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    The problem is caused by a leak. What you need is finding the leak.
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    On Friday I took my boy to gymnastics about 6 miles away via an A road with 40,50 and 70 mph limits and as I accelerated hard from a set of traffic lights it went into limp home mode. We were nearly there, so I carried on and popped the code reader on it to get P0303 again. I turned it off and back on again and it ran fine, as long as I didn't rag it. Typical symptoms of a coilpack going bad! So why was it eating coilpacks on cylinder 3 I wondered? I've continued to use it gently and sparingly and this afternoon looked at it properly. The spark plug on cylinder 3 was only finger tight and there was a bit of oil on the sealing area of it. I cleaned it up, checked the gap and put it back in tight. I checked all the others were tight and nipped them up a little, put it all back together and it's now fine! I know that I did them all up tight when I changed the spark plugs earlier in the year but this was certainly loose. The threads are ok and it tightened up ok, so why it was loose is a mystery. Nonetheless, it runs fine and a good ragging has confirmed that it's fixed! No new coilpack needed or any money spending, which makes a change! How annoying though! Kirkynut
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    Don't be poring coolant on that electric fan, or you will be needing a new fan.
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    Expansion tank is a common failure but that looks like it's coming from the top of the rad. So probably new rad and expansion tank needed. While you're there you may as well replace the hoses.
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    Brake Pad Warning Light Annoyance

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    Yes sorted now thanks
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    Introduce yourself

    Hi my name is paul im 49 yrs young lol 🤣 i have 3 kids 2 grand children i drive bmw 325 ci covertable which is my pride and joy work as a security supervisor
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    Yes, I shall ask as I have the receipt. There's a few causes of failed coilpacks though, so I shall have to see what they say. 6 months and 3k miles is a strange time frame. From what I've read, they can fail when there's high resistance but often only after a few weeks. To get one back from Eurocarparts to lob in the boot might be the best solution as even if that one is ok now, there's a reasonable chance another will call time at some point. Kirkynut
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    Simon b

    M60 swap, a few questions.

    So to answer some of my own questions. The E36 diff wont fit the e46 subframe directly so I've swapped the guts between them. The E30 subframe is a no go. The top mounts are interchangeable between E36 and E46, I've used E36 m3 evo top mounts to get the camber correct when using the E36 front strutts. So the E46 now has E36 Koni shocks and springs upfront, along with the 315mm x 28mm E36 discs and calipers. I will need to upgrade the master cylinder though as this has affected pedal travel. I haven't got to the engine side of things yet as I'm using the car as my daily driver whilst the Merc gets painted.

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