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    Oil light weirdness!

    Have you changed the oil level sensor? That would be my first port of call so to speak.
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    M47n engines, are there differnt powers?

    Yeah I wouldn't remap it then tbh. Run it, get the use you need out of it then get shot of it and get the E6X
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    M47n engines, are there differnt powers?

    I picked up the 320d for silly cheap off a friend. It is for workhorse duties up and down the motorway as I am moving house, so my 3.2v6 TT will be a little thirsty for that, plus can't fit my colleagues in for car sharing. Once I have sold the TT, the money will go into a nice E60\E61 530d
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    I was talking about something different. I was talking about the feel of the suspension geometry that is transmitted to the steering wheel. The factory set up gave me a big smile every time I drove. Once that's lost from messing about with the suspension parts, that feeling is lost forever. I don't even think a dealer £500-£1000 alignment will bring it back, although I never tried. I am not a performance driver, and more of a regular grocery driver. The m-sports set up is plenty stiff for me. If it gets any stiffer, my grocery will surely get scrambled at the back.
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    M47n engines, are there differnt powers?

    I thought they were 147bhp.. But easiest way to tell is the same as the 330d If manual - 5sp or 6sp gearbox. Either way - the engine cover. Earlier ones had the partial cover which is all black with the BMW logo and a few silver stripes. Later ones had the full engine cover with the large grey insert in the middle.
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    how to raise height rear end on 330ci?

    You've bought lowering springs. Different springs is the answer and sell these on. Kirkynut
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    Okay, here it is. I took the handle with me to work and I find a very nice fix for it. I don't have my car here so the final verdict will have to be made over the weekend but it looks and feels very sturdy. Here is what I did in case anyone finds it useful: Looking at the design of the handle I realised that I had to find something to stick in the holes. The problem was that what I put in the holes had to be a very snug fit that would not push all the way through. If it did the handle would come loose again. My initial thought was to ask my technician to turn a couple of plugs made of hard plastic. It looked like the holes might have a bit of taper to them so the plugs would stick in nicely. If not, they would have to be glued somehow but that would be a less durable option. However, when I came into my office I found a piece of high pressure oxygen hose that I had brought in from my laboratory and it looked like the diameter might be suitable. The hose was a bit bigger but it has a bit of give to it and I was sure it would fit. The benefit of using the hose is that it can be forced in and as it expands it makes for the perfect fit. The hose has thick reinforced walls and a lumen just big enough for a screw to go through. The dimensions of the hose are: OD = 13 mm, ID = 6.5 mm and Wall = 3.25 mm. So I cut two rings from the hose, about 3 mm wide, as in the pictures below: Then I pushed the ring in the hole, top side first: and then I pushed the bottom edge to fit in the hole. It needs some force to get it in but it's not too hard because the hose will flex: Then go back to the top side and push it in. The ring is now completely in the hole: Keep working the ring with a flat-head screw driver from all sides until it slides to the bottom of the hole: Careful not to go too far and come through the other end! I left about 1 mm to the end of the hole and this is what it looks like on the other side of the handle: At that stage I put a screw though and pulled with all my strength but the ring would not move at all. It was in there well and truly stuck. As an added measure I added a blob of Araldite on this end (making sure not to obstruct the lumen of the hose where the screw will have to go through) and that was it: I hope that I will be as pleased with it when I put the handle back on the car. George

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