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    B'S M W

    Introduce yourself

    Hello. I am Brenda. I don't live in the Uk but I join practically every thing that is about e46s. I have a 2005 330xi and I really enjoy it. I bought it a couple years ago and it only has 70,000 miles on it now. 57,000 when I bought it. I used to have a 2004 325i plane jane model , I liked it also but my 05 has all bells and whistles. I live in Washington state USA. I am 56 yrs old and 1 child. No grands yet. I love heavy metal, rap, even some country music. A couple of my hobbies are rock hounding and looking for drift wood. But what I love to do the most is drive my car. I love how it handles, how I never have to worry if it will have enough power to be able to get pass the car I'm passing. How it is nice and solid on the road. Peace to All, B.
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    Front M Sport bumper splitter/lip CSL

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    The problem is caused by a leak. What you need is finding the leak.
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    On Friday I took my boy to gymnastics about 6 miles away via an A road with 40,50 and 70 mph limits and as I accelerated hard from a set of traffic lights it went into limp home mode. We were nearly there, so I carried on and popped the code reader on it to get P0303 again. I turned it off and back on again and it ran fine, as long as I didn't rag it. Typical symptoms of a coilpack going bad! So why was it eating coilpacks on cylinder 3 I wondered? I've continued to use it gently and sparingly and this afternoon looked at it properly. The spark plug on cylinder 3 was only finger tight and there was a bit of oil on the sealing area of it. I cleaned it up, checked the gap and put it back in tight. I checked all the others were tight and nipped them up a little, put it all back together and it's now fine! I know that I did them all up tight when I changed the spark plugs earlier in the year but this was certainly loose. The threads are ok and it tightened up ok, so why it was loose is a mystery. Nonetheless, it runs fine and a good ragging has confirmed that it's fixed! No new coilpack needed or any money spending, which makes a change! How annoying though! Kirkynut
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    Looks about right to me, lines up with the carrier perfect! will try clean all that paint off, fingers crossed, Thanks for all your help. Now off to fit them for the 10th time, hopefully more successfully this time tho
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    Debating what to do

    Seems to be common practice on a lot of forums, everything going onto facebook etc
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    I didn't know BMW produced a Rafa Nadal Limited Edition M3. You learn something new every day.
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    Issue solved - it was the clutch switch. INPA showed it as working, but it seems it wasn't as it should. Took it out, cleaned it as it was dirty, plugged it back in and toggled it on / off with a small magnet. Now CC works without issues.
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    Old members, sign in !!

    Ha, that's an extreme example but I agree - they're hideous. Nightmare to clean too. Fixed the GTS...
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    Old members, sign in !!

    True but when I asked a couple owners they said their cars were completely standard. The insulation gets mentioned a lot as part of the Clubsport package but I'm thinking it was all marketing b0llocks, lol. IIRC the rear wheels are slightly lighter than MV1/2s. I guess a tiny weight saving and the Germans thought: ''ya, vee shall market zee car as 20 kilograms lighter.'' Guenther received a salary bonus and the rest as they say is history.
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    Yes, there is a way to check without diagnostic tools. Just keep buying parts until money gone. Then inspiration will strike.
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    Old members, sign in !!

    The styling adds 200 points of downforce! It will definitely be worth holding onto an E46 (has to be a straight 6) but keeping the rust at bay will be a challenge! Autos and 'verts command less money than manuals and coupes but that 330 was a bargain! I bet whoever posted it on Fakebook wanted double what he/she paid? Mate of mine recently sold his '03 M3 (manual, coupe) for £14.5k and the buyer assured him he was an enthusiast and that he would keep it for many years. 2 weeks later it was on eBay for £20k.
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    Old members, sign in !!

    Boooo.. Police wont do anything unless you catch them yourself, get them to sign a written confession and provide ID and national insurance numbers for each thief! Hopefully it's not too painful to get it sorted! Although if it costs too much you might want to advertise it as a parts car and be done with it?
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    Old members, sign in !!

    Yeah, although they're getting to the age when they've been done by a previous owner.
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    Old members, sign in !!

    Yea, does seem to be a fair amount of traffic, hence keeping it going. It used to make a little bit of money, now it'll break even (with the new, cheaper host). Story is all it was, from memory! Didn't even make up he has a CSL, only a CS.
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    Old members, sign in !!

    Lol. There's only a hand full of us left now! Not seen Blair on here in years! Maybe even 5 years! Daz pops in every now and then.. It's the nature of forums unfortunately - once you upgrade/move on you're more interested in that car and no longer care about the old forums.
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    I would have it blended into the bumper then paint it half black sapphire and the lower half wrapped in carbon, so it looks like a small front lip. Quick photoshopped image to show what I mean:
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    M54b30 ticking noise when idling.

