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  1. No offence to women, as they are not all terrible at reversing, but even before the person got out I knew such a dumb bump would be a women
  2. You can now get an ECU flashed to remove the EWS and other security stuff, so you won't need the keys and barrel etc now thankfully, you can also get all the other bumpth for the TC, steering angle sensor etc removed now.
  3. A demonstration of how good the DSC system is on the BMW these days as well, without it the lad would have probably burnt and died in the first roundabout
  4. Could well of done Jim, it was a E34 525i Sport - red one, the sideways machine, I still live local actually, I moved down to Sleaford, not seen Matt for a long time, is he still burning around in chav wagons ? Guessing you must know Nimrod as well ? He was driving a bloody Punto or something last time I saw haha I eventually sold that to Simon Pearce on these forums in fact Nice to have you aboard, hopefully we can keep the interesting material flowing and you will enjoy it.
  5. By all means lift the carpet to have a look at the seam sealer, and of course eyeball the damage, but I would recommend you put the carpet back down into place, and the wood on top before hitting it, it will absorb some of the shock and enable the impact to spread more evenly with less chance of the wood bouncing as you hit it......just my 2c
  6. What a complete tool.......some people just need an injection to help them sleep forever.
  7. I would get some thick wood, place it on the carpet inside, then get a large lump hammer or sledge hammer and gently as possible bash it back down, if it is really bad cut out the floor panel and fit a new one, hit the wood with as little power as you can get away with to actually get movement, rather than hitting it too hard and pushing it too far back down.
  8. I started up a new facebook group for cars etc, it is for like minded car enthusiasts rather than fanboi's, if your an enthusiast and want to see some cool cars and fancy a little fun friendly banter along the way be sure to drop in and give us a look Planning all sorts of stuff to keep it interesting, at this moment we have an online version of top trumps just started, with cars, and bi weekly we have a feature car, which members are welcome to nominate etc, couple weeks back it was a special edition Alfa 156 GTA ...this week it was a mid 80's early AMG Merc, you really will see anything and everything. Going to try and expand the features, more high quality pics, more quality in the write ups etc, just a nice place to look at, and talk about cars. If you are the kind of person who drives a BMW, and cannot resist the urge to say every other brand is ****** then please don't apply, your really not a true car Enthusiast, elitism is for Fanboi's And for the record, I am a multiple BMW owner past and present, and love them dearly, you won't get more of a BMW lover than me, I just like cars in general tho The Cool Car Wall https://www.facebook.com/groups/CoolCarWall/
  9. No offence to 320d owners, but I spent the whole time (despite it being mapped and pretty quick) wishing I had saved the extra for the 3 litre, later on I went on to own a facelift E60 530d Sport, it was epic, even at a standard 231bhp, whilst I hate the auto box it works really well with that 3 litre lump, but then you have to worry about when the box might go fubar. The money these cars are worth now makes it a no brainer, either a 330i or 330d IMHO, anything in between is a waste of time unless it is something extra special and a super good price. With the price of derv, and given the 330i in mine makes an average of 29 - 31 mpg with no effort, and the big price difference between the petrol and the derv I would lean towards the petrol personally.
  10. I am in the process of selling my 330i as well, so soon to be an ex owner as well I guess anyone with the name Marcus has a soft soft spot for Australian drifting machines then
  11. 316 or the 330, everything in-between is a waste of time, or if you are a real hero and can afford the insurance the M3, and if you like tractors (quick ones tho) it has to be the 330d With the price of the E90 having come down so much now I would personally skip the E46 all together now tbh........as much as I loved mine.
  12. I have to say, I have had some really expensive KW V3's on an E46 with a full poly bush setup, which were pretty excellent, but I have a cheap £160 ish set on my 330i at the moment and they have been excellent quite honestly, for the money a real bargain, personally I would have preferred just a touch stiffer rear spring but that is only a personal preference because me and understeer don't get on well, and they generate the same chassis balance as the stock SE spec springs pretty much, ie a touch on the safe side but "ok"
  13. Some vehicles suit an auto well, my old 530d Sport was well suited to the auto box, and my current car a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 Crd suits the slush box well, I am never in a hurry and when in heavy traffic I always sit back and relax at the sensible choice I made
  14. I have a feeling your right actually, they sell them on the ferry / port in fact I think ?
  15. 100k onwards you need to start budgeting for a full crank case breather system, £250 ish fitted, Mass Airflow Meter £225 quid ish - DIY (dont buy a cheap one false economy), Crank Position Sensor £80 iirc ? Cam Position Sensor around the same price, both easy DIY, all of the above in is reference to the M54 330i engine and from my experience of owning a pair from similar miles onwards, any of those parts may or may not be a problem between 100k and 135k as a rough rule of thumb if they are original parts.
  16. Thought you said high miles lol.......... My mates E36 325i is on 165k miles partial history and 13 track days worth of hammering and alive and pulls like a train still, does that ease your mind about a well looked after engine with miles ?
  17. Probably oil dripping from the rear of your rocker gasket onto your cats if it is a 6 cylinder engine ?
  18. Make sure you have a safety triangle in your boot and yellow high viz vest, I believe it is an instant fine at the roadside in Germany and maybe other places if you are not carrying one. I would also reccommend you grab a couple of cans of puncture moose from Aldi for a £5, bargain, and will save you much trouble if you get a flatty at the roadside, quicker than swapping the rim and safer.
  19. You should try it in a fully loaded snail o matic Truck, the wait is something you can measure in light years when trying to find a gap on a busy rush hour roundabout , takes some serious skill to judge the pickup just right so your moving at the moment a gap may or may not appear lol
  20. No option to heel and toe, not interested, not a BMW which would involve me at the level I would like to be involved at, not all about the speed for me either, I just wanna feel like i'm driving ALL of it
  21. Crank position and cam position sensors might be fubar.........add to the list of possibles.....why not swap them out with the duff engine and do a simple process of elimination ? Coil Packs, Sensors, wiring.....etc
  22. mine were both titan on the paint code as well, neither had any sign of crash damage either, after realising i check both very carefully
  23. Careful tho, I had two silver tits, and they were both slightly different colour, noticabley different parked next to each other, one was March 2001 model pre facelift, one a July 2001 facelift model. Just saying
  24. Can you pay direct to the tax office, I am guessing FedEx get a cut of that money no doubt for dobbin you in so to speak ? I have only ever had to pay import tax before when using that company as the shipper, by chance ? I am guessing not.....
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