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  1. cam sensors can cause power loss issues.. don't buy anything other than genuine though ,or youll be doing them on a regular basis.
  2. top mounts. rear trailing arm bushes. arb bushes . lower shock mounts. rear brake internal shoes. pad retaining clip . pads split from backing plate. caliper mounting bolts. loose wheel bolts. all are possible issues.
  3. Honda s2000 would make a nice quick compact. or an ls1 for ultimate noise and grunt..
  4. Hartge fitted this to a 3 series and had major issues getting it to work with the on board electronics that difficult they fitted extra gauges instead. Racing dynamice foitted a very uprated v12 to a e36 compact with little issues apart from a z axle to take the strain. of 425 bhp iirc.
  5. ideally fit the highest power alternator possible and maybe worth getting a bigger battery at least if not a proper hi output one designed for an upgraded sound system
  6. its a simple bolt off bolt on job.. there are some on top of the wing, in the door shut ,under the car and behind the headlight/indicator iirc. an hour ish give or take should see it done.
  7. when you say theyre not working how do you know for sure. id get it on some mot rollers and let them test it. could be a sticking caliper, pads jammed , failed flexi hose. verify them working properly first. plus what type of noise is it
  8. 2nd hand maybe a cheap option .. ive never seen one snap probably wont be cheap new.
  9. sounds like its not shutting properly.. nothing jammed in anywhere..probably needs correctly adjusting. although the catches do wear out. I had to replace my ''lever''
  10. my 330 had concentric. I thought it was the M cars that had eccentric. there are 2 different sizes.. best to measure em too. only foolproof way
  11. ive got a Nikon 3200. great little starter kit. screen can be very helpful for the beginner. ive got a 35mm prime and 70-300 vr lens. turns out some great shots imo , look for the deals too. currys were doing a cashback one a while back
  12. quarry motors in Sheffield and parkside in worksop spring to mind.
  13. im sure another bridge camera with viewfinder is what your after. if you get a dslr youll find the kit lenses aren't good enough.. or you cant be bothered in changing them. so whats the point of a large bulky dslr. check stuff and other electronics review sites. gotta be a few out there with viewfinders. for the recored I got a cracking deal on a Nikon 3200. great entry level dslr then bought 2 other lenses. hardly ever use the kit ones.
  14. There's a complete engine etc on Facebook e36/e46 page.maybe worth a see if they would hold it . Prob cheaper than getting gasket done and plenty spares too
  15. take it your 320 is a 6 pot then... they don't usually blow the head gasket .. the 4 pots are more common. only use the rad weld etc products as a last chance option.. I don't know what theyre like to work on after that's been in the system.
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