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  1. Hello mate, do you still have a Parrot kit installed? If so, is it possible to get your feedback here? http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/49032-parrot-bluetooth/ Thanks

  2. FSR question..

    Thanks for your input mate. This defo correct for my car? Thanks. Yes m8
  3. FSR question..

    Ah you remembered me after all this time lol
  4. FSR question..

    You wanna stick BEHR ;-) This is the 1 me & Pete had but don't buy the 1 from GSF as I did ....and spent hours on fitting only to be f**ked :-( 2nd time around took me 30mins :-) like a boss lol http://item.mobileweb.ebay.co.uk/viewitem?itemId=270921011155
  5. MV1's F/S

  6. Heater Blows Cold

    Really low coolant level would possibly cause this....the warning light would tell u if its low if ur sensor works. Also u could have a air lock (maybe) Water pump Heater valve
  7. Headlight Lenses

    The 1s from GSF r Bosch. Had them on for a year now and still look mint.
  8. Battery Problems

    U sure ur batt ain't being drained by the FSR ??? Common problem
  9. Headlight Lenses

    Got mine from GSF £50
  10. Engine Flush Necessary For Oil Service?

    You'll be doing more harm than good by flushing it.
  11. Head Gasket Problem

    That's a proper result ;-)
  12. A Proper Bellend!

    Fooking mental driver. All the other road uses & pedestrians probably thought he just robbed a bank.
  13. The Snow Topic, Pics & Chat

    Nothing here in Essex :-(
  14. New To The Forum, Help/advice Needed Please

    Obvious it's been clocked
  15. Borrowing Wheels If Possible...

    I have a set u can borrow