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  1. I think it's still a little bit early for them to start properly appreciating yet. Funny you post this as I've been looking at E60 M5s myself lol. The E60s have quite a lot of reliability issues from the looks of things though.
  2. I've got a set of wheels with city powder coaters in Brum atm, had wheels done there before and being honest the finish probably won't be perfect but for £20 a wheel (still is £20 a wheel) I won't complain.
  3. Them wheels look sweet Jay, f**k anyone who thinks otherwise bro. They probably won't look that good if you get them in weak offsets etc, the only reason Jay can pull the wheels off is because the fitment and stance is spot on.
  4. I did 170mph (indicated, probably a legit 160mph at least) in my GTI and it does get pretty scary doesn't it mate! One day I wanna see if I can take it off the clocks at 180mph with a bit more power
  5. Like momo said I wouldn't be putting M3 brakes on. If you don't want to be shelling out loads for a proper BBK I'd just go with some better pads and discs, good brake fluid and some braided lines too.
  6. Iv'e think iv'e seen that on Bimmer Forums - Estoril Blue? Does look epic! Yep that's the one. It's got the BMW performance buckets etc... Looks wicked.
  7. That looks mad bro. Should've put the roof down too!
  8. Perfectly reasonable idea which may well be flawed if you buy a car like an E46 M3 and don't want to sell it after a year lol
  9. It's time to explore that part of the rev range you thought wasn't achievable... Past redline! lol
  10. Not really something I've done as such but a quick pic of my Golf before I had to pull the engine out
  11. Can't message you as your inbox is full.
  12. Going to have to pull out of this I'm afraid, my car looks like this ATM...
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