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  1. yeh i was thinking that.if someone else wants the other two..........it would make life easier.see what happens.
  2. he said £250 for each but if i buy all 3 he can do a deal for £600 for all three. so each will be £200. still cheap right?
  3. I looked on ebay and they going for £150 for just the skin...........the only complete one with fogs and mesh is up for £265. now u telling me they go for £100.im confused mate.
  4. Hi guys, Found a breaker whos got 3 m sport front bumpers complete with fogs and mesh.im looking to buy them. He wants £200 for them if i buy all three. I think he got 2 black and 1 blue.might need spraying. Thats a good price right?? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  5. ozzy2011


    ok will wait for pics!!
  6. buy them from tyre shops so atleast u know what u getting.
  7. they hard to get hold of buddy.....not many around.
  8. I had them on my previous 323ci and they done the job mate!
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