    It was a dying water pump. Was doing a colling system anyway so it has been replaced and bo more noise:)
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    Simon b

    M60 swap, a few questions.

    I will do a proper thread for this car at some point, but as a teaser here is what I've been doing during the lockdown.
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    I'm here chaps! The site isn't very active these days, I assume due to the E46 getting old. I do check in and delete spam or fix the site from time to time. I want to preserve it, as there is so much knowledge on it. Hope you kids are doing well
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    Convertible 318Ci

    https://www.bmw-driver.net/threads/318i-conversion-to-330.44534/ Food for thought? If it's a project, might as well do it properly.. 😁
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    '02 330i Sport Lower Front Arms Issue

    Thanks, As it happens I called the garage this morning that fitted the arms, to ask about settings, He said to go to a setup specialist just down the road from him. I wish I'd have asked him before. It's just a shame I've now paid for the job to be done wrong - or at least it's highly likely it's wrong, and since they've siad they'll re-do for free I can't really do much about it. Live and learn. Cheers!
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    Wiper blades

    Just gone on ECP to order them and put in WIPER50 code and got bigger discount and now paying £37.37 for the two sets
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    Not sure. They say you mustn't have water in the hydraulics or this happens:
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    e46 How to install Hydraulic Handbrake?

    Imagine joining the forum to make that your first post! "Hydro" means water btw.. 🤣
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    Imagine not knowing what a hydro is and your in a e46 group
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    Changed the FRPS and everything seems to be back to normal. Really easy to do. I went for a tested second hand part off a good ebay seller. If you're gonna buy a new one it is immensely expensive!
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    '02 330i Sport Lower Front Arms Issue

    I thought so. I'm going to give him some cash for doing it anyway - I don't think it's right to take stuff for free off small businesses these days. He always does a good job, and has got me out of a couple of sticky situations at short notice if/when I can't be bothered to do jobs on the car myself, or if I've needed an ECU reset after I've replaced some daft bit of engine or whatever.
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    Never tried them. Feel free to report back your experience: https://shop.bmw.co.uk/INTERSHOP/web/WFS/BMWUK-21972-Site/en_GB/-/GBP/ViewStandardCatalog-Browse?CatalogID=Teile_Welt-UK&CategoryDomainName=BMW-Teile_Welt-UK&CategoryName=StructureGroup_2170702732753069 If you have the part number, things may or may not be cheaper here after adding in the shipping: https://www.lllparts.co.uk/en/ To save on shipping, you can just call up your local official BMW dealer, then order and collect. Easiest if you know the part number. Alternatively, they will be able to find the parts for you once they have your car details. There is only one type of control arm for your car. If BMW's own parts site is slow, you can browse for part numbers here: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select Lastly, if there is something wrong with your car or because of bad installation, even with BMW parts, things will still break. So, it all depends on why your control arms are keep breaking.
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    Is it safe to put this battery on charge?

    The car has been parked up for several days, so I checked the battery voltage and was only 11.8V. There is also some light yellow furry stuff growing out of the top of the battery. I tried to upload a photo of this but I don't think it has worked. Weirdly the car still starts, didn't think this was possible when the voltage is below 12.1V. After a short journey I re-checked the voltage and it had increased to 12.3V. It is the original BMW battery from the factory, so dating back to Feb 2004 😮. Do you think it is safe to take this battery off the car and put it on charge in my garage? I'm just a bit worried it might explode or something, with it being so old and crusty. The car has never failed to start, but I'm concerned that it might run completely flat now that the car is stuck on the drive not being used, and the alarm might start going off in the middle of the night.... Thanks in advance.
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    I need help with my wheel setup

    looks like forum needs a bit of moderating
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    Reverse camera wiring

    @Valletta18 Yep - it's just a case of finding a 12V ignition switched feed somewhere near the reverse light. Im actually thinking about doing this shortly on my Touring as my new headunit gives me the capability of looking at the reverse camera at any time, but it doesn't work when I'm not in reverse. As for the camera being constantly on, I'm not sure. I have a dashcam that's on all the time and that seems fine, so I think it should be OK to stay on.
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    I had copper brake pipes installed on my 320d Touring six years ago.The local indy charged £220. Edit: Yes, the fuel tank had to be dropped in order for the work to be carried out.
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    Had the rears replaced on mine for about £120 years ago.. Depends on if the garage can do it without dropping the fuel tank as the pipes go over it. Front hoses is a 5min job if emptying the system to do the rears.. Wouldn't pay more than £140 for it. That includes the replacement pipe btw. Most garages now use copper as it doesn't rust and easier to work with for them.
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    330i starting issue,

