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  1. I picked up a fast road clutch from here http://www.clutch-specialists.co.uk/ when mine slipped and just under £200
  2. you can however you won't be able to start the car with it...you can buy a second hand key an reprogram it to lock an unlock your car
  3. Kieth how much? And what was the final bill? I found one from CG motorsport http://www.clutch-specialists.co.uk/produc...cat=0&page= what you think?
  4. Tbh I had similar problems and more than likely its a few things giving you problems of which I've had too. Firstly the oil sensor is knackerd and needs replacing can pick them up for about £60 from C3. if you can see oil around lower part of the oil filter housing sounds like seal is gone and needs replacing. this is pretty cheap think i picked mine up for under £10. If you say oil was caked on around the sump could also mean you oil sump gasket has gone....not sure how much they are on your model but on the 330 they are about £25 tbh the prices on realoem are pretty good indications. I would also check what kind of labour it may take as on the 6 cyclinders it requires the engine being support of the engine mounts to get access to the sump.
  5. Sorry to hijack the thread however my clutch is on its way out and just wanted to know what clutched everyone else has replaced them with??
  6. Its been a while nice to see I'm not the only one to have problems however you have start think these cars are getting older now so parts gonna fail.......how do you think they make you buy new cars?????
  7. Get a Haynes manual...offer some good advice.
  8. Could be a combination of a few things could be the PCV plus the rocker cover gasket has gone and oil is leaking into the sparks and check if there are oilround the spark threads and burnt residue on the end of the plugs when removed.
  9. I'm still lovin mine...hehe...you can get it shipped directly from the states but I'm not sure what customs charges you might pay???
  10. Basically these cars are quite hungry for oil and the the thinner the oil the the quicker it will burn, evaporate into the engine system despite the CVV being in place. These engines recirculate unburnt gases back into the inlet manifold to be burn off thus reducing emissions output......if you want your oil to last use a thicker grade of oil.
  11. mit one fatal flaw in that plan the car is most likely deadlocked
  12. that does sound like a pulley is squealing......did you ever have the car sitting for a while by any change say for about 2weeks without being driven? normally it's when moisture gets in and starts to corrode causing the squealing....the problem is once you it's in you'll never get rid of it unless you change the offending part.
  13. tbh I'd say your rear trail arm bushes are starting to go and need changing soon
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