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  1. I'm definitely looking for a diesel, I'm hoping to get about 10k for the range rover so from what I can see I should be able to pick up a nice 06/07 530d, iv just read about the dpf's which iv heard can cause a lot of problems. Hey suffusing you must remember when my wife kerbed my new 19" csl's lol, how you doing
  2. The range rover is great for the dog and carting everything about for the family and that's one thing about the bmw's, the fact the dog won't be able to go in the boot as I don't fancy a touring model, I do like the look of the e60 and ln particularf the manual 530d, anybody got any views on the newer 3 series? Also been looking at 330d's but its quite difficult to find one with leather and I drive etc
  3. I think I'd be happy with the standard power of one as its mainly just for the wife to get to work and the school run, just ding know whether I'd be better off getting an e60 or an 06 onwards 330d
  4. I used to be on here quite a lot picking everyone's brains when I had my 320cd, anyway I sold up and bought an st tdci and more recently bought a td6 range rover but I'm not enjoying it, I'm getting sick of changing cars, this is about my 28th car and I'm only 26! So I'm thinking of getting another e46, possibly a 330cd but also considering a 530d sport or a newer 3 series, I know this is an e46 forum but just wondering what people's thoughts are , im going to try and find a decent 5 series forum as I know nothing about them thanks in advance
  5. Think in going to keep my 320cd now but I need to fit a towbar to tow my race bike to meets. Seen a new one on eBay, £100 with electrics so probably go for that one unless someone has one they don't want?
  6. Well my main hobby is motorbikes, recently sold my road going r1 to start racing, here's a pic of my new bike at a recent trackday, racing at the end of may in Scotland, anybody want to sponsor me for advertising on the bike, any donations welcome
  7. Since i bought my 320cd a few months ago iv been having an ongoing problem every which only occurs every now and again, at first it would just struggle to start, I would turn over but not fire then it was fine for a couple of months, I had the injectors checked which they said were fine and told to see how it goes, anyway it's broke down a few times on the wife lately, the Dde light will come on then it will just cut out, it then struggles to start again but will fire eventually after cranking for a while, I seen something on an American forum relating to the fuel pump relay so I replaced that and it was ok for a few weeks, iv now ordered a new pre supply pump (under the passenger floor) do hopefully that will cure it, iv got inpa and the codes it keeps throwing are all related to low fuel rail pressure, it's doing my head in and I'm close to cutting my losses, any advice appreciated
  8. Went to put the car back together because I dropped the oring yesterday so I was waiting for a new one, now the car has been left and it's stone cold I can now blow through the thermostat, not very easily but it makes a bubbling sound and air goes through? Does it need replacing
  9. Well I got chance to rip it off and have a check, I couldnt blow through it so I assume it's ok, how big a job is the main stat? Cheers for your help
  10. Removed egr thermostat to see if I could blow through it to see if it needs replacing, then I dropped the rubber oring so I need to wait till it comes in stock at local stealers tomorrow, got chance to clean the inside out and re route my aux lead through the sliding centre cover
  11. ^^^ how come you got her name wrong then
  12. Thankyou, will this be causing poor mpg?
  13. You need 19's to get away with a dish, if it had to be 18's I would stick with some mint mv1/2 and lower it
  14. Cheers jay Anyone know for deffinite?
  15. i wouldn't mind borrowing the egr stat if you could post it (assuming you live quite far away, ill cover postage) at least then i will know which one i need to buy, or ill buy yours if i need it and you want to sell it, how difficult was it to replace the main stat?
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