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  1. Gents, Now I've sold the E46, I'm clearing out some of the morsels I've collected over the years. MP3 capable Business CD player - Part number 65 12 4 154 933. All in very good condition, and I put a new volume knob on it a while back. Looking for £80 delivered (next day courier).
  2. I’m looking to clear out a few bits after selling my e46. What’s the going rate for an MP3 capable Business CD headunit these days? it’s in very good condition, and I fitted a new volume knob to tidy it up. Ian.
  3. Just thought I’d pop in and say cheerio. I’ve had my 330d touring for about 7 years, and up to now, has been the best car I’ve owned. I’ll be sad to see it go, but have sold it to a friend, so it’s in good hands. On the plus side, I’ve replaced it with a shiny new F31 340i Touring. I’ve never had a new car before, and the wait while it was built was an absolute killer. It was well worth it though. All the best. Ian.
  4. You won't really be able to drive the car until the brakes have been blead. At best, the pedal will be a bit spongy, at worst, it will hit the floor.
  5. You’re confusing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) with what’s generally known as Bluetooth Classic. BLE was never really intended to replace Classic. It’s generally used to link things like heart rate monitors and other fitness devices. Sure, it’s used for many other applications, but the profiles required for the e46 phone system, and all audio streaming, requires profiles that are only available in Bluetooth Classic (PBAB, HFP etc). This is where Android has been massively behind the curve. It’s only with the release of Oreo that Android was able to browse media content over AVRCP. You could do this on Apple devices for years. I don’t know exactly what Android did to break compatibility with the E46, but I’m pretty sure it’s a poor implementation of the Bluetooth Classic profiles, rather than the BLE stack. Ian.
  6. That's not really the case. iPhones have always had a much more up to date Bluetooth stack than Android. It's the fact that the Android Bluetooth implementation has always been a bit s**te that stops it working well with the BMW system. Ian.
  7. Have a look at this. https://www.mukerji.co.uk/e46-touring-boot-glass-switch-replacement/ Ian.
  8. Hi John, Blimey, I'd forgotten all about this, and never got a notification email. I'll take it if you still have it. Cheers, Ian.
  9. Certainly correct regarding the pump being crank driven. It's more that the pump uses the fluid as lubricant while it spins, so once drained, it's not going to be very happy. I've heard PAS pumps 'rattling their tits off' just from having low fluid level in the system, so running empty won't do it any favours. Ian.
  10. I'm not sure the pump will be happy running without fluid. I would just let gravity drain as much as possible and the fill with fresh. Unless the fluid is very old, grey and burnt, you won't gain anything from getting every last drop out. if you're worried, just drain and re-fill a couple of times. Turning the steering from lock to lock while the pipes are disconnected will also help to push out the old fluid stuck in the system. Ian.
  11. CD or Tape should both work the same with the CD Changer. Probably little point fitting a tape unit these days though. Even if you don't plan on using the dash mount CD slot, the tape player makes everything look/feel a bit older than it should . Ian.
  12. Looks like the iPhone 7 works as well. I can see my contacts, and voice dialling also works. Ian.
  13. My iPhone 6 worked fine with a 7th gen ULF. I've not tried my 7 yet. I'll go and check, and report back. Ian.
  14. I think it was probably me that first documented (here at least) the knocking noise with the Meyle HD rear top mounts. Meyle stuff, and particularly the HD range is VERY good quality, and should be as good as, if not better than OE parts. It's just a design problem with the rear top mounts that causes the noise. As long as the Meyle parts are fitted correctly, it won't be the cause of your problems. I'm running Meyle HD front wishbones and bushes (as are a large number of other people on the forum), and don't have any issues at all. I'm more inclined to believe you had a poor alignment setup than faulty parts. Here's a link to my original post regarding the rear top mounts, although the pictures links appear to have died. http://www.e46zone.com/forum/topic/43008-meyle-hd-rsm-causing-knocking-noise/ Ian.
  15. I only really need the case, so doesn't need to be working, but decent mechanical condition would be nice. I'd prefer the round pin connector, would consider flat pins if the price is right. Cheers, Ian.
  16. I think I've figured this out. Turn the unit off. Then press and hold the little 'm' button, and turn the unit on (keep holding the 'm' button). After about 8 seconds, you should see the serial number of the unit. At this point, you can let go of the 'm' button. Now press the far left button that has a picture of a clock on it. I'm guessing yours will say RDS OFF. Using the left/right arrow buttons (either side of the 'm' button), select AF OFF, and then turn the unit off to exit the setup menu. Turn it back on, and you should now have RDS Cheers, Ian.
  17. It's possibly a dud unit, but they're pretty reliable. i've got a couple of units, and whenever the radio is selected (FM at least - never tried AM), you should see RDS in the left side of the small display. If you press the button above it, you should see a small asterisk appear, to indicate RDS is enabled. with RDS enabled, you should see the station name instead of the frequency. When you change to a different channel, it will also, briefly, tell you the program type before showing the station name. Cheers, Ian.
  18. The mechanical fan can't spin 'too fast' it's maximum speed is dictated by engine RPM. If the clutch fails, it can spin all the time, but can never spin out of control and break the fan blades. I'd be looking at engine mounts, as this is about the only thing that can allow the fan to hit things. Ian.
  19. You will get some fluid leak out. It won't be under pressure or anything, but stuff a load of paper towels under the area before you start. Don't forget that brake fluid is quite effective paint stripper, so you don't want to leave a puddle down there. It's quite fiddly, but the sensors can be removed with the master cylinder in place. It's a while since I did mine, but vaguely remember having to take one sensor out to get the spanner on the other. ian.
  20. I don't think it goes anywhere. The connector appears to have a dummy plug fitted, and probably isn't used on the UK spec cars. You used to get similar plugs on old E30's. Quite often they were plugs that would connect to emissions equipment that isn't fitted to UK spec cars. That dummy plug probably has a resistor inside it, that makes the ECU think it has something connected. Usually a solenoid valve or something similar. ian.
  21. I replaced the glass, but certainly worth trying the conductive paint. The big avantage is that you can't really see the repair with the window closed.
  22. I think the lines in the side window are radio antennas rather than heating elements. I can't say I've ever noticed the side windows defrosting. Ian.
  23. It's probably one of two things. Either the cables in the rubber trunking (between the body and the tailgate) have broken, or more likely, the rubber seal has rubbed through the heating elements, and broken the circuit. If you open the glass hatch (not the complete tailgate), you can usually see burn marks on the rubber seal, and corresponding damage on the window glass/heating element. ian.
  24. It was an option, just not in this country. Retrofitable though Ian. Probably less effort to set the car on fire though lol It's not the easiest job I've ever done, but it went in quite nicely. Ian.
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