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  1. Glad to hear that as I ordered a pair of ultrac vortis yesterday 👍
  2. My 2002 330 m-sport is in need of rear tyres,255-35-18 Currently it's got Federals all round which I feel are pretty rubbish. I don't want to spend a fortune guys but want a decent brand.I've looked at Toyos,Avons,Khumos and Vredesteins,all around the £80-90 range. The trouble is the reviews are so mixed for all of them. Any recommendations ?
  3. Interesting you should say that.It was a cheapo adaptor off Ebay. When the k-bus goes down I'm assuming there will be 1 circuit that isn't working that then affects the other circuits,yes ? In which case,the radio was working but the steering wheel controls weren't and the guy has disconnected everything when really he only had to disconnect the steering wheel adaptor. That makes sense to me. I was in the market for a new head unit anyway so I'll try it with and without the adaptor to make sure when I get round to installing it. Cheers
  4. Finally got it sorted. It was the head unit ! Appears it was affecting the k-bus,preventing communications so in effect shutting down the various circuits. Disconnecting the stereo ( JVC dab unit ) brought everything back to life. What is strange is that the stereo had been in the car for 5 years. I did actually briefly reconnect the JVC to retrieve a CD and quickly checked the wipers etc and they were working. Anyway I've temporarily refitted the factory head unit and everything is still working. The guy did say if I bought a new aftermarket head unit he could wire it so it didn't effect the k-bus.I'm presuming he means running it's own power cable direct to the battery rather than thru the loom. Anyway I'm back on the road
  5. The cluster has been tested mate,it's fine and anyway that wouldn't explain why the wipers,windows and steeering wheel controls don't work either
  6. A further update. The wipers aren't working either. I had a sparky out who diagnosed a duff body control module.I've replaced mine with one sourced off Ebay that has the same part number ( see my other thread in the diagnostic section ) and it's exactly the same.Will it need coding ?
  7. Hi My body control module has failed so I'm looking on Ebay for a replacement. The part number 61.35-6 914 362 is quite common but the next set of numbers are different. Mine are 109 110 190213. I've found one where the last 6 digits are different but everything else the same. Does anyone know what the differences are and if I have to find one with ALL the numbers the same as mine ? Cheers
  8. Some Googling seems to point to the k-bus being the cause and sometimes just disconnecting the battery for a period can fix it so that's what I'm trying next *** That didn't work and now I notice my wndows and steering wheels controls don't work either.
  9. I've had a chance to take a proper look now. So far as I can tell NONE of the warning lights are working for any lights at all,that includes indicators, high/low beam and fogs. Fuses (3) appear OK. I've had a code reader on it and no faults showing. I've also unplugged the cluster connectors and plugged them back in again. Still not working. Any suggestions ?
  10. Tur So far as I can tell every other light (actaully they are LEDs aren't they ) on the cluster appears to be working. I'll have a closer look tomorrow when I have more time.Strange one
  11. As the title really,all the indicators are working,the hazard switch illuminates when it's on but there is no warning light on the dash....and no audible 'clicking' that you usually get. Is it just likely to be the bulb ?
  12. with regard to the temp setting being different, are you using more than one ignition key? i noticed when i used my spare key that the climate control reverted back to the settings from when that key was last used. either way your hedgehog is fooked innit, had to replace the one on my old e36, 'twas a ballache i'm afraid.... That's it ! I do use both keys as one is on a large bunch I use during the day and the other on it's own if I go out at night. Thanks mate,saved me buying parts to fix a non existent fault lol
  13. I bought a hedgehog off Ebay and had a go at fitting it a couple of weeks back but couldn't get on that hidden torx. I should have percevered as the blower has now packed up completely and I'm off down the motorway to the airport later.Looks like it'll be 1st job when I get back from my travels
  14. Further to my initial query. The symptons as of 5 minutes ago,I'm getting warm air blowing thru the eye level vents but cold air down at my feet ( at the same time ) with the controls set at 20 degrees. Is this further indication of the hedgehog ? Oh and another thing,sometimes when I get in the car after it's been standing,usually overnight,the temperature on the display is different to how it was when I left it.
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