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    Engine Light - Randomly Goes Out?

    I’ve not considered the alternator. Strange you should mention it though. My wife’s old Civic SRS light came on. Couldn’t get a code out of it, so took it to several ‘specialists’, who told me the airbag control unit ‘might’ fried, and since no spares are available, it was best to scrap the car since it’s an MOT fail, and obviously a safety issue. As a last resort, took it to an old school auto electrician. He had it 2 weeks looking at it as and when he had time. He eventually diagnosed an alternator issue (regulator burned out) which caused over-voltage, which in turn tripped the SRS light. New alternator, and it’s been perfect ever since. Thanks for the idea - Is there an easy way of checking? Battery voltage when running?
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    sell as SORN or not?

    somewhere between Birmingham and Bradford 🤣

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