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  1. also thinking about the bluetooth, i think ultimately i'll want to remove the stereo in the car and replace it with an oem tape deck to keep the car period looking, then i can just use one of those tape to 3.5mm jack converters, used one in my 318 for years and it was fit for my purpose.
  2. to be honest it's probably not going to be as advanced as bluetooth, my stereo has a 3.5mm jack aux in on the front of it so i'll probably start by just connecting via a cable from the headphone socket. Its not going to win any awards for ice installs but i just want something safe, functional and practical. Having a 7" screen high on the centre console/dash (it'll be in front of the airvents) is as safe as looking inside the car can be, only having one thing to connect and disconnect is as practical as a cheap solution is going to get and if it'll allow me to listen to music, whilst running as a camera site warning program and sat nav (i usually turn sat nav voices off and just glance at the screen from time to time anyway, i'm pretty good with knowing where i'm going and remembering directions from my biker days when i used to go all over the place with an A5 sized roadmap stuff down the front of my leathers :-) ) it'll be as functional as i need.
  3. awesome, sounds like my plan could be a goer :-)
  4. I'm thinking of getting a 7" galaxy tab 3 or 4 to use as a sat nav and interface to play music in my car, i used to use my old phone in my e46 but my e36 has a stereo with a usb slot so never got a phone holder, anyway, long story short, trying to find a song on a single din stereo takes your eye off the road for far too long, i need a new sat nav anyway and it'd be nice to have one thing that can do music, sat nav and camera alerts so there's less clutter and cables on the dash. The question i'd like to know the answer to is, can you use a satnav program whilst also playing music or is it one or the other? Cheers
  5. As per title, this is an unused LUK clutcth kit from eurocarparts, i bought it for my 318i m43 1.9 engine. Cost over £120 new. Looking for £40 plus postage at cost, or you can collect it from milton keynes / bedford area.
  6. Had these fitted to my 318i superlight, they're finished in bmw titan silver with satin black base plates to fit a saloon, mines a prefacelift but not sure if these will fit a facelift saloon or not). Anyway, you can't see much out of them but and the paint finish looks fine from a few feet away but its not concours winning. Good for a track project. £20 collected from Milton Keynes, Bedford, Shefford or delivered at your cost.
  7. intake manifold covers and fuse/relay box cover from an m43 1.9 engined saloon 318i. Ideal for someone who wants to experiment with painting them to tart up under the hood without damaging their original items or using the car without them for a week while you paint yours. All in good condition. £15 collected from Milton Keynes, Bedford, Shefford or posted at your cost.
  8. Rear lights from my 1999 m43 318i saloon. No cracks. £40 collected from Milton Keynes, Bedford, Shefford or posted at your cost.
  9. Widow maker standard issue jack from my 318i £20 collected from Milton Keynes, Beford, Shefford (Beds) or posted at your cost.
  10. MAF and elbow (elbow not pictured) from my 318i £15 collected from Milton Keynes or Shefford/Bedford or posted at your cost.
  11. Here are my e39 fitment 17" 8J ET20 style 71 alloys which i've refurbished in Ford Tibetan Gold. Plenty of pictures in my build thread showing them on the car and also during the strip down and painting process (click image in my sig below). they fit my saloon which has had the arches rolled with no rubbing, but i think you need to be running reasonably low to pull them off visually, again see the pictures in my thread. I separated the wheels into the two parts when I repainting them, the bolts were torqued to 22nm with a drop of thread lock. The wheels all run straight and true and all tyres hold air. I've also painted the rear face of the spokes and the inside part of the barrel so they clean up nicely and look gold through the spokes (see pictures) Set of 4 (no spare) The rear tyres are 215/45/17 Rotella ditch finders, they have plenty (around 5mm) of tread left (see pictures). the front tyres are 205/45/17 Continental Sport contact 2's, they have less tread, probably about 3mm, again see pictures. There are three small marks that i noticed when cleaning them, just stone chips but i've taken close ups of them. Looking for £220 collected from Milton Keynes or Shefford / Bedford area.
  12. pair of front indicators taken from my 1999 318i saloon. £10 collected from milton keynes or posted at your cost genuine BMW parts one small crack on one side another shot of the same small crack and another shot of the same crack
  13. Taken from my 1999 318i saloon includes front and rear calipers + carriers, green stuff pads with plenty of meat (see pictures) and turbo grooved discs for the front (plenty of life in these), NO rear discs. perfect for a little brake upgrade or as a second set of calipers so you can paint them without taking your car off the road £60 the lot collected from Milton Keynes or posted at your cost. Front discs and carriers Rear calipers, greenstuff pads and calipers close up of one rear close up of the other rear Front calipers and greenstuff pads (loads of meat left) close up of one front caliper close up of the other front caliper
  14. this is the first aid kit from under the passengers seat from my 1999 318i saloon. £10 collected from Milton Keynes or posted at your cost
  15. set of genuine BMW headlights from my 1999 318i saloon. £40 collected from Milton Keynes or posted at your cost.
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