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  1. A pair of M Style ( Not M3 Not OE not Genuine, got it??!!!!!!!) mirrors for 2003 coupe in Estoril Blue, pretty much new. I test fitted these but they were then stored and not fitted. The Clubsport is gone so they are not required. They should be plug and play but the plugs may need changing for some cars I've been informed. I want £80 plus p&p
  2. My 2003 ( 52 plate ) Estoril Blue pre-face lift 330ci E46 Clubsport. 5 speed SMG currently showing 137,040 miles. i've had this car for over 5 years which is the longest time I've ever owned a car, says something about how good these cars are I think. Its been a second and third car for the last 2 years but I've been loathe to sell it on as its been ( and still is! ) an excellent car. Its had a shed load of money spent on it during my ownership, over and above routine maintenance. I replaced both bumpers and sideskirts (with OE parts ) as there was some deep scratches front and rear and I got a good deal on the full kit. I replaced the splitters and front grills with colour coded items and fitted a carbon rear diffuser and carbon fog light inserts. At the same time I had the square mirrors replaced with M style versions. The standard rear lights were replaced with Eagle Eye LEDs, the front indicators were replaced with projector style items. All the usual suspension parts have been replaced over time, rear trailing arm bushes etc I took the opportunity to replace the shocks and springs and managed to get hold of a new full 'Autograph' kit developed by Mutec, basically a BMW authorised Eibach pro street set up giving a 30mm drop all round. I fitted a magnesium front strut brace and had the car lazer aligned. The car was then remapped properly by DMS International, this gave 250bhp and really smoothed how the car ran. I have the printout All the brake lines have been replaced and Brembo discs and pads fitted. Other work carried out includes a new clutch and flywheel. Tyres and battery. A new gearbox hydraulic control unit and recently a new air mass and all the belts renewed. The car is fully loaded with electric heated black leather, electric sunroof, mirrors and rear blind, MK3 Sat Nav with updated disc, Harmon Karden with 6cd changer. Bad bits: Only one key, theres a scab appearing on the front offside wheel arch. The wheel rims could do with a refurb, however the inners are good. The car is up for £3000 and will come with 12 months Mot, 6 months tax. All the original parts that I replaced. There are pictures in my Gallery, some with 19'' LM reps, these may be negotiated over I live near Southampton and can be contacted on 07880 637123 I can provide other photos on request
  3. I was there as usual, in the E46 zone area on me own. Actually thats not entirely true, my GF parked her Z4 next to my car
  4. I'll be there, as usual. It is literally 2 mins for me.
  5. Yea I should be able to do this, although we will be in the process of moving, saying that I will need the time out.
  6. 01.Gaz 02.Frobius 03.E46Charles 04.Zimzimmer46 05.Mikey 06.Trickster 07.Daz 08.And617y 09.Bigdal 10.Blair 11. Aidan316i 12. Chris 13. Jazmo 14. Dirty Tool 15. Autosri 16. Justin 17. Yeoo 18. Jay- 19. Individual 330ci 20. Adamwebb 21. Rocket 22. VectraMat 23. V 5LK V 24. Ben 25. Rich-323 26. Lee 131 27. blclar 28. LJColeman 29. AC MAN 30. Steezy 31. Convert gav 32. C17RSF 33. FERG_CLUBSPORT 34. Edges 35. kieran_ 36. Clubsportestoril 37. Davegt 38. E46garwood 39. Buzz 40. ndf1985 41. Kai 42. Damo88 43. Rav 44. j1mmys 45. illuminusbutterfly 46. Colossuss 47. Rav@Leeds 48. PaulyB 49. Raj24v 50. Prak1986 51. Yeoo 52. Craigy 53. Capri_rob 54. Davespeed3
  7. I'll be there again, just got to roll down the hill to the back gate I'm bringing the CS but not showing this year as its not ready
  8. I have a couple of suggestions, Bold Forester, just off the A326 has a large car park and a carvery/ restaurant. Drift Inn, which is actually the Beaulieu Road Hotel, is in the middle of nowhere near Lyndhurst, has a restaurant with loads of parking. Also don't forget the German Show at the National Motor Museum, Beaulieu. That is on the 22nd of July though.
  9. Well we went, we saw, we buggered off home again It was really quiet, talking to those who went Saturday who said it was 'dead', there was a fair few E30's and a smattering of everything else. I hardly saw any E46's at all, which when you consider is still one of the most numerous BMW's on the road, is a pretty poor show. I've never done a 'show and shine' and didn't participate this time either, but I reackon I could have walked off with a prize considering what was put forward. On a high note, there were a couple of CSL's, E30 M3's, an immaculate M635, a couple of new M3's, a Z1 but not much else ( I was interested in ) Thankfully the Museum and the rest of it made it worth going the 2 miles ( the TVR speed 12 has gone but the 427 Shelby Cobra is back to be honest I spent most time drooling over the Ducati 916, 996 and 998's from BSB and WSB including Gregorio Lavilla and John Reynolds bikes.
  10. Don't think we have a stand, you just need to turn up with a German car and pay at the gate to the left of the Reception/ticket/gift shop building, thats what I've done when I've taken cars or bikes as an exibitor in the past. We're taking the Clubsport and the Z4 and will most likely go on Sunday...weather dependant
  11. I thought I'd bump this to remind anyone who'd like to go, you don't need to commit yourself as tickets are available on the day (s)
  12. Bugger! didn't realise there was a wet weather option, otherwise I would have turned up By the time I'd fought my way home through rush hour traffic in pouring rain I lost the will to stand about in a wet car park, oh well! next time
  13. I'm liking that!! £130!! what's his number?! My CSL steering wheel needs re-doing, thats the thing with Alcantara it gets a bit 'bald' in places.
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