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    The OE rads as in the car from new were Hella. The Expansion Tanks were made by them too. All available from Eurocarparts. If you've been happy with that on track until now, why upgrade. Unless you're adding forced induction, why will you need better cooling? There's other options, such as Evans waterless coolant, which promise to reduce temperatures. Kirkynut
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    E46 330d projectcar

    I got a cheap e46 330d Touring this summer with a 204hp engine. The car turned out to be in good shape, though, with a few areas that have teased me a little. The idea was really that I would put it up sale when I got it in perfect condition, but just could not really make me sell it ;-) Now I've got some great Stuff for the engine, I'd always liked to have a 330d that I could work on and experiment without it being used as a daily car. It became this car;-) Today, the last of my Christmas gift came to me and the car. New 535d nozzles, downpipe, new cast iron manifold and on top from Gottuned.com a special built hybrid turbo :-) Turbo Specifications: - reinforced journal bearings - so called '360' - CNC modification of turbine housing - CNC modification of compressor housing - Bigger KTS Turbo Billet X 65mm 6 + 6 blades - Genuine Garrett larger turbine wheel GT23 from Mercedes AMG - Genuine Garrett Housings and Exhaust manifold - Dynamically Balanced - Precise VNT adjustment - CHRA is built using brand new parts It will be an exciting project! More to come ;-)
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    Just fine the merc equiv of throttle adaptation reset, and learned the engine sounds, car responds much better now 👍🏽
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    It looks nice but I think I still prefer BMW's. If you lower it, be sure to pop a nice side on photo in here for us! Kirkynut
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    Tyre recommendations 330 m-sport

    This, I loved my vreds, but then the uniroyals were a huge upgrade over them.
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    Diff oil volume

    Bit late to the party, but have a look at this if you've not already found or solved this conumdrum: https://www.pelicanparts.com/BMW/techarticles/BMW-3-Series-E46/35-TRANS-Rear_Differential_Fluid_Replacement/35-TRANS-Rear_Differential_Fluid_Replacement.htm Confirms what I though about filling until the fluid starts to come out, then seal up when it stops dripping.
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    Benji gets an M3

    Thanks mate, it was between this or an e92 M3, but the e46 is in more immediate need of supply running low, and every time I see one I know I made the right choice.
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    Benji gets an M3

    Just some quick mobile pics from Wales. I highly recommend anyone to go, if possible with friends. The roads and scenery will keep you entertained for hours...
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    Change the coolant level sensor in the expansion tank. Kirkynut
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