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  1. andym3


    This morning I actually removed the ignition switch and took it apart. There seemed to be a ball bearing in there that was stopping it doing it’s full rotation. I’m guessing the ball bearing is meant to be in the switch but maybe not where it was. So I’ve removed the ball bearing and it’s now working fine. Think I will order a new switch just to be on the safe side! 👍
  2. andym3


    My E46 ignition has felt a bit different when turning the key the past few days. Got in the car today and it won’t start! It feels like the key isn’t turning as much as it should 🤔 The key turns enough for dash lights to come on but doesn’t start. Help please 😫
  3. The exhausts are same apart from the manifold. Which is great as I’ve just bought a CAT back Milltek system that came off of a 330i 😉👍
  4. Ok I’ll take a look, thanks 😉👍
  5. Can anyone tell me if the 330i exhaust system is the same as a 320i exhaust system as there both M54 engines? Thanks in advance
  6. Ok thanks 👍 Both engines are 6 cylinder and both M54 so don’t think there will be much in it re weight. As for driveshafts etc will have to find out if they were uprated for the 330 then. Hope there the same otherwise it will be a lot of work 😂
  7. Hi all, im toying with the idea of dropping a 330 lump in my 320. My question is other than the engine itself what else needs changing? As both engines are 6 cylinder and think both are M54, will the gearbox and exhaust all be the same? will the 330 lump run with the ecu that’s currently in my 320? thanks in advance 😉👍
  8. I really enjoyed using it last summer, we had a great year for summer sun! 😎👍 Really looking forward to this summer too! Kirkynut, agreed cruising with the top down is brilliant! 😉
  9. andym3


    Not to late to get it done 👍
  10. andym3


    My car (2004 320 Msport convertible) is in BMW today having recall work. Its having both the drivers and passengers airbags replaced. Thought it would be worth a mention incase others haven’t had theirs replaced. Im assuming it’s for all E46 👍
  11. Very nice! Keep us posted with how you get on with the remap, bhp & torque difference etc I have a 320i convertible and as much as I love the car sometimes a bit more power would be nice
  12. Looks nice keep it polished, red cars look horrible when they fade! Have you checked your fuses re demister? If fuses ok check the wires near boot door hinge as could have broken.
  13. Looks like it was a clean tidy motor!
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