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  1. Thought i little more information would help, would be great to get lots of E46Zone cars there!!!!!! All German marques are welcome to attend "The German Show", a weekend of purely Teutonic motors held in the grounds of the Beaulieu attraction. Full details can be found on our website: http://www.thegermanshow.com Club stands very welcome contact here for more information: info@thegermanshow.com or join the forum on the main website. Old, new, standard, modified and everything in between! The show will feature a huge variety of German cars, including BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, Mercedes, and promises something for all the family: * Show and Shine with prizes * Trade stands and autojumble * Agility tests in the grass arena * Go karting - at good value extra charge; height/age restrictions apply * Great food and drink * Camping* available for Saturday night with entertainment and pay-as-you-go barbeque! * Discounted Hotel Accomodation locally, details available soon on the website Included in the ticket price, is entry into the world famous National Motor Museum, World of Top Gear exhibition, the new ProMotion exhibition, James Bond exhibition, Palace House and Beaulieu Abbey. Ticket prices are adult single day £10, or both days £15, or 2 days and 1 night camping for just £22. Children aged 5-17 £8 per day, or £12 for 2 days. To book your ticket, See here: http://www.beaulieushop.co.uk or call 01590 612888. For a copy of the event regulations, please see here: http://www.beaulieu.co.uk/uploads/Event ... 202010.pdf *Please note that camping must be pre-booked prior to the weekend of the event. This will be one of the highlights of the show season this year, don't miss out, it will be a fantastic day for all the family. Paul
  2. I havent been around for what seems like a life time, this is due to spending more and more time with my family because of the failing health of my father. During this time my interest in my E46 disappeared and i eventually sold it on, and concentrated more on my old E30, working on it took my mind off the other things happening around me. Monday the 16th of feb was the sadest day of my life, my father passed away peacefully at home, all of his close family were with him at the end. Really i just wanted to say the site's gone from strength to strength by the looks of things, mostly to the input of Sam, the moderators and the support from all of the members. I always knew that the E46Zone would be a great forum and is acredit to all of you, hopefully you won't mind me popping in every now and again to see how things are. I wish now i had'nt stayed away, apologies to all concerned, i regret just disappearing and at least not letting you know why. I can be found lurking around the E30zone, again as The Diddler if anybody fancies saying hello over there, i now have 2 E30's, they will certainly keep me busy and my mind occupied. Congratulation on reaching the first year of the E46Zone, and have a great time at your birthday bash. Cheers Paul
  3. Sounds like a worthwhile investment, would be interesting to see the long term results form this??
  4. Mate, whenever you find out if you can come,get your name down on the list, plenty of room for yer
  5. The end....................... less shame i have brought on myself, how can i sleep at night?
  6. As your showing lots of interest Mr S2, i hereby volunteer you to get some things sorted , firstly you still up for getting the banner sorted, your idea about using the E46 forum banner sealed the deal for getting yourself into this , if your still up for it could you find out costs etc, i'm sure we could come to some agreement here
  7. Sam while your on creating new sections, can do also create one for E46Zone meets and events etc, with maybe another sub-section for meet photos? Leave it with you
  8. Saw this car in the flesh last year at the BMW club north west show at Tatton Park, looked ultra clean then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Its all your fault starting these threads , needed to be done though we need to get Zoners along to these shows, cheers
  10. Well done Stevie, good man, nite nite
  11. Pete totally agree, its in hand and new pinned threads will be up soon, all old ones will be closed
  12. There are alot of threads regarding the different shows this year on the forum, so what i'll do is close all these threads and start new ones and transfer all the details across and pin them to make it easier for those interested in coming along to register etc. Should be done in the next couple of days, keeping posting on those threads all details will be carried across
  13. Cheers Sam, the kiddies will like that!!!!!!!
  14. No such luck today buddy, site survey today in Machester at one of her majestys courts, oh joy 2 1/2 hours there 1 hr on site 2 1/2 hours back if lucky
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