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  1. Sam

    Boot decal

    Hi, sorry for the delay. I will process a batch this weekend and send out! Sam
  2. I recognised that road very quickly! Not used it for years now though.
  3. Hi chaps, it's been a while! I have let the forum slide a tad, life had got in the way and it went to the back of my mind. It looks like some very kind person has tidied it all up! I do plan on getting this place back a bit, but I do feel the E46's appeal is limited these days. 10 years ago, when I started E46Zone, they were still fairly premium. I plan to do a bit of promotion and see if we can get an active forum again...
  4. Agreed with TF, that thing looks nuts!
  5. thanks. Will get them ordered for when I take the door cards off. Found the clips I need also, incase we break any.
  6. Good idea, will get some. The windows move from left to right (if you're looking at them dead on) alot too, figured this might be a runner thing?
  7. My brother has just got a 325i touring, we need to look at the front windows, they are very slow or stop when coming back up. Any advice would be good! Also like to know part no's for the clips I'll most likely break removing the door cards. Does the mechanism just need greasing? Or the motors buggered?
  8. Is it not something simple like trim rubbing on full lock? granted a different car, but my air ducts came loose and I got a horrible noise on full lock
  9. Its a total cockup, I imagine they just thought that everyone would just stump up $400 and they'd be rolling in it! It's a big shame though, as so many guides etc are almost rendered useless due to photos now not working. And most are old, and people have moved on, so unlikely to ever get re-uploaded. I agree TF, they'll fold sooner rather than later. Even if I was happy paying to host my photos, my money would go else where. I can't fathom how they didn't see that...They've basically held their customers hostage. JUMP SHIP!
  10. Not a lot of choice for circuit this year! Are we good for a weekday one? I've got loads of holiday left, so am happy. Really want to try and get 2 in before the bad weather arrives. Need to get booked up, I'll post up if I decide on any, regardless of track
  11. Will do, might just need an update. Edit: Can you try again, I've updated the software.
  12. It's as if they decided they were hosting enough across so many sites people would be forced to sign up and get photos back on forums etc. So many guides no longer work! Backfired though!
  13. It's a risky thing to do, obviously you don't want to upset people as it's posting a link to the site, they'll know who you are! Suppose you can ask, a lot won't be competing for business, just like minded. Now the forum software is done, I can do some different SEO stuff etc. Thinking about a bit of re branding and using it as an excuse to pay for some ads on FB etc. I've been meaning to do it for years!
  14. I think it does too, wasn't a fan of the old style, this is a bit cleaner.
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