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  1. Ive used this guy before. Awesome quality. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hub-centric-Wheel-Adaptors-VW-Porsche-Custom-Made-/251211214542?pt=UK_Cars_Parts_Vehicles_Wheels_tyre_Trims_Trims_ET&hash=item3a7d5aeece And he'll make anything you want
  2. One other thing, the 162s offer just enough clearance to allow coilovers to be fitted and not foul the front wheel/tyre
  3. *Cough* *Biased* And if that doesnt convince you, then maybe these pics will in this thread! http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?p=25317596
  4. Set of four genuine Style 162s without tyres. Genuine staggered, so 8J Fr ET34 and 8.5J Rr ET37. They sit 13mm further out all round, so the stance looks LOADS better! because the wheels are the same size and width as the std M Sport wheels, you can swap them straight over without having to worry about buying new rubber! Ive not got pics of the wheels individually at the moment (Ill try to get some this week), but for ref, this is what they looked like on my E46 Sport Saloon. I wouldnt say that they are mint. They were refurbed before I got them so theyre not the factory 'dull/mat' finish. However, some of the glossy finish has chipped off in a few places. They look great until you get right close up! One of the wheels has a slight wobble on it, but its OK once the tyres are fitted and balanced. I didnt notice it when they were on the car. No cracks or anything and they all held air perfectly with no leaks. Price is £475 packaged/bubble wrapped and delivered. Or £425 collected from Colchester, Essex. Or if youre within say 100 miles, I will deliver myself for cost of fuel (or meet me half way would be even better!) Drop me a line if you need further info
  5. Clearing out everything BM related as Ive decided if I do get another, Id like an E90. And that may some time, so Im selling these to free up some needed space. Offering everything on here before ebay. FOUR x 225/40/18 XL MINERVA Ice-Plus S210 WINTER SNOW TYRES. £350 ono delivered. Collected price can be negotiated. Pics on request. Theyre in the shed and its snowing out right now! Theyre basically pretty much new minus 3k miles, if that. I would check,to be more specific with the miles, but I sold the car with the service history, so I cant LOL! Here's a pic of the tread for ref. If you dont think you need snow tyres this winter, see this thread of mine earlier in the year... http://www.e46zone.c...0-secs-later-o/ Pics of the actual tyres. Had a measure today and the tread depths are 2 @ mid 7.3+ mms and 2 @ 6.5+mms. Guessing the lower ones were off the rear!
  6. How about an 18 that everyone thinks is a 19? Like the 162s?
  7. Im putting my Style 162s up for sale if thats any good to ya?
  8. Ive got an S3 and tbh, I prefer my old HTC Incredible S. Im sure Ill get used to it...
  9. Good point Blair! The whole GLWTS etc is a no no. What about the 'DO NOT BUY THIS CAR, IT WAS MY MATES CAR AND WAS WRITTEN OFF TWO YEARS AGO' posts.... Without allowing comment, whats the point?
  10. Im sorry Sam, but in all my years on forums since 1999 Ive never heard of anything so silly. You have to pay to be able to sell. Fair enough. Now you wont allow GLWTS, 'Oh thats a good price' or anything possibly complimentary to the thread. I dont see the point of a classified style part of the forum. If they font want any discussion, then fair enough. Put it on ebay. Or PH. Or AT. Newcomers cant PM either. I really dont see the problem with bumping. No disrespect, but you are allowed to on forums which are TEN times more busy than this one.
  11. Hi mate. I have the whole kit for sale as Ive now sold the car. I had the Tape Head unit and Harmon Kardon. It worked great Cant comment on the DICE. I bought a late model CD player with one of RoryWs leads which did the ipod side and allowed me to keep the changer too. I want £80 delivered for the kit. Thats approx £40 saving on what it cost me new
  12. When I was off sick, I absolute caned it! All for free! To be honest, there werent that many 'new' films on there I wanted to see, but I watched all the Heroes series. Then wished I hadnt.... What a s**t ending! I try to use it a couple of times a month now, but realistically, its wasted now. Keep meaning to cancel to be honest...
  13. If anyone wants one of these, Im selling my kit too. EXACTLY the same kit as this advert and the same price too! Hence the thread bump! Drop me a PM if you're interested
  14. These are still here. Ill try to get pics when I get 5. Its been pretty manic recently!
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