrush to agitate it and a pressure washer. Today I replaced the front discs and pads as I've had a bit of a pulsing feeling through the brake pedal when braking hard from high speeds. I put Brembos on from Eurocarparts on 04/12/18 at 92678 miles but I've read how they warp and have a mate who's a mechanic and has had to change Brembos on an XC90 that were from Eurocarparts and had warped. I'm aware of the theory of build ups of brake pad material giving the same symptoms of warping and that's not the case on my new front discs as I've been careful to bed them in properly and have barely left my foot on the brake at a standstill for that reason. I've also followed the procedure recommended on countless brake manufacturer websites to clean discs of build up of brake pad material before fitting the new discs and pads on the front with little success. I've put on ATE discs and pads but it's still there a bit. I'll get some new discs and pads on the rear as I fancy it's a warped rear disc. There's nothing through the steering wheel. The rear discs and pads were put on by the selling garage's mechanic when I bought it. That mechanic replaced a rear wheel bearing fine and was forced to replace the rear discs and pads for the selling garage as his MOT man refused to give it a ticket without them. This same mechanic did not change the falling apart handbrake shoes that I had to change the day after purchase though, and the seller had told me he didn't intend to replace the rear discs/pads, so I expect they were the cheapest crap he could lay his hands on. They went rusty on the centres immediately, which kind of shows the quality. I made sure that the hub surface was clean with a wire brush too, so it's not dirt on the hub causing the discs not to run true. I've also changed the air filter today, albeit the old one was as clean as a whistle. I'd bought a new one and they're cheap, so it may as well have one yearly - every 6-7k miles. I put jubilee clips on the power steering pipes under the reservoir too as I feared the old factory crimp on ones were allowing fluid to weep past them, as happened on the Mrs' old 325i. I believe that this is the cause of the oil I've been getting on the underside of the car as the oil filter housing gasket looks dry (unbelievable) and I did the cam cover gasket on 29/10/2018. I also changed a steering rack boot on the passenger side recently with the BMW repair kit. I got a genuine one but from an eBay seller for speed as they offered quick delivery and work meant I could not get to the dealer when they were open. I'd rubbed the spanner on this when fitting the front wishbones recently and it's age meant it could not cope and it pulled open on the bellows. Old cars eh! Once the rear discs and pads I cautiously think I'm on top of everything! I've considered selling up and getting an Octavia vRS like the Mrs has now but I would have to dip onto savings that I don't want to. Also, 3 of the 4 corners now have scrapes from when I've been parked and come back to find them. One had a note left by an old guy but it was so minor it was not worthy of increasing my insurance by claiming off him and he was happy with that, one was in an Aldi car park and I had witnesses who provided a registration and CCTV but again, it was so minor the increase in my premium was not worth it. The other was at a time and place unknown but it the most noticeable, albeit I didn't notice it straight away! I also have a scratch on the nearside from god knows where. I suspect builders from a house across the road when I left it on the road for an hour. So if I got a nicer, more presentable and younger car, I would not be calm like I am now when this happens but will be very angry. So sticking with an old car seems sensible. Kirkynut
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    Gaz's Graphite Grey 330ci

    Hereโ€™s a couple of pictures from Trax at Donnington Park. The car was on a display celebrating 20 years of the E46, it was a great show and the weather was awesome ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    Removing Abs

    ill bet you all the money in my bank you cant stop quicker without abs on a very wet or icy road.
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    2004 330cd Transmission Failure

    It needs a fair amount of work for the MOT in a couple of weeks and it has a large dent behind the drivers door + some rust on the arches so i dont think its worth repairing (and there is not an auto specialist anywhere near us in west wales) It has some nice parts & a virtually new turbo so hopefully worth something to a breaker

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