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  1. Next up was the expensive part. The car was nearly due a service and it was the Inspection 2. I had a few other bits I wanted sorting at the same time to booked her in to my local BMW Specialist. This guy is known locally and is very very good. So dropped the car off And then got the bill a week later. List of work I had completed Inspection 2 Valve Clearance checked and adjusted New BMW thermostat New seals/gaskets and bolts on the vanos including new filter etc Ready to collect And then back in her cave While the car was there, he was bored waiting for someone on Saturday and decided to re-gass the aircon and investigate why that was not working and then removed the door car and freed up the window motor so that now works all free of charge. I have taken it for a couple runs recently and given her the beans, picks up and pulls really well and no more oil leaks from the vanos. I am sure there was more but I do not have that much time anymore to update these so will do it in one big hit every now and then. Thanks
  2. It's been a long time since I updated these, I have been working on the car and taking photos as I went a long but lost interest in updating these. So I will go through and try to put all the information up since my last update. So first things first, I had to change my garage. I ended up realy lucky with this as the new garage is right next door to my house, its huge and has a pit. It was however full of crap so moved it all about and got the car in First job in her new home was to replace the new fog light which was broken (Its hardly been on the car) Got her out and cleaned her down, a couple shots in her new home The windscreen has been replaced with a green sunstrip due to chips While cleaning I noticed a scratch on the bonnet whih was annoying, so a friend helped me polish this back and remove This then ended in me machine polishing the car. I spent weeks doing this on and off. Not perfect but certainly 80% improvement WARNING PHOTO OVERLOAD Before During After I did the whole car but not going to bore you with that. Next up was to remove the tape etc And then the task of removing all the white residue Gently Long day finished After unwrapping I could start the old girl, been a few weeks at this point I keep hearing good stuff about APC so bought some of this Started with the rubbers etc Next up was the fuel cap etc And I found this, so back to the paintshop for the 9th time Gave her a good clean and nice layer of wax after all of that And out for the first time in a while I will have a break now and continue later Thanks
  3. My coil cover was a mess and letting the engine bay down so I purchased these two This was the cover before Painted First sanding Completed Fitted Gave her a clean Then went to the PH Breakfast Club meet at Haynes Thanks
  4. Cheers trigger fish, that looks a nice finish. I will look into that stuff. Did you completely blast that cover and spray from the metal/prima or did you go over the top of the crackle paint?
  5. When washing the car I was noticing a bit of damp getting into the boot of the car, I checked all the boot seals and they all looked good, however the rear light seals looked in poor condition[DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]I ordered the replacements from BMW and got on with fitting them[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]Removed the rear lights and was confronted by lots of grim :([/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]and the culprit[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]So a nice clean behind the lights[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]And gave the lights a quick clean off[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]I had to remove the old gasket which is stuck on, careful work with a blade and some solvent to clean the glue off got them back nice again[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]New gasket fitted[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]And fitted back to the car[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]While I was in this area I checked a common rust spot on the E36, around the boot seals[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]Lucky for me, mine is rust free[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]I am also in the process of getting the engine bay up to scratch, only two things need doing now, one is the engine cover which needs painting, I need advice on the correct paint for this please if anyone knows?[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]And[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]The plastic cover which goes over the windscreen wiper motors[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]This is mine before[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]As you can see, it was in poor state. It came up on with some plastic treatment but needed replacing, its all in the detail[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]The amount of crap under this cover surprised me[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]And the new one in place[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]And the old[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV][/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]Another couple jobs ticked off the list.[/DIV][DIV] [/DIV][DIV]Thanks[/DIV]
  6. Got a week off work so decided to get the old girl fired up. Forget how good the old girl drives. Local car cleaning people gave it a clean for me. Wash mitts, easy on the pressure washer. They do a nice job. I must admit, it wasn't exactly dirty.
  7. Hi all, I recently started loosing coolant from my 2005 330ci Sport Auto on 118,000 miles. It looked like it was coming from the water pump so had a mate replace this. Upon removing all the bits to do the water pump, we found the main leak coming from the thermostat housing which is directly above the water pump. So we replaced both (still had the original plastic impeller water pump) I had already purchased a Euro Car Parts header tank (the expensive one made by Hello apparently) and upon putting it all back together, found out the new tank was shot (faulty batch I later found out) We put the old one back on as it was fine when we removed it but found out the removing process had causing a hair line crack in the original tank. I ended up buying a new tank from BMW (£85) and had this fitted which worked fine. A few tips for anyone else doing this job... Once one section is leaking, change all if you have no proof it has been change recently. Mine had leaks on the thermostat and water pump and the header tank gave up when being pulled from the car. Check your thermostat is working correctly, my 330ci seemed a little heavy on fuel. With the new thermostat in place it's using much less and the heater works much better. Make sure you get the correct header tank, they are apparently different between auto and manual. If at any point you have to pull the header tank, replace it. They are so brittle. It's not that hard of a job either. I went for a Weller (sp) thermostat Meyle water pump (metal impeller) Genuine BMW header tank New coolant I checked my rad and it looked good (must have been replace recently) Hope this helps others. It was not that expensive either to be honest. I had change from £300
  8. A mate is fitting for £25. And the pump was a Meyler pump for £27. Bit of antifreeze and she will be done. I think mine has the extricate fan too. Well happy with that
  9. Hi all, Pretty sure my water pump is leaking (water leaking from between the bottom pully and the engine) How much have you guys been charged to fit a new pump? I have found the pump for £30 and it's the Meyle with 2 years warranty. Just need an idea of price Cheers Mark
  10. Hi, I have the same as you but on a September 2005 car. My definitely had ribben, yours could be either so would need to take it a part to confirm. I managed to fix mine. I removed the whole mirror Base from the car and found it had been trapped between the mirror Base and the door. I work in IT and know my way around a soldering iron. I would say it's a bit hit or miss though as ribbon is exactly that and hard to connect too. If it is ribbon and it's damaged, you might be looking at replacing the whole mirror or certainly the ribbon part of it. You can tell when you remove the door card which ones you have
  11. The HK in ours is really good. Not one fault in the 5 years we have owned it. As for replacing, I am sure it's not straight forward with these. Something to do with the Cabling or the amp. I cannot remember which. But the ones I seen who upgraded, took the lot out and started again. I could be wrong though
  12. The problem you have is identifying which version of mirrors you have. Mine is a late 2005 and has the ribben cables. I found BMW who did many recalls on my mirrors had trapped the ribben between the mirror and the door causing it to break. Mine had exactly the same symptoms as yours. But when I was investigating, many pointed towards to module in the door. Do yourself a favour and remove the electric mirrors switch from the door and see what colour this is. Postage a pic of it. This will tell you what you have (electric folding memory etc) and then post a pic of the cables. I had to remove my door card to find the ribbon part, you might be able to dismantle the mirror to see. Once you know which type you have. You can start investigation. I would remove the drivers side completely and check for any damage. The drivers side powers and controls the passenger. So always start with the drivers side.
  13. I have the standard puncture warning system and to be fair, it is spot on. No idea how easy to retrofit it
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