    Take out the glove box.
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    Wow, a very late update on this one! The driveline vibration turned out to be the centre support bearing, which I had replaced along with the guibo. All sorted! The wheel vibration was a properly dented rim. In fact, it dented front and rear on the nearside - amazing how much punishment they took without a single mark on either of the tyres. Both had almost completely flat sections about 2 inches long.
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    If you don't mind the chinese empire rising, then searching "bmw oil filter tool" on aliexpress will allow you to join their hordes. All the american capitalists have joined them already. You would be a straggler.
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    Introduce yourself

    Hi my name is paul im 49 yrs young lol 🤣 i have 3 kids 2 grand children i drive bmw 325 ci covertable which is my pride and joy work as a security supervisor
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    Kirkynut's own E46

    Yes, I shall ask as I have the receipt. There's a few causes of failed coilpacks though, so I shall have to see what they say. 6 months and 3k miles is a strange time frame. From what I've read, they can fail when there's high resistance but often only after a few weeks. To get one back from Eurocarparts to lob in the boot might be the best solution as even if that one is ok now, there's a reasonable chance another will call time at some point. Kirkynut
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    Kidney Grill for 2004 BMW M3 Cabriolet

    Ohh thank for letting me know about that, I didn’t realise that there wasn’t a front face lift 😅 I guess I just need to look online, there’s so many grills with poor quality on eBay it’s hard to find the right one lol
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    M47n engines, are there differnt powers?

    I thought they were 147bhp.. But easiest way to tell is the same as the 330d If manual - 5sp or 6sp gearbox. Either way - the engine cover. Earlier ones had the partial cover which is all black with the BMW logo and a few silver stripes. Later ones had the full engine cover with the large grey insert in the middle.
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    Welcome along. I don't have the knowledge that you need but I suspect someone else will, albeit we are running thin on members and therefore members with knowledge. That said, those of us on the forum are a pleasant little group with core knowledge and it reminds me of when forums were new and everyone was pleasant and got on! I'm good for mechanical knowledge but not tyre fitment I'm afraid! Kirkynut
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    Euro Alpine 2019 Road Trip

    Looks like a great road trip, some fantastic photos, thanks for sharing
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    330Ci Project Topaz...* Bumper Fitted *

    I swapped my interior, not hard, won’t take long and you can pick up pieces cheap on the bay. I totally agree the seats are ridiculously heavy, but you’ve got a nice car there... go for it,
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    CT53-BM01, how to??

    Are you keeping the factory hk stuff if so you don't need this adaptor you only use this if your bypassing the hk amp if your keeping the hk you just need to disconnect the quadlock from the bm54 in the boot install the extension cable plug in the stereo and your done. Hope this helps
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    Thread Full Of Lulz

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    Ncs Code List- Full List For E46

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnhS6mc0qh_MdEtLb2VDUmZJWTk5R0NmWWJHRXJWaXc&authkey=CJyaz_QG&hl=en&authkey=CJyaz_QG#gid=0 Enjoy e46 zone
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    F07GT Steve


    I cant see any picture, on works PC But Yes,,, what ever it is i want one,,,,
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    Okay, here it is. I took the handle with me to work and I find a very nice fix for it. I don't have my car here so the final verdict will have to be made over the weekend but it looks and feels very sturdy. Here is what I did in case anyone finds it useful: Looking at the design of the handle I realised that I had to find something to stick in the holes. The problem was that what I put in the holes had to be a very snug fit that would not push all the way through. If it did the handle would come loose again. My initial thought was to ask my technician to turn a couple of plugs made of hard plastic. It looked like the holes might have a bit of taper to them so the plugs would stick in nicely. If not, they would have to be glued somehow but that would be a less durable option. However, when I came into my office I found a piece of high pressure oxygen hose that I had brought in from my laboratory and it looked like the diameter might be suitable. The hose was a bit bigger but it has a bit of give to it and I was sure it would fit. The benefit of using the hose is that it can be forced in and as it expands it makes for the perfect fit. The hose has thick reinforced walls and a lumen just big enough for a screw to go through. The dimensions of the hose are: OD = 13 mm, ID = 6.5 mm and Wall = 3.25 mm. So I cut two rings from the hose, about 3 mm wide, as in the pictures below: Then I pushed the ring in the hole, top side first: and then I pushed the bottom edge to fit in the hole. It needs some force to get it in but it's not too hard because the hose will flex: Then go back to the top side and push it in. The ring is now completely in the hole: Keep working the ring with a flat-head screw driver from all sides until it slides to the bottom of the hole: Careful not to go too far and come through the other end! I left about 1 mm to the end of the hole and this is what it looks like on the other side of the handle: At that stage I put a screw though and pulled with all my strength but the ring would not move at all. It was in there well and truly stuck. As an added measure I added a blob of Araldite on this end (making sure not to obstruct the lumen of the hose where the screw will have to go through) and that was it: I hope that I will be as pleased with it when I put the handle back on the car. George

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