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  1. I've changed my FSR a few times... definitely had at least one fault one from new but I don't think that was OEM. Any chance that the dial on the dash is not doing what its supposed to?
  2. That's what I thought, brown/black... thats why it threw me. Yep agreed there are definitely AC pipes on the drivers side. Yeah I'm very conscious of the expansion tank problem with E46's - I'll have a double check just in case before I buy a new hose. Couldn't get the damn thing off last week so I've both a pair of 90 degree pliers which should do the job. Thanks for the post Rich!
  3. Rocker Cover Gasket leak

    I recently did my gasket and had a hunting idle. To get to the back end of the cover I took off the filter housing to find a tear in my breather hose(this was laso making my eml come on). Fixed the hose and replaced the gasket... all went back to normal.
  4. Tried getting the pipe off on Friday but it was really no tight and bloody freezing so had to give it up - bought a 90 degree pliers this weekend so will try again this week. I've got a video of it and its definitely a slow drip coming out of the front end of the pipe near the release tool But a crack in the expansion tank is a good shout and I will double check it.
  5. Thanks a lot for posting Andy! Yep that confirms what I found after reading Rich's post - It's part 11 in the first link! The only thing I don't get is that the liquid coming out of it is clear and I would expect it to be brownish if it is coming from the power steering reservoir? Thats why I couldn't find it in the beginning because I thought it was coolant... My coolant light is definitely coming on because of it - Confused.com!!
  6. Hey Rich, thanks for the post - Never considered that as it looks like water that leaks out of the top one. Yep I agree on the drivers side are two aircon hoses connected by bolts. I'll have a look and see... I appreciate another brain looking at it
  7. Still can't find it... anyone had more luck?
  8. Just to update this topic... the round black plastic bit at the front of this connector is supposed to be the release tool for a spring in side the connection and by pulling it back evenly you release the spring and can pull off the hose.
  9. Hi guys, I must be doing something stupid but I can't find these two ac hose in realoem. my car is a 2000 e46 3.18i saloon, registered in June Can someone point me in the right direction please? Here is a pic of the two hoses. I have taken the air filter out in this picture. This is the right of the radiator and the hoses connect to the ac condenser. Many thanks Jay
  10. Thanks for the reply mate and pointing me in the right direction What a pain in the butt tool... Think i'm go to have to try some small screwdrivers first.
  11. Afternoon all, I have a bad water leak and just wanted to get some pointers before I start sorting it after work. Just want someone to confirm - How does this connector come off? the leak is coming from the top one.... standing at the front of the car they plug into the condenser on the right hand side. Much appreciated! Jason
  12. 325ti DISA valve

    Not sure if my one is the same as yours dude but I've looked into repairing mine before and ended up just going for a new one... lasted a few years and now it has started rattling again... its such an annoying over priced shoddy piece of kit and when it goes it can really get loud
  13. E46 318 1.9 manifold

    A picture would be good mate - That doesn't sound right to me...
  14. Cheers Dave, I should have checked with BMW in the first place ... easy peezy, and they are in stock.
  15. Hey Lads, This feel like it should be obvious but I'm asking... Where can I new replacement bolts for my water pump that attach to the block? Much appreciated Jason