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    Introduce yourself

    Hi folks, just joined despite having bought my first e46 (headache lol) in April. Anyhow, will be looking for guidance and help to improve my lil 320d ES Touring. Here’s a quick pic, be kind! Lol Edit: not sure why the orientation has gone wrong?
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    So much spam on here these days.
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    328ci Parking Sensor Help

    Thanks for the info, I will have a look and see what I can figure out 😆
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    E46 330d projectcar

    I got a cheap e46 330d Touring this summer with a 204hp engine. The car turned out to be in good shape, though, with a few areas that have teased me a little. The idea was really that I would put it up sale when I got it in perfect condition, but just could not really make me sell it ;-) Now I've got some great Stuff for the engine, I'd always liked to have a 330d that I could work on and experiment without it being used as a daily car. It became this car;-) Today, the last of my Christmas gift came to me and the car. New 535d nozzles, downpipe, new cast iron manifold and on top from Gottuned.com a special built hybrid turbo :-) Turbo Specifications: - reinforced journal bearings - so called '360' - CNC modification of turbine housing - CNC modification of compressor housing - Bigger KTS Turbo Billet X 65mm 6 + 6 blades - Genuine Garrett larger turbine wheel GT23 from Mercedes AMG - Genuine Garrett Housings and Exhaust manifold - Dynamically Balanced - Precise VNT adjustment - CHRA is built using brand new parts It will be an exciting project! More to come ;-)
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    I have a 320d and I’m pushing 245bhp so it is possible and that’s on a stock turbo, injectors.
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    i know your not local to me on south coast but do a search for CR turbos in ashley/new milton (hampshire). they will litterally build a turbo for anything mate. also reed perfomance down here will guide you through intercoolers/turbo swops and the like - they do everything and anything. if you can get 260hp from a 1.9 PD vag diesel and BMW lump should be able to do same - thats with turbo, intercooler, injectors, etc and a map. also ask about on www.vwdiesel.net - its a US/Canadian based site and people on there run all sorts of vag/german and american diesel. Nitrous would also be cool mod both to inject and cool intercooler. water/methanol injection. head porting gives big gains on diesels usually as well as the heads are normally a cack design. however be cautious as you can end up with a diesel that does nothing below 3k with lag and then fires though to 6k or 7k in seconds. i know guys in norway/sweeden with VW diesels that will pull 8k revs with custom pumps and nozzels - diesels will rev if you can supply fuel - and with a straight through pipe sound mad as turbo sucks up most of the normal exhaust noise you get with petrol cars. (can you tell i love diesel)

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