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  1. Happens to mine intermittently too! When it happens I just drive with the cruise control on for a few miles, speeding up and slowing down with the buttons Switch the ignition off and restart the car and there gone. Ive heard in the past that that tyre wear can cause it to happen as the sensor picks up that the rolling radius of the tyre is less, could be BS, no idea but the above works for me 😄
  2. Thanks, I like it! Dunno why it looks blotchy in the middle, it looks spot on in the flesh!
  3. I done mine with black aluminium vinyl from eBay, think it was like £1.99 Really please with the result, planning on ordering more and doing the rest of the interior
  4. I did mate, battery was disconnected a good 10 mins before I done the job. Disconnected then had a bacon buttie
  5. Unfortunately not mate, I'm just outside Glasgow. Thanks for the offer though! One of my mates works in a garage so I'll pop in and use his machine one night thought the week
  6. Just fitted one of these wheels from Jack today! Really pleased with it! Now to get the bloody airbag light switched off! D'oh!
  7. Yeah, I've noticed mine is more hesitant in colder weather
  8. The bit that gets me with this, is that you can add an replacement filter for £42, so the other £170 is for what, a heatshield? Add a panel filter and turn the wing side of the airbox into swiss cheese
  9. Sorry, skim reading. Have you tried disabling the dipping mirror with the mirror switch? Might disable it?
  10. Pretty sure you can download to a pc from the google play store website. Move it on to an sd card, put the sd card in the right hand slot on the andrive then it should run and instal on to the unit?
  11. Yeah, if you get a copy of any sat nav that you don't have to be online to use, you'll still be able to use the gps. You have to put it on to a micro sd card (class 10 recommended) and put it in the right hand slot. You can also put music and movies on the same card and play from there too Cheers Davie
  12. Daviee

    Sub Build

    Are you planning on having some kind of enclosure mounted on to the underside of that floor panel, or just screwed in where it is? No offence, but I reckon it'll sound gash if you hook it up as is
  13. Before and after pics defo required :-) Thinking on replacing mine, but dunno if the oem repeaters are much whiter than mine
  14. Fitted a new power steering pump as mine packed in on Christmas eve. Certainly beats driving it without power steering, but feels MEGA light now, not sure if the previous pump was stiffer than the new one, or if the old fluid made it feel stiffer or if it's just coz it was like steering a tank without power steering! ;-)
  15. Rear discs and pads, brake fluid flush and MOT
  16. Hit halfords in the morning for an impact driver?
  17. My mates a mechanic and swears by an impact screwdriver to get em off. Can be had for a few quid from eBay / amazon
  18. They filmed some of the car scenes in Glasgow city centre too, no big Vin though Some clips on YouTube
  19. Hi mate, There's a guy in Port Glasgow that I've heard nothin but good things about http://www.pristinemachine.co.uk/ Testimonials look good, some of the before and afters are awesome!
  20. Tbh mate, of you're currently out of work, I'd try a DIY refurb rather than chucking 100 quid at a mobile refurber You can get the bits and bobs required from hellfrauds or the net, couple of good DIY guides available on the net too
  21. WTF, what happened mate, youre ok im assuming?
  22. s**t, better go sell mine now since its such a crap drive and so unreliable! ?
  23. I went from a 323ci manual to a 330 clubsport auto, and i love it to be honest! My daily commute is about 3 miles of hills, junctions and give ways galore so the auto makes that more bearable! Admittedly it's only returns about 17 mpg, but the 323 only got about 19 doing the same journey so not much difference. Only time I use the steptronic side is when I'm on twisties giving it an bit of stick, beats braking at every bend, I just click it down a gear and floor it on the way out I was concerned with the auto horror stories too, but don't regret buying one for a minute!
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